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  • The movie starts brilliantly, with excellent visuals giving us glimpses of colourful photographic images. Then after the opening credits, we see a young Anwar (Siddharth Koirala) travelling buy bus. He decides to stop at Dholpur and spends the night in a temple. In the morning he is awakened by voices. A minister makes an announcement about a terrorist hiding in the temple. Gradually villagers, journalists, police and even filmmakers get involved in the gathering crowd.

    Jha doesn't tell his story chronologically and that works because it keeps the viewer engaged and to keep focus on different characters and their stories. 'Anwar' is mainly Anwar's story but we also see several more broken or breaking love stories e.g. the minister and his ex-mistress, master Pasha, the reporter Anita, the cop and his dying wife and of course Anwar and Mehru. Don't people do some of the most irrational things when they have just experienced a severe heartbreak? Either they want to get back at the person who destroyed the relationship (Anwar), win back the lover (Anwar), project their anger towards something (or someone) else (the minister), preoccupy themselves with something else to not think about it (Manisha's character), or take drastic measures to end the pain immediately (Vijay Raaz's character).

    At the same time we also see how many of these people are getting involved with the crowd around the temple, each one there for their own benefit e.g. the paranoid journalist (Rajpal Yadav) who thinks Bin Ladin is in there or the minister who sees this as a chance to win more votes. At first I thought that the Rajpal Yadav character was ridiculous but after re-watching the film, it made a lot more sense. During such (potential) crisis situations, isn't everyone wondering who's behind it? I mean nowadays when one hears of a bomb blast anywhere, the first name that comes to mind of the common people is Al Qaeda. Yadav's paranoid character actually believes that Bin Laden's hiding in the temple and this story will make him big.

    The item number may seem pointless. However, the whole shooting in the temple location makes a lot of sense. It's good publicity for the filmmaker to shoot his film at the place and time of crisis. The item number presents the ridicule of the idea.

    Jha's direction is superb and throughout the film we see images that symbolize something. Jha is telling us something through each of these images. I'll come back to this later on. The performances are equally excellent. Siddharth Koirala delivers one of the finest performances of the year. Nauheed Cyrusi is brilliant and Hiten Tejwani is good too. Vijay Raaz is a knockout. The rest of the cast are all adequate. The songs and background scores flow beautifully with the screenplay.

    As I mentioned earlier, 'Anwar' is full of symbols. For example: Why were all the love stories broken/incomplete? What was Jha trying to convey about love in today's world? Did Anwar see his love for Mehru as Krishna's love for Radha? In one of the earlier images we see a blue earring fall into water, in a later scene we see Udit take off that earring from Mehru's ear. It was Anwar who had bought that ring for her. Why was that boy wearing a tri-colour shirt of the Indian flag? There are several ways to interpret.

