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  • Because this doc only lasts for 30 minutes, we don't know that much about the two movies. Maybe if it was made into a two hour documentary like "More Brains: A Return to the Living Dead" and we would have mostly every cast member from both films (Keanu Reeves would be tricky to get though), it would've been a lot better.

    We learn that Alex and Keanu auditioned for each other's roles. The filmmakers chose them because they got along so well in the audition and had great chemistry.

    The producers didn't approve of the slang, but Stephen Herek agreed because his children speak like that.

    Some scenes were filmed in Italy like the Austria and Greece scenes.

    Alex talks about the joys of being stuck in a phone booth with many historical characters.

    The film was going to be straight to video due to the people at the studio being replaced and the new members disliking the film. But the movie was released theatrically due to a positive test screening.

    For Bogus Journey, Chris and Ed said that the producers didn't approve of the movie being about Bill and Ted dying and going to Hell. The original title was "Bill and Ted Go To Hell".

    They talk about how crazy William Sadler was as Death.

    Peter said he, Alex and Keanu started their own band and admitted that "We played as badly as the Wyld Stallions."

    Despite it's short length and not many people interviewed, I liked this doc. Worth watching if you like the films.