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  • A masked creep kidnaps 9 people, puts them in a room, handcuffs them to a tube. He tells them their mission is to find out why there are there. Every ten minutes he will kill one of them unless they tell him the answer. The group is made up of a cop, two street thugs, a Vegas strip joint owner/mobster, a DA, a priest, a homosexual, a goody two shoes guy, and an Asian woman who doesn't speak English. What ensues is the typical American psycho horror: a bunch of people screaming at each other, insulting each other, grandstanding, deceiving, unable to work together, sometimes trying to work together. Obviously, they won't be able to find the answer in the first couple of 10-minute blocks. They touch on an important issue but don't see it's significance until later. Eventually they start "confessing" their sins, what each did that could have made someone mad enough to devise such a plan. So we learn something about them all. But whenever 10 minutes are up, the masked guy shows up, picks one of them, tells him the reason why they are there and then kills him. How it all turns out is quite interesting, but the ending not satisfying at all.

    I'm not a fan of the idiots-bickering subgenre of horror, but this one does work. It doesn't take the insulting to insufferable extremes like the reality-footage movies but rather focuses more on the story. And you do want to find out what the story is. Even though the answer to the puzzle is somewhat mundane it is effective. The ending however is so weak it's puzzling. Performances are very good overall, and that's really the key in a movie like this. And the movie does manage to build quite a bit of tension.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Chris Shadley has been involved on a production level in various other projects, including big hits, but this is his first time directing. Patrick Wehe Mahoney had never written for the screen before this. Going by "Nine Dead", neither of them should try again. Harsh? Perhaps, but if you take the time to see this movie, you will quickly be on board with that view.

    Nine people are kidnapped by a masked stranger, put in a room, and told they must deduce the reason they are there. Every ten minutes they will be asked, and if they fail to answer correctly, one of them will die. An intriguing setup, even if not completely unfamiliar to those who know of "The Killing Room", "Cube", or Agatha Christie, and clearly an idea that is trying to ride the wave of the "Saw" series, borrowing heavily from classic revenge movies and the exploitation cinema of the 70's in various ways. The fact it is rather derivative did not bother me so much (I am happy to watch a completely derivative piece of work if it is good as a standalone film). The problem is that they manage to make it look cheaper than it is, with a shooting style that you would expect to find in an impressive student film; clunky editing sewing flashback sequences in that just feel awkward; there is no excitement after the setup; no twists, no turns, no surprises, and when you finally reach the inevitable reveal of the connection, it is rather uninteresting, not to mention hard to believe that this person would have gone to this extent for revenge. It is like saying you're going to make a gorgeous desert for after dinner and all you can come up with is vanilla ice cream. If that isn't bad enough, imagine then throwing the ice cream on the floor! That, if you're confused, is my analogy for the ending. I enjoy a movie with a provocative endings, a movie that leaves you something to think about, provokes a discussion, or even a movie that is open-ended, so long as it is justified; this ending just screams that they did not know what to do with it.

    I'm not necessarily a sucker for top-name casting and am always happy to see new talent and give it a chance, but despite a couple of exceptions, this cast is awful. Some may seem familiar from character work they have done elsewhere, but barely any can deliver anything without looking like they have just been told their lines from off camera; even the "bankable" lead Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina The Teenage Witch) fails rather miserably to deliver anything close to believable. This is of course not helped by the dialogue they are given, which from beginning to end is the most banal writing I've seen for some time! At points I even found it a bit insulting, Mahoney presuming that an audience, even those who are not dedicated genre fans, would relate to anything anyone in this film has to say; there seems to be, at points, attempts at social commentary (much akin to the early "Saw" movies) that is just trite, over-simplified rubbish! To believe that anyone interested in a film like this would accept and believe some of these characters' ways of thinking as being even remotely realistic is a big mistake on its own.

    So you're wondering why a three-star rating, right? It is simply for no other reason than the fact I have seen worse; I liked the performance of the hostage-taker (certainly the most interesting character present), and I genuinely feel it is an idea that, if committed to the screen by someone who knew what they were doing with the material, "Nine Dead" would have come out as an enjoyable mystery thriller.