    This is one of the movies I'd love to further analyze and discuss but I'll just stop here for now. I do recommend people to watch this beautiful thought-provoking work of art even though I don't think it will appeal to everyone. If it doesn't appeal on first glance, try and give it another chance. It does get better with subsequent viewing.
  • saima120 January 2013
    I remember many years ago someone told me about this movie. That it was very simple and the one to watch. So I began watching it and didn't really connect to it and switched it off. However, recently I heard one of the songs again and thought let me see the reviews on here and immediately went off to re watch it. Words can't describe how amazing this movie is and I don't regret not having watched it earlier. When I first watched it I had hardly encountered any struggles in my life. I was subjected to the typical bs masala movies. After these few years it's only now that I have understood life and love. My weak mind wouldn't have understood Anwar's pain and love back then. I loved all the actors - tremendous job! Totally unbiased and it should be classed as one of the finest Indian movies ever.
  • There is only one word in this world that can aptly describe this movie, "Beautiful". It blends contemporary social issues with an artistic flavor that is rarely seen in Indian cinema. The cinematography is amazing. The film tries to explain the metaphor of love. Love in various forms, which ranges from platonic love to lust. The social issues dealt here however lack maturity but when dealing with metamorphical things, that's where the film comes into its own. Just watch the scenes where Anwar symbolizes Mehru with Meera and himself with Krishna, beautiful, just beautiful. Acting is quite fine by everyone, especially Pankaj Jha who played the minister's right hand. However the real scene stealer is VIJAY RAZ who makes you to sit and look in awe as he performs like anything. Even regular theatre actors would find it hard to swallow when the guy comes into his own. The last scene where he shouts from the rooftop, "Bhikhari nahi hoon main, kalakaar hoon kalakaar", is fantastic. This film should be shown to all wannabe directors. Over all a must watch for every Cinema lover.
  • You watch a movie like Anwar and immediately you think to yourself: 'These are the sorts of movies India should be submitting to the Baftas and the Oscars', and Manish Jha delivers this incredible story note-perfectly. Anwar is, at heart, a love story and unfolds to reveal its subject in its broadest sense: (love of one's career, love - or lack of love - for one's country etc.) and also captures the true spectrum of love: the blissful awakenings, the pleasure, the joy and the rejections, refusals and slow breaking of hearts. Stunning visuals combine with a cast of characters so brilliantly conceived one could almost find them in the pages of a novel by Vikram Seth and along with deft performances, editing and dialogue, present one of the finest films to come out of Hindi cinema. Anwar (the film) is thought-provoking, questioning, unhappy, longing, haunting and fundamentally achieves what we need cinema (from time to time, at least) to be: the sort of medium that shakes us from our slumber with explosions and loud shouts, demanding us to listen, to have our ideas and beliefs challenged and queried. I can't recommend it highly enough.
  • I rejoiced for Manish Jha's bravado and intelligent approach to movie making and stepping away from Bollywood style tripe. Vijay Raaz's acting as the eternally sad Master Pasha was incredible-kudos-I admire your work and its authenticity and glad you haven't sold out to Bollywood. The scenes and allegories were beautifully and tastefully shot, the imagery unforgettable. Great camera work and I love the minimalist yet to the point approach- good editing. I was a little lost on Gopinath's role and confused by his end (I've always been a fan of Rajpal Yadav's acting) . Siddharth Koirala was very expressive, beautiful eyes (looks like the great malayalee actor mohanlal)he could be more emotive but performed rather well in his over obsessed with Mehru role. Thank you to all the cast and Manish Jha for producing such a profoundly intense story on the screen. I'm happy to see such intelligent work and gives me hope that not all Indian actors and directors are slaves to the Bollywood industry tripe that flows out in copious amounts. The music was incredible especially the theme song or at least Moula mere-Thank you! and congratulations on this nearly impeccable work.
  • This isn't your typical Indian film when a girl and a boy fall in love through a series of songs, and the parents forbid it until during a teary dramatic speech they accept the fact they belong together, no. This story ventures out of the lives of certain people, of what would really happen not only the imagination of the producers or directors. I, myself am not a Bollywood fan because of its excess of love films, but this film was different, I'm sure anyone would love it. It makes you cry, smile, laugh, and surprised about the outcomes. Some of the actresses and actors who lost their popularity in the film businesses are sure to regain it after lots view this film. The music matched perfectly with this movie, it's melody was sweet and beautiful. I recommend everyone to see this!
  • the purity , the realness , the rawness of the movie as well as the direction specially the song .. what GOVERMENTS doing with both HINDU- MUSLIMS .. the struggle of MINORITtiES .. and the thing called EXPECTATION killing us slowly .. thank you for this movie .. and The lead actor is way to good ... will remember it forever .. - anmol
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The best way to describe this movie is to say that its about a bunch of broken love stories with a socially conscious angle. The social tone of the movie is pretty obvious since the previous work of the director has been on social issues facing contemporary India. The mood of the movie is very haunting and a chunk of the story is revealed in flashbacks. I think the lead actor was perfect for the role as the dreamy eyed idealistic Anwar. I don't watch a lot of Indian movies nor do i leave reviews/comments for the ones that i watch on IMDb but this movie is really different than a majority of the movies turned out by bollywood. If you want to see a serious bollywood movie then this is the choice but if you want to something along the lines of a song and dance routine traditional formula movie which doesn't require you to pay much attention or reflect upon the characters and the plot then go watch something else.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When I saw that the average rating of this movie was 6.8/10, I was extremely shocked. Because after watching the movie, I realised that it deserves a rating of 9/10. I know my rating might not push the score higher but it will be my effort to make it known. Right from the start, the movie gripped me with a poetic feel of love (Anwar's scenes depicting his love) to the decadent portrayal of the society and the double standards of certain groups who promote an ideology only to gain flash fame. A big thanks to the director for bringing the actuality of the society through the main character. Towards the end, when the main character dies because some people use him only for their political gains, you feel as if it could be you who could be a target of hatred building exercise while you are miles away from this thought. The movie is intelligently shot and each character is equally important in depicting the society in its unbiased form. One of the reason for it to not gain popularity is simply because it defied the conventional style of Bollywood and also people did not give this movie a second look because it lacked huge star power. The movie's USP is its story and flawless performance. This movie also reveals the sad state of affairs for the Indian cinema because no one likes to see a sad ending but this is reality of life, which one could never escape.

