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  • I love basketball, and the fact that everyone is so passionate about this game in the series is just great. The character background and how they all come from different places and situations to finally play on the same team and beat everyone on the court with incredible plays and moves and UNDERSTANDING each other (except for hanamichi and rukawa) is, in one word (or two?), heart-lifting, and their personality and skill development throughout the entire series kept me watching every chapter solemnly.

    You want to go out and play basketball after every chapter of this amazing series. 10/10
  • Many years after this anime finished,when asked why it was over at a imperfect end ,the author answered that the dream in youth are usually unideal.I can't stop worshiping him due to this poetic answer. Inoue has been one of the best cartoonist in Japan.As one of his master works,Slamdunk records his progress in drawing.At the beginning ,the picture is aesthetic ,looking like many anime now days such as 《Tennis no Ohjisama》,contrary to its realist style later.Being different from drawing style ,the story is interesting and melting from beginning to end.It's undoubtable that Slamdunk stands on the top of sports cartoon ,touching countless teenagers all over the word.When mentioning basketball player,we might think of Sakuragi instead of NBA players. Slamdunk tells a simple story.Basketball changes Sakuragi as he became a respectable basketball player from a dark guy along with his teammates.Most characters are individualistic in this anime and they also have many touched or interesting stories.Above all,slam dunk tells a story about a group of students's growing up in youth time.They are successful though they didn't become champion in that year because they beated themselves in the last game.Their teenage hood get a better view thanking to basketball club. It was ten years since I met this anime.Sakuragi's youth ended in a picture where he said that because I am a genius while my growing up never stop.I am still moved by this story and can get more and more from it.Slamdunk bring me into a world of basketball so I will never forget this anime.
  • Slam Dunk is a great anime, from passion for basketball, to comedy, to plot, to execution this series has it all. The series centers around a 1st year High school kid Hanamichi Sakuragi who hated basketball in the beginning but joined the team to impress Haruko(A girl he has a crust on) but later develops a burning passion for the sports himself & he soon becomes one of the main players of his High School team. I hated the fact that they did not finish the comic book, i.e the original story line, but still. This series is a must watch for all the sports lovers. Even if u ever hated Basketball this series will make u love it. It's just THAT good. The main character is an amateur in Basketball. While he learns how to play it. So will you all. There are some great high school rivalries. There are some heart breaks too. In other words this is an absorbing anime. A complete 10/10 from me. Enjoy!
  • sun-goku6 January 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    I am really bad at basketball and because of that, i dislike it, however, watching this show changed my opinion about basket ball completely. Shows like Hajime No Ippo and Eye Shield 21 were DECENT compared to this one. Looking at Sakuragi Hanamichi, a big time delinquent, start out as the foul out king...and later the rebound king shows that how dedicated a person becomes a pro. Another thing i though great about this show was rivalry...if you Love Naruto ( Sasuke vs Naruto) than you will love this one because the rival is a true genius that even Sakuragi was not as good as him(even in the end). One of the biggest things i liked about the show was Team work. It shows that even with Rukawa Kaede's overall talent, Mitsui Hisashi's 3 pointer, Miyagi Riyota's speed, Sakuragi Hanamichi's Rebounds and Akagi's gorilla dunk...they all need each other to gain victory. The other amazing thing is that the competition is competitive. Schools like Shoyo( captain and coach Fujima) and Keinan (captain Maki)have a rivalry building up and another school rivalry would be Ryonan (point guard Sendo) and Shohoku (Cunning and talented Rukawa).

    Slam Dunk is the number 0ne sports anime in my opinion because of the story line, rivalry, comedy,romance ( sort of), animation and my all time favorite...RUKAWA ( Note* i am not a girl...i just think he is cool. I recommend this to any basketball or animefan.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I love this anime! It's one of the best I've ever seen! Most of the characters are likable, the story is great and it has depth, and the animation gotten better as it progressed! The humour is just right and the main protagonist, Sakuragi Hanamichi is the best main character ever!!! I watched this when i was a kid and now I'm re-watching it again! First off, it's really amazing to see Sakuragi's progress from a slacker guy to an awesome basketball player. Of course, mix the hard trainings and tough matches with his stubborn and fiery personality, and you get humour! The animation was good overall but it was better later in the series. When I saw Sakuragi getting a rebound or making a dunk, I get chills down my spine. So props to the guys who animated the story.

    There was also that Dr. T guy. He provided some useful informations on basketball. Though I find him annoying sometimes for stopping a game, he did give info on basketball plays and rules.

    About Haruko and Rukawa, I don't think there's much between them because Rukawa is too occupied with basketball to notice her. But he did eventually took notice of her later in the end. In episode 99, he made a shot in the practice match with Shoyo-Ryonan and Haruko said, "Nice shot!" and Rukawa replied, "Yeah." Even the fangirls were jealous of her. So, I guessed he must've acknowledged her at that point. I do think they would be adorable together if Rukawa wasn't so cold and emotionless.

    But I think Haruko and Sakuragi is much better and cuter because Haruko always treats Sakuragi as her best friend but Sakuragi on the other hand, has a crush on her. So it's interesting to see them interact. And besides, Sakuragi has a good heart deep inside. He doesn't deserve to be heartbroken.