    As it is, it is just completely forgettable, lacking the intelligence and intrigue of "Cube", the frightening social bite of "The Killing Room" and the cinematic panache of "Saw" all at once.

    In short, do not bother.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What a complete waste of time. The movie starts as a clone of the Saw series, but with even worse acting. Melissa Joan Hart is absolutely horrible. The ending is ridiculous and the story contains no twists, not plot surprises and just a plain bad ending. I liked some of the characters and I was hoping for everything to be tied together at the end. It just doesn't happen. It's a total "Wrestler" ending with none of the good acting. I can't believe I spent the time watching this. It's not "fun" as some people put it. A guy in a mask kidnaps people who are connected and forces them to figure it out. The connection is a stretch and he should have shot the main actress first.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If only the ending were different. The first 7 minutes were not great. But once you get the 9 into the closed room and they have to put the puzzle together and solve the mystery, I loved it - until the end.

    Some people say it was a Saw copycat. I have not seen the Saw movies. I do not like slasher films and that seems to be all the saw movies are. This was far more cerebral.

    I didn't think the acting was as bad as some people said. Perhaps because they hated the movie they were more critical of the actors than perhaps the actors deserved.

    It was the ending that ruined the movie for me. The puzzle was solved. All the pieces finally fall together. For people who love mystery novels this is the greatest moment. But then the person who is the 'most' guilty in the whole mess takes out the other survivors to save her career. That just made me really mad. The person who carries the most blame escapes the room and escapes justice.

    Makes me want to scream in frustration.
  • chn6526 December 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    Very good movie indeed. I don't understand why other reviewers find the ending terrible - do you need to get everything spelled out and bent in neon?

    Very good point that nobody is innocent, they have just not received a sentence for their crimes, so they can merrily believe, that they have done nothing wrong. Which is arrogant, wrong and not insightful.

    ***spoilers here***

    Let me bend the end in neon to those, who thinks it was terrible: - All that happened in the room was broadcast on some media channel - at some point we see the room on a computer monitor, indicating that there is a camera down there. The villain even says, that it has been broadcast for everyone to see, so as we see the district attorney flee like a dog, thinking that she can just continue her lifestyle like nothing happened, she has not learned anything. Do we need to see her arrest, trial, punishment etc?

    Maybe the point is, that it is the most cynical who is able to take advantage of the situation who survives. Don't come with morale and ethics and such expensive concepts - when it comes to survival, people will do anything. And it usually pays off. And that's the true horror in an otherwise civilized world.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I thought altogether the film was very much worth watching, and I'd definitely watch it again! The film is much like the SAW series without the disgusting gore and with more thought involved. When I say thought, I mean that it keeps you involved making you try to figure out why they're there. The acting was average but you can't expect the best for a low budget film, and I think the acting did do justice. The only real disappointment with this film; was the ending, it's as if they're trying to lead you on to a sequel :/ Maybe they ran out of money for the film and had to cut it short but there are so many better ways to finish what would otherwise have been a blockbuster! :)
  • Scarecrow-8827 March 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    Nine people are systematically kidnapped after being rendered unconscious by a masked man's taser while walking to their various vehicles. These people, of all walks of life, find themselves handcuffed to poles and are told by their mysterious captor that they have a certain allotted time limit(ten minutes each)to uncover why they are in this situation. If they are unable to do so, one individual of the group will be killed, a random selection chosen for execution.

    Melissa Joan Hart is Kelley, a self-absorbed, very corrupt district attorney, whose needs(career) come before anything(or anybody)else. Chip Bent is Sully, a boorish strip joint owner with a rotten soul known for using violence on those who fail to pay him for lending money among other practices. Lawrence Turner, as depraved, bi-sexual pedophile ex-con Coogan who delights in watching the others squirm while attempting to come up with the answer behind their plight..Coogan, I imagine, will the most memorable of the cast because he's so deplorable, and unapologetic about his sickening nature. Edrick Browne is black burglar Leon, and yes there are conversations about's inevitable when a lone black character is supplied in such a scenario that race will be brought up, never fails. John Cates is struggling actor/bartender Christian, who may be a root cause for why everyone is in this predicament. Marc Macaulay as a priest(no he is not in this situation because of pedophilia..I bring this up because, truth be told, it immediately came to my mind as well), Father Francis, who heard a confession and will not relate the information to the rest because of his vow to God. Lucille Soong as an Oriental woman who can not speak English..this will undoubtedly cause a tumult among the parties due to the language barrier(if they can not understand her, how can they understand why she relates to them?). James C Victor as a cop, Eddie, who has a history with Kelley later revealed. Daniel Baldwin shows up in what is an unimportant cameo.

