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  • I discovered this movie by searching "post-apocalyptic" right after watching the Book of Eli. I checked a couple of user reviews that stated things along the line "best action movie ever created in the history of film making" and "a masterpiece not to be missed".

    So, after watching the first 20 minutes, I started fast-forwarding. After 40 minutes I just kept hoping someone would come along to shoot me in the face and put me out of my misery.

    The movie doesn't have a real plot and the script could have been written by a 12-year old kid, very likely it was as a matter of fact. The fight-sequences are so badly performed to the point of being comic. The list goes on and on for why this movie is a very successful way if you want to lower your IQ, fall asleep real fast or both.

    The one and only positive thing I can say about this movie is that the guy knows his martial arts. He is clearly well trained and for that thank heaven because the rest of the actors could not fight if their lives depended on it. He was still a bad actor, though.

    So, why is it that the reviews I read were "singing praises for this glorious masterpiece"? Well, a quick check reveals that all the incredibly positive reviews were done by accounts opened on the same day and pretty much commented on nothing else but this movie.

    Conclusion, if the cast of this movie spent as much time in acting classes as they spent flooding IMDb with false reviews, this movie wouldn't have been so terrible.

    2/10 (only because of a couple semi-decent fight scenes)
  • The acting is so distractingly bad that it is downright painful to push through the opening sequence, but, as awful as it was I continued on for another half hour making sure I gave this movie every chance. When two fundamental aspects of a movie are of such a low quality, in this case the writing and the acting, it's a wonder how the movie can be made at all. I wouldn't make my worst enemy watch this movie let alone a complete stranger that is the only reason I'm writing this review. This "movie" should come with a warning label; 'This film may leave a mental stain that could result in brain trauma when recollecting any of it's contents at a later date, and in some cases has resulted in individuals wishing they were Helen Keller.'
  • When you think of "great" post apocalyptic films some titles that come to mind include "The Road", "Dune", "Pitch Black", the "Road Warrior" series, and of course "Planet of the Apes". I don't know where some people get off claiming this is the "Godfather of Action films" or the "greatest" post-apocalyptic film ever made. I can only formulate they had some sort of connection with the film, whether it be they were part of the cast, crew, production, or distribution of this film. I believe these people giving rave reviews of this film are frankly, well, smoking something funny and have really, REALLY, low standards for films.

    The film looks like it's been filmed outside of New Mexico or something. It's supposed to be a post apocalyptic background, but to me, it looks like some sort of south American city. A little grungy in places, but I don't see rats, people starving for food, etc etc. On the contrary, all the actors seem to be wearing clothes that looked like they were sporting Levi denim. The city has it's own well kept hospital, the streets have lighting, and a couple of the characters sport plate fulls of food on their kitchen table that would make many of us look poor. What's with the fancy shiny looking MG 2 door sporty car?? The acting is awful and stiff and rigid. The storyline is too slow. And there were quite a few times I could catch the camera trying to focus in and out of what is going on in the scene. Don't kid yourself, this movie is bad, really bad. Actions scenes?? Hardly, even those are bad. Almost laughable. This isn't even a "B" movie. More like an "F" movie for F as in "Fail". I don't recommend anyone going out of their way to rent or purchase this film. In fact, I don't know where you'd really do both. I was given a copy of this film, and after 2 minutes of popping it into the DVD player I knew this was going to be really bad. After giving it a chance 30 minutes in, I decided I had better things to do with my life then spend the next hour watching this disaster!!
  • This is my first post on IMDb.I have read many which i can agree with and many which i don't.I decided to post one on this movie.Mainly so other people can avoid this like the Plague.It was positively the most boring post apocalypse movie i have ever had the displeasure of viewing.I really can't think of any that can even come close.And believe me I've seen many.This is one of my favorite genres to watch.I've probably seen all of them.This film was very very slow,i kept thinking to shut it off and go to bed,but then i figured give it a chance it will pick up the pace.That didn't happen.There was no real plot that i could follow.Many scenes where there was nothing said for what felt like minutes instead of a few seconds.The acting,well there was none.I felt as though the actors were reading their lines off of a TelePrompter.At least that was my impression.If i could give this 0 stars i would.So may i suggest don't waste your time on this one.Play with the kids,or take the wife out for dinner.
  • I happen to stumble across this movie completely by accident hoping that once in a while an unknown film can be surprisingly good. This definitely wasn't the one. Actually, it is now officially the worst movie I've ever seen, beating the Legend of Chun Li.

    White Wall is plagued by clichés such as a virus wiping out the Earth, the forced "love story," and pretty much every character's personality. The story seems to have been written by a middle schooler. Apparently Shawn was able to run experiments on the virus from a closet as a janitor after being a gang-member.

    The acting in this movie is probably the worst thing about it. If the director was serious enough about the movie he would have let someone else be the lead character unless he was trying to cut costs or something. He shows maybe 2 different facial expressions the whole movie and tries to sport a messenger bag while attempting to portray a bad-ass. He wasn't the only one that did poorly but definitely took up the most screen time Costumes were way off. What's with all the fedoras and the poncho guy? Was this "our" 20th century? There's no imagination here.

