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  • gayleseale8 September 2008
    What an amazing film. It was well acted and well shot and well directed. I was glued to my seat throughout the entire film waiting to see what happened next. I am sure this is not a one off film from an of those involved. Maria Govan really told a story well. Renal Brown was amazing for a first time 14 year old actor, I am sure she will go on to succeed in the future. CCH Pounder was fantastic and inspirational. Nicki Micheaux was so believable and really played the part of a crack addicted mother to perfection. I think they really captured the essence of life in a small island community well.Well done and congrats... I can't wait to see what comes next from Maria Govan.
  • This film is brilliant.. Not going to out any spoilers. I just want to say that this world is insane. Unless a film has a major monopoly playing company pushing it people will ignore it and wont dig. So we see the equivalent to cinematic cubic circoniums winning awards and making millions of dollars. People forget that to find all genuine gems on the planet, one must dig. All the real jewels on this planet must be excavated. I change my mind. The world being the way it is makes you appreciate genuine gems more when you are able to behold. Kinda like true love. True love is like a gem that was formed in the earth that God created, not in some laboratory. Wake up world, stop thirting for lab manufactured soulless high gloss artificial gems.