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  • Warning: Spoilers
    okay so this movie was kind of a below average film for my liking. I've been an avid fan of "dance movies" for some time now and enjoyed watching everything from dirty dancing to step up to name a few. but although this being a low budget film (atleast thats what it seemed to me !!!), the outcome could have been a lot better.

    to start off with, the acting was below par, and the direction could have been a lot better, don't get me wrong - the choreography was intense although were a bit rough around the edges.

    I mean, the lead hero/heroin should be the best among the other dancers, where as she was obviously not. the end dance sequence in the competition was way off - the dancers ripped the stage apart - except for the lead. - thats just sad - and not to mention the result thingy - it was mentioned that there was a prize money and stuff - but the film suddenly ends as people run off and start dancing !!! now thats not good...

    well all in all, it did kill time for me, although once it ended I was glad that it did !!! - I say - IF YOU'RE A B BOY/GIRL THEN YOU MIGHT ENJOY THIS FILM, ELSE WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK !!!
  • This is truly a bad movie, bad even for third world market satellite TV. The main character is terrible, the actress looks like she is 45, no joke, she looks older than the actress playing her mom. Is kind of a bad joke of a movie. What a waste of money it was to make this film. This movie can be played at film school as an example of what not to make when you are working. Break dancing, that was popular back in 1984, why are they doing this crap in 2009? I actually felt embarrassed watching this movie, felt bad for the actors that did this out of desperation. If you ever see this movie scheduled you have been warned, or actually look at it so you can see other movies and feel good about it.
  • claywebb795 October 2010
    Awful Movie. In fact is was so bad I signed up with IMDb just to write a review about this move in hopes to save someone the time this movie stills from you. The storyline is a rip off of Fresh Prince of Belaire(except poor white girl). Break dancing was only popular for a matter of Months 25 years ago. It's now or ever been a legitimate style of dance. Now it's a cliché Joke at best. There is absolutely nothing positive to say about this movie. Bad premise, bad timing for release(25 years late), Bad acting, and bad casting(although I'm sure it was hard to find a cast desperate enough to be involved in this career killer of a movie). The main character looks to be a 40+ year old white girl still trying to make it Big as a break dancer, as if that is even possible in real life. I'm sorry to anyone who has wasted any amount of time watching this abomination. The most tragic thing about this movie is that the money spent to make it could have went to help feed needy children across the world!
  • You know the situation : It's school holidays - no films for adults around, it's all kids stuff, and you find an odd film called B-GIRL on Cable. No other choice around at this time so you go for it thinking : "it will pass the time".

    Well, after 5 minutes I didn't think I'd see the end of this film, after 15 minutes there was no way I was going to bed without seeing the entire film. It leaves you with a smile on your face, a warm feeling, you talk about it with your partner and then you hit the net to read more about it because .... you've enjoyed it ! In the end I loved this film, and the last 10 minutes are just ..... F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C !
  • I am giving a rebuttal to Dallas's to review. the reason why she ran from the guy with the tat is because the guy that attacked her in the beginning of the movie had a tattoo on the right side of his neck with a similar design. The reason why she ran to her room was because she was upset and unhappy because she moved from Brooklyn and it was hard fitting in for her. I think you should re-watch the movie and watch it good because your review of the movie was way off and the way it came off shows you wrote a review of a movie you didn't get. for a low budgeted movie it was pretty good. I think the acting was really good and the dancing was awesome and the plot was there and it was follow and not predictable which was great because there was potential for a good ending.
  • I recently received this from my Netflix queue with low expectations, but I was really surprised to see how well it was handled. As far as dance numbers go, it clearly delivers and holds its own among any big budget dance flick. The inexperienced cast really blew me away as they were able to pull off such real dramatic content. It's not a subtle drama, but it's handled very realistically for the issues it explores. I know you all think we don't want another dance movie (I know I did), especially not a dance movie no one has ever heard of. But trust me you should rent this one, sometimes you have to search for the good titles that are overlooked and B-Girl is one of them!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This Movie Was Definitely A Waste Of Money and Time -- The Cover Looked Amazing The Quick Info On The Back Of The DVD Seemed Interesting and It Said That The Dancers Were From Step-Up Step-Up 2 Step-Up 3D and Fame So That Led Me To Think That This Movie Was Gonna Be Just Like Those Movies or At Least Close To Them - Boy Was I Wrong -- The Acting Was Horrible, The Cameraman Seemed To Move A Lot, the Dancing Was Typical, The Lines Were At Times Stupid and Cheesy and There Was A Lot of Things That Would Happen That Would Make Absolutely No Sense At All There's Parts Where The Main Character (Angel) ((Who By The Way Was A Horrible Pick For The Main Lead)) Would Just Go Up To Her Room and Throw Her Clothes Around and Scream and Cry -- There's A Part Where She Completely Flips Out After She See's A Guys Tattoo and Runs Home and Packs Up To Leave and Then Her Mom Comes In and Says That She Won't Let Her Leave Back To Brooklyn ((Movie Starts Out In Brooklyn but After Her and Her Best Friend Get Stabbed By Her Ex-Boyfriend, In Which The Friend Dies, She Moves To LA To Live With Her Mom ((who probably acts the stupidest in the movie)) and Grandma)) And The Mom Grabs Her Bag And Pulls It Which Pulls Her Arm and The Mom's All Saying Sorry So She Just Runs To The Park and Starts Dancing Around...Dumb. I Mean That Seems Pretty Interesting But If You See It Yourself..The Way They Acted It All Out..Crappy and There Were Pauses Of Awkwardness In There Too That Just Made The Movie So Much More Boringer and There's Also A Flash Back Scene Where She's Remembering Everything Before The Stabbing And At First It Seemed Like Just A Flashback But Soon I Began To Wonder If It Was Another Scene...Took Kinda Long -- In My Mind The People Making This Movie Seemed To Know What They Were Doing But Didn't Seem to Show It Because Everything Just Seemed So Low in Production -- Definitely Not A Hollywood Film This By Far Is Not A Movie That Any Kid or Teen Would Enjoy -- I Think This Movie Was Pointed More Towards The Older Adults To Lure Them Into The Break Dancing World -- Nothing Like Step-Up -- By Far The Only Good Thing In This Movie Was The Music But Other Than That...I Would Not Recommend This Movie At All
  • In Brooklyn, Angel is a breakdancer who lives with her single mother Gabby. Her abusive boyfriend Hector won't accept that she wants to break up. One night Angel and her best friend Rosie trade hats and jackets and Hector fatally stabs Rosie thinking she is Angel. When he realizes his mistake he stabs Angel too. After many weeks of recovery, Angel wants to breakdance again but is having difficulty. Gabby moves with Angel to Los Angeles to live with Angel's grandmother Crescencia, where she believes Angel will be safe. Angel gets a night job at a car rental company and goes to college during the day. She also joins a group of breakdancers who need a sixth member to compete.

