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  • Socko and his family specializes in making or doing certain things. Socko is Spencer's friend who makes cool socks. Tyler is Socko's brother who makes ties. Penny gives Spencer his logo shirts, which she calls Penny T's. Otto deals with automobiles. Rob is a thief. Taylor makes a suit for Spencer. Bernie is a welder. His uncle in law is a psychiatrist named Dr. Paxil. Socko has a brother named Boomer as well, who works with dynamite and explosives. Edit

  • Carly's dad is in the Air Force, but it's never explained why he's on a submarine; the show makes no mention of her mom. We have no idea what happened to Sam's dad or Freddie's dad. The only parents of the kids who are seen on the show (so far) are Freddie's mom and Gibby's mom. Gibby's dad has never been shown but there has been mention of him. Sam's mom was revealed September 9, 2010, in the season-four episode "iSam's Mom." Edit

  • Uptown Productions in association with Schneider's Bakery, Inc. are now in production on the new comedy series "Sam and Cat" for Nickelodeon Network. The casting director will be auditioning actors throughout the season for recurring roles, co-starring roles, and under five roles. The extras casting director will also be hiring background extras throughout the season. The pilot episode was shot in September, 2012 and Nickelodeon announced a series pickup with an order for 20 episodes on November 29, 2012. The show will premier September 10, 2013 on Nickelodeon.

    Details Here:

    Nickelodeon Casting and Auditions for "Sam and Cat"


    2013 Actors Resource Guide eBooks

    http://www.ActorsResourceGuides.com Edit

  • Well, Yes-ish. At the season finale episode of iCarly, in the episode iGoodbye, when Sam tries out her brand-new motorcycle for the first time, riding on it happily, it is leading to the events of Sam & Cat. Sam and Cat is a crossover (when characters from two different shows combine together or meet), spin off and sequel of both iCarly and Victorious. In this show, Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande reprised their roles as Sam and Cat respectively and the series shows how they live and interact with each other. Special guest stars from iCarly and Victorious also reprised their roles to make this TV series more of a sequel. The story of Sam and Cat takes place directly after the events at the end of iCarly. Ever since Carly Shay moved to Italy with her father (in the series finale of iCarly), Sam Puckett has been touring the West Coast on her motorcycle and stops in Venice, Los Angeles. She witnesses Cat Valentine being thrown into the back of a garbage truck and rescues her. They become friends and Cat convinces her to become roommates after Cat's cheerful and supportive grandmother Nona moves to a retirement home called Elderly Acres. To make money rather than getting traditional after-school jobs, Sam and Cat form an after-school babysitting business called "Sam and Cat's Super Rockin' Funtime Babysitting Service", which leads them into a series of comical adventures. Besides Nona, other people involved in their lives are Dice, their next door neighbor who is notorious for aiding people for money, and Goomer, a dim-witted professional MMA fighter whom Dice manages

    There is an iCarly revival that will air on June 17 2021 on Paramount Plus Edit



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