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  • Amongst the true die-hard fanatics of trashy grindhouse exploitation/horror cinema, a select but obsessive alliance of which I'm a proud member, the comeback of writer/director Frank Hennenlotter was pretty much of one the most anticipated events of the new millennium. The legendary director of trash-classics like "Brain Damage" and "Frankenhooker" hadn't made any films since the disappointing sequels to his classic "Basket Case" in the early 90's. It may have taken Hennenlotter 16 years to direct another film, but he certainly hasn't lost his sense of tastelessness yet. Quite the contrary, I'd say, "Bad Biology" is probably the trashiest and most lurid film in many years. Not bad for a nearly 60-year-old director who hasn't been active in all those years. Right from the opening monologue already, you know exactly what type of movie this will be. A young girl, named Jennifer, enlightens us about her unusual anatomic condition: "I was born with seven clits". The poor girl is sexually insatiable, obviously, and often becomes so involved in the act that she murders her bed partners. If that isn't enough yet, she also gives birth to creepy mutant babies barely two hours after intercourse. With her job as erotic photographer, Jennifer comes into contact with her male antipole. Batz has a monstrous penis, a result of steroid overdose as a teenager, with a mind and sex hunger of its own. The penis causes prostitutes to have orgasms that last hours and goes out alone at night for a raping stroll.

    Although I overall really enjoyed my viewing of "Bad Biology", I can't say it was the successful return feature that I wanted it to be. The film contains a handful of terrific basic ideas (like the mutant babies) and some hilarious sequences (throbbing penis penetrates walls), but the wholesome feels somewhat too forced. Hennenlotter tries a little too hard to demonstrate that he is still his old sick-in-the-head self or even that he has become even more perverted during his absence. The main storyline, appropriately described in the tagline as "one god-awful love story" is too thin and Hennenlotter doesn't succeed in holding the viewer's attention until the ending. The wannabe blackly comical jokes and situations often miss their effect and the script is actually at its funniest when reverting to blunt and tasteless images, like a POV shot from inside a vagina or the sight of a man wrestling with his own penis. "Bad Biology" is gory enough to satisfy trash-lovers, with some stupendously over-the-top and gratuitous make-up effects and crazy scenery. Even at barely 85 minutes of playtime, the film contains quite a lot of pointless padding footage, like a couple of teenagers discussing legendary porn star John Holmes in a snack bar and a couple of crack-addicted junkies arguing to each other. All the players were amateurs with zilch experience, so I guess the acting – albeit very bad – could even have been a lot worse. I'm glad Hennenlotter returned, and I enjoyed his bonkers film a lot more than I enjoyed the nowadays overload of remakes and stupid teen slashers, but regretfully his comeback isn't the trash-triumph it could have been.
  • For those of you who know who Frank Henenlotter is, I have no pity for you. Absolutely none. You walked into this movie, knowing it was going to be trashy, gory, full of twisted eroticism, and without any socially redeeming value. And, yet, here you are, shocked after having seen Bad Biology. All I can say is: shame on you. Shame on you for being offended. Shame on you for watching it. Shame on you for saying, "I liked Frankenhooker, but..." Come on! Give me a break. Frankenhooker wasn't some cinematic masterpiece. It was awesome for what it was, and that's all. If this movie pushed the boundaries too far, then I can't wait to see what you say when you watch Henenlotter's next movie, should we be blessed with another.

    For those of you who don't know who Frank Henenlotter is, I'd probably caution you against watching this movie, unless you're already familiar with grindhouse/trash cinema, such as Lloyd Kaufman and John Waters. While I think some of the exaggerated (and somewhat melodramatic) reactions are funny, it's probably better to be safe than sorry, when it comes to such transgressive art. Rape, murder, and abortion are all played for laughs. Does that offend you? Good -- that means that you don't suffer from whatever mental illness makes the rest of us laugh. Go in peace, and know that you're normal, in at least this one area. Even if you're a social deviant who has no sacred cows, then I'd still suggest that you wait until watching some of Henenlotter's other movies before you watch this one, because it's a rather stark and offensive introduction. Frankenhooker, Brain Damage, and Basket Case would all be good starting points and would be much more gentle introductions to Henenlotter. If you like his style, then come back and try this movie. You might not like it, you might be offended, or maybe you'll think he was trying too hard, but at least you'll have been a bit more informed about the director's style and sick sense of humor.

