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  • I absolutely loved this movie! Pulls me in, every time I watch it! I found myself thinking, how these characters are very much like the people I see around me everyday. Complicated, interesting, emotionally twisted, flawed human beings, just looking to be loved and accepted.

    Some people, like the character that (Jason Ritter) plays, are an open page when it comes to giving their heart away. Eager to take risks at love, even if that means opening your heart to a load of pain. Like an addict, knowing full well the consequences that will have to be paid seeking out this alluring drug, nevertheless, they are driven to seek it out, like a moth to the flame...

    Ritters character, has an innocent charm about him. A boyish lovable quality, that is undeniable. You can clearly see the flaws in him, but strangely, you look away, taking a risk on him, in the chance that he will redeem himself once again. He is relentless in his efforts to win the heart and attention of this emotionally damaged, and yet highly intelligent woman. How many people do we know like this is our own lives??? These irresistible charmers that seem to win their way into our hearts against our own better judgment?

    Palka's character, clearly a highly intelligent woman, who can verbally bash a man into a bloody pulp, has been verbally and sexually abused by her father, since she was a little girl. We later see her emotionally unravel, as Ritters character, bravely tries to pull her out from her isolated world, breaking the routine of her dysfunctional patterns.

    I am constantly reminded as I watch this film, how real these characters are! They are not unlike so many of the dysfunctional people around us. Misfit, loners, abused and wounded by the predators of this world, left to cope with the damage they leave behind. It takes tremendous courage to open your self up to love and healing, after such abuse and betrayal of trust has been broken. These two characters portray that there is hope in the healing power of love!
  • I saw this movie last night at the Birmingham Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival during the encore showing and really just fell in love with it. The plot was in depth, the characters were amazing, and while some parts of the movie would keep you laughing, there was a deeper meaning hidden in the movie that was very moving. I think everyone watching the movie could find a certain aspect of a character, situation, argument, etc, that they could connect with. The movie put real life issues that many struggle with in perspective. It was not sugar coated or over done but was reality. I loved everything about it and would love to see it again.
  • Wow what a film! Marianna Palka is sensational, what comes to mind to describe a film like this is to imagine clerks blended with garden state with a little Piano on the side interwoven with a deeply serious subject matter that is tackled with intelligence, sensitivity and wisdom.

    In my opinion its rare for someone to be able to obviously put so much of themselves into a film they have written, directed and starred in to have enough perspective to be clear in what they are expressing without it losing sight of itself. I never felt that with this film once, which is again another reason to recommend it.

    I only reference those films because I hold them in such high regard. This film can be added to that list.

    This is film making at its absolute finest. :)
  • I just finished watching this and I thought it was very good. I watch at least one movie every day and I have to say, this film was very good but not perfect. I'd attribute the 1/10 votes on IMDb to haters only. Almost no film deserves a 1/10 and unfortunately fans will vote 10/10 to counter the bullsh!t 1/10 hater votes.

    As for the story, of all the 6 Billion people living on Earth, I think it's quite possible that there are characters and situations such as those depicted in this film. Sorry to those who think it was unrealistic, but I do believe you've been conditioned to expect only certain hackneyed situations and characters in movies. I'd take THIS kind of film/story over the cliché bullsh!t of "guys with guns" that neophyte filmmakers seem intent on propagating.

    It was hard to watch at times but it was worth it.

    Great soundtrack. Great leads. Great casting. Great writing. Great direction.

    I was a little confused by the casting of Tom Arnold. I'm not sure, since his role was so small, what good it does to cast a known celebrity in a film full of unknowns. He kind of stands out like a sore thumb at a time in the story where you really shouldn't be distracting from the storyline.

    I'll be looking for more films from this director.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm a man and I just got out of a relationship very similar to the one pictured in this movie. From the sexual issues to the angry defensiveness. I can also relate to him in how he knew that underneath it she did love him, or care about him, that she had something that was holding her back.

    I can say that relationships like this are next to impossible though. Lucky for them both she decided to face her issues and that may have lead to something real. I would guess more often someone faced with these kind of emotional problems will end up losing to the problem rather than having it work out. My heart went out to both characters, but it was very hard to watch at times because I can remember times when my ex would say things to me like the character in the movie. And I tried for months to help her or move beyond our issues.

