Kerri: [to Larry] Run!

Kerri: Come on, Scott, last one's in gotta pitch the tent.

Thad: Uh, Larry's already pitching a tent.

Kerri: Yeah, I can tell by the way you guys are wresting around in the water.

Sadie Bickerman: There's Max. I named him after my late husband. 'Cause he was always hungry like Max was. Uh, then there's, um, George Jr. Named after the president, 'cause he was slow too. And the last one was big girl Martha. Martha Stewart. Pretty tough bird in her own right.

Emily: How do you know she's female?

Sadie Bickerman: She got a mean streak I ain't never seen in no man. Also... I caught George Jr. trying to stick it to her one night on the shore.

Kerri: I hope this all didn't scare you out of town.

Scott Riley: Me? Nah. I'm still here for the Summer. Not sure how much time I'm gonna down spend by the lake, though.

Kerri: Tell me about it. Boston College is looking a lot more inviting now.

Scott Riley: Not too many crocodiles on those streets. Mostly just drunks. But don't worry, they don't bite.

Sheriff James Riley: [jump scene with sudden ominous music but only a rabbit appears; then Sheriff says in an Elmer Fudd voice...] I *hate* that wabbit!

Sadie Bickerman: [to Sheriff Riley] Get lost, Barney Miller!

[last lines]

Emily: No talking about ex wives or crocodiles. Deal?

Sheriff James Riley: Deal.

Sadie Bickerman: Don't get eaten.

Larry: [to Scott] Oh my God, we're gonna die, man!

Scott Riley: What the?