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  • My daughter and I went to see this film last night with great anticipation as we have read the books. I know that the director is great having seen her previous work and I was looking forward to seeing how she and her co-writer had adapted the books for screen.

    First off it is based on the both 'Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging' and 'it's okay, I'm wearing really big knickers' there have been a few minor changes to make it work on film without Georgia sounding too whiny and to make the story flow better. It was a shame that we didn't get to meet Sven and his awesome flares, but he was there disco dancing in the background and Georgia fans will know him when they see him.

    From the moment it started we were engaged, the cinema was packed and during Georgia's initial walk home we were howling with laughter and it just got better. (Did her feet move or did she glide?) The audience was a mixed bunch, a majority of teenage girls, a sprinkling of boys and a few of us "out of the stone age", I don't think that anybody disliked it. It got major reactions from all of the audience each finding humour in different places. There were a few sad ahhh's when there was a sad looking 'Dave the Laugh', some misty eyes during a serious dressing down and laughter at Mum ogling Jem - or was that just me! anyhoo - both my daughter (16) and I (38) would pay to see it again. We highly recommend it but take a tissue with you, if not for the tears of laughter but for those misty eyes that may sneak up on you.

    It gives you a warm feeling to be reminded what romance and love is, both from a younger and older point of view. Although I did say to my daughter on the way home that you are not incomplete if you are don't have a partner, but it can be a great feeling when you are ready. But Georgia is written with a boyfriend goal in mind. Look out Sex God Georgia has a plan!
  • I, just like many of the other people who have written comments, had read the Georgia Nicolson books from my early teens. When i heard of the film, i admit i was very excited. But i was worried that with the case with most book to films that it would be mutilated. Once IMDb has updated their information and said Gurinder Chadha was directing, it filled me with a little bit more hope. She had done some good films in the past, and i was hoping she wouldn't let us down.

    When i went to the cinema, i actually laughed out loud for the majority of the film. it was lovely to see the books brought to life, and so well. Georgia Groome (who played Georgia Nicolson) did an excellent job, i think they did very well on the casting. The only exception to this was Dave the laugh, he wasn't what i imagined, but he was good enough.

    Overall i thought this film was really good, and Chadha did well on behalf of Louise Rennison!
  • As a fan of the books I was expecting a lot from 'Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging' and although a lot of things from the books were included, a lot was changed or left out altogether, which at first I found slightly disappointing.

    Having separated the film from the books and viewing the film just as it is, I thought this was a solid romantic comedy about a fourteen year old girl (Georgia Nicholson) going through all the ups and downs of being a teenager - boys, kissing, friends, fall-outs, family problems etc.

    The lead character was portrayed well by Georgia Groome, who showed Georgia's many different sides from a self-obsessed drama queen to a caring and insightful young woman. Although the four young leads over acted at times, this helped to accentuate the drama of being a teenager.

    'Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging' is aimed in particular at 12-16 year olds (although it's themes will appeal to females of all ages). That's not to say that males will not enjoy it, anyone who is or has been a fourteen year old can relate to the main character and her issues.

    There are some very cheesy moments, and if you don't like clichéd and 'disney' type films then this isn't for you. However I think that for it's genre, 'Angus, Thongs...' has just the right mix of romance, laughter and also some very touching scenes between Georgia and her parents. Overall 'Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging' is a hilarious, light hearted film, which I thoroughly enjoyed!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am a fifteen year old girl and I loathed this film.

    The film begins with the main character, a teenage girl named Georgia (with the most annoying accent I have ever heard), happily walking down the street dressed as an olive. She arrives at a fancy-dress party and has to face the terrible humiliation of being the only one dressed as a food. How will Georgia cope? Will she do the most natural thing and take off the costume if she's that embarrassed about it and have a fun evening with her friends? No, of course not. That makes too much sense.

