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  • First off, you need to know that I joined IMDb purely to undo the diabolically misleading rating that this movie has gotten. I must say, I was not expecting much from it, but as the credits rolled by, I quickly made the decision that this movie was going up on my facebook list of favorite movies.

    Milla Jovovich has never been a spectacular actress in my book. She's great in action flicks (I am a massive fan of the Resident Evil series!), but I've always found that she goes a bit overboard when taking on dramatic or real life roles. I was more than pleasantly surprised when it dawned on me just how good a job she did on this film! Granted, no one needed Oscar worthy acting to pull off their roles; every actor in this film held their own.

    From beginning to end, I was totally drawn in - both character and story-wise. Sure, you come across some clichés here and there, but that's totally to be expected. The entire movie is cleverly put together and is sure to keep you guessing every step of the way. The characters are well developed, the acting is great, the scenery and cinematography are outstanding - some very inventive shots towards the climax of the film - and the story will definitely leave you with the feeling that "it" actually hasn't all been done before.

    Every person that has rated this movie low falls under one of two categories: Either they missed an integral part of the story (I watched the film twice just to make sure I was right about this), or they have ludicrously high standards.

    Movies are by no means my life. I'm sure my rating of 8 is probably a bit biased (for some reason, this movie really did it for me on pretty much all fronts), but any rating below a 7, in my humble opinion, says more about a lack on the reviewer's end... not the film's. This is definitely a must see for anyone into this genre! One for the collection, even!
  • A Perfect Getaway was nowhere near a perfect film, but it was certainly a good film. The trailers made it out to be a much more non-stop, action thriller than it really was, showing the last 20 minutes. The majority of the film centers around paranoia. It is true though that the plot twist can be seen coming from a mile away, but how it is delivered is where it succeeds. While I personally wasn't surprised, how the twist was presented was quite original and chill-inducing. I'll leave it at that. Where this film really succeeds is in the cinematography and acting, both of which are superb. The locale is beautiful, all the colors are vibrantly displayed and everything looks crisp. There are some scenes with intriguing camera work that works well to add intensity and be intuitive. All the actors really give it their best and create believable characters. Milla was good as usual, but Zahn really surprised me. I never really gave him credit for how good of an actor he is until about now. Overall, it's worth the watch and is ultimately very entertaining with wonderful characters.
  • Newlyweds Cliff (Steve Zahn) and Cydney (Milla Jovovich) are honeymooning in Hawaii when they decide to hike a popular trail through the lush Hawaiian wilderness. Halfway into their hike, the two learn about the slaying of another newlywed couple on one of the neighboring islands. The killers? A man and woman. Soon after, they encounter another couple on the trail, Nick (Timothy Olyphant) and his girlfriend, Gina (Kiele Sanchez). The four continue on the trail as a group, but it isn't long before Cliff and Cydney begin to suspect their new acquaintances of being the killers. There's also the shady hitchhikers, Kale (Chris Hemsworth) and Cleo (Marley Shelton, looking particularly nice with braided hair), who seem to be following them.

    While I was able to correctly guess the identity of the killer's just from watching the trailer, I still had a great time with this. The performances are really strong. I've heard others say that Zahn and Jovovich aren't a believable pairing. I've seen several instances of stunning women with less attractive guys, so that's nonsense. Aside from that, they're terrific together. This is a dialogue-heavy film with several amusing character moments thrown in, all of which the actors nail. Olyphant is the standout as Nick, a former marine with a bit of a screw loose. The humor actually works, the quirkiness adding to the picture. I also thought that the B&W exposition scene was well-done, better than most of it's ilk. These types of scenes are generally frowned upon, but here it winds up being a highlight.

    The Puerto Rican locations (subbing for Hawaii) are quite lovely, though the dangers of the trail aren't played up as much as I'd expected. It isn't an element that's necessarily needed, however, as I found the film to be plenty suspenseful as is. The killers were obvious to me, yes, but the I was more caught up in the situations than the reveal. For instance, the situation of the reveal made for a terrific moment. It's all in how it's done. While I could have done without the annoying screenwriter in-jokes, they don't ruin the suspense either.