    A Saw variation, just less brutal than what we normally see in these types of character puzzlers(..the killer uses only a loaded gun, shooting his victims point blank as they plead for their lives, begging to be spared) where an assemblage of stereotypes try to discover a way to recover past mistakes and decisions which might've contributed to their current dilemma. I imagine Melissa Joan Hart's name in the lead will draw curious viewers interested in seeing her in a film such as this..and, boy, is she a whopper to behold, certain to create repulsion in many a viewer. Chris Shadley's "Nine Dead", as many of the Saw movies and their imitators, opens with characters we know little about, and as the plot unfolds, revelations and behavior tell us all we need..this kind of plot services us with a catharsis, as character unveil their hidden flaws while understanding the crisis confronting them.

    I think the key to the film's modest success is that it really feels like these characters have ten minutes a piece as we literally hears the seconds tick as time becomes an issue and details emerge with the usual bickering and personality clashes. I won't lie, I thought the end result, after the mystery has been solved, was a bit contrived(..Kelley's actions are certain to bewilder, us having to accept that someone could be so abominable is a bit hard to fathom), but it comments on how, despite facing death every moment, one might still remain so selfish and concerned for(..and consumed with) their own well being, even upon possible absolution. As with the Saw series, "Nine Dead" often shows flashbacks from past events to weave it's tale. Most of the film occurs within the "cell" of the characters, where they are confined.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Don't waste your time on this film. It could have been good, but the ending was one of the lamest I've ever seen. I seriously have to wonder how the people involved with the making of this film could've looked at that final scene and thought, "yeah! now there's an ending!" and patted themselves on the back about it. To me it seemed more like they just ran out of ideas! They built up the final scenes to have a cool twist, but instead just let the whole build-up fall flat on it's face. When the last shot faded to black and I heard the credit music starting I was in shock - I could not believe what I was seeing and that someone could even call that an ending. The best thing anyone could do with this film is rewrite the end and give it some substance. Seriously, I'd really love to get whoever came up with that one in a room, look them in the face and say - WTF??!!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The movie I am going to discuss is Nine Dead. A film that has been causing me a lot of interest for months because I was interested in seeing Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina, the Teenage Witch) in a different role. The film centres around 9 people, being held captive by a mad men, they all must discover why they are there, or every ten minutes, He will come in and shoot them one by one. Sound familiar? its very much like 'Saw' but its budget is far less and it shows. The film had a lot of promise but I was sadly disappointed by it. The acting, sets and story are quite average. This is a movie that will not ignite anymore interest in Hart's acting career or anyone else's for that matter, but it is a fun, harmless film. I was expecting a lot of gore from this film, but you hardly see any blood.

    I won't give anymore away but i do recommend this for any fan of Melissa Joan Hart or the Saw movies. This is a good movie and I would watch it again. Although you will be disappointed by the anticipation and the hype that was surrounding the film.

    I give it 6/10 but 8/10 for trying and 8/10 for the acting.
  • 9 people are kidnapped and tied up and told that unless they discover why they are there one of them will be killed every 10 minutes. It's a reasonably familiar tale but it's fun watching them try and discover why they are there.

    The film features the usual eclectic mix, drug dealer, cops, priest etc. These type of films rely heavily on having interesting characters to watch and although there are plenty of clichés on show, I found the characters pretty entertaining. There isn't any SAW like gore in this film and most of the violence is off screen. I was a bit surprised to see Melissa Joan Hart from Sabrina the Teenage Witch fame in this and she is pretty good in this. The rest of the cast also put in decent believable performances.

    As the captives piece together the puzzle and the numbers deplete it all winds down a bit to a slightly disappointing climax. The end scene being one of the most abrupt and unexplained I've ever seen.