    Anyway great movie. I love Jason Ritter. Another good movie with him which he plays an utterly different kind of character is the education of Charlie Banks.
  • I came across this film by accident. A very fortunate accident for me. The characters and the plot were very believable. I am a retired police officer having worked in the NYPD and in Colorado. I have met people like her and have spent a lot of time dealing with their issues. I was glued to my TV and when the film ended as I had watched one of the best films ever. The main plot was very well developed along with two or three sub-plots involving other characters. Culver City is filled with a lot of pseudo-intellectuals who all believe that they are somehow film experts and filled with all sorts of wisdom about life in general. This adds to the great direction as the viewer is watching life in that community as the main characters are developed.
  • therica12 January 2010
    The movie is at times a bit slow, and the actress' acting a bit flat but that is part of the whole intriguing plot, which as you suspected at the beginning, is true.

    If you're hoping to see porn in the movie just because the descriptions seem to want to tell you that the woman is a porn addict, think differently. The only skin that you'll see is her naked back a few times.

    Although the plot unfolds very slowly, that's the point. There are some mental health and abuse issues here, and in real-time most similar interactions would never progress as far as this movie does by the end, and most likely far less successfully as the eventual turnout of the plot.

    Interesting, intriguing, not Oscar-candidate but a strong entry especially considering the topic(s) involved.
  • arooby12 February 2009
    I just gonna say that i have not written a comment before..i just liked to read about the titles i had an interest for...This movie made me write a comment! It was totally weird, simple but also meaningful. The story is about a girl that has get isolated to her house because she is afraid to be socialized for her own reasons(i am not gonna reveal) till a guy working on a video club shows a sudden interest on her and tries to get her off her miserable but also "charming" life.

    The movie achieves its target having a very interesting plot and emotional at the same time...It has to be said that both of the main actors play really well and give a realistic view of the life where not all the things are like a fairy tale.

    If u wanna watch a movie sexy,emotional and weird this is ur movie!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I always check the spoiler box, just in case.

    There was one comment that said something like he/she was sure out of all the people in this world, that there were probably people like those in the movie.

    Well. More than a few. I mean, unless I am WAY off here, I figured out the minute she was looking at photos of a little girl (herself) that her dad had to have done something physical to her. Thus, the guilt and control he felt/had over her...with the apartment, money, criticisms. I've known TOO many women who have been molested by uncles, grandfathers, brothers, neighbors...and no, I haven't worked in a crisis center. Just women I've met over the years. So, her extreme introversion and warped view of sex and love and the dirtiness of a male member....all fits with a woman who was molested by someone....most likely someone she trusted or should have been able to trust.

    This was a difficult movie to watch. Because I am a woman, I've known so many who were hurt, changed forever from the person they were MEANT to be.

    Jason Ritter was really good. Vulnerable, persistent, loving. He reminded me of his dad at times...sweet eyes.

    Enjoy the movie...if you know someone who was hurt/molested as a wary and love them despite their scars. Just a suggestion. :)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Took in this independent film from newcomer Marianna Palka at Sundance 2008. The audience was overwhelmingly appreciative of the film, though some were left perplexed due to the funny title which implied a comedy. I'll admit I assumed from the synopsis and title that this was going to be a comedy; a porn loving women is courted by a video store clerk, definitely sounds like the makings for some good sexual innuendo and lots of genitalia jokes. In fairness the Good Dick is very humorous in parts, though much of the time the humor comes from dysfunctional sexual material that would be uncomfortable if taken too seriously. The lead male played by Jason Ritter is a down on his luck and low on funds video store clerk who attaches himself to a shy and highly dysfunctional women played by Palka. Palka's character rents adult movies at his video store and wants nothing more then to be absolutely left alone. This obviously makes for an interesting courtship and interesting dates do occur, the video store clerk brings over his personal playlist of pornos and the women begrudgingly agrees to share her viewing time with him thus allowing the chance for something more. Palkas character shows signs of hope in letting our video store clerk into her life, but no sooner does she lower her defenses then she aims to hurt him in an attempt to keep her life less complicated and keep her personal problems hidden. Some awkward moments create some good laughs, but the laughter is just a slight distraction from the obvious pain that stirs deep within the women. Bits and pieces of ideas float throughout the movie hinting at the ending, but when the ending does eventually come it is still moving and should strike a chord with anyone who has ever cared so much about someone that they were willing to endure almost anything to connect with them or were on the other end and had to finally deal with something deep inside that they wished they could leave untouched and forgotten in the past. While the movie misses on a few scenes its still a very well done attempt at the strong subject matter.

