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Thoughtful, moving, and Bettany is brilliant. To be reminded of the power of love to redeem and repair, catch Creation.
Ray Bennett The Hollywood Reporter
Amiel's greatest achievement is that Creation is a deeply human film with moments of genuine lightness and high spirits to go with all the deep thinking.
Ernest Hardy L.A. Weekly
Creation's power lies in its layers, in the way it makes distinctions between religion and faith, and the ways it beautifully (save for one clunky bit of overexplanation) lays out the similarities between religion and science.
Dennis Harvey Variety
Isn't about science vs. faith so much as that well-worn dramatic hook, the loss of a child.
Noel Murray The A.V. Club
What begins as a multilayered tale of scientific discovery and cultural history gets reduced to a single maudlin idea: that even Charles Darwin had to evolve.
Ty Burr Boston Globe
There are good performances and fleeting moments of exquisite moviemaking, but the experience as a whole is an evolutionary dead end.
Owen Gleiberman Entertainment Weekly
One of those tepid, genteel biopics that's far too busy ennobling its hero to bother giving him any recklessly interesting personality traits.
Anthony Lane The New Yorker
As a journey through Darwin's discoveries, Creation fails, although, given the intricacy and the patience of his working methods, it is hard to imagine how such a film might succeed.
Betsy Sharkey Los Angeles Times
The prospect that this role would officially shift Bettany to a bigger stage, taking him from the character roles that have become his specialty to leading man status, dies a sort of Darwinian death from bad plotting.
Joshua Rothkopf Time Out
There are sparks here that suggest the smarter movie a more scientifically minded director--say, David Cronenberg--might have made.

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