    I'd say that director David Twohy has more hits than misses, and this clever slice of pulpy entertainment continues that trend.
  • This is a good movie. However, it will probably not get a fair shot by most. The reason is the way the story is structured in which apparently nothing happens in the first 45 minutes. For today's average 18-34 audience this is almost intolerable as they are now conditioned to expect cheap CGI thrills and impossibly huge explosions in the first two minutes of the film (not necessarily a bad thing BTW). What underrated Director/Writer David Towhy is doing is actually putting your brain to work during the first two acts of the movie, all the while enjoying some incredible visuals of the Hawaiian tropical rain forest. Towhy concentrates on subtle character development. The acting is good. Mila Jovovich and Timothy Oliphant are the two that carry the film throughout. All in all I have to say that Towhy put out a fairly plausible story here with none of the CGI generated hyperbole that we see so much of nowadays.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First of all, I can't believe SO many people are rating this film so highly as a great thriller when the first half of the movie is deliberately false. Remember people, it's only a good twist if it does not violate the internal logic of the film! If you spent the time to read a murder mystery and the murderer turned out to be some guy that wasn't introduced until the last page, would you be feel satisfied, or ripped-off? Unfortunately you can see the twist coming a mile away but frankly I didn't want to believe the talented David Twohey would stoop so low. Basically the first half shows numerous scenes with the Zahn/Jovovich couple wondering (to themselves) who the murderers are. Unless you are outright lying to the audience, denying them the chance to figure it out, these scenes clearly establish that Zahn/Jovovich are not the killers. Then comes the "twist" - they are in fact the killers and the filmmakers have been lying to you. Absolutely idiotic and a slap in the face to anyone who appreciates a well-crafted movie. I'd rate this lower but for the good performances of the principal actors, especially Oliphant. Rewatch "The Usual Suspects" instead.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I would have given this movie 7 or maybe even 8 stars if not for one HUGE inconsistency in the movie: The characters who end up being the killers are completely inconsistent between the 1st and 2nd halves of the movie. For example, they have multiple "secret" conversations with just the two of them trying to "figure out" if one of the other couples could possibly be the murderers. They make comments such as "It really could be them", and imply that they really think a specific couple is the murderers. This is completely inconsistent because if they were alone (and they were the murderers all along) then why would they feel the need to speak like this to each other all by themselves???? It does not reconcile. The only reason was to "trick" (or basically, lie) to the audience by making them completely different characters half-way through the movie, and ignoring everything they might have lead us to believe about them up to that point, whether it makes sense or not. I love a good plot twist, but when the writer/director has to lie and make the characters inconsistent like this in order to do so, it really turns me off of the movie.

    Other than the above, the scenery was unbelievable and makes me want to go to Hawaii very badly, and I thought the acting was terrific.
  • First the pros - 99% of the movie was shot in daylight in the beautiful Hawaiian nature, really relaxing to the eyes. Good cast, good acting overall. Interesting story, which actually pulled my attention and made me watch the movie. The promised twist was there and was a big one, but more about it in cons... Cons - Well, the promised "twist" was a huge and unexpected one. So unexpected it was really difficult to believe. It made me wondering like "Wow, wait a minute! Weren't they doing this and this a few minutes ago? Didn't they tell this and this? Ehmmm.... they actually did, so what the...?" The script wasn't really finished (well) IMHO, it made me feel like the story was born during writing the script, but after finishing it there was no time/will to rework the beginning and synchronize it with the end. This made the lead characters really inconsistent and left me quiet unsatisfied after the movie ended, even if I have to say the final action sequence was good enough.
  • It's hard to say anything about "The Perfect Getaway" without giving away the great way that director/writer David Twohy brings this classic tale of "screaming, running for your life" movie to the screen.

    Some may call the first hour a bit slow but it's really the perfect build to the final act. Dialog and plot developments keep the viewer's mind fully guessing as to who might start killing whoever! And if you've never seen this movie, and never looked up any spoiler outlines, I'm guessing your guess will be wrong. Until the reveal, I couldn't decide who it was that's going to snap, even when I thought it was becoming obvious.