    Honestly, I didn't think it was all that offensive or transgressive, but that's probably because I'm desensitized. If you consider yourself a sensitive person (or a person of good taste and refinement), then this probably isn't a good movie to watch. Instead, I'd suggest something a bit more mainstream, like Waters' later work (Crybaby, Hairspray, Serial Mom, Pecker, etc). While still brilliant and subversive, these movies don't quite push social boundaries like Pink Flamingos or Bad Biology.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    God bless the mad genius that is Frank Henenlotter, who has given us such cult classics as "Basket Case", "Brain Damage", and "Frankenhooker". His ideas are often wonderfully wild and here they're particularly outrageous, and sexually charged. Here he puts his own spin on the romantic comedy by creating a genuine pair of outsiders as the couple destined to get together: Jennifer (Charlee Danielson) and Batz (Anthony Sneed). These two are total sexual freaks; she's desperately searching for sexual fulfilment and that extra special relationship, he's obliged to deal with an enormous mutated penis with which he can actually have conversations (sort of like Duane and Belial in "Basket Case"). If reading this synopsis hasn't already put you off, and in fact intrigues you, you're likely to love the in your face raunchiness and relentless crudeness that this movie delivers. It does get a little tedious at points but thankfully still comes through with some memorable scenes. It's just way too hysterical to watch the climactic action; it won't be spoiled here, but it's got to delight at least some of the trash fans watching. And on the way to that bit of insanity, we're treated to as much nudity as viewers can want, in addition to the ridiculous sight of models wearing vagina masks (you read that correctly). Subtle this movie is not, but it is damned good fun. Leads Danielson and Sneed are incredibly sincere, and Danielson remains an entertaining performer to watch, as she provides narration and even does a bit of fourth wall breaking. Henenlotter fans will also appreciate the brief appearance of his longtime collaborator, actress Beverly Bonner. Gabe Bartalos's special effects are priceless, guaranteed to keep the audience in stitches. Overall, some viewers can see this as immature, yes, but its wacky sensibility is something sadly missing from a lot of more mainstream comedies. Eight out of 10.
  • Known for his own brand of body horror, usually involving forms of parasite and their symbiotic relationship with mostly male protagonists, Frank Henenlotter has not directed a feature film since 1992's Basket Case 3, a sequel to his excellent debut feature Basket Case (1982). Whilst his previous work focused on male stories of addictions and afflictions largely involving strange parasites, detached, mutated brothers, and one creating and manipulating using substance addiction, Bad Biology's focus is on a young woman, Jennifer (Charlee Danielson), who has a very unique affliction that she has learnt to control.

    Jennifer has an incredible amount of clitoris's, and is overly sexual. Her biology is also accelerated which leads to her giving birth to malformed premature babies two hours after having sex. Her main goal in life is to feed this high sexuality, but psychologically she really wants love, but her deformities hold this back. This is until, of course, she stumbles on a reclusive man who suffers from an equally weird affliction, and a penis that has it's own consciousness.

