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  • If you took the time to find it, then you wont be disappointed with this solid, old fashioned sword and sorcery movie.

    The tales of Solomon Kane have been around longer than most, the character first appearing in mass market print back in the late twenties, but they've not been filmed. Many others, borrowing from it have been filmed so you will be quite familiar with the twists and turns having seen them elsewhere. The saving grace here is that it's all done quite well. James Purefoy is every part the tortured warrior and it's good to see Max Von Sydow and the legend that is Pete Poslethwaite up on the big screen. It's a creepy, dark movie at times and the extra effort they've put into the set design and cinematography really helps to set the scene. The story nips along to a satisfying conclusion. The fight choreography is very well done and FX are good as well.
  • in my book there are 3 classes of fantasy.

    high, full of goblins elves and knights in shining amour.

    low, a fantasy world without all the classical elements no elves no fairies no blazing swords,

    and dark, born from madman's nightmares and populated with them dark place dark worlds and a serious take on the genre.

    Kane falls into the latter,

    for a low budget film its certainly well done, the character is fairly close to the story's, the props and costumes are reasonably accurate.

    the fighting direction is also true to the character no frivolous swashbuckling here lethal moves to great effect.

    Kane was not some marvelesque hero wasting motion and energy in his strikes, as one character in a story put it "he is the most lethal swordsmen I've ever seen". (paraphrased).

    some parts of it could have been handled better the ending or a slight tightening up of the exposition parts, but all in all well worth watching.

    is it worth seeing yes. but bear in mind this is not a lord of the rings style film, nor is this die hard 1600.

    there is a lot of dialog and a lot of religious references. this is a dark fantasy film with a touch of horror, aiming to reveal Kane's hitherto unknown origins.

    if you like to support good independent films go see it if all your interested in is mindless action..... do what you will.
  • The criticisms of this film are inevitable, and not entirely incorrect. But for me, Solomon Kane rises above the usual formula in numerous ways.

    First, the character: much darker and more conflicted than your average action hero. Second, a story that gives that character time to breathe and grow, instead of becoming lost in a morass of action sequences and CG effects. Third, a gritty, uncluttered, near-monochromatic look that's perfectly suited to the character and story, and frequently a sheer wonder to behold. The visuals are evocative of great fantasy artists like Frank Frazetta and Jeff Jones; there are numerous shots in this film I'd happily hang on my wall.

    Of course, Kane himself is the film's dominant image - and it is a memorable one. But Kane not only looks striking in the flat hat and dark cloak, he has the dour personality to match. And a fighting style that for once fits the mood, and suggests a human adventurer with limited abilities, as opposed to the usual samurai-ninja superhero.

    IS this truly "Robert E. Howard's" Solomon Kane? Y'know what - I don't care. Howard didn't write a lot of Kane stories, and although I did read them years ago, they left very little impression on my memory. What's more, I have nothing against films that are happy to be 'inspired by' literary works, without slavishly transferring every word to the screen. What Solomon Kane, the movie, DOES get right is the SPIRIT of Robert E. Howard's work - the dark vision, the creepy situations, the sense of a man struggling against forces only dimly understood and much larger than himself.

    The slow pacing? This is the film's BEST point. Early on, the film focuses on Kane's personality, and his relationships with others. It sets a mood. Too many action films are in too much of a hurry to get to the action. Solomon Kane doesn't cater to the ADD-addled audience, and if that's a mistake it falls in the area of marketing, not creativity. I particularly liked the ending... instead of lingering endlessly over the climactic fight, the film just gets on with the story.

    Solomon Kane isn't exactly a classic, but it has an appealing simplicity and an inner strength that bigger-budget spectaculars could learn from. I guess a sequel is too much to hope for at this point, but I'll definitely be looking forward to Michael J. Bassett's next creation, whatever it may be.
  • Solomon Kane was pretty good, perhaps it didn't do well in the States, because there were no American A listers in the cast, but it had Pete Postlethwaite and Max Von Snow apart from James Purefoy in the lead, so you could hardly say it didn't have it's quota of serious actors in it.