    It will take a certain kind of audience to truly appreciate this movie for what it is, that could be tough for a lot of people who are uncomfortable viewing subject matter dealing with sexual dysfunction and the boatload of issues that brings into relationships. Regardless of content though Marianna Palka should be applauded loudly for all her work that went into this film, it's hard to imagine that she wrote/directed and acted in her first feature film. Also, Jason Ritter is outstanding in this role and obviously deserves more of our time.
  • babyg887821 August 2010
    I am truly, truly thankful for this movie. It actually helped me see that some of my more bizarre behaviors can be traced back to my own experiences with sexual abuse. Somehow this film made me feel less alone and more alone simultaneously. Less alone because its existence means that at least one person (the writer) truly understands. More alone because though the pure, unconditional love offered up is exquisitely beautiful, it is extremely rare and I doubt seriously it will ever be offered to me. Except by God, of course. Great film. It illustrates one of the main reasons why I would love to be a filmmaker. Movies can and do reach people, and in some instances, help.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Lately, I've seen a lot of articles about the "Manic Pixie Dream Girl" phenomenon, as portrayed in many movies/TV shows, and anything Zooey Deschanel has ever starred in. The whole concept boils down to "she's crazy/selfish/addicted/broke/a cheater/etc etc etc", but SO DAMN CUTE (or HOT) that the main male character in said movie ignores all the obvious warning signs that she's not relationship material, and often turns their life upside down for her. Or, at the very least, ignores the normal, stable girl who is in love with him, in favor of the "rush" of being with the crazy girl. This movie seems to be telling the opposite story. The male protagonist is portrayed as being sympathetic, and a suitable partner for the female lead, despite the fact that he puts out all kinds of shady vibes almost immediately. He lies. He follows her, and peeps in her window. He repeatedly shows up uninvited, guilts her into letting him sleep on her couch, and brings her porn (Yes, she likes porn, but still...not really the first move of a Prince Charming). However, I've seen a lot of reviews suggesting that the relationship in this movie is "good for her" or "healthy" and I have to say, I disagree. I didn't like this movie, I'll just put it out there. It was slow-paced, and honestly after the initial peeping I thought it was going to go in a much different direction. As much as I've enjoyed the lead actor in other roles, his character here creeped me out intensely. I think this movie puts out the Manic Pixie Dream Girl vibe for women. I think if she had found out the way the relationship actually started, the average woman would be incredibly freaked out. I kept waiting for things to catch up with them, for her to find out, and she never did. Because of that, I just couldn't feel any support for their relationship. In truth, it gave me a nasty, almost rapey vibe. However, it seems to foster that "the creepy guy who followed you home and peeped in your window MIGHT BE MR. RIGHT" stereotype, the male equivalent of the MPDD vibe, and I just couldn't get past that. Knowing what we know as the viewer, and knowing she doesn't know, and he won't tell her, almost made me feel like an accomplice in his misleading of his potential girlfriend, and it just left me with a sad, shady feeling. The movie presents an unnaturally positive attitude towards overtly creepy, and socially unacceptable behavior, and I just can't co-sign that. I don't think anyone would want their best friend/sister/etc getting involved with a former addict, who has followed them, peeped in their window, and lied about it multiple times to continue to see her. In fact, if you remove the fact that she stupidly let him in, you have classic stalking behavior. Beyond this, I found this movie depressing, bleak, and long (even though it wasn't necessarily). It was one of those movies where I just kept checking the time, because it felt like it would never end. I'm no activist, but I wish writers would stop enforcing these silly stereotypes in "romantic" movies. No wonder boys and girls alike have a twisted idea of what love should be. This is why we can't have nice things, people. 1 out of 10 stars AKA that's another hour and half I'm never getting back. A disappointment. In fact, Mark Webber is the only thing that made this flick bearable.
  • conthesleepy110 February 2009
    This film is definitely 'watchable.' Its the sort of film you start to watch expecting very little from but end up very satisfied you decided to 'give it a go.'