    Overall I found this a fairly enjoyable if limited thriller and probably wouldn't rush to watch it again.
  • Communication is the key to the survival for nine strangers who have been kidnapped by a masked gunman and told that one of them will die every ten minutes until they discover how they are all connected. Who of the nine lives and who dies?

    I think it is safe to say that this film's biggest selling point is star Melissa Joan Hart, who also serves as a producer. I think it is also safe to say that she is the worst actor in this picture, being easily outdone by a handful of unknowns and Alec Baldwin's chubby brother Daniel.

    The film has similarities to other films, notably "Saw 2" (a group of people all connected by a common, unknown bond) and "House of 9" (nine people -- including a priest -- in an enclosed location, getting killed one by one). This made me hesitant and have doubts, but I was soon shown the error of my ways. Rather than watch half-heartedly while doing other things, I had my eyes glued for 90 minutes to the screen. I was, frankly, impressed (though, again, Hart was a terrible casting choice).

    I have to take issue with the glaring plot holes. The idea is that nine people have to find out what connects them. Once you find out what that thing is (and I will not reveal it here), it seems odd to me that the killer would know about the people's involvement in that thing. Some of them, yes, but most no. I guess I have to just let it ride...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    SPOILER ALERT! 9 Dead was such a stupid movie! I knew within 20 minutes of the movie they were all there for taking away someones childhood. I even guessed that the killer wasn't lying about calling the cops for figuring it out. It's a shame Melissa Joan Heart was such a horrible actress in this as she is the only one I recognized in this film. The movie ends with her killing everyone when the whole time it may of been recorded so she left evidence that her character was obviously a bad person. The killer admits that they figured out what they all did to help get his son into prison and die and keeps his promise about calling the cops and letting them free if they were to figure this out. The plot starts with 9 people (Melissa) being one of them and he kills one person every ten minutes they don't come up with why they were all there. (Melissa) kills the last two including the killer then magically dodges from the cops as she tramps poorly away in her high heels as the credits begin. Sure the plot sounds pretty good on paper but the acting, direction of the suspense and camera shots were all terrible! I've never even been this upset before to write a review, let alone a negative one.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you are like me and read IMDb reviews to decide what to download, and you are looking for a hard-core suspense or horror movie, you may want to pass on this one. The unfortunate part (and isn't this the truth about most of the movies out today) is that it COULD have been a good thriller. If not for the terrible script and stereotypical characters. A black guy, Chinese woman that doesn't speak English, cop, lawyer, priest, gay child molester/possible is like the Noah's ark to re-populate the planet in case of nuclear war. The acting, set and backgrounds were actually decent. The story: Nine separate unrelated people are abducted, then chained to metal poles in a cement basement room. They are then then given 90 minutes to figure out their relationship to each other. In the meantime, every 10 minutes (counted down by an old school flip clock mounted on the wall) without an answer to that question a person will die. After informing the 9 of this task the hooded masked jailer dumps a pile of colored chalk on the floor to help them figure out their dilemma, locking the door behind him. Interesting concept. Too bad the movie jumps right into the story without sitting up the premise. For example they don't start right away to try to figure out their connection. Instead - because they have all the time in the world - they talk about how fake this must be, and there is laughing within 5 minutes. Laughing... by 9 people doomed to die, who don't know each other. And they have petty arguments after seeing the first victim gunned down in front of them (poor guy gets a part in this movie for like, 10 minutes), call their hooded jailer an "a**hole", and then try to reason with him. Sigh. As the movie continues the prisoners discover that to answer the question they must disclose all of their deepest darkest secrets to each other. In the process relationships between some of the nine start to surface, and others remain vague and only become clear right before the question is answered. About a third of the way in is where you start to get interested in the characters and why they are there, and who might want to kill them. You almost start rooting for some of them before the end. And the others you just hope will be next. Because solving the puzzle involves hearing information from the characters, there is no way a viewer (like you) can figure out the conclusion of the movie. So it isn't predictable, a good thing. Summary: if you hang in there you will get absorbed. I rate it a 5 because it is actually IS a rainy day today and I watched the entire thing without fast forwarding or changing the channel. So, as a bonus, you may be seeing the vehicle that launched MJH's new direction in acting as a cold hearted b****. If you watch it it to the very end you will be thinking the same thing.
  • and this is now one of them.

