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  • 3/10
    A disgrace for every aspect from a hands on film crew, and so annoying >:-(
    Imitating the Police Academy series of 1980s' this film is just complete nonsense. The worst performances of all Turkish comedians come together at this no-plot and strained drama. A full hands on crew with respectable TV and movie careers joins together for that... That's unacceptable, that's a shame! I am really sad bearing witness to Mustafa Altioklar's descent of movie-making career. His earliest movies like "Istanbul Kanatlarimin Altinda" and "Agir Roman" were so fabulous... And now as a fan and follower of his career milestones, you can't guess how sad am I. I hope in the near future, his talented cinematography and his own style of telling the story through a rare plot comes back. He was one of the best directors who are able to create imaginary and remarkable scenes, that lasts long years and holds a place in our memories.

    It would surely be a waste of time to watch this film. After the introduction of the characters, the rest of the movie is absolutely unbearable and pesky. It's so annoying that the sense of humor can't even make high school kids laugh. There was a cartoon series version of Police Academy, which was including a same type of plot with this, back in early 1990s'... Even that was better in sense of humor. Especially the worst issue is here: When a producer/director decides to tell a happening about mentally diseased and disordered people, he/she must try not to become one of them.

    Basically this movie is for mentally deficient individuals who watch movies and understand nothing. Don't ever watch this if you are reading this critic and understand what i am saying. If you are looking for a good mentally disordered movie; see "House of Fools"(2002) instead. It's so emotional and touching, also originally funny and smart. House of Fools was directed by Andrei Konchalovksy. It's an award winning original classic. Yuliya Vysotskaya and the famous Bryan Adams played the leading role characters. It's the same genre, watch that if you can find. Stay away from this disgrace.
  • bryanross198528 July 2008
    Turkey produces a real turkey
    This is wrong on so many levels.

    Why would anyone torture themselves with this? I have seen better films come from kids with camera-phones (no joke).

    At a time when Turkey should be investing in their movie industry so that the country can produce the fine works of art that it has done in the past, $500,000 was spent on this steaming pile of camel crap.

    Call me old fashioned but I like a movie that is believable, with good characters and a plot line that I can follow, this has absolutely none of these.

    I would love to tell you what this film was about but I just have no idea.

    You have been warned.