    Marianna Palka who directed/wrote and stars in this is a fine actress who right at the start reminded me of Helena Bonham Carter for some reason (please feel free to disagree) - she is certainly a talent worth keeping a eye on.

    Overall a good film that will leave you pleased you viewed it. Possibly better to rent than to go to the cinema, but that I suppose is my own interpretation!

  • Warning: Spoilers
    I admit, at first the title of this film put me off a little, but figured I'd give it a go anyway and I am so glad I did.

    The Directing and Cinematography of this beautifully crafted film are outstanding, some of the shots are beautifully constructed and make the film a joy to watch. The pace of the story is sometimes a little too slow (which is the only reason I have given it 8/10 as opposed to full marks) but overall it moves from one moment to the next giving you enough time to consider what is happening without running off and not allowing you time to understand what is going on.

    Palca and Ritter play their roles superbly (though you never find out their names) and you genuinely warm to both the lead characters ably supported by the rest of the cast.

    It is not your typical "boy meets girl, she's not keen but he wins her heart eventually" story, at times you genuinely feel for Ritters character as he struggles to win his girls heart (and even think it might be better for him to give up) whist she continually rebukes him and discourages him at every possible opportunity.

    It is a film that everyone who has ever tried to win the heart of someone can relate to. Another wonderful element of this picture is that you never really know what time period it is being conducted over (although you get the impression that it is a course of months).

    As the film moves forward you realise that both characters have had destructive pasts and are dealing with them the best way possible and whist you never are told what happened to Palca's character there is subtle nods that lead you to make your own decisions.

    On the whole I left ready to trumpet the beauty of this film to my friends and co-workers (happily going to see it again if they cant find anyone else to go with them) and will definitely be getting the DVD when it is released.

    I cant recommend this film strongly enough, go and watch it and then tell everyone you know to watch it too.
  • I do not think this movie was as fantastic as other reviewers seem to claim it. It did not have a significant story line and I felt no love or connection to the characters. I felt the plot was random and empty and the movie was not necessarily put together well. My favorite characters in the movie were the other guys that worked in the video store- and they had a small contribution to the plot progression (which didn't exactly "progress"). After reading the synopsis I was pretty let down by the movie. The synopsis had a better story line than the movie did. I was actually dreadfully bored when watching "Good Dick" but I continued to watch it in hopes that something extravagant would happen. But that never happened, so instead I finished a movie that I was, to put it bluntly, disappointed in Sundance for.
  • To be honest, I'm rather divided by this film. On one hand, I'm intrigued and fascinated by the characters, on the other hand, I'm slightly disturbed.

    There's not much story here. Basically, a young video store clerk became obsessed with a rather weird and introverted woman who is a frequent customer. And then he decided to stalk her.

    Fair enough, we all have had weird crush on certain somebody we met in our lives and we all may have mentally stalked someone. But to act it out like in this movie is rather disturbing. The movie turned it into a rather awkward but nonetheless sweet love story, but in real life, who knows how ugly it can get.

    Both characters have some severe issues which I won't spell out the specifics. Suffice to say that we all have some personal demons that made us do some stupid or weird things or act in some unhealthy ways. That's why at some level, I can relate to certain scenes or certain dialogue. On the other hand, to put it bluntly, the two main characters in this movie are pretty sick mentally. When I say sick, I didn't mean they are disgusting or anything. I basically meant that they are not healthy.

    There's a major problem with this movie: it basically copped out in the end by cheating its way out with a rather cliché ending. But I assume it's the only way out by then, since both characters, though likable, are so damaged to the point that it simply can not be fixed within two hours.

    If I had watched this movie few years ago, I would be totally lost. Now after going through some really messed up things and messed up people, I am able to understand the characters in this movie. Trust me, I am sympathetic to the girl though I find her to be a lost case. To our stalker boy, he's an emotional train wreck with criminal potentials. This movie, save the ending, can be a great case study for a shrink.

    Though I enjoyed the movie, I have to say that the mind behind this movie is rather disturbed as well. That's probably why she's great too as the female lead. I got a feeling that she playing herself to a great extend.
  • Yes a brave and simply told tale.