    What she DOES do is storm over to her friends, demand why they aren't wearing costumes like hers as they agreed, then deems their excuses as inadequate and runs out of the place, knocking over drinks and plates of biscuits and people along the way. She then goes running through the streets, still dressed as a stuffed olive. Actually, that scene is the film's main highlight as it did almost change my look of disbelief to a weak smile for a second or two.

    After arriving home and throwing a full on tantrum which involves stomping on her costume, ripping photos off the walls and throwing all her teddy-bears onto the floor, Georgia takes a deep breath and announces to the family that she's going to be 'more mature from now on'. Well, she's made a good start! Drinks all around! At school the next day, suddenly Georgia and her three school-mates are all best friends again. Obviously there was a major plot point when I wasn't looking. And during their lunch break, they notice two new guys strolling through the grounds. And 'it's boy-stalking time!' Yes, that's their dialogue. Okay, maybe teenagers talked like that in 1886, but come on, screenwriter. Get with the times.

    They stalk the poor boys through a montage, taking notes and spying on them through a pair of binoculars (and even breaking out into an utterly ridiculous dance routine at the end). I half expected them to all tie their shoelaces every time the boys turned around. But this didn't happen, mainly because the boys didn't, not once, turn around, a fact that I find pretty amazing. How hard can four giggling-screeching-in-uniform-linking-arms-armed-with-binoculars schoolgirls be to spot? And so, obviously, Georgia gets to know the guy she's got her eye on (Robbie) and yes, obviously he already has a girlfriend. Georgia is heartbroken. I was mildly perturbed. I imagined what Georgia would tell the rest of her friends to be something like this: You know that handsome guy I talked to for eight seconds? Well, he has a girlfriend! I've never felt so BETRAYED! Anyway, Georgia tries to make him jealous by going out with another guy… (screenwriter's motto: 'originality is, like, so overrated') he finds out and makes her feel bad… (oh, the twists and turns!) etc, etc. You know the drill. It's only been done eight million times already.

    So, after a lot of boring events laced with clichés that are too tiresome to think about, let alone write down, Georgia and her bestie, Jaz, split up and throw catty insults at each other during a netball game, the grand, dramatic finale when Georgia stomps on Jaz's foot. Oh, the horror.

    The second-last sequence in the movie is a bit of a mystery to me because at the start of the film, Georgia was unpopular in her school, but suddenly, her night-club is packed with what looks like the entire population of her state, everyone cheering and throwing confetti like she's just handed out free flip-phones. And then Jaz comes up to her and hugs her as if nothing ever happened between them, forcing me to conclude that an entire chapter was cut out of the film for pace reasons. Either that, or I accidentally slept through it. Anyway, for reasons the film doesn't care to share, Georgia is now officially a hero. I have heard of the term 'suspension of disbelief' and actively engage in it with popcorn-fare such as the Indiana Jones films, and any line Orlando Bloom says, but this is going too far. Sorry movie, but no humans act like this. Not in any state, in any country, on any planet.

    I thereby conclude that 'Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging' is the worst teenage film I have ever seen. Eye-clawingly bad.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The saga of Georgia Nicolson is one most likely to be appreciated by a teenage girl between the ages of 12 and 16. I watched hoping for some good drama and comedy, but left disappointed by the lack of depth in the characters and the coarseness of the jokes. Also, the love interests for Georgia and her best mate Jas are personality-less pretty boys without an ounce of charisma, which makes you wonder why they are pursued with such ferocity by our big-nosed heroine and her blonde friend. Ooh, one works in an organic fruit shop and the other in the lead singer in a band. Talk about too perfect.

    Plus can we have a film where the parents aren't a down-with-it mum and a dopey dad? Hearing Mrs Nicolson describing schoolboys as 'fitties' and lusting after a shirtless builder about 20 years her junior might be embarrassing, but it isn't especially funny. And the less said about Alan Davies's confusion over how many pairs of brown trousers to take to work abroad with him, and his bad dancing at his daughter's birthday disco (more on that farce later..), the better.