    Timothy Olyphant is awesome in this role, as is the rest of the primary cast, with Chris Hemsworth being the angry hitchhiker and Steve Zahn & Milla Jovovich playing the part of the honeymooners.

    I give Twohy 2 thumbs up for making this movie fresh, engaging and confusing.
  • I just caught this movie without knowing what it is about other than a thriller, survivor-type genre. I never even caught the trailer before, and boy...i was surprised. i didn't see it coming.

    I believed that nowadays, trailers tend to give a lot away or even critiques do, and giving credit to this film, if one were like me, this is one of the best movie experienced.

    The characters were all likable and believable and the pacing of the story was handled extremely well. I was neither bored during the slow scenes as it constantly kept the characters growing as individuals. I'd be recommending it as much as other films that i do enjoy
  • During the honeymoon in Hawaii, the screenwriter Cliff Anderson (Steve Zahn) and his wife Cydney (Milla Jovovich) decide to hike in the Kalalau Trail to a paradisiacal beach. While driving to the spot, they refuse to give a lift to the strange couple Kale (Chris Hemsworth) and Cleo (Marley Shelton). Cliff and Cydney befriend the former marine Nick (Timothy Olyphant) in the trail and then they meet three girls that tell them that the police are chasing a man and a woman that had slaughtered a couple in honeymoon in Oahu, removing their teeth and finger tips. Cliff and Cydney decide to go along with Nick and they meet his girlfriend Gina (Kiele Sanchez) that is camped in Secret Falls. The two couples decide to tag along to the beach together, and along their journey, they feel tense with possible stalkers until the police helicopter captures Kale and Cleo. But danger is still in the Kalalau Trail.

    "A Perfect Getaway" is a surprisingly great thriller, with Steve Zahn performing an unusual role. The screenplay is excellent and the plot is very well-constructed. When I finished watching the DVD, I decided to watch the beginning again to find any possible plot hole, but the dialogs are ambiguous and it is impossible to discover the identities of the killers. My vote is seven.

    Title (Brazil): "A Trilha" ("The Trail")
  • In thinking about this movie it's worth remembering two great thrillers from the past. One is Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo". In that film the first two scenes in the movie, following the rooftop chase, are major scenes that arm you with everything you need to figure out what's REALLY going on later in the story. They're loaded with information. Trouble is, those scenes are likely to glide right by the viewer, as they did with me, because much of what happens seems inconsequential. It's not. The clues are all there. In Francis Ford Coppola's "The Conversation" the peeping tom-for-hire (Gene Hackman), spying on a couple, is certain he's figured out what's going on, but he's undone by not realizing that something said can have different meanings depending on HOW it's said.

    "A Perfect Getaway" merrily leads you down the garden path, so to speak, by fulfilling all your expectations, then turning the table on them. You're practically tripping over the clues, but because you're looking at the wrong things or looking at things the wrong way you might miss them. This movie is so smart, so well-made and such a tease that it's absolutely exhilarating. No, I didn't see what was coming, but I was having fun and I felt safe in writer/director David Twohy's hands - I sensed that he wouldn't let me down. (I'm a big fan of Twohy's delightful 1996 science-fiction thriller "The Arrival"). This movie is as much a psychological thriller as the two movies I mentioned off the top and is as seemingly slow-moving and deliberately-paced, but it requires the audience's full attention. The climax is a wild ride, with inspired editing and camera-work, and the flashback sequence is a remarkable piece of exposition. The movie, thankfully, is NOT a slasher flick. The story is mostly character-driven. It's about a murderous couple on the loose in Hawaii slicing up innocent honeymooners, but what really drives the story is the competition between the leading males, two bulls locking horns - Steve Zahn's pitifully inadequate doofus versus Timothy Olyphant's macho and endowed "American jedi", whose insouciant swagger and flip insults ("Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.") are a constant thorn in Zahn's side. The women's parts are just as well written as the men's, and each woman has her own reason for latching onto her man. "I love the idea of loving you," is Zahn's pathetic reply to his partner's (Milla Jovovich) request for an expression of affection. Their relationship is a lot more dysfunctional than we, at first, realize. I really enjoyed watching Olyphant and Kiele Sanchez together, there is such openness in their faces and chemistry between them. The screenplay is loaded with wit, and I suspect that all the references to screen writing are a jab at what usually passes for scripts in Hollywood in general and this type of movie in particular. It has genuine suspense, great performances and breath-taking cinematography. A welcome breath of fresh air.