    It is typical Henenlotter, with the right amount of gross-out horror involving mutant cocks and gruesome, deaths. His brand of body horror (unlike David Cronenberg's style) has an abundance of spot on humour. Bad Biology is not his greatest film by a long shot, but it does pass by quickly, and is often very fun. OK, so the special effects are completely silly, and seems not to have progressed since his original Basket Case, but the stop-motion, detached phallus, eating though walls, is still repulsively amusing.
  • You know, I'm still trying to think of how to review this movie. It's disgusting as hell, and also about as sleazy as you can get, but that's exactly what Frank Henenlotter was shooting for, and he exceeds as always. We start with the story of a woman that has seven clits, and is constantly getting off, or looking to get off. And not only that, but after each time she gets it on with a guy, she has a mutant baby within two hours, which she just flat out discards. Now that should be enough, but nope, there is also a dude that has a huge penis that pretty much thinks for itself, and requires constant stimulation to keep the dude from going insane. So he has this jerking off machine which is a hoot, and also plenty of drugs from his fixer to keep him totally screwed up, which helps in handling his huge, and I mean HUGE monster penis. So here we have, a woman with a 24 hour a day sex drive, and a man with the male equivalent. Perfect match so you say?? Not so fast.... By the time they meet, the monster prick has taken off on its own, leaving the poor dude behind. Yep, a monster prick that goes around searching for women, and having not much of a problem finding them. So how does this all end? Well, that's why you watch the movie. Frank Henenlotter is definitely a unique filmmaker, with a few of the most amazing gore films ever made, and I love his work. This movie is a little different, because it was basically written by a rap artist, who is also the producer. The commentary explains all of that, because it's him and Frank doing the talking, and they seem to be having fun. Many of the roles in the film are also rap artists, and the music is pretty much all rap or close to it. It doesn't make much difference, because there are so many naked gorgeous women mostly with large breasts in this movie, that I didn't pay a lot of attention to the music. Some people might almost call this movie soft porn, and I doubt the filmmakers would disagree, but it does have a big Frank Henenlotter blood and gore element to it, and also all that strangeness we find in only his movies. For me, I like it, it's certainly a lot better than "Black Devil Doll", which I have still not reviewed. Those two movies are really not that similar, but they do both feature a lot of naked women with large breasts. Soooo, yes, you definitely need to have this one in your collection, if for no other reason, than it's a Frank Henenlotter film, and those are far and few between, which is sad to me, because it is definitely a one of a kind.
  • "I was born with seven clits." That's all the real info about this movie you're going to find in this review. That is the opening line in Frank Henenlotter's long awaited return to film making. With a script by R.A. Thorburn, this film is all kinds of twisted, and if you're a fan of either artist's work, you're going to have a good time. This is the kind of movie that you're going to watch, and realize you'll never see anything like it again. It's that unique, and that makes it a hard film not to like.

    Shot on 35mm, the film looks fantastic. With a location in a 23 room mansion in Brooklyn that once belonged to cult figure Father Divine, this film's aesthetics will not disappoint. And with appearances by some of hip hop's most talented artists, this film hits on so many levels. The soundtrack, put together by Prince Paul, complements the way the film was shot, these elements create a style of horror that I honestly have not really seen much of, well save "Leprechaun in the Hood," or its disappointing sequel "Leprechaun : Back 2 tha Hood." That's a reference to a series that Gabe Bartalos did some great work for that seemed appropriate, but in reality, it's in a league of it's own, and I should feel ashamed for comparing it to those two films in any way, shape, or form.

    The special effects from Gabe Bartalos are going to leave a mark on you, possibly making you feel like you need to take a cold shower when you get home. But, while you are under that cold water, you'll realize this movie will not leave your head. It will invade you much like something you'll see in a pretty ridiculous, in a good way, montage, you'll know what I mean when you see it. Speaking of which, I don't know when it will be released, but when it is, I would suggest seeking this film out. I think this film has earned my 10, and I think you'll find yourself wanting to see it again, and again, simply put, a modern day cult classic.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Henenlotter returns after a long hiatus to give us this poorly directed and horribly acted poop. Charlee Danielson is the lead and she's gawdawful, speeding through her narration like a crystal meth queen at a Gay pride white party. The screaming babies are hilarious BUT Danielson, who dominates the movie, is grating and nothing worth looking at.

    The movie is about a girl with a seven clitoris vagina whose insatiable appetite for sex is fueled by a bizarre hormone abnormality that causes her to give birth to mutants in a two hour span. She goes through an extended catalog of lovers, who end up dead and/or unwilling participants in her pretentious photographic portraits of themselves in the middle of orgasm. She can't tame her wild beast and she ultimately seeks a goal to get f*cked by God. It could've been much funnier, disturbing and enjoyable if only the direction wasn't so lazy and the acting atrocious.