    You could say "they were limited by costs or inexperience" but I don't think that's a real excuse. Look at what the Blair Witch or paranormal activity did with only a camcorder and a cast that equally looks like plain college kids.

    I did find a few positive aspects to White Wall which might have been the musical score and some of the cinematography that no doubt made the low budget action scenes look at least a little intense.

    In the end, I was only motivated to rate this movie because of the fake ratings boosting it.
  • The movie is an interesting take on the whole post apocalyptic genre. It isn't anything new or particularly original, but it does deliver its own spin on a movie done a lot of times. I liked that the world wasn't such a ridiculous deviation from life prior to the disaster. The gangs weren't leather clad freaks like a Mad Max movie. People weren't all crazy and roaming around robbing each other. They had their normal jobs and lives. There was just an somewhat oppressive government trying to maintain control, and small cells of people rebelling against that system.

    The movie looked good and had a decent idea, but the acting was very flat. Not one of the characters delivers a convincing performance. So none of the scenes have any emotional impact. This is probably due in large part to the stilted dialogue in the script. In the hands of a better write and director, I could see a big time Hollywood blockbuster. As it stands, it probably isn't worth much of your attention.
  • bluefim3 January 2011
    I encountered this movie with little to no expectations as I'd never heard of it, however it was very recent so I thought I would give watching it a shot. And here I am, perhaps the closest to regretting watching a movie as I've ever been. This review is relatively specific as I feel it is necessary in order to help everyone understand just how bad this movie is.

    As several other reviews have pointed out, the writing and acting are simply awful. I understand that the movie had a low budget and it was meant to be more of a realization of a dream than a real "hit"... but wow. I've seen low-budget movies vastly superior to this. The setting and mood alone are incoherent and almost non-existent. Dirt is something that has no cost, yet all of the people wandering in this "post-apocalyptic" world are spotless, clean-shaven, and look like people you would see walking on the street. There appear to be no shortage in supplies, uniformed law enforcers, an in-tact hospital, even a swanky and almost perfectly functioning car. Why, then, is there a lack of guns? Did they somehow disappear from the face of the Earth? One tiny but crazy concept in the movie is that anything can be self-taught. Anyone would understand that scientific research is not something that can be "self-taught", especially if you're a janitor. Generally speaking, 90% of the time I was thinking "everyone in this movie could die and it wouldn't make a difference in the grand scheme of things". Half of the time I couldn't even tell why what I was watching was supposed to be important. Ultimately, it shows that very little to no research was done for this movie. The actors apparently had no background whatsoever in acting, as everyone was about as expressive as a brick wall. I tried to sympathize with its creators, oh how I tried. This movie was worse than Legend of Chun-Li, and anyone that has seen that movie cannot fathom the complete and utter waste of time that "White Wall" provides.
  • This movie is bad. The acting is bad, the script and screenplay are bad, sometimes even the cut is bad. The pace is too slow, and many scenes seem strangely out of place.

    For instance, the scene were our protagonist meets a policeman in some small alley, and then quickly leans towards the wall, I'm not even sure why he does what he does.. At first I thought he wanted to turn his face away from the policeman to not be recognized, but this wasn't the reason, as they look at each other just after the cop walked by. So he didn't want to hide his face. He had no freaking reason to stand there for like 30 seconds looking at his own reflection in a piece of broken glass in a window frame. After that he just walks away. And the whole thing was acted ridiculously bad.

    Now this was just one small scene. There are lots of scenes which just don't make any sense or don't quite "fit in".

    The idea of the movie as a whole is actually pretty good. Other than most reviewers I even think the fighting scenes weren't bad, I kinda enjoy "realistic" fights, even when not all fighters are good at martial arts. But still, that is not enough to give this piece of junk two stars. The rest is just too bad.

    A post-apocalyptic low-budget film that does everything right that this flick did wrong is the German movie "Kampfansage - Der letzte Schüler". Not sure if there is an English version. But if you wanna see a good low-budget post-apocalyptic movie, I would suggest that rather than "White Wall".

    I even read the directors message in the IMDb board telling us how he had to struggle to make the production of White Wall possible, and how he had to shoot most of the movie in a 3rd world country, etc. Obviously they only had 15 days to do the whole thing.

    But even with such massive odds, I just can't give this flick more than one star. No matter the troubles that the crew had to go through to make this indie movie possible, I'm sorry, it just disappoints completely.

