The film has received a "PG-13" rating for suggestive content involving young teens and language, even though the language is not strong. This marks the first film from Nickelodeon Movies to receive that rating.

While the film had no theatrical release in the United States, it was released direct-to-DVD and later premiered on Nick@Nite with a TV-PG rating.

Georgia tells Jas her hair is "very Keira Knightley." Gurinder Chadha previously directed Keira Knightley in Bend It Like Beckham (2002)

Despite the fact that this was filmed in Super 35, "Filmed in Panavision" is listed in the end credits.

The kiss that Ellen and Dave share onscreen at the end of the film was actress Manjeeven Grewal's real life first kiss.

When Georgia and Robbie are at the beach, you can hear a slight wolf whistle in the background when Robbie is just about to kiss her.