    To put it simply, the movie fails on every level. Decent concept, poorly executed in every conceivable way. The writing was terrible, the acting was worse & the ending was so abrupt it was as if the film itself committed suicide rather than put viewers through any more pain.

    As I said, the concept seemed decent, not completely original but nothing is COMPLETELY original anymore. The problem arises with the character "connections". In some of the cases the connection is logical, in others it's just ridiculous. As others have pointed out in the threads on this forum, the connections are so tenuous with some of the characters that hundreds of other people could have been "guilty" as well. I'm willing to suspend disbelief while watching movies, so it isn't that I'm too picky, but it's not too much to expect the writers to make things coherent & at least somewhat cohesive. Without giving anything away, there was no possible way the "bad guy" could have known how some of these people were connected. Just flat out impossible & the writer(s) knew that because not even a slight explanation is given for how the bad guy knew of those "connections".

    Now to the acting, or lack thereof. The characters were less "characters" & more "caricatures", but 1 stood apart & in an extremely bad way. Melissa Joan Hart's performance was embarrassing to watch. I honestly felt bad for her as a person because let's face it, this is her career & she just flat out isn't good at what she's supposed to do. She plays an Assistant DA, so she's supposed to be a take charge, no-nonsense, headstrong person. Got it. Sadly MJH confused those traits with "I'll shriek & whine & generally act like a spoiled brat, that will show my inner strength & intelligence!" No, just no.

    So to sum up (sorry for the rambling by the way), the only recommendation I can give this movie is to stay far, far away from it. There's no redeeming qualities, it's not even one of the "it's so bad it's good" movies. It's just bad.
  • I'll get to that in a moment.

    For about as many unwanted Saw sequels we've had, it feels like we have about twice as many clones. Surprisingly, this one was executed in a way I haven't seen done prior, but it all ultimately goes back to putting strangers in a room.

    **Rant about Melissa Joan Hart's acting**

    Despite what I said in my other reviews where I might've mentioned that someone might've been the worst actor I've ever seen, Melissa Joan Hart in this movie takes the cake. I don't know if she's just not good in portraying the emotion of fear, but her acting singlehandedly kept me intrigued and glued. It was a guilty pleasure, very rarely do I get to see someone perform so badly at their craft. Her facial expressions were RIDICULOUS. She gestures and contorts her eyes, mouth, and particularly her EYEBROWS in unnecessary, cartoon-like ways. She puts the wrong emphasis on the words she's speaking, and delivers every line 'Nickelodeon style,' as if she's "giving it her all" on each line so you don't miss anything. Complete overacting, no nuance or subtlety. I haven't seen her in other movies, so I won't flat out say she's the worst actor ever, but this was the worst PERFORMANCE I've seen.

    **Problems with the movie**

    The story within the story was actually pretty decent and competently written, but the movie itself reeks of amateurishness. No wonder the writer of the script has this movie as his only credit for work he's done. I'm going to bookmark his IMDb page and periodically check to see if he does anything else, I'd surprised if he does. The story of how they were all connected to each other and how it relates to the masked kidnapper was intricately woven. That part was fine, it was the dialogue and the acting that killed this movie.

    Here's the most infuriating thing- So the kidnapper comes in every 10 minutes to kill someone if they haven't figured out why each of them are being held captive right? Well, every time he comes in and chooses the person to kill, he gives them one last chance to explain why they're there, and if they get it right, he'd let them all go. All that these characters did was just try to reason by saying things like, "we need more time to figure it out." Don't you think you'd be speaking a hundred miles per hour on all the atrocities you might've done in your life and hope you guess right??? I'm sure anyone can imagine if they were in such a situation, you'd be nervously stumbling and stammering over words, but to not even so much as venture a GUESS is ridiculous. And yes, I realize the rules the kidnapper layed out was that each victim, upon their turn, had to not only guess why he or she was there, but why *everyone else was there as well. I have two counters to this:

    1) When your life is on the line, and you think you have something to offer the killer as to what he's looking for, are you going to play by the rules? So what that you didn't meet the second qualification of knowing why the others were there, would you not tell this guy what "evil" things you think YOU might've done and hope you guess right? Clearly EACH person had a good idea of why they themselves were there, it was clear through the dialogue.