    Yes it was a tad predictable, well it was from the creator of Conan, so you could hardly expect high art. But, unlike you would have expected, it was quite a dark film, one mans quest to redeem his soul, and you believed in it, Purefoy played the complete ruthless murderer and the tortured soul, and in the confines of the film you believed it.

    It betrayed it's lowish budget, with a lack of major CGI except where it was needed, and at the beginning the model work was a bit obvious (like Conan all those years ago) but instead went for serious good makeup and prosthetics,and the fight scenes when they happened where vicious, bloody and really well choreographed, Purefoy does good action. I really enjoyed this film for what it was, ENJOYMENT.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Minor Spoiler Alert!

    If Peter Jackson deemed it a good idea to remake Michael Reeves classic WITCHFINDER GENERAL, the result might look an awful lot like SOLOMON KANE. Based on Robert E Howard's 17th Century Puritan pulp fiction character, SOLOMON KANE begins in media res, with Solomon and his ill-fated ship crew coming face-to-face with the grim reaper. This particular reaper, unfortunately, is in the employ of Satan himself and damns Kane's soul for a life of wickedness, greed and throwing knives into peoples faces in a really cool way. A year later Kane, now living in an English monastery, is kicked out when the head monk senses our hero will only bring trouble for the 16th Century peaceniks. On the road Kane hooks up with Pete Postlethwaite and his brood, a family of puritans headed for the coast and a persecutionless life in the New Worlde. Needless to say, the family have 'victims' written all over them in huge, medieval script, and things don't go well. Thematically, the story borrows elements from the Howard story RED SHADOWS, but it's really its own beast. Which is a shame, in a way, because the author knew how to weave a damn good tale and SOLOMON KANE's script is certainly the weakest thing about it. We're never really sure why Kane's soul is damned, or how that's connected with the evil magician who has taken over his father's (Max Von Sydow) castle. Oh yes, Kane is also a member of the aristocracy, banished from the land by his dad in true Joseph Campbell fashion. Director Michael J Bassett also seems just a little TOO fond of a certain fantasy trilogy. A horseback chase sequence, while exciting, was even more impressive first time around in FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING, while the final assault on Kane's ancestral castle involves a battle in torrential rain, part Helm's Deep, part SEVEN SAMURAI. Most egregious of all is the final showdown between Solomon Kane and, really this is giving nothing away, Old Nick himself. Considering how creative much of the makeup and design work is in the film, and it really is quite striking, it comes as something of a shock to see a certain fire demon turn up for the finale. "You shall not pass!" indeed. And yet....there's so much to like about SOLOMON KANE. As mentioned above, the design work is outstanding. This is a grimy, gritty middle ages that has rarely been seen outside the early work of Terry's Jones and Gilliam. The snowy, grey landscapes of England's West Country (actually Prague, for the most part) are frequently breathtaking. The action scenes are satisfyingly low tech, with seemingly little CGI but plenty of decapitations and arterial sprays. It's a shame they weren't put in the service of a better story, but when the action scenes kick in you're unlikely to be overly concerned. The films biggest asset, however,is its lead actor. It's a little disconcerting watching James Purefoy in this role when you know that he left the production of V FOR VENDETTA having already filmed some scenes as the eponymous character. In some of the many shots where he's silhouetted against the ubiquitous grey and rain-streaked Somerset sky, all flowing cape and stovepipe hat, he's uncannily similar to Alan Moore's anarchist anti-hero. He also shares a similar penchant for dispatching England's enemies with the throw of dagger to the neck. Purefoy plays Kane as if he's in a state of persistent physical agony, which is quite fitting. He's really rather magnificent in the role and brings Hugh Jackman levels of charisma to the part. No small feat considering Kane is the sort of chap who makes Matthew Hopkins look like a member of the ACLU. Purefoy's Solomon Kane may also be the first swashbuckling, sword wielding hero with a British West Country accent since Nigel Terry's King Arthur in Excalibur. Purefoy is the main reason that, at the end of the film, with the suggestion of more adventures to come, you hope SOLOMON KANE will do decent enough box office to warrant a franchise. This first outing is far from perfect, but there's considerable potential and the distinct promise of better to come.
  • I liked it. A film very much in the vein of The Mummy series, but with a more adult and dark side. I found the film full of atmosphere and it drew me in despite the shallow story line, which is to be expected given that it's a hero driven action flick. I thought that the effects, make-up, music, acting, directing, really the whole thing was very solid and it's not just another low budget flick as other reviewers have stated. I would welcome a sequel to this movie, although that might be stretching the storyline a tad too much. Sure, not the masterpiece of the Lord of the Rings but certainly a good hack n slash medieval romp that'll keep you entertained for the duration.
  • As an avid reader of Gothic fantasy I am not easily pleased when it comes to big screen versions of these kinds of stories. After so many disappointments in the past when stories falter or special effects either take over the screen or are shoddy and laughable I alway feel as apprehensive as I do interested when I start watching a film like this.