    In fact, there are so many weird'n'wacky individuals in this film there's hardly any room for normality at all, and I genuinely feel sorry for any female who can relate to it. Taking a cat for a walk on a lead? Applying moisture to turn your legs yellow before going swimming?! Going to a snog specialist's house to learn how to kiss a boy, who is so popular he has to squeeze you into a 30 minute session??! Yeah, right.

    This seriously harms the credibility of the film when there are so many surreal elements, which constantly take you out of the action and leave you scratching your head and saying out loud: HUH?! "PEOPLE DON'T BEHAVE LIKE THAT!!" Balanced alongside the more tender, soap opera-ish moments the formula doesn't match up, and you're left with a bit of a mess.

    The ending deserves a paragraph all to itself. Only a scriptwriter could construct something as ridiculous as this: In the space of five minutes in a 'surprise party' every problem is solved: All relationships are reconciled, an unwanted move to New Zealand is cancelled when her father gets a promotion at home, The nasty girl is humiliated on stage when her boob padding is removed by Jas, and Georgia gets a song dedicated to her by her new beau on the main stage. Oh bless! Even Georgina's other nerdy girlfriends get introduced to more vapid pretty boys so they can have equally vapid pretty babies when they grow up.

    One problem: this is the most phony, contrived, unrealistic conclusion to a movie I have seen for ages. I know they want to end on a happy note, but this definitely overdoing it. By a LLOONNGG way. Oh and Georgie: your new song is pure, unadulterated sh**e. And your dreamboat is obviously miming. Sorry, luv.

    Perhaps I'm disappointed that I disagree with the main theme of the film so much: that getting a boyfriend is the be and end-all when you're 14. When I was her age, I was more bothered about what was on TV and my homework to bother with the opposite sex. In this movie however, Nearly every action and thought the heroine has is to manipulate the tedious hunk to being her squeeze. This is even before she's even spoken to him: one flash of those baby blues and she's all OMG I MUST AVE IM!!

    How about actually erm.. finding out if he's a good person, or discovering if you've got similar interests? Pretending you've lost your pet so he can help you look for it, or suddenly discovering a passion for hated veg just to get him into bed won't work in the long term of a partnership. Well, I suppose it does in the film, but that's because the object her affection is as dumb as a rock. You can only put up a front for so long..

    Phew, I said enough. I set out to write a quick article and ended up with possibly my longest review ever. Typical. But it had to be said. Watch lovers of the book mark this way down. Do I care? Not a jot. Fire away, you know I am right ;)... 4/10
  • Georgia Nicolson (Groome) finds her perception of life changes after making a fool of herself at a party. Now she plans to grow up and no sooner does Robbie (Johnson) come to her school, and Georgia instantly falls for him.

    After the disappointing adaptation of St Trinians and the decline of British cinema generally over recent years this adaptation appeared to be screened as a mere money making hour and a half entertainment rom-com flick. But thanks to some cheeky youthful performances, a witty script and an underlining message of coming of age, this adaptation of Louise Rennison's best selling novel brings back that feeling of unashamedly British.

    In her first leading role Georgia Groome (London to Brighton) carries the film on a charismatic and charming persona that will have the teenage girls laughing their heads off. Her smart timing and in particular her reactions to situations create that comedy feeling that was an essential factor to making the narrative work.

    The film undoubtedly starts poorly. When Georgia turns up at a party, it is more than likely she will be an outcast and the fact that she gets embarrassed in front of her enemy and has to change her life is even more so. Nevertheless the comedic approach to the coming of age is likable and hardly clichéd. There is some background to her motion to change and the way she looks at adulthood as a place of comfort is as likable as her cat. The changes she goes through are sweet and realistic given today's modern outlook on the world. In this adaptation, we see many stereotypes and a very accurate look at teen language. The 'oh my god's' will have anyone laughing. The perception of girl's views on boys is a stand out moment.

    The stereotypical representations are usually never right. Either they are extremely over exaggerated, for example in controversial drama Kidulthood or they are unnoticeable passive representations such as in St Trinians. The angle on the characters in this 2008 comedy feels right, not over the top with a good sense of purpose and an underlining message of coming of age.