    2) Even if you don't agree with my opinion above, then how about when there came a time in the movie where the characters more or less had the whole damn chain of events of the puzzle solved, with just a few missing pieces (at that point they still didn't figure out how the medical dude fit into the story). So they have 90% of it figured out, the killer comes in, and not ONE PERSON EVEN TRIES TO SELL HIM ON THEIR THEORY. The idiot cop just said something about, "we have most of it figured out, we need more time." WHY DON'T YOU TELL HIM WHAT YOU KNOW SO FAR YOU MORONIC IMBECILE. What, do you think he's going to prematurely kill you if you get the story wrong? And going even deeper into my abyss of madness (i.e., logic), I could sort of even understand why the other people who's turn hadn't come yet wouldn't say anything, so as to not bring attention to themselves by offering the solution (and potentially getting it wrong, and yeah, maybe being killed for it), But, if it's YOUR turn to die, and the killer is in your face, giving you one last guess to solve the puzzle, WHY WOULD YOU NOT TELL HIM WHAT YOU THINK YOU KNOW SO FAR??????????? Patrick Wehe Mahoney is probably the dumbest person on the planet. He's the writer..

    Another stupid part:

    Melissa Joan Hart said something about how a jury wouldn't rely on the testimony of a "60 year old woman." OMG, 60!! She's practically a dinosaur right? There's no way a 60 year old can remember something. Right…is this writer like 15 years old? Only young, dumb kids would think 60 is "senile and old."
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The poster suggests a cheap knock off of the Saw franchise. So does the first few minutes of this low budget movie, showing nine blindfolded persons being brought into a decrepit industrial room and handcuffed by a masked gunman. As it unfolds, though, Nine Dead turns out to be a surprisingly good, engaging and even intelligent drama. The gunman tells the nine seemingly disparate people (among them a policeman, a district attorney, a nightclub owner, a priest, a street burglar, a pedophile who has served time in jail and a man who works for an insurance company) that he will come into the room every ten minutes and kill one of them until they tell him the reason he has brought them there. As the movie unfolds, and more and more people get killed by the gunman, the survivors realized they are all connected through the gripping case of an innocent man whose life was destroyed by them. The movie stays away from the gore and the torture (beyond the necessary) and goes for an intelligent plot. It is also well acted (mostly by unknowns to me, except Melissa Joan Hart in a good turn as a district attorney who turns out to be the most amoral person in the movie). If the penultimate scene seems to indicate that the movie will settle for a comforting finale, the great ending leave us with the good taste of a surprisingly good movie.
  • 5.4 stars??? Wrong! This movie was a waste of time. The acting was worse than a porn film. Melissa Joan Hart was awful. She was the only veteran actor on there and she seemed like she just got out of acting school. I've seen better acting from the puppets on Seseame Street. Long and drawn out movie. I had a problem with the gay/flamboyant character being the pedophile , It's a wrong stereotype. This movie was just awful, don't waste your time. One of the worst parts was when one was about to be shot, the film shows him biting the blood tablet before he was even shot. lol. Movie is way too far fetched, too many stereotypes for one movie. The ending was stupid
  • Oh my god. Oh my god.

    So much potential. But the ending is just abysmal. Don't waste your time.
  • Gomesd8920 November 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    This review contains Spoilers

    Just why did they ruined this not so bad at all movie with that ridiculous ending?

    It was going well till the end. What a St***d way to end really. Don't waste you time here. Kelley lives and kills them all. End. grrrrr
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm not sure if the filmmakers were after a Saw-type movie or 12 Angry Men (people piecing together the facts to get at the truth). Whatever it was, it was poorly done and not worth watching.

    I don't watch movies for blood and gore, but because this film had little else going for it, it should have shown the actual killing more. Most were off-camera, minimizing the horror that we were supposed to feel by the deaths.

