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  • Warning: Spoilers
    My mother and I are fans of Lifetime movies, and so when we saw that this was on, we got all excited and settled in to watch it. The beginning was promising, if not a bit predictable. Now, my mom and I are lenient when it comes to Lifetime movies...we don't expect a masterpiece. We're just looking for a good time. However, this movie consistently failed to satisfy even the lowest of our low expectations. Problems? First off, when the mutant super-ants attacked the first passenger and then went crawling about the plane, the flight attendants just stood by idly, cowering in fear. How the heck did they pass their training? Secondly, when the pilots contacted the Miami air traffic controllers about their situation, the controller on duty did not take them seriously and even cut them off, saying he would "get back to them." What kind of air traffic controller would do that? Finally, once they found out about the ants, no airport would allow the plane to land. Completely unrealistic. Most air traffic controllers would go out of their way to *save* a plane, not just let it fly around until it runs out of fuel and crashes. Never mind that some of the ants would surely survive the crash and infest the area anyway. Oops...we let all those people die for nothing. Doh!

    Whoever made this movie must think we, the viewers, are stupid and can accept such an implausible plot. As I said earlier, I expect general stupidity and implausibility from Lifetime movies, but Destination: Infestation pushes my patience and makes Lifetime's other movies look like Academy Award winners.
  • Having nothing better to do on a weekend afternoon, I thought I'd get a few laughs out of Destination: Infestation assuming that it would be cheesy and unintentionally funny. The first mistake I made was thinking I had nothing better to do. Starring at a blank wall for an hour and a half would have been more enjoyable. Secondly, the movie tried to be serious. If you're going to make "Ants on a Plane" or "Destination: Infestation" and it's going to be airing on the Lifetime Movie Network you have to realize that it's not going to be recognized for anything special. This movie is quite simply painful to watch. Some humor would have been a VERY good addition.

    I'll sit through an Ed Wood marathon before even trying to muster the courage that is required to watch Destination: Infestation. Avoid this movie at ALL costs.
  • Why do they even try and make these kind of movies? I turned this movie on expecting a cheesy, stupid movie about killer ants-it was even worse. The acting was atrocious, these people were incredibly unrealistic, and I simply hated the movie altogether.

    I turned it off halfway through because of the astonishing awfulness of this movie simply stunned me. It wasn't suspenseful, or scary, or dramatic, it's hardly even a film at all. It rates up there with 'Absolute Zero' as one of the worst TV movies I've ever seen (which is horrible--I've seen A LOT of bad TV movies).

    I like Jessalyn Gilsig in 'Heroes', and she was another reason I decided to turn this on. Even she was horrible. I didn't expect much from Antonio Sabato, Jr., as many fans of the sci-fi channel will understand.

    So, a 1/10. I can't stand the thought of watching another movie like this again. Ugh. *Starts puking*

  • As the movie progresses the plot holes get bigger and bigger. just trying to discover them all just becomes funny. I can't give any away because those would be big spoilers but let's say the film could have ended in 10 minutes if it adhered to real life. If I ever need a drinking game I'll be renting this movie and we'll have fun trying to discover all plot holes. It's a guarantee you'll be drunk way before the credits. I laughed my ass off (so that isn't good for a movie which isn't supposed to be a comedy.)And then there are unintentional movie references like the villain that seems to be from a Bond flick. The "I'm no flight engineer" seems like an unintentional reference to Bones from Star Trek.
  • ichocolat21 March 2008
    I am not to tempted to write a review on this movie because I have a mixed feeling as to the ratings that I should give. Tempted to give it a very poor rating but it'll do justice to the movie, because even though I found it not worthy for an award, it does have a few good scenes in the movie. But give it a good rating will cause the reader to be misled as to the quality of the movie and in my taste in film.

    So I am trying my very best to give it an unbiased review and let fellow readers to make their own judgment.

    Alright, first things first. The premise of the story s not an original one. It is a rip-off of the 'Snake On the Plane' action flick starred by Samuel L. Jackson. Whilst Samuel has to fight off snakes, in this film, the passengers and the flight crews have to 'battle' the ants that somehow managed to infest the airplane.

    Since when do ants become parasites ? Well, the truth is that, I do not know, and I have absolutely no idea ! Maybe it is a new breed of aliens, disguising themselves as ants to avoid international hunt against their colonies. Hahahaha..

    There were scenes that is quite good. One of it the way the ants came out from the infected person's body and stomach. It was gross, which made it good. The way the drunken person acted in the movie was also believable, and one fell certainly happy to see how he got his lesson for being such a nuisance in the plane.