    Though good fun, the plot wavers into cliché at the end and doesn't quite have enough punch to believe the arrival of British comedy is truly back.

    Having never read the book, I find myself considering after enjoying the good nature of this film. Critics have said the book is funnier, and considering the amount of laughs spilled during the film, it must be an option.
  • If you go into a film and expect something more often than not you end up not getting anything out of movie your going to see.

    I have read all of the Angus thongs books over and over again and i loved them. of course when i heard the movie was coming out i was over the moon. so on Saturday i dragged my mum out of the house for a girl afternoon of giggles. And that just what we got. the film was different to the books, but i think that movies appeal to a wider variety of people, even though it was different it was just as good.nit was full of girl humour and going back to first crushes and falling in love for the first time and all those cringe worthy moments, girls and women of all ages should love this film, its filled with laughs, embarrassment, and down right sweet moments. I give it two thumbs up! I loved it!!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Now, when I first saw the trailer on TV, I kinda wanted to see it. I mean, I loved Bend it like Beckham and I figured it would be just as good. Then, a few days later, I read some bad reviews on it, saying that the lead girls acting was wooden and unbelievable. So then I decided I would pass, or at least wait until it came on TV. But my friends Bekah and Katie dragged me along today, and I gotta admit that I had pretty low expectations. Plus, tickets in Bluewater are £8, which is bloody criminal.

    Now, the girls acting didn't bother me too much. Yes, her voice and unnecessary emphasis on every single word she said kind of irritated me, but I wasn't too angry. And she couldn't be blamed completely - a lot of the kids in the film were pretty terrible. What really annoyed me was the writing, for a couple of reasons.

    1 - "Oh my God, I'm having a nervy B", "I'm not going to your poxy party!", "Girls, time to go boy-stalking!". I know these girls are supposed to be 14/15, but seriously? I really hope no one watches this film and assumes that this is how young girls in England speak, and I certainly hope that they don't assume this is how they act.

    2 - Boy meets girl, awww they're getting together, OH NO SOMETHING TERRIBLE HAPPENED, oh, phew! It's all better now. It's an overdone storyline, and sometimes it can be done with panache (think: 10 Things I Hate About You), but the storyline was painfully predictable.

    Overall, I felt that apart from watching a fat lady trip over a step on my way out, the film disappointed me greatly. And that's with my low expectations.
  • karakovacs4731 July 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    This movie was unrealistic and stupid from beginning to end. The main character was incredibly ugly, and there was no way Robbie- let alone 2 other guys- would ever like her. Georgia and her friends were annoying and uncool, and the worst stalkers ever. They loudly followed the boys around in the beginning, complete with some synchronized dancing. The boys never seemed to notice, even though the girls were about as subtle as a gun.

    This movie isn't like the normal dumb teen movie, where the gorgeous girl is nerdied up with glasses and has a few tumbles to be adorably clumsy, instead there's a butt ugly girl that does things like watch the popular girl undress with binoculars and shave off half her eyebrow. She wasn't a likable character at all, and didn't even get a makeover halfway through. A hint to the casting director- don't hire a best friend that's prettier than the main character.

    The plot was inconsistent when it came to kissing. Half the time kissing was the biggest deal in the world, and then the other half people kissed five minutes after they met someone. The Dave character was completely in love with Georgia, and then was introduced to the Indian best friend that looks about five years younger than everyone else and immediately made out with her.

    The surprise party in the end could be seen from a mile away, and the part with Lindsey was entirely unnecessary. It didn't even make sense how she pulled the plugs and the microphones went off- and then she used it five seconds later. And how she allowed Jas to slowly pull her bra stuffers out without moving.

    All in all, the movie's crap. Don't watch it.
  • angelsgirl19502 August 2008
    To be honest i thought that the movie was great,i have been a very big fan of Louise Rennison since i was in my mid teens and i love all her books. The movie entitled everything which the books stand for which is comedy,romance,teen drama and friendship.