    Crescencia is demanding and strict and did not approve of how her daughter left years ago. The family goes to Crescencia's church, where Angel becomes friends with Carlos. Righteous is a girl who sees Angel as an outsider but eventually accepts her.

    Angel and Rosie are so good together, it's a shame their friendship ends so early. But Angel and Carlos offer an acceptable substitute later on. The question is will they be more than friends?

    Julie Urich is a great dancer, at least when Angel isn't supposed to be hurt. In most of the movie, Angel can't do all the things she could before, but she tries hard. We want her to succeed, I'm sure. The dancers in this movie are all talented.

    The so-called music got on my nerves, but rap music and related styles are to be expected here.

    Graffiti may not be everyone's taste, but the art on some of the Los Angeles buildings certainly appears worthy of comparison to other modern styles that hang in museums. Only the "museum" is outdoors.

    It is a hard movie to watch but appears to be well-done. It comes across as a quality independent production. I believe most of the actors did a good job.

    Once we get past the scenes with Hector, violence and other offensive content is minimal. But this a movie about street culture and it may not be for everyone.

    I still felt this was a worthwhile experience.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First lady Jules is my favorite bgirl of all. shes just sick, so the fact that she is the main actor/dancer in the movie just makes it more "amazzinger".

    But also as a bboy and dancer, i'm pretty sure many of other bboys and bgirls have went through this phase of "your not good enough". for myself, growing up as a navy brat i moved every 2 or 3 years... and for the past five years... I've had to move out of my school to another school each year.. so its new scene EVERY school year for 5 years. Angel moving to los angeles , you would imagine ever dancer would love that, but when your in a place your unfamiliar with, your so frighten and don't know what to expect. and then when people press against you, you feel like the whole world is against you. also in a way, since my dad was ALWAYS on deployment. i haven't seen him for more then a consecutive month in past 4 years. so its kinda just me and my mom. or when i had to live with my grandparents...i felt outside my element. but with my mom, lke angel's mom, my mom really needs AAA or AA.. whichever.

    seeing how excellent emily dell was able to execute the movie with some sick dancers is amazing. lol i put it on my ipod and provably watched it a lot. its really good inspiration to start dancing and show how when things get rough, just get rougher and don't back down.

    although true some scenes in the move are sort of like um okay. the its all spun together makes it superb.
  • This film was a true pleasure to watch! The story has heart and the dancing is spot on. Sure, the acting isn't exactly the best in the world, but what do you expect from an independent dance flick? B-Girl certainly beats the ridiculous plot lines and abysmal acting of Step-Up 2&3 (and probably the upcoming 4...we shall see). I've heard better dialogue, but it didn't bore me to death and it wasn't so cheesy as to make me want to throttle the screenwriter.

    B-Girl is definitely worth 83 minutes of your time. Don't let reviewers who are sadly misinformed about the history of breaking and clearly out of touch with current trends in dance(coughclaywebb79cough)put you off of this film. B-Girl is a heartfelt story set in a beautiful backdrop(there's some gorgeous graffiti). The choreography is excellent and the dancers straight up kill it! I give B-Girl a 7 of 10.