    Clearly not in the mainstream of even independent films, low on clichés and high on emotion this is a very moving little film.

    When I finished watching this the only comment I wished to make for Good Dick was "Beautiful" But as people need more than this to help guide what they watch I have tried to add more than my simple reaction.

    Sorry I really did think this was going to end in some very tortuous and grisly ending but not it didn't not what I expected and I enjoyed it very much, well done girl.

    ***** ******* **** ***** ***** **** ****** ***** **** **** ******** ***** * *** ******* ************ ****** ** **** ** * **** ****** *** ** ***** ** * ***** **** **** *** *** ** ****
  • innon28 January 2012
    The DVD box called it original and funny, but it was nether original nor funny, I can say it had just absolutely ridiculous plot with bad acting of the leading actors, dialogs making no sense and way too far from being even slightly realistic. Was watching it just to see how worse it can get because with every minute I felt that it can't get any worse but still it could. Watching it was physically painful and to survive it had to laugh at how idiotic it was. Boring and not moving anywhere. Can't even say anything about the human relationships portrayed in the movie because it has nothing to do with actual human relationships and whoever called it deep and meaningful has never seen good movies about relationships and has never had any healthy relationships in real life. Could survive it only because had someone to watch it with so we could mock it together.
  • I have read a review here of someone complaining that this movie was hard to watch. That is true. Also, that person wanted to feel good. That is honorable of course, yet do we want to feel good or do we want the truth? Because the truth is good and bad. This movie has both.

    Of course it is based on a traumatic event so the bad in it is well present. But there is also good in it, and not cheap good, not a burger or something, a good that comes from a long process involving a lot of patience as usual, which is based on a lot of love.

    And I found that it was so well written and so soberly played that it was very watchable, very much. I found the principal actor to be amazing!!!!!!!!! I found the principal actress sometimes not convincing but hey, she was also the writer and the director, so let's give her a break.

    A very genuine movie that I'm so happy to have found by chance!

    It is so refreshing to see what is made out of Hollywood and with such quality! And it does not look like a indie movie : the lightnings, the sound, everything is pretty well done, and I particularly appreciated the camera point of views. There are not so many places involved in this movie and yet with the camera put always in interesting places, it felt always as rediscovering each place. Nice! Oh and the poster... Mwua!
  • hulu3727 November 2010
    Marianna Palka's Good Dick is a fascinating romantic drama with a take that on the genre that you probably haven't seen before (or at least done this well).

    A woman who goes to her local video store daily to rent soft core porn becomes the object of affection for the video clerk. It's a simple situational setup that masks the layers beneath. The woman is cold and distant and seemingly not interested in a relationship, of any kind, despite the constant attempts by the video clerk. In fact she treats him pretty bad. Not until the end when we meet her father do we really understand her. She's been sexually abused by him, the first man in her life, and that shapes how she interacts with other men. It now becomes interesting that her erotic interest lie in soft core porn (porn without penetration as the clerk tells her). The clerk too isn't without issues to be addressed. He's battled drug addiction which may explain his addictive personality and why he won't give up on her despite the vitriolic insults and humiliation she dishes.

    It's been said that hurt people hurt people, and that concept is exemplified well in this film. She treats him bad because that's what she knows. She maintains control of their relationship because she knows how awful it feels to be the one being controlled. Many times throughout the film she dominates him (even simulating rape) to humiliation, and it's painfully clear that she's been through hell.

    Through it all we are left with a hopeful ending. A confrontation with her father and reconciliation with her video clerk are small steps in her progression. In the end we're left with two damaged people moving forward together. Hopeful, indeed.

    (Be careful Googling this one - the title may lead you to the dark side of the web!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    *** This review may contain spoilers *** This movie is not about a troubled young woman and a hopeless video guy. It is about any couple who meet and overcome their neuroses enough to be able to get along and open up to each other. Usually people abandon their partner too soon, before the rough edges have been knocked off, and smoothed out enough to become livable.

    Yes, it is a story of support, unfailing love, and belief that helped Mariana Palka's character deal with her past, and finally face the present.

    But who doesn't carry problems from the past with them? And who's spouse doesn't exhibit issues that arise from childhood challenges.