    My message to the crew would be: Do this in a more consistent fashion, make the scenes "glue together" better, ensure that your actors bring some real emotion into it, and for gods sake, give it a faster pace and remove the strange out-of-focus crap and the pseudo-artsy strange music. Please learn from this failure, thank you.
  • tygalla28 March 2010
    This movie started out strong, and it kinda threw me off for a second, but once I got back on track I actually enjoyed it. The mood and style of White Wall was refreshing, and I still have a hard time believing that this was a mini budget indie??. Pros - some loked out knife fighting scenes, and an interesting concept made it worthwhile. Cons - it's too artsy for it's genre, I normally appreciate this kinda stuff, but It was a little too avant-garde at times and it's great that there are people out there actually trying to break a few molds, but I wasn't expecting it. This isn't for everyone, but if you like dark movies with some action and a very Yoshiaki Kawajiri jap anime style to it then I say go for it or else don't bother. To sum it up, if you go in watching this in the right mood, you should thoroughly enjoy this.
  • This gritty, low budget film offers a unique and honest perspective on the underworld of a post-apocalyptic street life in the near future, with an almost tragic, Shakepearian, bent. The look, the feel and style of the culture and the almost real-time street life in these cities is truly unmatched by any film before or since. Perhaps through genius, inspiration, maybe just plain luck, or all three, the producers and director hit the nail right on the head. Starring an excellent, intelligent cast of professionals, the film has an honesty and gritty reality that belies its budgetary constraints. Filmed largely without the permission of authorities and unions, in winter and often after dark, it has a cinema vérité feel throughout. And the score! Composed and performed by Marc Collin, it is as close to an utter classic as has ever been offered. Without a doubt it stands alone. If one takes the inherent flaws to this type of production; i.e. the rough editing, slightly uneven performances and almost clandestine feel, and places these in proper perspective, it is sure to delight all but the most hardened and jaded enthusiasts of film. Notable: This film set a NEW STYLE for action films, and PA culture raising the bar. It has no current rivals in that accomplishment. Only when this film is "remade", will we appreciate the originality and artistic endeavors of this ambitious film. You will see what style counts for. This film is the real deal. I spent money I didn't have to get this Bluray. Go buy it, trust me.
  • redeemerE15 April 2010
    James Boss, an unknown director knows what he wants to do and how to do it so well that even though White Wall is his first project, he does a brilliant job. White Wall is an action, drama, fantasy with a story taking place in a post-apocalyptic world. A virus, VXII decimates the human kind and there are few people left on earth. These people live in a place surrounded by a white wall and the remaining people rot in corruption, violence and betrayal; it is every man for himself. To survive in this world, the main character Shawn Kors (James Boss) has to be the same way but he is sick of this life and he finds a way to escape that place. Determined to find a cure for the virus VXII, he hits the road. With his ambition to find a cure for the virus, he gains respect of people he meets and he finds the love of his life: Elsa Lei, a medic. Unfortunately there are terrorist groups in this area as well and there is a war between the military and these groups threatening to draw Shawn back in to the city behind the White Wall leaving the hope to find the cure, behind. The cinematography, the sets, the scenes, the choreography are all wonderful. The martial arts providing a huge amount of action is thrilling and the story is engaging. This young director really knows how to create an impressive action sci-fi with post-apocalyptic elements, with chaos and questions. The music choices are well put and also thrilling, the crew had apparently thought all this project in details. The actors seem very comfortable and natural, there is not a thing sizzling, everything flows naturally. The fans of the genre must be looking forward to this movie. It will be worth waiting.
  • I often find there to be two kinds of movie watchers; those that see the bad and judge based on it, or those that see the good and enjoy it. If you are the former, do not watch this movie. If, however, you like a less than glowing movie for being more than 'enjoyably bad', keep reading.

    This movie is NOT 'enjoyably bad', but rather shows a growth in film production skill significant enough to surpass enjoyably bad movies in quality (not enjoyability). That is ironically this movie's downfall. While the unique story and setting may draw some critical fire, they are well done if you are willing to accept a slightly unusual post- apocalyptic stage for the story. So too is the movie's music and cinematography (its highest point). Acting, however, is flat and in a movie that visibly takes itself seriously, it makes for a notable distraction. The problem is that the acting is ALMOST passable, meaning that instead of laughing at a poorly delivered line and enjoying it for the laughs you get, you will instead just mind yourself annoyed at what could almost have been a solidly good film. The script also could have been much sharper, making the already stilted acting even stiffer.

    Pacing is slower than one might expect from the way the movie presents itself. For what looks to be a low budget action movie, there are remarkably few action scenes, and shots linger long enough that story feels slowed to a crawl at times. What this looses in classical attention grabbing it gains in artistic value and atmosphere (due largely to the previously mentioned gorgeous cinematography of the film). This lingering camera trades out for an odd combination of long fixed shots and short hand-held close ups during action sequences. This makes for an interesting blend that feels strange at first, but by the movie's final fight scene beautifully ties everything together into a final, brilliantly shot finale.

    It's hard to know what to expect from this movie. Even in classifying its genre, it tackles so much that its hard to place. It is a futuristic/modern post-apocalypse woven with elements of kung-fu, western, and film noir mystery style aspects and an oddly atmospheric meandering storyline that pretty much guarantees that this movie is NOT what you are expecting. So my final bit of advice; go in without expectations. Let this movie be what it is and try not to judge it for anything else. If acting is a major issue to you, I may recommend you skip out on this one, but if mediocre scripting and delivery won't get in the way of a decent and unusual story, good musical score, and beautiful camera-work, this movie may be worth your time.