    However, I can honestly say that this film is one of the best I have ever seen. I wish I'd seen in it a cinema, but hadn't heard of it. As soon as the final credits rolled I wanted to watch it all over again, and instantly went online and bought the DVD, something I rarely do.

    Everything about this film blew me away, from the atmosphere of gritty cold despair, the incredible (British!!!) cast, to the imagery and beauty of some of the scenes. I could wax lyrical about so many parts of this film that I'd basically be commenting on virtually every scene. I don't know where I'd start, and once I did, I wouldn't be able to stop.

    I can't believe it's not been released in the US yet, and I sincerely hope it will be re-released in cinemas here in the UK sometime in the near future, as I would love to see it on a big screen.

    Fantastic. Just utterly made of every kind of Win imaginable.
  • beerwine90011 March 2010
    Solomon Kane I'll start by pointing out that in no way is SK a copy of Van Helsing, the media and certain unaware people have been comparing the two just due to the characters clothing resemblance like the big hat, well Solomon Kane has been wearing the big hat since he was created in 1928 as stories written in weird tales, where as the 2004 movie van helsing was the first time the character had been portrayed wearing the big hat and being a monster hunter rather than just the killer of count Dracula, if anything the 04 VH movie copied Solomon Kane, anyway moving on to the review:

    I was excited about seeing this since i'm a big movie fan and enjoy reading books i was waiting with anticipation for the release, the movie started strong with a impressive fight sequence and good special effects,there was none of the shaky camera action scenes which i find ruin any action movie when you can't see whats happening, everything from the props to visuals made it a very dark and almost creepy atmosphere, although i would class it as a action/fantasy there was elements of horror thrown in too, during the middle of the film the action slows for a while but that just gave me time to appreciate the performance given by James purefoy, other than resident evil i'd never really seen him in anything but i will defend his performance as Solomon Kane since i don't think anyone else could have played the part as confidently as him, supporting cast wise they mostly perform well.

    There was a few continuity issues with the fact that Solomon never seemed to run out of single shot pistols and even if he'd thrown one at someone or something he always had both a sword and dagger but along with a few other things i must say that i did enjoy watching this and if you're a fan of the genre then i recommend a watch.