    Don't feel that with out reading the books you would not understand what the movie is about because everything is explained from the snogging scale to why slim is called slim.

    Although i feel that the movie is somewhat lacking when it comes to Georgia's vocabulary because she uses terms which non book readers would understand. However if you are devoted to the books you won't hear such words staga 14 or mutti or fatti but just school, mom and dad. Which kind of leaves the die heart fan unsatisfied.

    The cast was well chosen and the story line did change a little bit when compared to the books but it still included all the important bits from the books and now i'm hoping that their might be a sequel at some point in the future.

    Its worth watching.
  • I've had an addiction to these books ever since I started reading them. They're fantastic. So when I heard they were making a movie, I was really excited.

    Not only has the movie not been released in the US, and therefore I had to go through a lot of trouble to see it, but I can honestly say that the movie didn't compare at all to the books.

    The acting was superficial, there were awkward moments that shouldn't have been awkward(awkward between the actors acting the scene), and everything that developed over one novel was crammed into only a couple minutes.

    I can understand wanting to watch this movie for the gist of the books, but I must say it's well worth more of your time to actually read the book.
  • xx-marzy-xx2 August 2008
    This film is unexpectedly very funny. I was laughing & awing the whole way through. A very down to earth, stereotypical 14 year old socialisation aspect and filled with comical funniness!! Not to mention Robbie is just beautiful and so sweet!

    Id say its more of a younger teen film, having said that i am 20 years old and it warmed me to be familiar with them stressful teenage anxiety's and first loves! It is refreshing to see a British film that is good quality and could rival the usual American comedy romance malarkey. It actually portrays the daily life drama of the average 14 year old in a very funny and British way. Brilliant film, definitely recommend it!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Okay, so I never read the books, so I wasn't even willing to see Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging – I had to be put through it at school instead. And I guess I didn't really have any idea what to expect from it, other that it was probably going to be some kind of sugar-coated, superficial teen flick. And that's exactly what I got.

    I'm a British teenage girl. I should have enjoyed this film, right? Wrong, I certainly didn't. Of course, this is coming from the girl whose favourite films include The Dark Knight and Indiana Jones – I've never really liked teen movies all that much, but especially the totally brain-dead ones like this.

    I'll try and give a small plot summary. From what I gathered, a group of fourteen-year-old girls (who, of course, think that their parents are mortifying and that they are all ugly; I told you this film was clichéd) fall head over heels in love with two boys from their school. They then hatch a ridiculous plan to try and win them over, featuring cats and all sorts. And, of course, things don't go according to plan.

    However (and luckily for me), that's how far we got – and believe me, I'm in no hurry to ever find out what happens. I'm going to stay as far away from this film as possible in the future, and I highly recommend that everyone else do the same.
  • This film is about a teenage girl facing problems with all aspects of her life, namely school, home and love.

    The title "Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging" made me lost as to what I should expect, but the director is a quality assurance so I watched it. "Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging" is actually a heartwarming, touching and funny comedy about a girl growing up and discovering herself. It seems like a simple tale about a girl coming of age, but it is actually a touching tale about friendship, family and accepting oneself for who you are. The leads are played by unknown actors and actresses, but they are all perfectly natural in their roles. It feels like am really watching a teenage girl's life as a bystander, not a film. I am truly touched by the amazing ending. I enjoyed watching "Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging" a lot. It deserves to be watched by a wider audience. Let it touch your heart.
  • booty_la_la26 July 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    I've been a huge fan of the books since they first came out. I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about how they would translate the humour of the books (most of which comes from Georgia's internal dialogue) onto the big screen. I've been disappointed by so many book to film adaptations that I went into the cinema with very low expectations.

    I was pleasantly surprised.

