Jacob Printz: [referring to trepanation] you performed it on yourself, you said so!

Charlie Rabbit: Yeah, I did do it to myself because I was being YOUNG AND STUPID!

Charlie Rabbit: [discussing what Nika did] I gave you painkillers, and you were out of it for a few days so I stayed here with you... and after a while you got better and I guess you just forgot...

Nika Printz: [Nika starts crying and turns around to hug Charlie] ... I miss him so much!

Nika Printz: Nothing will ever justify the fact that you left me! I NEVER left you!

Charlie Rabbit: [forlorn, as Nika points a gun at him] If killing me will help you in some way then so be it, but at least let me tell you the truth about what happened that night first.

Malcolm: I keep trying to figure out in what way that I failed him...