    over all i give Solomon Kane 7 out of 10
  • I was familiar with the 'Solomon Kane' character before I watched this film, both from the original stories and the Marvel Comics incarnation of the 1970s. The film is based on Robert E. Howard's creation, not on any later story and is all the better for it. The characters and their actions are believable, the atmosphere is great and the special effects are fine. There are copious amounts of sword play as well as sorcery - something that other R. E. H. adaptations in film have been sadly missing (notably 'Conan the Barbarian'). Michael J. Bassett manages to make an exciting film out of what could have been just another good-versus-evil story. Recommended for all fans of gritty fantasy.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    SOLOMON KANE was really not what I expected. It's far, far better than I could have hoped. As it stands, its pretty unique in the sword and sorcery movies simply because it has proper drama, great performances and some nasty intense action along with all the traditional sword fights, magical monsters and running, jumping and chasing. Easy to level the criticism that it re-runs a few Lord of the Rings moments but it's an altogether darker and more evil version because of the grim reality the comes down with every drop of rain – and there's lots of rain – and the human and spiritual element that exists within the story. Made me think of Gladiator in some ways. A doomed soul needing redemption for his past sins? Not exactly what REH envisioned for his iconic Puritan swordsman I'm sure, but I get why writer and director Michael Bassett went down this route and for me and I'm okay with because whatever the story, the character from Howard's pages exists in a way which is surprisingly pure and the world is exactly right. He feels like the Kane I was hoping for and Purefoy manages to make him both grim and taciturn as well as offering us just enough humanity to go along with him for the ride. Some great design with nicely practical and real seeming effects with real blood and gore splatting instead of stylized CG offerings. Monsters are mostly fun and the action in intense – if a little small scale. You don't get armies of thousand of orcs here, it's all quite focused and personal. There's one act of violence near the middle which really changed the feel for me. Unexpected and shocking. It feels like a smaller budget went a very long way and it does look gorgeous. Not a kiddies movie by a long shot and one that, surprisingly, offered me a good deal of material to meditate on about the power of faith and strength of will. Kane really suffers some very heavy duty punishment in this story. I was quite shocked where they went with it and no doubt someone is going to be offended but if Bassett is trying to draw parallels to another iconic figures from history, he's not exactly being subtle. If you're a fan of Robert E Howard's books you can rest easy, if you've never heard of Solomon Kane this is a great introduction and if you just like your fantasy action adventure with a little more heart and a lot more brains, then this is for you too. 8 out of 10.
  • 'Solomon Kane' does twice as much with half the budget of similar genre films such as 'Van Helsing', 'Season of the Witch' and the recent 'Conan the Barbarian' (Which, like 'Solomon Kane', is based on a character created by Robert E. Howard). Unfortunately, doubling up those films still only adds up to average.

    For a while it feels as if 'Solomon Kane' might actually be something special. Anchored by James Purefoy (channeling Hugh Jackman), and supported by strong performances from Rachel Hurd-Wood and the late Pete Postlethwaite, the first act firmly establishes a character and stakes that we care about. But around the half way point it begins to run out of steam, settling for generic genre conventions executed with little of the flair and none of the human focus evidenced earlier in the film.

    'Solomon Kane' had all the pieces to be something special. That it ends up merely being a serviceable time-waster is ironically more frustrating than if it were simply a bad film.
  • The film is one of those things that you immediately "feel" it is wrong. No known actors except old guys like Max von Sydow, who get a small role anyway, an almost unknown lead character and a lot of attitude, like the movie is taking itself really seriously. Most of this kind of movies end up as pretentious flops.

    Solomon Kane, however, did not. It was a reasonable movie, given the low production values and the video game like story. The thing is, the people working on it obviously made an effort. Strangely enough, it seems this sort of effort is what lacks in many films these days, even high budget ones, so this lifts Solomon Kane quite a lot.

    Unfortunately, the film was not great. It was, I feel, the best they could do under the circumstances, and I applaud that, though. Better than The Book of Eli, but still the same superheroy feeling.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I actually saw "Solomon Kane" at the Alamo Draft House screening in Austin. Terrific film. It was a real thrill to see a high adventure film with strains of horror and fantasy. These days films like this are far and few between. I can't think of a S&S film since the first Conan film that has taken this serious, respectful approach to the genre. It's an origin story that Robert E. Howard never wrote, but in the opinion of this long time REH reader it is Howard's Solomon Kane up there on the screen. Michael J. Bassett's direction is classic in style and many of the shots are beautifully framed. James Purefoy gives a haunting, powerful perfromance as Kane and the supporting cast, which includes Max Von Sydow, is excellent.

    The film boasts surprisingly high production values with great sets, costumes, special effects, and many well-staged sword fights. If you consider the Rings films heroic fantasy rather than the more down and dirty Sword and Sorcery genre, this dark and gritty "Solomon Kane" may be the best S&S film ever made.

    I wouldn't put too much stock in that "Bloody Disgusting" review. It is so wildly out of sinc with even the other negative reviews as to lack credibility. The positive reviews greatly outnumber the bad ones, by the way. Reading that review, I was thinking to myself, what film did this guy see?