    The plot focuses on the story of the first two books in the Georgia Nicholson series. It opens with the infamous stuffed olive scene in which Georgia commits a major fancy dress faux pas and quickly flees the party, leaving a trail of bemused pensioners behind her as she runs through the streets of Eastbourne. The film included a number of scenes taken directly from the books, many of which were favourites of mine, and it was a pleasure to see my favourite characters brought to life on screen. My favourite line had to be "Eastbourne: Often described as God's waiting room. It's where people go to die" which sent my sister and I into fits of laughter (mostly due to the fact that we have a very grumpy relative who resides there). There were a lot of fantastic one liners ("Georgia, your legs look like big cheesy wotsits!") and just the right amount of slapstick to make it one of the best teen films I've seen in a while.

    Georgia Groome was fantastic. Casting the part of Georgia was always going to be hard but they made a very good choice - she was just the right mix of sulky insolence and innocent naivety to really pull the role off.

    My only complaint is that sometimes the dialogue seemed too obviously scripted and there were so many slangy terms in there, most taken from the books like snognosity and glaciosity, that look fantastic written down but when spoken out loud it becomes jarring and unrealistic.

    On the whole I loved it. It stayed as true to the books as possible and even the addition of new scenes were done in typical Georgia fashion. Truly one of the funniest films I've seen this year.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I went to see the preview of this film two days ago near my home in London. I am a HUGE fan of the books and have read every single one at least three times! Needless to say I was slightly skeptical when I heard they were making a movie, as I thought it would be really hard to live up to the books.

    The movie turned out to be funny and romantic, and left me with that "feel-good feeling" afterwards. However I have NEVER seen a film so cheesy in all my days! I don't think my friends and I have ever cringed so much - I turned away at so many points I was almost on my friends seat. For those who love a good romantic comedy this film is definitely for you.

    The main changes between the book & the film:

    1) The character of Ellen is now an Indian girl called Namita 2) The film is based on the first TWO books, but Dave the Laugh appears too early on. 3) Robbie doesn't write Georgia a latter thus introducing her to Dave, and they don't go on to date as in the books 4) The actress who plays Jas doesn't have an "annoying fringe" at any part during the movie 5) Georgia dyes a blonde streak in her hair which comes off in her hand (this actually happens in book 5 - hence the title) 6) The order of events is muddled

    However, the film is merely BASED on the books, so there is an additional storyline. I will, or course, leave that for you to see. This really is a fabulous British comedy, with an ingenious, albeit extremely cringe-worthy, plot. But I must admit that really adds to the fun of the movie. The character Libby, and angus the cat are particularly funny. All those who are loyal to the book may come away feeling the films did not do it justice, but it must be remembered that the film was not intending to act out the book page for page, and Louise Rennison herself helped to write the script with this in mind. With great music and young talent I would recommend viewing as a nice summer film when it is released in July. Plus, Robbie and Dave the laugh are soooo scrummy we spent the whole film trying our best not to drool. Mmmmmmm :)
  • "Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging" is like a teen romantic comedy, but it's better than its contemporaries.

    We have a group of 14 year-old girls, mainly focused on Georgia (Georgia Groome), who try to find romance, learn how to kiss, and just go through the ups and downs of life as all teenagers do. It's mostly done with comedy, and some light-hearted 'real-life' moments. I find it is one of the better looks at teen girls while remaining cute and funny.

    I am older than its target audience, and while it's perfectly suited for its audience of teen and pre-teen girls, I was able to look back with amusement on all their trials of love.