    I watched this movie a second time to see how the details of the "whodunnit" aspect of the story were managed and I ended up enjoying the movie and admiring the screenplay and the direction even more. The script is very imaginative and economical in the way it handles small details and uses them to enrich the story. Small things such as the bug in the bottle, the rings, and the operation of the camera ("Just point and shoot?") ripple through the story. Olyphant's line to Zahn, "Maybe you should change your story", is a double entendre that made me laugh this time around. Twohy makes absolutely certain that we are always aware of the geography of each scene. The crucial props - knife, axe, gun, camera - are in place and we always know where each character is, and if one of them suddenly looms out of nowhere we know why it is logical. The Big Twist, whether you guessed it or not, is thrilling in the way it gathers all the threads of the story together. The craftsmanship and artistry that went into this movie elevates it way above its schlock B-movie origins.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    David Twohy has been associated with some rather notable films, from "The Fugitive" (regarded as one of the best thrillers of the '90s) to well-regarded sci-fi like "The Arrival" and "Pitch Black." In "A Perfect Getaway," he threads his script (which he also directed) with a self-referential attitude toward the craft of screen writing (a heavy-handed nod to the "Scream" trilogy) that is immediately problematic, since, well...this movie exemplifies everything that is WRONG with the modern thriller. From the generic title to the egregious miscasting to the sloppy pacing and awkward transitions, "Getaway" has more in common with a made-for-cable production, circa 1993. Odd couple Steve Zahn (he's a budding Hollywood screenwriter!) and Milla Jovovich (she's a smiling bubblehead!) are celebrating their honeymoon in Hawaii, just as a string of murders are sweeping the island (gasp!); once there, they run afoul two Creepy Hitchhikers (one played by "Grindhouse"'s Marley Shelton) and another young couple played by Timothy Olyphant (he's a creepy war vet with a titanium plate in his head!) and Kiele Sanchez (she smokes dope and guts wild goats!). As a result of Twohy's self-referential gimmickry, "Getaway" consistently defuses its own scant thrills, and fails to muster much suspense; as it goes for Hitchcock with its character-based story machinations (even incorporating an anvil-subtle sense of macabre humor), the director all but admits his desperation in the last act, when a peppermint-tinged flashback sequence (that anticlimactically goes on for far too long) abandons motive and character to whomp the viewer over the head with a succession of increasingly pathetic "twists." While Twohy's script does them absolutely no favors, the cast is simply incapable of elevating the material, in no small part because the performers themselves are so disparate: Zahn, best known for his comedic persona, does well in the film's first half, but when asked to go "dark," becomes a laughable portrait of evil; Jovovich, known mostly for action roles, fails as the starry-eyed suburban naif, but succeeds as a rugged ass-kicker; and Olyphant, a character actor with a spotty track record, is unconvincing as a Forrest Gump-like simpleton nattering away about "screenplay writers." Since the mystery at its core is of little interest (and even less once revealed), "A Perfect Getaway" leaves the viewer plenty of time to ponder how a thriller this pedestrian and trite was deemed worthy of a release by a major studio, even in the midst of one of the worst cinematic summers in recent memory. (Wait, I think I get it now...)
  • Perfect Getaway, A (2009)

