Land of the Amazons (2006)

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28 June 2016 | lor_
Surprise: muscle-bound beauty
Vaguely resembling a Fred Olen Ray Z-movie done in XXX fashion, "Land of the Amazons" deserves rediscovery for the presence of bodybuilding champ Yvette Bova, an amazingly muscular femme who unfortunately didn't make the big time in Adult Entertainment

This A&E release is Bova's only mainstream porn credit, apart from many self-made videos and obscuro releases. It is interesting to note that the DVD packaging does not list her name or even a single photo of her on front or back covers, perhaps reflecting a company decision not to promote the presence of an "odd woman out" in the video aimed at a mainstream audience. I presume bias against muscular/masculine looking women, not a racial prejudice at work here.

Otherwise it's basically amateur night for one of Adam & Eve's third-rate directors, "Daniel Dakota". Dan makes this adventure saga, set in the "Chatsworth Mountains" (sic) on a backyard level, with star Evan Stone (himself often in F.O. Ray soft-core sagas) pretending to hack his way through the bush as if in a South American jungle, when there is only scrub or scrawny bushes to be seen. Those old Hollywood Bronson Canyon B-movies look like "King Solomon's Mines" or "Lawrence of Arabia" compared to this zero-budget production.

Story has four male hikers and an irritating naggy girl (cute Joey Valentine) lost while hiking. They encounter a tribe of amazon women wearing fetching bikinis (attention: F.O. Ray), and one even wears high heels! The amazons capture and subjugate them, led by their sexy leader and star of the film, Mikayla.

Not much meat on those literary bones, but it's fun thanks to casting sexy women, the amazons being busty to contrast with "normal" looking Joey. For genre fans there is a cheap but fun encounter with a giant (rubber model) insect which attacks Joey and is killed with a spear -making for some cute blooper out-takes.

A&E's safe sex policy commands use of condoms, which as usual destroys the fantasy. But the sex is hot nonetheless.

Yvette Bova is quite a discovery (though maybe I'm discovering her a decade after). I remember distinctly being taken aback when I saw the film "Pumping Iron II: The Women" and was introduced to body-building champ Carla Dunlap, as her almost masculine look was quite a departure from all norms of feminine beauty up until that time-frame. Also a Black woman, Yvette closely resembles Carla, but on steroids (pardon my redundancy). Her fake big breasts have that hard look we've all become accustomed to in silicone bombshells, but her biceps and thighs are as big and impressive as those of muscle-men. She also provides a strong skin tone contrast in her IR scenes and is definitely worth a look.

The female stars are a solid bunch, with Mikayla backed by the uber-sexy Naomi Russell (immortalized by John Leslie as "Naomi...There's Only One") and Jezebelle Bond. I got to like Joey a lot, too, as she's an expressive performer.

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