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  • As a new comer this was Jeethu Joseph's first experiment.But it failed as a commercial success.But later the home video release made people realize that the movie was one of the kind.

    Movie start with the politician Suresh Gopi(Mohan Kumar)&the death of his wife.he was arrested for the murder.lately detective suresh gopi(Shyam Prasad) come for the investigation..I don;t know why they used double role here.The investigation will thrill with the twist of each segments...The movie's highlight is the ending and the way he killed.The suspense will struck you.

    The casting was good.As we all know Suresh Gopi was it his best the supporting role of Jagathy as a comedian was also good. Jeethu Joseph's script and direction made the movie to its best.

    I don't know why the movie failed.By the low promotion and the absence of songs may be the reasons.The movie is a must watch for every viewers who have a good taste in investigative thriller..

    P.S:If the movie was released in 2014 the movie will cover up all box-office record of Malayalam movie..sure!!
  • This is one of Jeethu Joseph classic suspense movie added with some good performance of Suresh Gopi. Screenplay is well crafted supported by the storyline. Climax scene could have been better had this been kept in close group.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched this movie recently and I got surprised. The movie is such a treat for the suspense movie lovers I don't know why the movie doesn't became a box office hit. I assure that the movie will not dissapoint you movie is a must watch for the suspense movie lovers.o