    *** (out of 4)

    The "old dark house" genre was made famous back in the silent days as we'd get a group of people in one house with the idea that one of them is a killer. That basic idea continues with this film, although instead of a house we're treated the beautiful locations of Hawaii. A newlywed couple (Steve Zahn, Milla Jovovich) are on their honeymoon in Hawaii and decide to go on an eleven mile hike. Half way through the hike they learn that another newlywed couple were butchered. The film then has our couple meeting two other couples (Timothy Olyphant/Kiele Sanchez, Marley Shelton, Chris Hemsworth) with the possibility that one of them are the murderers. This 97-minute movie is pure buildup for the final ten minutes when the twist is revealed. I certainly won't reveal the twist but I must say I was somewhat letdown by it but not enough to really enjoy the film. This is the type of movie that gives you a rather simple idea and then works every little inch out of it and in the end we're left with a pretty tense little thriller that is sadly being marketed as a horror movie, which might keep some people away. The film benefits from the great locations, terrific acting and some nice direction. All six leads do a terrific job and it was great seeing someone like Zahn get the leading role. He's basically played supporting roles most of his career but he has no problem carrying the film here. He and Jovovich have great chemistry together and work well with the other cast members. Olyphant clearly steals the film as the ex-soldier who is hiding a few secrets of his own. Another very positive thing about this film is that the majority of it takes place during the daylight so there's nothing jumping out of the shadows at night. I think it's brave to try and build suspense during the day but the director pulls it off perfectly. The 2.35:1 aspect ratio picks up the entire beauty of the island, which really becomes a character all by itself. The film is up for a lot of debate over the twists and turns it takes, which is good. Discussion never hurts a movie and I'm sure people will be discussing what happens here. I personally found it to be a cheat but a lot of thrillers do this. No matter how one feels about the twists there's really no denying that there's still a lot of fun and tension building up to the final moments.
  • PROS: The acting was ridiculously good in this film. At some moments in the movie I wasn't sure if these people were or were not actually couples in real life. That's how powerful they were in the film. That for me was the building block for what made the film intense. Those bonds that the actors created gave more tension because you could feel the love they had for each other being threatened, which added a higher stake to fight for. The movie really grabs you and sucks you in to this world that is so screwed up and full of deceit that the fear you feel is just unparalleled to anything that you could've expected when picking a action movie to watch. The final thing that I really enjoyed was the story. The story of the movie is half of what makes a good film a good film. This movie has a story that was fresh and new and exciting. I was really excited to watch this and was even more glad when it lived up to my expectations.

    CONS: This movie is so close to being 5/5. The only thing that is holding it back is the ending. I loved loved loved the ending, but I wish there was a sneak peak that we could see into the future, but overall please watch!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Some of the posters here claim that the 1st half of the movie is a "lie", but that's only because they don't pay attention.

    The "honeymoon" couple in the movie are NOT checking the cellphone to see if the 2nd couple are the killers - it only seems that way if you fail to pay attention. On that particular scene, you need to think about what words are actually spoken, NOT what you think the characters are saying.

    If you are still lost, there's a flashback scene very late in the movie which ties up the loose ends.

    I see no plot holes in this movie whatsoever.
  • A Perfect Getaway {dir. David Twohy,2009}


    A solid, fast paced B-thriller with winking (and surprising) sense of humor, A Perfect Getaway is not as much of a stiff genre exercise as the ads may make it seem. It is true, there is a final twist, but it falls in line with the rest of the film: a slightly off-kilter, audacious, but entertaining endnote. As an exercise of set up and payoff, both halves of the film work fairly well on their own terms, but I cannot help but wish that the first half had a bit more palpable Hitchcockian tension and suspense instead of "Scream"-like rib nudging . Nevertheless, this is involving enough and thrilling enough to be worth at least the price of a matinée, providing that your willing to suspend your proverbial disbelief.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A Perfect Getaway was a surprisingly good movie in my opinion, but it was very misinterpreted. Reading other reviews, I noticed that many people think that the first half of the movie and the second half are inconsistent. However, if you watch the movie again, you can see that it is not. Watching it a first time, the film makes the audience believe that Zahn and Jovovich are worried that the other people are the killers. Watching it again, you can actually tell that Zahn and Jovovich are actually just worried that they are going to get caught. And they also might just be worried because they are intimidated by Olyphant. That is what makes this movie very well planned in my opinion. It is never completely set in stone that Zahn and Jovovich are the killers, it only makes the audience think that by the way they word their conversations. Watching it again, with the knowledge of the ending, you can put things together and realize that there is a completely different conversation going on, you just do not know it yet. I think this film was such a good mystery movie and really made you think. The acting was great and so was the cinematography. It is definitely at the top of my list for awesome movies.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Ah, thrillers, the genre that can either hit or miss, because of it's wonderful "twist" endings. Now when I saw the trailer for A Perfect Getaway, I have to admit that I was intrigued, the advertisement said that it had a great twist ending, and for fun my boyfriend and I always like to go to these movies and try to see who can guess what the ending is, whoever guesses first and correctly will buy dinner, lol. So I happened to be right on this one, well, we both did, we pretty much figured out from the beginning, even though the director was trying to be "sly" about the whole thing, but never since The Perfect Stranger with Halle Berry and Bruce Willis, have I seen such a pathetic twist ending. This is one of those movies that is the "let's have a twist ending because we can" while I would have been perfectly happy if this was just an average thriller/horror movie. Instead we don't get the best from the actors and a very silly movie.

