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  • Glad to see yet another master manipulator exposed, hehehe... that episode with Chris, the stubborn Greek guy... ugh. He was the real disaster here. How on earth did his wife and son ever survive that horrible attitude of his? (I know, I know, classic, old-world macho stuff ~ that crap has got to get balanced out, but those guys will never change, they just have to cycle off) And was the rescue crew (this show) afraid to confront the bully, and call a spade a spade? Did they think that it would make better TV to vilify the wife and mom, for giving up on her nightmare health hazard of a kitchen, and beginning to tear it down herself, out of years of frustration? She is one tough bird, and I respect her. Her son was decent, too, and saw the need and stepped in to call for help. The husband/father plainly was not providing for his family properly, PERIOD. A man with that strong of a caveman-patriarchal attitude should know his place, and provide a safe environment for his family.