    If you like great rousing adventure mixed with some horror and fantasy, do yourself a favor and be your own judge. Go see "Solomon Kane" when it comes to a theater near you.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    I attended both screenings of Solomon Kane at TIFF. I thought it was outstanding, and I am familiar with the Solomon Kane stories. The cinematography is beautiful, the score is amazing, the performances are fantastic, and the overtones are subtle. James Purefoy's performance is perfect. He's engaging, mysterious, and we want to follow him on his journey. There are some very powerful, intense scenes I felt were quite moving. The film definitely has a dark and somber tone, which is exactly what I wanted from this story. Though fewer then the very positive, the negative reviews are boggling my mind. Everyone has their opinion, I suppose, including me, but I wonder if these people even watched the same movie I did?

    We first meet Kane as an evil, greedy man. When he comes face to face with an agent of Satan, however, he narrowly escapes an eternity in hell and renounces his violent and sinful ways. He spends the next year praying for redemption at a monastery, but is forced by the priests to leave, as God has a different plan in store for Kane, albeit they are unsure of what that may be. His passive behavior is tested almost immediately when a gang of thieves rob and beat him viciously. He could easily slice up these thugs in the blink of an eye, but rather, he suffers through quietly and takes their abuse. Kane is found and cared for by a Puritan family, head beautifully by Alice Krige and Pete Postlethwaite, and we just know that horrible things are going to happen to them. When they do, Kane abolishes his new found, non-violent ways in order to save them and their young daughter, Meredith. On his quest to rescue her, Kane is tested over and over until a final, spectacular encounter with evil. Who will finally win the battle for Kane's soul?

    I read one review that called Kane's motives selfish. Well, at first, they are. His quest for redemption is driven by his desire not to go to hell. However, that reviewer missed the point. It's when Kane risks going to hell in order to save the family he has grown to love that the true test of his character is revealed. It's the complete opposite of selfish and we're right there rooting for him. We can see he is truly a changed man, worthy of a second chance.

    What most impressed me about the film was its physical beauty. The action sequences are realistic and sweeping, as is the landscape, used brilliantly by director Bassett. One shot is particularly breathtaking as Kane plummets to the ground in slow motion from the cross to which he'd been nailed. He looks like a fallen angel, which I suppose, in a way he is. This movie is far more than entertaining fluff and comic book folly. It is a fine achievement in film-making. The director, cast and crew's hard work has truly paid off. I hope everyone will get the chance to see it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film just (and I mean like 45 minutes ago), had it's North American Premier at the Toronto International Film Festival. This work was amazing. Set in 17th Century England, it had the feel of the Dark Knight, and Star Wars. Was both dark and gritty, with some laugh out loud parts as well. I was expecting something special, and that is what I got. I came in to the theatre with no information about Solomon Kane, and came out thinking, this early 20th century writer, who created this hero, was way ahead of his time. The Director/Writer (Michael J.Bassett), and the actor playing Solomon Kane (James Purefoy), this man is going to be big in North America. As it is 3:20 am, and the last film on my list, I am going to sign off. This film still has not had a distributor for North America, so some forward thinking company should pick this up. I am voting for James Purefoy to play the next villain in the up coming Batman franchise.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched this movie in thinking this will be awesome it was in the beginning then it just suddenly got dull, they just lost the plot even if it was just redemption it didn't elaborate or continue on. It was like watching a silent movie without subtitles. There were little action scenes the baddies were pathetic didn't seem to pose a threat. And it was like that throughout the movie and when it came near the end it was going to be good because of the boss scene but nope just weary me out again. At the end I said 'huh that it'. This is one of those movies that had potential and then you feel let down after watching it.