    A young couple, Cliff and Cydney are celebrating their honeymoon by hiking to a remote beach in Hawaii. The couple comes across two hitchhikers, Cleo and Kale, and a group of frightened hikers discussing a double murder in Honolulu of another newlywed couple on the island, with the victims having their teeth pulled out, and they begin to question whether they should turn back. Unsure whether to stay or flee, Cliff and Cydney join up with another couple, Nick, who claims to have a titanium plate in his head and be a former special forces operative, and his longtime girlfriend, Gina, a former butcher. Far from civilization or rescue, everyone begins to look like a threat and nobody knows whom to trust. They later see Cleo and Kale getting arrested under the suspicion of murder. Gina and Cydney reveal that each thought that the others were the killers, and the group continues to the beach. Even though everything seems to be in the clear, things are not always as they seem.

    A Perfect Getaway is seriously a ridicules movie that made no sense whatsoever, even with the ending being that Cliff and Cydney are the killers, why the heck in the beginning when we, the audience, are trying to figure out who the killers are, we get friggin' obvious Bonnie and Clyde type of girl and guy who are not too subtle on the "we are the killers" look. So it's like pointing out the typical creepy janitor in horror movies, you know that they're not the killers and then you have Cliff and Cydney who are talking about the other couple being the killers and it makes no sense. In fact neither does this paragraph, this movie has me so confused, lol. But point being, A Perfect Getaway was a waste of time and money. I strongly recommend you stay away form it, it was pretty lame.

  • I didn't expect much of this movie but in the end I was very satisfied. You definitely get the real deal, I mean, it's very professional movie, it's really psychological when you delve into the minds of characters and situations and it doesn't have strongly weak parts in it. Scenery is just fantastic in the movie. Now I wish to go there hiking myself. Yeah, that convincing was the excellent camera work. In my opinion all the actors work was good. At times it was just weird to watch Milla being Milla:). I think for her it was relaxing making a project without all the gun Kata-kung fu stuff she's been into previously.

    It's very easy entertainment and there's not so much blood in it than you'd think after watching the trailer.
  • A Perfect Getaway was a top-notch suspense thriller. With little if any plot holes, the movie overall had a solid developing story. A charismatic Steve Zahn and Timothy Olyphant put on two very entertaining performances. Although out of Steve Zahn's typical range, he delivered in this performance. The movie begins slowly and carefully while at the same time building necessary suspense. There are several twists and turns throughout that keep you guessing until the opportune moment when it quickens pace and really grabs the viewer. When everything comes together it does so in a smooth and interesting fashion. The only criticism would be an "acceptable" yet somewhat uncreative final ten minutes. However, that weakness does not take very much away from the quality of the film. In summary, A Perfect Getaway is a fresh 97 minutes that is highly recommended. Enjoy!
  • The movie is a thriller, drama, and comedy all in one. Yes the first half was dragging but Timothy Olyphant did an amazing job portraying his character. Steve Zahn and Mila were great and the other two were completely wasted in the movie. Didn't expect the movie to turn out the way it did, but when i think about the movie in its entirety it was definitely worth the watch.