    However, as much as there were good scenes, this film is littered with lousy scenes. I would not write it, so you would have to watch it yourself. Suffer an hour and a half watching it, just like I did.

    All in all, this is a film in which the review may be different from one person than the other, as it is based on a person perspective. Some may like it, some may don't. As for me, it is good to watch it there is nothing left to watch, but otherwise, don't bother watching.
  • Was surfing the channels on the weekend and came upon this movie just as it started. My God, what a joke. I could understand if it was a deliberate mock-up of the airplane disaster genre. But, alas, this movie was a serious attempt at suspense and horror; it actually took itself seriously.

    What an embarrassment to the resume of all the actors and other participants involved. Truly and painfully awful. But I sure laughed at its incompetence. I wonder if anyone actually got paid for their efforts? The two lead actresses (mother-daughter)will rue the day they accepted this acting job. Their careers would have been better advanced by posing for Playboy. The acting and script would have been better for sure!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Ran across this cliché ridden number on Lifetime of all places. It's story line and general focus lend itself more to SYFY but on either channel this was a sad dud. The BUGABOO this time are MUTANT ANTS being carried by a terribly ill passenger who seizures on an aircraft on it's way to Miami from an unnamed Central or South American country. The poor bastard who seizures and crashes to the floor of the aircraft cabin, vomits, then grotesque mutant nasty ants burst right of said sick passengers stomach ala "Alien"

    From 1937's "Five Came Back" with Lucille Ball to the "original" Classic 1954's "High and the Mighty" with the"Duke" all the way through the 5 (or was it 6?)airport movies, it's always fun to see how people and aircraft technology hold up in drama and/or comedy. For comedy just think Karen Black in "Airport 1975" when incredulous passengers (and most audiences) were known to murmur and yell "the stewardess is flying the plane!" Right........ Most of those films were entertaining and some were quite good.So now we come to "Destination Infestation".

    Catchy title that...don't you think? LOL. Clearly a close clone of "Snakes on a Plane", but far worse. Why worse? Ah, let me count the ways. Terrible acting, HUGE plot holes, ridiculous story elements and I could go on. However, there are many other films to see and review that are (hopefully) a better waste of time for me in my senior years. I will, however give you two examples of the insipidly stupid mistakes in this film. When calling Miami to divert their landing, it appears there is only ONE controller (maybe two, but you never see him/her)in the control tower. For a major city to have such a situation is ridiculous, particularly when an outside view of said tower show 5 small Cessna type aircraft and of all things MOUNTAINS IN THE DISTANCE Miami....I think not!

    The second plot hole (among a dozen at least), is just downright amusing. When Miami, Cuba and Haiti turn the aircraft down for landing the old pilot, mysteriously restored after being well bitten by the mutant ants then sprayed with foam from a fire extinguisher suddenly is back in the pilots seat. Oh where to land? DUH! When a mysterious "black ops" group closes all US air space for fear of the mutant ants.It sure looks like this plane is in a pickle.

    To the rescue the co-pilot remembers a short "closed and abandoned" US military runway in Alabama. So they fly on through US air space. No Planes or rockets bring them down and "Lo and Behold"!!!! As the A-Bus with it's 40 passengers approaches this supposed abandoned airfield...My goodness, the fields landing lights are on! What a coincidence? LOL!

    There are so many other absurdities in this film it would take another 5000 words to help you understand this is a truly pathetic attempt at fine entertainment, let alone a fine cinematic experience. I only schlepped through it because I love the "disaster in the air genre".

    If you do decide to waste two hrs, for a laugh, pay close attention to the woman who is sitting next to the lady who has a baby. You know in disaster films if your on an airplane and there is turbulence or aircraft trouble the passengers bounce around, the camera shakes and there is lots of vibration. Watch the lady with the pageboy black haircut seated on the aisle seat on the right hand side next to the woman passenger with the baby.

    She was told by the director, I'm sure, to "bounce" around in your seat at the appropriate times......LOL! She bounces and bounces, higher and higher! She stops bouncing only after everyone else and starts before every other passenger starts bouncing. I swear this lady bounces about 2 FEET straight up. She looks like she's having a great time and she's quite funny to watch!

    I give "DESINF" air tragedy a 2 out of 10. Eschew this crap and rent the "High and the Mighty", that is a GREAT air disaster film.
  • slayrrr66618 July 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    "Destination: Infestation" isn't as bad as it could've turned out to be.