    I do not wish to be philosophical but only want to stress that this is one of the best films I have watched and the music (especially Maula and Javeda Zindagi) are neo-classical: soulful and powerful to transport to another world.
  • there has been a slew of 'political' films that have come out of bombay of late. this is better than most of those, perhaps not a part of that league either. although all of them essentialise the girl.

    too many balls are hanging in the air, and none of them falls down. manish jha juggles all.

    lovely music.

    a satire on all and sundry, though it empathises with the characters also. perhaps bleak. but very true. what is the 'indian Muslim'? what is the 'hindu'?

    a long, hard look at a billion people masturbating together and screaming. what will happen after they ejaculate? will they stay together?
  • The movie starts with a lot of promise, but it fails to live up to the start. The excellent cinematography is spoiled by some loose performances and poor storyline. It seems that a 'short story' has been elongated too far. The movie still manages to remain with the viewer, even after a long time of watching it. The scenes in slow motion of the peacock feather, the blood in water, the blue earrings, the chase by Krishna are exquisite and haunting. The background music and the songs are also quite nice. What troubles the most is the poor performance of actors like Rajpal Yadav and Pankaj Jha not actually making an impact. Manisha Koirala too does a dumb Barkha Dutt parody. Manish Jha leaves a lot to be desired but also brings the hope of a different powerful 'statement oriented' cinema. I really wish if he could look at the other side of India and Indians for his next movie. (Reviewed on 14 February 2007)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The movie starts with a lot of promise, but it fails to live up to the start. The excellent cinematography is spoiled by some loose performances and poor storyline. It seems that a 'short story' has been elongated too far. The movie still manages to remain with the viewer, even after a long time of watching it. The scenes in slow motion of the peacock feather, the blood in water, the blue earrings, the chase by Krishna are exquisite and haunting. The background music and the songs are also quite nice. What troubles the most is the poor performance of actors like Rajpal Yadav and Pankaj Jha not actually making an impact. Manisha Koirala too does a dumb Barkha Dutt parody. Manish Jha leaves a lot to be desired but also brings the hope of a different powerful 'statement oriented' cinema. I really wish if he could look at the other side of India and Indians for his next movie.
  • swakkhar1712 July 2010
    This is my first movie review at IMDb. One of my friend suggested me to watch the movie. It was worth.

    The story is really good one dealing with romance, reality and the absurd in it. All the characters are in love, or at least have some problems with love affairs and punished duly.

    Anwar himself is punished severely since he looses his beloved, his friend and himself, life has at least no meaning to him except his love "mehru" who betrays him for real dreams while Anwar till the last moment lives in the world of his illusions.

    The beggar, theatre artist Master Pasha, after loosing his Meera, awaits for another love break, Dipa who actually considers only as a beggar. The world has no time to pay for the emotions, all it want to buy is the product, what master pasha can do. Master Pasha stops begging and making designs temples for Meera/Dipa and went to perform hi final stage show.

    All other characters in their own way or other are all facing the same thing.

    The story can not be categorized as tragic one since it gives you a thought of considering not only your love for others, but also in the contradicting way.