    All other four Shohoku starting members, Akagi, Rukawa, Mitsui and Miyagi are likable, no, Lovable. And each of them has their own personalities. Akagi with his bossy attitude and his passion for basketball (not to mention he acts like a big bro to Sakuragi), Rukawa who seemed cold but actually is a stubborn person achieving for the best, Mitsui who was a bad guy in the beginning but became a mentor to the younger members in the end and Miyagi with his cuteness and his crush for Ayako-san. So, yeah, this is definitely one of the things that makes an anime great.

    Even though I really hoped that this anime had continued, I also feel that it ended at the right time, which is the moment they were going to ride the train to the Inter-Highs tournament. If you dragged the series too much, it will eventually become boring and get less ratings.

    Overall, I am really thankful to the creators of this anime for this series because it had provided a great entertainment, story and inspiration to everyone.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    To anyone who followed the whole series you will never forget Sakuragi, Sendoh and of course rukawa.Saw this series back in 2001 and got hooked right away. The clever mix of basketball, character personalities and comedy is so effective. This is one of the rare anime's i'll always remember. If not the funniest ever then its definitely up there.

    Hopefully the movie thats being made is up to the part and loyal to the theme of the anime. If you haven't seen it try to get hold of it, you wont regret following the series even if it is 14 years ago now. I guarantee you'll have the biggest laughs in an anime series. The only downside is they never made the part after episode 101. I hoped for a longest time they would produce the national championship season. Anyway Im still thankfull there is the 101 eps to be passed on.

    10/10 no doubt SLAM DUNK ALWAYS".
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Of all the Sports anime and manga that I've seen in my life, "Slam Dunk" remains as my favorite.

    What made this series so good were the characters: All of them (including the occasional antagonists) were very likable and interesting. And most of them were very, very funny. (Particularly the main character, Hanamichi Sakuragi) While this anime had some of the common flaws that other anime shows about sports usually have (like for example, the extremely long matches that could go on for many episodes) the effective gags and the sympathetic cast made even the most tedious story arcs to be worth-watching.

    And even without a incredibly level of animation (Though I liked the character designs) this series managed to be something amazingly entertaining. I think that this is probably the only Sports anime that I followed from beginning to end.
  • It has been 21 years the first time I watched this amazing story and I still watch it (I am 35 at the moment).

    To be honest, if you compare to modern equivalents for this sort of story, you may think flashback concept is not enough to constitute the story. Yet, the concept it self works really well and comedy factor is ridiculously fantastic. There is only one sour thing makes me sad which is not to see Sannoh match as in Manga.

    I am extremely grateful for mangaka Takehiko Inoue for this story as well as the animation team and voice actors.
  • rishabh-7200117 November 2019
    Inoe's art comes to life with this amazing adaptation of Hanamichi's struggle to become the best basketball player. The character development, the plurality of emotions and the smooth, flowing storytelling will keep you at the edge of your seat. Watch this team climb from zero to zenith in the world of Japanese high school basketball.
  • "Light Hearted, Hilarious, and Enjoyable

    This anime and Hajime No Ippo I think laid the groundwork for most future sports anime similar in vibes, themes, and music. The sounds and the music was well done it was upbeat and had this happy sort of vibe coming out of it which really matched with the anime. The visuals were nice and not that bad considering that Slam Dunk first came out in 1993 and it got better as the series went on. The story was good it had it's hiccups and bumps here and there but they had pretty good consistency for most of the 101 episodes. It started off slow in the beginning but picked it's pace up later on. I just hated how some matches would be short and span maybe 1 or 2 episodes and then others would be crazy long 6 to 7 episodes. They did a good representation of how basketball is played in real life but had some missing pieces of what makes basketball, basketball but it was still nicely shown. It had some annoying some typical school clichés but most of it was easy to ignore. Most of the characters were alright I think Akagi, Mitsui , Anzai were the most flushed out and well written out of all them. The ending was kind of a cliff hanger and left some unanswered questions. Also it felt a bit too comical at times especially during the matches. And even at times I preferred what happened outside the basketball court such as their everyday life.

    Overall I think it was a respectable anime, even though It was alright in terms of story I enjoyed it very much. The best thing about it was the comedy and the progress you make with with Sakuragi in the basics of basketball and you learn more as the story advances. I felt like it had much more untapped potential such as adding family into the mix which would have made character dynamics more interesting and realistic, their backstories or how they grew up, and their daily life other than school and basketball. All this would have made the anime more realistic and more believable and we could have been even more connected with the characters.
  • moustafaabbady12 August 2019
    I am searching for the rest of the story for years
  • jayneilson18 October 2020
    I don't watch sports yet this show is my new fave. I am Canadian and watch it on Prime. 10/10 this is an amazing show. SO FUNNYYY
  • I'm scanning through a lot of good sports anime that are worth watching and this classic is one of them. Omg guys this anime is so friggin hilarious! You wouldn't imagine how I felt with my cheeks being stiff af from laughing...seriously...

    If you liked Michael Jordon back in the day with Space Jam or follow up on basketball, you definitely should give this 1990s anime a chance y'all. It's so good to watch if you need a laugh or excitement in your life. You even don't have to like basketball either to not like this classic!!!