    People that already seen it like me what was the whole idea of the baddies what was their purpose or motives and why were they showing scene after scene of rain, mud and wagons of captured prisoners. What were they going to do with the prisoners and why did they need them. Its still on my mind because it made no sense why they had to keep showing this.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sword-and-Sorcery epic with a Puritan priest as lead accompanied briefly by a mercenary army and taking on multiple adventures , monsters and dangers . Thrilling and spectacular movie full of imagination and fantasy that introduces us a brave hero and appointed to juvenile public and full-blooded adventure aficionados. Sword-and-sorcery saga with stirring action , spectacular images and fantastic scenes including witchcraft and necromancy . This is a tale of fantasy , magic , imagination, blood and wizardly set in a mythical world from Middle Age full of barbarisms. This is a bemusing adventure saga inspired on Robert E Howard's pulp tale , it stars Jemes Purefoy as Salomon Kane who join forces with some soldiers to vanquish forces of evil . Salomon is a super-swordsman , a mythic and valiant warrior taking on heinous forces of devil and evil minions . Once a mercenary of Queen Elizabeth I struggling Spanish in North of Africa about 1600, and Ottoman city , Solomon met the Devil's Reaper and aware he was bound for hell. Barely getting away , he soon renounced violence to atone for his past sins , seeking out redemption in a life of peace . He retires to a monastery in Great Britain , fighting to live as a man of peace since then, to atone for his sins. That is until the hoodlums of magician Malachi (Jason Flemyng) abduct a Puritan girl Meredith Crowthorn (Rachel Hurd-Wood) and cruelly slaughter her family (Alice Krige, the recently deceased Pete Postlewaite , and Patrick Hurd-Wood , actual brother of Rachel Hurd ) before his own eyes, forcing Solomon to take up arms and go back to his violent manners once more to rescue her . The nasty sorceress's followers kill the family and he seeks vengeance on villains who massacred them . Salomon whose father (Max Von Sidow) was imprisoned and his kingdom was wiped out by the magician attempts to save the young girl , some soldiers soon joins him . They undergo on a perilous trip to find the fortress , confronting magicians , spectres and dangerous adventures. Our hero fights the evil hoodlums of brutal sorcerer who seeks the total power and leading a vibrant ending.

    Based on the comic books by Robert E. Howard, this exciting film packs noisy action, fantasy, adventure, witchery , and rip-roaring fights . James Purefoy is good as Solomon Kane , a bloodthirsty British pirate who, after facing off enemies in Africa lost his soul to the evil . Breathtaking images , spectacular battles and duels and lots of amusement and entertainment . Made on a fairly big scale with spectacular set design and glimmer photography . Quite budget for an UK/France/Czech Republic co-production and lavishly produced by Samuel and Victor Hadida. This entertaining picture contains frenetic action , tension , necromancy, and moving action scenes . The film is full of freaks and bemusing situations ; it is quite entertaining because being a laborious and intriguing adventure tale with lots of violence , guts and gore . Colorful and evocative cinematography by Dan Laustsen . Very good special effects , grand production design , being the filming locations in Barrandov Studios , Prague and England . Impressive musical score composed and conducted by Klaus Badelt. The motion picture is well directed by Michael J. Basset . He's a fine director , his first film ¨Deathwatch¨ achieved quite success , he went on with ¨ Wilderness¨ and in post-production ¨Silent Hill : Revelation 3D¨ . The film will appeal to fantasy buffs with action enough to make it worth looking in on . In other words, it seem likely Conan-Sword-sorcery genre enthusiasts and juvenile viewers will be delighted because thrills, action and adventures are brilliantly presented and edited to offer the maximum impact. Rating : 6,5 ; it's an old-fashioned B film on an acceptable scale and basically enjoyable because of it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In a time of witchcraft and sorcery when the world was plunging into darkness and chaos, no one stood against evil.

    In 1600, in North Africa, Captain Solomon Kane (James Purefoy) is a murderer and greed man that invades a coastal city seeking its hidden treasure. However, his crew is killed by demons and Solomon is trapped in a room with the Devil's Reaper. The evil Solomon learns that the reaper is ready to collect his soul as part of an unknown deal, but he succeeds in escaping from the devil.

    Solomon travels to England and finds a sanctuary in a monastery. He renounces violence and gives his fortune to the Church, but after one year, the leader of the monks tells him to leave the hideout. Solomon wanders on the road of a country ruled by the evil Malachi (Jason Flemyng) and plunged into violence and chaos. Sooner three thieves steal his few possessions and beat him up, but Salomon is rescued by a puritan family that is traveling to North America.

    When Solomon is healed, the patron William Crowthorn (Pete Postlethwaite) invites him to join his family in their journey. Solomon befriends the Crowthorn family, specially the boy Samuel (Patrick Hurd- Wood) and his teenage sister Meredith (Rachel Hurd-Wood).

    When the Crowthorn family is slaughtered by raiders of the evil Malachi (Jason Flemyng) lead by the cruel Overlord (Sam Roukin), the demons abduct Meredith. Salomon tells that his soul will be doomed to hell but swears to William that he will rescue his daughter from Malachi. However, William promises Solomon that he will find redemption if he succeeds in his quest and bring Meredith back to her mother.