    I salute the story writer and the actor in the central roles. I rated 8.0 since it could have been better in other departments.
  • Nice acting and good story. Heart touching music. Btw the description says mehru is a hindu girl which is not true. Mehru is a muslim girl.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was speechless after seeing this movie. No one can express beauty and depth of this movie in words. This movie is a feel of heart. I will try to express my feeling in below points: heart touching music and lyrics, story is touching social issues and superbly directed, I have seen this movie more that 20 times. don't even remember may be 50 times, superb acting by Vijay Raaj. he is the best expressive actor, leaves impression on heart, if you listen songs they have depth of music and lyrics. best part of film is touching social issues very beautifully. movie climax was heart touching. I cant got over of this movie as I see it today as well when get chance. i give 10 out of 10.
  • ajeet_fop114 August 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    I bought its DVD because some of my friends told me that this is a good movie. Frankly speaking I was not agree with them because this movie was never marketed. I bought the DVD and saw the movie. What ? Guys, it is really a movies which keeps strength to make you so emotional even if you are not. Movie is a little slow but that does not affect its story and entertainment. It is slow because it was necessary to understand the feelings of every character. I would recommend everyone to watch it. One more thing, I loved the background music of the movie so much. Its a story about a young Muslim guy fell in love with a girl. Somehow the guy not being so lucky and do not get his love because the girl loved someone else ( A Hindu guy). In his temper unknowingly he just make the things messed up and both the girl and the guy(Hindu) were murdered. Anwar feels so guilty and starts walking to an unknown destination. In his way, he finds a temple and thinks to spent the night in there. In the morning whole scene was changed. Now I am not going to tell you the whole story. Just watch it and feel the movie.
  • This movie has some beautiful music and cinematography, but the story is a total mess, there are way too many extra characters and their own story lines, it switches focus several times to characters and story lines that are barely even relevant. We don't really get to understand any of the characters as actual people; the main character Anwar is hard to understand (because he's not a fully realized character), and near the end of the movie acts in a way that isn't compatible with his previous actions. There are a lot of annoying men of various ages who cry and complain about the stereotypically cold and beautiful women who reject them. In the middle there is an "item song" that couldn't be more out of place in a movie that attempts to be angsty and heartbroken. If you're like me, you saw the songs and are intrigued, please don't watch it. The best parts of the movie are already in the songs, the rest is just a huge mess.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The film in itself is a nightmare, be it acting or the story. It moves in slow pace after the first half. It could have been made great if only they didn't added propaganda of Hindu bashing. It was rejoicing to see that Udit was going to marry mehru but jealousy from Anwar got the best of them. Only good thing happening at the end of movie was to see the character of Anwar dead. As he was the one who made two lovers suffer.
  • Ganga Jamuni Garbage...

    Part of relentless propaganda against my poor country And community.

    And these idiots can't even make anything interesting or entertaining.

    Only people filled with hatred and bigotry find this garbage palatable.
  • A Masterpiece that not everyone can understand. So, so Underrated. It's a must watch movie. 👏👏👏
  • krishnapreethika15 February 2015
    We need movies as this to weaken the senseless hatred we harbor within ourselves ... only to be ignited by the trivia in the name of religious divides ... The word 'Muslim' has several dimensions to it: 'terrorist', 'minority', 'victim' to name a few ... Personally I love to see movies where fundamentalists who misuse Islam (Hinduism), where Muslim (Hindu) leaders who fight terrorism fought in the name of Islam (Hinduism), where muslims (Hindus') victimization and their perpetuation, and where integration is achieved must be explored in depth. Such movies alone can help a common man of India take a more rounded stand when it comes to such divides. Great work Jha and team.

    Siddharth has a very vulnerable face and of course the soulful songs fill the rest ...
  • What should i say about this movie it is only the fact that it is a love story disguised it's about a Muslim man who is in love with a woman who in turn actually never loved him in reality perspective people would just say to anwar that he should get over her and find somebody else but they don't realize what a complicated matter love really can be and well that is the love that anwar feels for this woman mehru the beauty of it is the story of anwar one thing that I was curious about is Anwar's fascination of hindu temples despite being a Muslim if he's a Muslim he should abide in his traditions although his fasciantion is quite alright the songs of this movie are really good a well made movie about love stories combined and a few haunting scenes this movie is worth a see for someone who is really a romantic and understands the beauty of love and love stories.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Anwar was on the "Top 10" on B4U rating. I too was bored. I thought, I could spend some time with the latest movie. My GOD, it was totally USELESS one... Surely not worth watching even once. Only one song was good (Maula Mere...). Please, watch some other movie, not this one...

    Anyway, if you are still reading this, let me tell you about the movie in short.

    There is a guy called Anwar(Obvious thing). There is a small portion of their house that they have rented it. A girl with her sick mother, stays there. Her name is Mearu.

    Anwar is doing Hindi Literature and also some research on Temples. Mearu, on the other hand, want to go to the US. Anwar's friend, (I think his name is Uday or some thing...) has just got a job in the US and is busy.

    Anwar loves Mearu and wants to get married. She wants someone better than Anwar. After sometime, Anwar sees Mearu with his friend, but does not utter a word, but later warns his friend.

    After some time, when Mearu is missing, she is searched all over, but not found. Anwar helps them find her and she commits suicide.

    All this is a flash back. Actually the night, when Mearu committed suicide, Anwar leaves the place and gets down in the middle of no-where and stays in a Temple. He carried a bag. He had some sketches of temple in his sketch-book.

    A small boy sees them and tells police about this and Police surrounds the Temple and waits for him to get out so that they can kill him. (They think he is a terrorist! What a comedy)