    Returning from a tropic vacation, Carries Ross, (Jessalyn Gilsig) and daughter Jaime, (Emily Tennent) board a plane back to America, along with dozens of other passengers. Departing from Columbia, the flight takes off as expected until one passenger begins to violently convulse and eventually collapses. One of the passengers, Ethan Hart, (Antonio Sabato Jr.) announces that he has been killed by a form of tropical ant found only in the rain forest, and that they're appearance is unexplainable. Managing to slip into the cargo hold, this manages to calm the passengers for the time being. When they manage to strike back and damage the plane considerably, making the passengers even more uncomfortable towards them, they become aware of how dangerous the situation really is. Discovering a possible way to get the ants under control, they launch a plan of attack before they regroup and get after the rest of the passengers.

    The Good News: This here wasn't as bad as it really could've been. One of the film's strongest points is that it manages to get a lot of mileage out of what really isn't a great adversary. The ants are front and center for most of the film, and they manage to get some suspense out of the scenario. This is made with the fact that the passengers know about the creatures from just about the very opening of the film, as they become known with perhaps the film's best scene and the rest of the film is concerned with the fear that they'll attack again or the damage done that will disable the plane and kill them that way. This makes it full of suspense as the fact that the attacks will continue and their presence is continually felt. The fact that there's a huge swarm in the plane that make a real lasting impression with the passengers is what makes it work. There's a real sense that they do pose a threat due to the fact that they're constantly being mentioned and always make advances. Their few moments in the spotlight launching attacks are pretty well-handled, happening out of nowhere and taking everyone completely by surprise. The bathroom attack is it's best example, being set-up brilliantly and containing plenty of suspense as the attack is telegraphed with plenty of foresight and the wait is palpable. The trip below to deal with the hydraulics is packed with plenty of confrontations and creative methods to deal with the ants, and there's some joy to be had at the ending, but the best sequence is still the initial discovery of the ants on the plane. It's long, it's protracted and incredibly disturbing, as well as grotesquely enjoyable and makes for a chilling idea and visual. The film isn't all that bad.

    The Bad News: There's really one big problem in the film that holds it back. This is to due to the really schmaltzy angles offered up. All of the mother-daughter relationship drama from the very beginning before the ants' attack is a prime example, and the continuous attempts at flirting between the two and the attempts of the daughter to speed the relationship along have the same problem. It's not that they're necessarily wrong to be there or are simply boring to sit through, which they aren't on either account, but each one is the exact same way and gets to the same result. There's no point in the repeated aspects of each one, since it eats up time in the film to have the same conversation over five times in the film that don't really offer much of anything after the initial conversations. It's rather repetitive and doesn't do much that has already been done before them. The later interludes between suffer from this as well, which are the same thing brought out that offers the same thing over and over. Not exactly new, but it manages to stick out considerably. This here is really all that's really wrong with the film.

    The Final Verdict: This wasn't that bad of a film when it decided to concentrate on the creatures, and a little less when it's not but still watchable. If that's a possible reason against this, then seek caution but those who have a big lose of creature features or seem interested are advised to give it a shot.

    Rated PG-13: Violence, mild Language and children in danger
  • If you were expecting an award winning film, you were probably disappointed. I enjoyed the film as a whole. I thought it was an interesting take on something that has obviously been done already. The acting was either good or terrible. I think Jessalyn Gilsig has proved she can be a lead actress ANSI hope people start to see this. She's used far to little on Nip/Tuck and Heroes. I'm not Usually a fan of Antonia Sabato Jr. but found him to have done a good job in this film. The Pilot did fine too. The daughter was kind of wooden and some of the other passengers and and the male Flight attendant were to clichéd and over the top. If anything, the one thing that disappointed me the most was that it sorta took itself to seriously. I guess I was hoping for it to be a little bit Cheesier. Something more Sci FI channel movie of the week Cheesy. But overall I thought it was enjoyable.
  • SnoopyStyle24 October 2016
    Dr. Carrie Ross (Jessalyn Gilsig) is an entomologist on vacation with her daughter. They board a plane in Barranquilla, Columbia on the way to Miami. In the air, a passenger dies with bullet ants crawling out. Sky Marshal Ethan Hart (Antonio Sabato Jr.) takes charge with Ross's help. The ants start eating into the machinery and the plane is refused landing permission.