    I am relieved that we have a teen comedy that doesn't go for a more mature audience and doesn't show the girls as more mature than they actually are. Finally with "Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging" we have an age-appropriate romantic comedy filled with light-hearted fun.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is awful. It attempts to portray Georgia as a sweet, clumsy nerd who in the end learns that she is perfect just the way she is and gets the boy of her dreams. First of all she is only 14 and is wanting a party in a club? get real! Plus she is totally obsessed with having a boyfriend, what message is this sending to young girls? let boys control your life and you have to change who you are and play games to get them to like you? Georgia feels betrayed that Robbie has a girlfriend and she has only spoken to him once! This is so unrealistic. Georgia is not a likable character at all. She is in fact, rude to her parents, ungrateful, disrespectful, lies to the boy she is chasing and flirts with him despite the fact he has a girlfriend, plays games, is horrible to her best friend and is never happy for her, she is patronising, self obsessed, plays the victim all the time and does not deserve Robbie at all. I think this movie sends the wrong message to young girls.
  • OK, So me and a group of mates went to watch this movie, and i found it actually very funny. The film catches the right amount of embarrassment that Georgia faces all the time. For me i laughed and cringed at all the intended places, and would actually be pleased if another movie was coming out some time later.

    Oh, and i have read this book, but it was like 4 years maybe thats why it wasn't such a disappointment's to me, because i couldn't remember what was actually in the book and what was being made up.

    So basically if you haven't read the book at all or in a very long time, then you'll really enjoy watching it with a group of mates.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I just hate this movie. I'm a teenager myself and this movie disgusted me. For one, the main character in the film ,Georgia, was hideous looking. Oh my God i wanted to leave as soon as her face appeared. Now, now, before you go and reply back or whatever, hear me out, good god. Anyway, back to the movie itself. Her as a character is a completely different story. The way the characters put emphasis on their way of speaking made me just cringe, like i had to cover my ears it was so loud. The parenting was just disgusting. Like, in the end "I'm going to take you to your first night club!" as her mother said. WHAT THE HELL?! She's fourteen and SHES GOING TO A NIGHT CLUB?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! That's just. OH my god.

    The story line is over used. Honestly, i think I'm actually going to read the books so i could get the REAL story and not some Hollywood trash they brought out. This movie was rated PG when i went to see it, it should be PG 13. Let me give you some examples

    "LETS GO BOY STALKING!" "Yeah, my mom could put a whole pencil case in her boobs." "Well YOU DID ask what it was like being felt up!" "OH my God, you're like, going 7 on the scale already?!"(which basically means sex in what i heard from the movie. I don't know)

    They put so much slang into their way of speaking, i should have brought a translator. Good Lord.

    I have so much more to say, but this movie's so bad, i don't think it's even worth it.

    I'd give it a ZERO, even a negative one if i could.

    This movie is worse than EPIC movie. Id rather see THAT than this pile of trash. Just don't see it. Just don't i beg you. I wasted my money.

    Also this is my first review ever. How lucky! Expect plenty more from me in the near future.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I begun reading the Georgia Nicholson series when I was around 15. When I heard there was a movie out I decided to check it out online since Singapore doesn't show it. As the movie wore on I began to accept the idea that the story was rather different from the original. It doesn't capture the sense of early teen immaturity that made the book so hilarious and lighthearted. It portrayed Georgia as a normal girl in terms on personality. Jas was NOTHING like I imagined to be; a rather blank girl with an obsession with her fringe and the environment. The characters disappointed me greatly. From the main characters all the way to Dave the laugh. The result of the show was mortifying. Georgia's parents would have never thrown such a big party plus she would have died in their presence. Wet Lindsay was suppose to be an anorexia twit with a large forehead. Immense disappointment for me. I'd rather read the book.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If a 'zero' out of ten could be given, then it should only be reserved for this film only. This is truly the worst film I have ever seen in my entire life.

    If watching a countless young madams prancing around whimsically on screen, fresh out of acting school (and I mean fresh), then this is your cup of tea. However since no-one likes that, then this film is not suited to anyone.

