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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The obscure porn video BOOKIE NIGHTS popped up as a freebie in a recent shipment of requested videos, masquerading as something else. The research in pinning it down (thanks IMDb for the basis of my cross-check searches) was far more stimulating than watching the clunker.

    My spoiler here is not giving away the plot (there's so little to start with) but rather the ID. Video has been reissued as SIN CITY, a ripoff of a mainstream title, and branded with a 2013 copyright to freshen it up a bit, but it still stinks.

    Story concerns Fatith Leon as Monica, the bookie, and what we see are various clients serviced by her or her faithful helper Vanessa Leon. I had seen the duo in a far better film ELEGANCE and would have rather have remembered them from that, since director Nicholas Steele had photographed them so beautifully compared to the anonymous BOOKIE helmer who makes all his girls look like skanks.

    Felony almost brightens up the films as cop Johansson, under the gun from her mean boss to arrest these bookmakers or else he'll banish her to a crummy assignment. I can't imagine much crummier assignments than starring in this video.

    The guys on display all have really big dicks, even bigger than the standard some ten years later. But their acting is poor, the stagings are static, and there's no action at all. This is a prototypical example of foisting an all-sex mindless video on the public under the guise of a "storyline" feature, merely by having the cast mouth a few pointless lines to introduce each sex scene.

    New edition is attributed to Baby Doll Pictures, while the indie production was originally distributed 9 years ago by Wicked Pictures, still available under its original name.