    This came one year after the superior camp "Snakes on a Plane". My guess is that this was rushed into production to take advantage. The difference is that this isn't funny, or at least not intentionally funny. The story is kinda stupid in a million different ways. I hesitate to see anything with Antonio Sabato Jr. I do like Jessalyn Gilsig but she can't save this flight. It's on a crash course and Samuel L. Jackson is not coming to the rescue.
  • I thought Destination Infestation was a pretty good movie. But for a lifetime movie it didn't seem like it should of been on that station. This movie should of been on either Fearnet or a Svengoolie movie. As I said it was a pretty good movie but there were some parts in this movie that were too unbelievable. I know it's a fantasy or a fictional movie but ants coming out of someones chest and mouth? They ripped that off from Creepshow where the guy in the last story had cockroaches crawling out of him. I agree with another person that wrote a review of this movie who said the flight attendants acted poorly and didn't seem like they took their training seriously. I thought it was dumb that nobody would let the plane land anywhere because other airports thought the ants would cause a threat. And my biggest discovery about this movie is that the ants seemed animated. it seemed like when the ants were seen eating the wiring each shot looked the same and also when they showed the ants crawling in and out of the vents it looked the same all the time. Overall pretty good movie. Lots of suspense but too phony in some scenes with the ants.
  • ants on a plane snakes on plane snakes on a train, hmmm, what's next? plantanes on plane?

    I don't mind TV movies, and thought this was strange for to be on Lifetime (one of my guilty pleasures) but everything just felt a little too over the top.

    would they really not let the plane land? are ants actually scary? is saboto still doing underwear adds?

    some OK performances considering the material, but not enough to make me watch it again. if you like plane thrillers check out flightplan. if you don't like plane thrillers check out Airplane. if you don't like lifetime creature features, skip this one.

    there is still some fun to be had which is why i gave it a four. maybe I wasn't the target market for this.
  • I expected worse, and was pleasantly surprised. It's "ants on a plane"; an archetypal disaster flick. I thought it was better than "Snakes On A Plane. I mean you didn't have ants attacking a passenger's crotch, or biting a woman's breast! But any one looking for anything other than just entertainment should go elsewhere. It's like The Poseidon Adventure, except on a lower budget. You see a cross section of humanity trapped in jeopardy. Some people you like, and want to survive: others you hate and want to get munched. I was pulling for the ants! If you want to go deeper, it's a struggle of the human species against the natural order. The humans don't work as a machine; the ants do. Guess who has been around longer?
  • This movie is stupid in countless ways, but I'll focus on only one. The killer ant-infested plane was flying at 35,000 feet, where it is very cold. Insects are cold-blooded animals and cannot function effectively below room temperature. Whatever threat the ants presented could have been easily neutralized (at the penalty of some passenger discomfort) by turning off the heat in the aircraft and if necessary, ventilating in outside air. Evidently the basic physiology of insects never occurred to the writers, because early in the story the ants flee to the luggage hold, where they would instantly have been immobilized by the cold.

    This may not matter to disaster movie fans who love stereotypical disaster movie plots and characters, but folks who desire a modicum of believability will be disappointed to say the least.
  • An ensemble cast of characters board a plane in Columbia and try to go the United States not realising that one of them is a host to bullets ants . " What are bullet ants " I hear you ask . Apparently they're ants that have a sting so painful it's like being hit by a bullet and the pain lasts for 24 hours . I looked them up on the Wikipedia and this is correct . So correct in fact that the line of dialogue explaining what they are has been culled from the wiki word for word . The ensemble characters are a nondescript bunch with all the depth of a dried up puddle . You know the characters , female doctor who is a single mom to a cute kid , a couple of drunken college boys , selfish cowardly male and black air stewardess . No reason for her to be black except to hint the producers really wanted to get Pam Grier or Halle Berry in the role . One black character that is missing is funky black dude played by Samuel L Jackson but that might make you think you're watching ANTS ON A PLANE and this is a totally original movie not influenced in anyway with a film that came out the previous year so we won't be getting any dialogue like " We got mother effing ants on this mother effing plane " . No siree , we won't get reminded of other films and we won't be getting the F word and we won't getting to hear the word " About " either because most the cast are Canadians because it's so cheap to film there . By the way it's interesting the way internal continuity is changed where it suits the story . Despite being told that these are according to Wikipedia " bullet ants " feared for their painful debilitating sting they're mutated bullet ants which means if a likable character gets attacked by swarming ants their stings have little effect while if they attack an unlikable character they suffer an agonising death . Since when did ants become a good judge of character ?