    Acting does not occur once in this film by the lead girls, their actions and their mannerisms are portrayed totally unrealistically; for playing the roles 14 year old English school girls they did not act like this in any way at all. The picture house was packed with young girls, ranging from around 8-16 years old and none of the supposed 'funny' parts of the film received any laughter. The film was very hard to like from the start, not being able to relate with the actors' poor portrayal of the school-girl demographic (not because I'm not a school-girl, but because they were such disastrous actresses), the hypocrisy of the storyline itself, and a general dislike for most of the lead characters, meant that I didn't care what happened to them at all. Everyone loves a love-story, a sort of 'princess and the pauper', or in this case, 'maid and the prince'.But when the lead actress, trying to woo this 'prince', lives on a quiet street in a seaside town, in a three story house, with wealthy parents and a scholarship at a grammar school, the story is meaningless. Its actually the princess and the prince. Who cares if little miss moneybags doesn't get her boy, she still has her thousands of pounds, her family and friends and her otherwise amazing life (the boy who, by the way, is referred to as a 'sex-god', and is also 16 years old, two years older than her.)

    The film confuses its morals, and doesn't know what it's trying to preach to its audience, and as its audience is school girls, this is a little worrying. You should be yourself? Love your friends? Value your family? Enjoy being intimate with older boys?! The climax to this 1h 50m slow motion car-crash is a large birthday party held for the lead girl, and I'm talking large. A sort of 'my super sweet 16' kind of thing, but she's 15. If you already didn't like her character enough, this was the final nail in the coffin. The lead girl didn't travel anywhere throughout the film, she was wealthy and unlike the majority of all 14 year old schoolgirls at the start, and she was wealthy and unlike the majority of all 14 year old schoolgirls at the finish. The film was truly awful, even the film music was poor, arriving suddenly and impromptu, thoroughly curdling the already thick cheese that this film was.

    You know you're watching a bad film when a cinema room filled with the film's key audience, young girls, is deathly silent throughout what was meant to be some sort of modern girly coming of age comedy, and the only laugh you get is when a Steve Jones makes an almost cameo-like appearance, and turns out to be a homosexual, which for every one who watched the film who was over 16 had already guessed.

    £4.10 was wasted, and so were about 2 hours of my life which I will never get back. The film was so bad it made me angry. This was not entertainment on any level, and should have been a straight to TV movie, straight to Nickleodeon. It was deserving of going straight to VHS. And yes, I am aware VHS tapes aren't made anymore that is why.

    Avoid this film, and definitely do not confuse/upset your children with it.
  • When I went to watch this film I didn't go because I wanted to but because I was invited otherwise I admit looking at the adverts I would have not gone to see it.

    However this movie did end up putting a smile on my face and i'm glad i watched it, many have disagreed and said there is no depth to the film but can you honestly say you walked in expecting an Oscar award winning masterpiece. (and don't compare it to the dark knight either, there's obviously going to be a big difference) Have an open mind it's a fun film filled with cutesy cheesy goodness and we deserve a light hearted film once in a while.

    So go and see this film with friends as long as you don't expect too much you'll enjoy it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As a reader of the books I couldn't wait to see this film. HOWEVER, once I found out that they had changed Ellen's race and made Robbie and Tom twins I realised that it'd be a film loosely BASED on the books, and that's what it was.

    It had the characters and some of the storyline, but also had it's own storyline. It was a genuinely good and enjoyable film that is only being slagged off because people are expecting it to be EXACTLY like the book, which is ridiculous. If you are going to watch this film, watch it as a film and not as the book and I guarantee you will enjoy it.

    It's a feel good film and I really enjoyed it and think if you go into a film which ridiculously high expectations then you obviously won't enjoy it. Bear that in mind when you watch this film.
  • I went to see this film with 4 of my best friends and we all LOVED it .

    The film had the entire audience laughing all throughout the movie and it was the funniest film i have seen all year.

    However it is might not appeal to adults but the books were not written for adults they were intended for a teenage audience. The books are some of my favourite books and the film is definitely a brilliant version of the books, and girls if you are looking for a new boy to poster your walls with then look no further then this film as Aaron Johnson stars as Robbie or as nicknamed by the main character "the sex god" and Johnson truly lives up to that name in the film.

    So is your a boy or a girl and are a teenager/young adult then i would definitely recommend this film but not if your an adult because you probably understand the comedy. As well as being funny there is a romantic side to the film.
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