    A couple of months ago I saw the trailer of "Solomon Kane" and I have been anxiously waiting for the release of this film on DVD. This dark story of redemption shows a full of action adventure, supported by a great story, screenplay and performances associated to excellent special effects and soundtrack. Surprisingly, this film is underrated in IMDb, with only 6.2 User Rating.

    There are interesting interviews with James Purefoy and Max von Sydow in the Extras. This is one of the last films of the British actor Pete Postlethwaite, who has recently died.

    My vote is eight.

    Title (Brazil): "Solomon Kane - O Caçador de Demônios" ("Solomon Kane – The Demons Hunter")
  • Warning: Spoilers
    OK, let me get two thing out of the way, first, I love this movie, if that makes me biased towards it then so be it, and second, I don't think I have put any spoilers in here, but do make vague ref to aspects of the movie, hopefully without giving anything away hence the spoiler warning.

    But I'd like to think that my love of this movie is down to the fact that is so near to flawless as any movie adaptation of a literary work I've ever seen (and quite frankly, I've seen a lot).

    I wont give details about the plot for two reasons, 1)plenty of other reviewers have already done that and 2)whats the fun in seeing a movie if you know whats gonna happen? All I want to do is give you that gentle nudge to go see this flick at your local cinema, and I promise you wont leave disappointed. If you like action movies, this is for you. If you like sword and sorcery movies, this is for you. If you generally just like really well made movies that will draw you into an engaging, and at times, unexpected story, this is for you. If you want specifics about WHY it's so good (and I'll admit there are times where Im one of those 'but whats in it for me' kinda people)the answer is simple. Everything.

    The acting is first class all the way, unlike pretty much every other sword and sorcery movie, no one is this flick has opted for a tongue in cheek portrayal. Everyone from the excellent James Purefoy, the always exceptional Pete Postlethwaite and legendary Max Von Sydow all give 110% in this, acting as though this was what they were put on this earth to perform.

    You want action? You got it, you will likely not see sword play this good in a movie this side of an Asian epic. If you know about the character of Solomon Kane from the original stories of Robert E. Howard, he is described as a man who doesn't waste a single movement in a fight, and this is so true on screen. Every strike, swing, dodge and thrust is there because it serves to add to Kane's advantage in battle. If your looking for fancy, artistic sword play I suggest you look elsewhere, the fights in Solomon Kane are raw, fierce and realistic (very in some places, but I wont spoil it for you) CGI is kept to a minimum, and that really works in the movies favour, it add's to that raw gritty feel that CGI can sometimes dull out with too many smooth edges. (Other than one major CGI encounter, but again my lips are sealed, needless to say it looks great anyway).

    For loyalists to the Howard camp I say this, no it's not based on any of the original stories. But as a fan of the original stories I can tell you that it is a very faithful adaptation of the character and his world, even dropping in at least one nod to the literary fans that I wont spoil for you. Kane on screen is exactly as I pictured him while reading the stories, the voice, the outfit, the movements and attitude.

    Without going into plot details all I can add it that the world in general has embraced this movie with the kind of cult devotion rarely seen these days, and now, finally, it looks like the USA will get the chance to see what the rest of the world already knows: Solomon Kane is the definitive adaptation of any of Robert E. Howard's works, it is the peak of most action/fantasy movies, let alone sword and sorcery ones, and with a little more love from the general public, it will be merely the first part of an epic trilogy.