    Basically I wasn't upset I saw this movie in the theaters and also I wasn't bored at all. So I would recommend this movie to all my friends I don't care if they watch it at home or in the theaters it won't matter.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a truly creepy and gripping story, the script is taut, and the tension builds slowly to a superb climax. There are just enough red herrings and twists and turns to keep you guessing, the dialogue is fraught with double meanings. The all out action ending is a great pay off. Cast stunningly against type, Steve Zahn more than holds his own as the nerdy Cliff alongside the beautiful Milla Jovovich who has already proved her action credentials in the Resident Evil films. She shows here that she is more than capable of something more sensitive as Cydney, revealing her less than romantic past to her new friend Gina.

    Kiele Sanchez as Gina, the free-spirited wild-child, and her damaged war veteran boyfriend, Nick, played to perfection by Timothy Olyphant, are the stand-outs here. You really believe in their uninhibited relationship, and as things develop, and their story is revealed, you are really rooting for them.

    From the stunning locations, to the clever storyline, this is a simple, well-told story that really delivers.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I recently obtained this DVD a couple days ago & I have already watched it I know what I'm talking about. When I 1st viewed it on Sunday with my gf although I throughly enjoyed the movie..I was like "but this twist does not make any sense". Then on viewing it a 2nd time I got it!..not that it was that hard to get in the 1st place BUT in can be easy for someone in the heat of the moment to miss the logic! It is a given that "Cliff & Cydney" were planning on killing Nicko & Gina & stealing their identities..& if you focus on the flashbacks properly you can clearly see that all the conversations they had that "sounded" as if they were trying to figure out if Nicko & Gina were the killers was really about...

    1)Them assessing the amount of difficulty they would have to go through in killing this unexpectedly resourceful & street/survival smart couple...

    2)Them contemplating not going through with it because of the fear of failing & possibly getting killed themselves cause they "barked up the wrong tree"...remember the 2 parts in the movie when Nicko gives them stories of him surviving some impossible situations & his loving gf Gina playfully says that "he's hard to kill"? Look at the way "Cliff" & "Cyndey" look at each other...upon seeing those 2 scenes at 1st the viewer tends to think that look they give each other means "OH NO they might be the killers!"...when it really in fact means "DAMN IT! this guy for real?? I think we may have bitten off a little more than we can chew this time!"


    3)Them not getting figured out by Nicko & when "Cliff" shows "Cydney" the picture on his phone that the authorities have of them departing their latest crime scene & she says to him "that could be anybody" while nervously glancing in Nicko & Gina's direction.

    The twist is pretty brilliant actually & it's not that the filmmakers were trying to "lie to the audience" like some not too bright people that left all these negative comments suggested. At the end of the day this film is great...the filming locations were beautiful,the acting was quite good (especially Timothy Olyphant's character!)& the twist was excellent. All the people that have these silly negative comments about the twist should just give up on watching good movies! My opinion on this extremely entertaining thriller is that it was a top notch effort! 10 out of 10 stars!
  • An expert thriller about trust and the dangers of it. Crazy, twisty, gripping, and slam bang. A newly married couple go to Hawaii on their honeymoon and they meet a couple that seem well off... But when they discover a killer is loose, they soon begin to suspect who it is. As they become good friends with the couple, they are not sure what to believe anymore. Suspicions pile on and things seem to make sense... But absolutely nothing is what it seems... 1 of the trickiest films ever, with a jaw dropping twist you'll never see coming. The acting is hugely impressive with, Steve Zahn, Milla Jovoich, Timothy Olyphant, Marley Shelton, etc. the thrills don't stop and nothing turns even close to how you feel they would. A true magic trick on the audience, a true thriller that takes you on a wild ride. Highly original, and insanely good.
  • This is a very good thriller with a great twist... I find it funny reading the other reviewers who just didn't get it...they are all claiming inconsistencies but if you watch the movie again you will see a different context to every this movie has a low rating because the audience isn't smart enough to follow...a shame really..The movie is consistent from beginning to end...I won't give anything away...just don't listen to the reviewers who don't like the movie because it is inconsistent..they are embarrassingly incorrect...

    Kelle Sanchez and Milla are beautiful and great and Olyphant and Zahn are also brilliant... and Hemsworth makes an appearance in one of his first Hollywood outings...
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