One of the unforeseen problems the production encountered in shooting night-time scenes on location in the Czech Republic was the constant hooting of owls.

Director M.J. Bassett and the film's producers intended to make two further Solomon Kane movies to complete a planned trilogy, one set primarily in Africa and the other at least partially in colonial North America.

During filming, James Purefoy accidentally received a deep cut to his forehead which required stitches. For some close-ups, these stitches had to be digitally erased.

When Kane says that he sailed with Admiral Drake, he's referring to the poem "The One Black Stain" by creator Robert E. Howard. In the poem Kane speaks out against Drake's execution of Sir Thomas Doughty in 1578 Patagonia, South America, hence why Kane says "That didn't end well."

To prepare for the role of Solomon Kane, James Purefoy read the entire oeuvre of Robert E. Howard as well as researching extensively the lifestyle and attitudes of Puritans.

For a lot of the fight sequences, director M.J. Bassett would play heavy metal to amp up his actors.

Rachel Hurd-Wood's brother in the film is played by her real life brother, Patrick Hurd-Wood.

Shot over a period of twelve weeks.

It took 5 hours to apply James Purefoy's body make-up for his shirtless scenes.

Although the film rights were granted in 1997, it took another eleven years before filming began.

The coat that Philip Winchester wears is the same one worn by Sean Connery in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991). Both films share the same costume designer - John Bloomfield.

One of Pete Postlewhaite's final film roles before his death on January 2nd 2011.

Director M.J. Bassett cast Max von Sydow as Kane's father because he believed that if this film was made in the 60s or 70s, Von Sydow would have been perfect for the part of Solomon Kane. Von Sydow's film The Seventh Seal (1957) (1957) was also a minor inspiration for this film.

The second movie adaptation of a Robert E. Howard character to feature Max von Sydow - the other being his role as King Osric in Conan the Barbarian (1982). Interestingly in both movies he plays the father of a child who is in thrall to the movie's main villain.

WILHELM SCREAM: When Solomon skewers a bad guy on the bridge during the fight scene at the start of the film.

In 2001 it was announced that Christopher Lambert was offered the role of Kane and was seriously, considering it as it's a very compelling part.

The two planned sequels never happened.

Even though he only appears shirtless twice in the film, the tattoos seen on Purefoy's torso took five hours to apply.

Features Rory McCann and Max Von Sydow who would go on to star in Game of Thrones as Sandor 'The Hound' Clegane and The Three Eyed Raven respectively.

WILHELM SCREAM - At 52:30, in the destroyed church, there are four low-level WILHELM SCREAMS in the background sound track.

James Purefoy injured his knee and received a bloody gash on his forehead while shooting this film.

During the filming of the climatic sword fight, James Purfoy missed his mark and struck the stuntman playing the now on fire Overlord on the wrong shoulder. The stuntman then thrust his hand out, made "no" sign with his fist, and then pointed to the shoulder Purfoy was supposed to hit, all while still on fire.