    That's why i love this movie: I can totally relate to it, and like Jason Ritter's character, i know that we can help our spouse as they help us. It takes time, patience, and love, lots of it.

    If you are perfect, and have had perfect partners, then you won't understand this movie. However, if you are human, with the usual foibles and have had relationships with other humans, you will find something rewarding about this unusual portrayal of a very usual human condition.
  • akadoll2 January 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    I read multiple reviews on several different websites. Unfortunately, it received approximately 50% negative. The release date was last year, but my friends had not heard of this movie. I did get a kick out of saying the title. After watching the trailer, I decided to give it a try. Well, I am celebrating my download. This is on i-tunes for purchase and/or rent. There are a few disturbing moments, but I really enjoyed the acting, plot, and music. This film is about humanity and the power of supportive relationships. My favorite quote: I love you and this fight is over. Go for it, this one is worth seeing. I hope this film receives more attention. The acting is so real; I did not want this to end. Do not let the title prevent you for watching, it really is a great film. I am so tired of the same type of movie and this was off the pattern. I will keep an eye out for other films by the director, plus the actors.
  • Essentially a two-character play in three acts, "The Good Dick" strives for a different kind of modern take on relationships but doesn't quite hit the mark. Actress/writer/director Marianna Palka does not have much acting experience and it shows: she never allows us to see more than one note of her character and a pivotal scene with Tom Arnold as her father falls flat. Although this is a flawed movie, there is much to like here, however. Jason Ritter is the best thing about this thinly plotted indie "anti-romance." The scenes of Ritter and his video store pals (including Martin Starr, one Director Judd Apatow's regular players) provide a nice backdrop for the main romance. And, Ritter's desperate need for human connection feels sincere - you are rooting for him despite the seemingly impossible quest to reach Palka's damaged character. Viewers, however, may be let down at the end when things get wrapped up a bit too cleanly, like a bad Lifetime movie. I would have liked to see Palka's character struggle more with her own demons and find a way out that was less predictable and abrupt.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I just watched this movie a 2nd time and once again I really liked it. My rant here is going to be for people who obviously didn't get the movie at all. I read one review where they say "characters are bleak and underdeveloped with no explanation for how or why they are the way they are". What? It is so abundantly transparent (SPOILER ALERT) that the main female character was sexually abused as a child. There are so many scenes to corroborate this HUGE element of the film. How did people not get this? I just have to stop and read the positive reviews because it really does get me vexed when people who clearly do not have a morsel of understanding review a film negatively due to their lack of comprehension. I say rent "Heroes" if you don't feel like delving slightly deeper than the surface. I apologize for the rant. Here is the positive: Well written, well acted with some really beautiful shots. As soon as you begin to follow the main female character's story, it does give you an uneasy feeling, which I believe is obviously intentional due to the harsh subject matter. However, that feeling quickly subsides with an innocence and a relentless devotion that the main male character embodies. Balanced with harsh themes juxtaposed with genuine, substantial love. Nice. That said, I didn't think that the film was a "10" necessarily, but I felt compelled to neutralize some of unfair negative reviews. Oh well, "sue me... Twice!"
  • jemalt48 August 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    Well, where to start?Absolute gem of a movie.All aspects of the acting were superb,great story,and the elements totally worked from beginning to end,at least for me.The video was shot great,I don't know if this is categorized as an independent film,but if it is it would be immensely underrated.It's this type of film that brings real life and cinema to a merge that you are so deeply entranced,you forget where the time went.I can totally get where the writer was going with this.If any one has started a relationship with somebody with a past history of rape or personal ridicule,and who closes them self off to society,you know the hard road it takes to try to "change" or turn that person around into understanding that you love them for the reasons you love,fell in love with them.I understand some viewers might not get the way the movie unfolded (girl rents porn,meets guy who "supposedly stalks" her which I did not interpret as,has past history,keeps wall up) but there's only so much time to express a wonderful storyline like this and I give it KUDOS!! for the way everything came together , and as far as the ending ,well I don't want to diverge too much into it,but I felt extremely satisfied with the "open to interpretation" finish, have come to my conclusion , and say, well, that is life folks ~~love this movie or dislike this movie, It is a great movie in my opinion and I look forward to coming across more like this.
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