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  • Warning: Spoilers
    People are at a hospital awaiting donors so that they can have suitable heart transplants. It's New Year's Eve. You know what's exciting about that for them? There may be traffic accidents due to drunk driving and therefore there will be brain dead people with available hearts. What a way to think but the people are desperate.

    This could have made an extremely interesting story in itself but instead the turn revolves about a guy and a gal who are waiting for their hearts only to obtain them from a couple killed in a car crash. The two naturally find their way to love and they seek out the 7 year old daughter of the car crash victims.

    The child is 7 going on 70. She talks way above that of a child that age even though she has endured such a tragedy.

    Everyone in the hospital looks awful which you would assume to be true as they're dying of heart disease. Jason, the leading man, never looked better. He looks like he is ready for an evening around town or certainly to play touch football or another sport. I can't imagine who made him up for the hospital scenes.

    This picture, which is good, would have been better if it concentrated more on all the characters at the hospital.
  • I watched this film yesterday. Where do I start? I have never seen such a load of old tosh. The music was intrusive and didn't let up for the whole movie. The premise that two people in the same hospital would receive donor hearts from a married couple is just laughable. The child was vomit-inducing and the acting as a whole was lamentable. I kept hoping things would improve, however, when the couple began stalking the child, I gave up, decided life is too short to watch drivel and went and watched some paint dry instead. I saw Samantha Mathis in Jack and Sarah and she was very good; how she could stoop so low as to appear in this rubbish is beyond belief.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was in California on vacation when they were filming this movie I watched and have amateur video of them filming the movie. They were filming a scene at a light house i believe palace Verde's. It was cool to see a movie being filmed. The light house park was a really nice place. From what i was told by people on the set the movie should sounds like it will be a really interesting. They told me what the story was about but i don't know if i should say anything on this website i wouldn't want to get anyone into trouble but i can tell you that i am looking forward to seeing the movie. It appears that Hallmark entertainment has a good story to tell. It is cool to know that i was there with my girlfriend from California.