    Please, for your own good, go see this movie!
  • prps23 June 2010
    After reading the reviews here I decided to see it. I must say it was wrong of me to wait until now (Has been out for some time now). Definitely a surprise ! Although I did not know the story, and for that matter the actors, it was refreshingly well done. The effects could be better but in this case it did not bother me at all. Soundtrack was well done and the actors did perform above what is expected of such a "budget" production. Basically you should see it as it is one of those movies which surprise you by doing exactly what a movie should do ... Entertain you. Hopefully we will not see a sequel as this story ends well (emphasis on ends). (underwold X Y Z anyone ....) Great movie, loved it
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm desperately trying to stay awake while watching the movie Solomon Kane. I have about a 20 minutes to go. If it gets any better, I will come back here and let you know, but somehow I doubt that will happen. Solomon Kane looks like it is based on the video game Dark Watch, and it sounds like it is based on the video game Legacy of Kane, but unfortunately neither is true. I hear it is based on some comic book or graphic novel or pulp fiction or something else that I have never heard of, but whatever it is based on, there is nothing original in this excruciatingly boring movie. The atmosphere is stolen from the movie 300, which wasn't that great in the first place. The tedious overacting takes itself so seriously that it's nearly hypnotic, and to be clear I mean that in a bad way. The plot is practically non-existent: violent guy trying to be nonviolent meets friendly family, friendly family is murdered, violent guy becomes violent again. All the characters are stereotypes taken from Waterworld or Book of Eli or The Hills Have Eyes or, whatever, just choose another apocalyptic slash fantasy slash wizardry movie that you have seen and there you have it. Someone, somewhere, said, this is how to make a movie: use a blue filter to make everything look mysterious, add plenty of slow motion shots of horse hooves splashing in murky puddles, add snowflakes hovering around while two boring characters are speaking to each other, and oh yes rain pouring down dramatically to distract from the fact that nothing is really happening, and don't forget the black silhouettes walking toward us with fire blazing behind them, and lots of torches burning, and of course blurry fight scenes during which it's not clear what is actually happening because we don't have the budget for the gory special effects so just throw in the sound of metal clanking, and, oh, by the way, don't let any character live long enough for the audience to understand them, relate to them or sympathize with them, and cross fingers, hope that fans of sword and sorcery films will eat it up, even though it is complete doo doo, and go straight to video, do not pass GO . . .
  • This is very much a typical low budget "Good vs. Evil" story. If you can swallow the poor acting and boring script it has some neat effects and action. It's not half bad for a Saturday afternoon viewing. (5/10 = It's exactly half bad, but whatever)

    You can predict most every scene and there's no real surprises, the whole movie takes itself way too seriously. The script is cliché at best, and the acting is quite poor all around featuring no good performances. Along with that there are some mildly entertaining monsters, and some decent swordplay.

    If you have kids that were anything like I was when I was growing up, I'm sure they'll enjoy it (be warned it is a bit gory). Or if you're just a big fan of campy sword and sorcery movies, it might be worth a rental. But to anyone else, I'd recommend watching another movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    At first it's like a slow paced adventure, a traveler join up with others traveling a beautiful world Then enemies start appearing also then people start going out of character. They said and act things that is not of their character and all of them overestimate Solomon's ability I had thought that Solomon Kane is some sorcerer or something because he kept saying "my powers" and everyone seem to think he can massacre the entire mob while those mob had them hostage.

    The family kept telling Solomon to kill them all, all while still had swords touching their neck. So unreal and what was that final battle, so ridiculous
  • Back in the mid 80's my brother and i would chuck a couple of pounds together and hire 4 or 5 videos for the weekend. We would get a couple of top rated vids and a couple of cheap vids. Invariably the cheap vids were straight to video sword and sorcery efforts that all seemed to use the same studio sets and all had the same basic plots, Hero strives through adversity to save young lady from clutches of power hungry wizard.

    Solomon Caine,despite being from a great storyteller, reminded me of those cheap videos. Same basic plot, just has better special effects. Watch it if there is nothing else you would prefer to watch, but for £6 you're not going to get your moneys worth.
  • Very poor, shameless exploitation of the work of Robert E. Howard who must be spinning in his grave. The author of this original story was such a gifted story teller. His Solomon Kane bears zero resemblance to this Hollywood film. Like the terrible films made about Conan, this simplistic farce bears no resemblance to the author's great story telling. people who give this film a positive review are clearly not familiar with the plots, style and characterizations built by Robert E. Howard. This is too bad. I was so excited initially to see this film. As a boy Robert E. Howard's stories were a vital part of my life. Kane was one his more obscure characters, so I was hopeful. However, this film does not honor a single line, moment or idea of the original stories. They have just stolen his name and wardrobe and made a film that makes no sense at all to me. I was unable to finish watching this film.
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