    It also bugged me that the cop was among the victims; he unwittingly contributed to the innocent young man going to prison by accepting planted evidence (given to him by MJH) into the evidence room. (And wouldn't MJH a the prosecuting attorney, have had access to that evidence--taking it out and putting the wrong evidence back--anyway, so she wouldn't have needed the cop's help?). The others, while often also not realizing it was this particular person they were harming, still played larger roles in his ultimate demise. The gun dealer should have know his guns would be used for evil intent. The insurance guy rejected a person obviously in need, etc. But the cop's crime seemed minor in comparison since he didn't know exactly what he was doing. The filmmakers could have taken it a step further and had him be the one that encouraged MJH to plant the evidence, which would have made him more culpable. And MJH's yelling that he (the cop) got her in that mess doesn't make any sense at all.

    It would been more intriguing if each person died in a way that offered the others a clue to why he/she was there and deserved to die. The insurance guy, for example, could have had the applications he rejected rammed down his throat so he choked on them; the Oriental woman could have had her eyes gouged out because she was a false witness, etc. Yes, more violent that the gun deaths, but more interesting.

    The dialog wasn't witty, there were no twists, and the ending was one of the worse (if not the worst) I've ever seen. The ending along knocked three stars off my rating.

    The actors did a decent job, especially given the garbage lines and motivation they had to work with.

    Overall, a waste of time.
  • PavelKurecka18 February 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is an interesting variation on horror films; not your typical "fright" film, it is a compelling exploration of a set of people who are brought together under an extreme circumstance to learn about each other. It will appeal to your brain, your heart, and your fright zone.

    Noted that the film is likely to be rated "R". This may be unexpected to some viewers who remember the TV series work of Ms. Melissa Joan Hart. But the quality of the film - the acting, the writing, the production, etc. - are sufficient so that no one should be anything but well pleased.

    Undoubtedly, this film will soon find a distributor and be available to see at local theaters - not to mention being soon after available on DVD.
  • Clarissa explains it all vs. Saw II : I really don't think there is a better way to sum this movie up. It's not 'horrible' and there are some anecdotes that actually make it a bit funny in a campy way if you are a cynical evil person like myself :) But to explain the above statement, the movie is a reductive of a Saw/Red Room type help captive facing death formula.

    More interesting than an episode of Criminal Minds, but not much gorier, no truly unique or cool deaths but a few plot twists and turns that are interesting enough to finish watching - if not just to prove to yourself that you are more intelligent than the bozos the film focuses on.

    A lot of people probably hated the ending, but i thought it was pretty funny and smug. Would have benefited by rolling Britney Spears - Crazy during the end credits. If you haven't seen that video since 1998 - whatever you should look it up.
  • neil-upto1111 March 2011
    'Nine Dead' takes a good (if unoriginal) premise for a decent horror thriller and then... fails to deliver in any department.

    The acting is dreadful (the guy that played the bearded mobster deserves a special mention for being extraordinarily poor), the script is awful and the details of the story are just a bunch of uninteresting facts strung together by a contrived connection.

    There was also an unpleasant implication that a child molester's vile tendencies were linked to him being camp and gay / bi-sexual. This is 2011 for god's sake. He wasn't the only cliché, mind; the place was overflowing with them.

    And finally to the ending. Clearly designed to set up a sequel (haha, good luck with that) but somehow it seems to have slipped the writer's mind that an ACTUAL ending is kind of important to a story. It's beyond feeble.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have given this movie 5 stars and kept the other 5 stars hidden. The movie was very well made and the acting was acceptable for a 2 Million dollar budget. I found the characters to be a bit cool what with their lives and all being on the line. The movie does remind you of Saw except that there are no insane torture machines. It is more sublime than Saw, therefore safe for younger people - not kids. I was thoroughly enjoying the movie and really liked the surprise at the end, but hated the ending. I thought that there was a mistake when it went black and I saw the credits. The movie just plain did not have an ending. As other users have mentioned, I just froze thinking something was wrong. I thought to myself this can't be the ending ... there's got to be something else! But lo and behold the movie had indeed finished (not ended) it just stopped! You are left with nothing. It just did not end. I will give this movie the other 5 stars when they decide to finally finish the movie. Too bad. It showed so much promise.
  • This film is very ridiculous, the plot of the story was not convincing and the representation was tacky and there was no correlation in the events in addition to the quality of photography and output very bad. This movie is a waste of time. The actor who played the role of mafia dealer in the film was very bad and exaggerated and there are a lot of mistakes in directing that make the film unconvincing.
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