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9 September 2017 | lor_
As lousy as can be
I didn't like the porn of Ethan Kane, based on his producing various worthless Michael Ninn all-sex "glamour" exercises, but this ridiculous attempt at Reality porn is beneath contempt. It's off the scale even compared to amateur internet filler.

And filler it is: sloppily directed, with lots of fancy montages and poor camera-work (bad technique on purpose) pretending to be one of those Reality-TV shows but devoted exclusively to XXX sex. A pretentious inclusion of lots of drug-taking imagery, particularly bongs on screen, doesn't help matters.

Most of the show is set at a party in L.A., where the wasted guests have sex with each other, notably an IR three-way in which Wesley Papes and a Black dude named "Country" have their way with flat-chested blonde Courtney Cox. Pipes is loquacious and boring when telling an endless porn industry anecdote to the camera, typical of so-called "reality".

Film ends for no reason with a trip to Budapest, where local Euro Porn talent has sex and the girls are far prettier than the earlier Chatsworth riff-raff on display. One credited simply as "Dora" may or may not be Dora Venter - I couldn't make a positive ID and was wafting off to sleep by the time she made the scene.

End credits list all the NonSex partygoers, who turn out to be various crew members pressed into service in a lost cause.

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