    I truly hate being disappointed by movies made by filmmakers whose past work I love and respect. BRAIN DAMAGE, BASKET CASE and especially FRANKENHOOKER are really great and enjoyable throwbacks to the era of 42nd Street cinema laced with a wild sense of humor. But after 15 years of waiting for Mr. Henenlotter to make another movie, this result is so abysmal, so wretched, that disappointment could only trigger an ejaculation of the black sperm of disappointment. Shame on you, Frank!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As much as I enjoyed "Basket Case" and "Frankenhooker," I thought "Bad Biology" was a disappointing mess. It seemed to be working very hard at attempting to shock, but just came across as crude and poorly thought out instead. The lead actress overacts ridiculously and a great deal of the movie didn't make sense to me... (possible minor spoilers ahead) as an example, how does a man's penis disengage itself from his body in order to attempt to terrorize/rape unsuspecting women? The prop itself looked ridiculously fake and unreal, like something out of a bad fifties or sixties horror flick, and maybe that was intended; but in this day and age of CGI, it's just not campy enough to work anymore. I was even able to spot a shot that had some jumpy stop-animation as it crawled across the floor. On the plus side, the lighting and cinematography were beautifully done; but the plot itself seemed so convoluted and unsure of where it was going that it ruined the film. I'm sure a lot of viewers will find this movie reminds them of "Teeth..." the difference between a great picture like that one and "BB" is a well-thought out script and some fabulous acting from a good-looking actress.
  • In the late 80s, cult horror auteur Frank Henenlotter got a bad case of sequelitis, churning out two follow-ups to his low-budget masterpiece of splatter Basket Case in quick succession. Then he virtually disappeared.

    Now, after a sixteen year hiatus from movie directing, he's finally back with something original—and my god, do I mean original!! Opening with the amazing line 'I was born with seven clits', the latest offering from Henenlotter is completely insane from the word go—a fabulously fun and filthy farrago of sordid sex, crazy violence and insatiable, self-conscious genitalia that is without a doubt the director's sleaziest effort so far.

    Charlee Danielson plays Jennifer, the owner of the aforementioned multi-buttoned beaver, whose bizarre biology causes her to feed on orgasms and give birth to partially-formed mutant babies just two hours after sex. Understandably a little unbalanced, Jennifer has developed an uncontrollable rage that sometimes results in the death of her sexual partners. What she really needs is someone equipped to fully satisfy her urges... someone like Batz (Anthony Sneed) whose penis has grown to massive proportions after being repeatedly injected with a cocktail of drugs (many of which were designed for use on farm animals!).

    Obviously, with a demented plot like that, Bad Biology is aimed at those discerning movie lovers who enjoy their entertainment 'out-there', and they will definitely not be disappointed: Henenlotter's bonkers script sees Jennifer enthusiastically work her way through several lovers, leave her screaming new born babies abandoned in the trash, and bash in one poor guy's head with a bedside lamp, pausing occasionally to apologise for her behaviour. Meanwhile, Batz wrestles with his prehensile member, tries to score obscure drugs from a local dealer, straps himself into a massive piston-driven sex toy for some fun, and causes a hooker to go into a never-ending spasm of pleasure. Eventually, his member detaches itself to go in search of action on its own, before locating Jennifer and allowing her to experience a state of rapture.

    Given the bizarre nature of his films, Henenlotter has always had to fund his own work, and unfortunately, this time around, the lack of cash is obvious, with the film having a nasty, cheap look to it (despite reportedly being shot on 35mm film), and a cast who could do with a few more acting lessons. Other than that, however, the film is just too weird not to love: Gabe Bartalos, the man who made Henenlotter's lovable creatures Belial and Aylmer, is once again responsible for some rather shonky creations, including Jennifer's mutant snatch and Batz's thrashing schlong, but somehow the naffness of the effects only makes them more endearing (hell, I've almost forgiven the man for directing Skinned Deep); there's wall-to-wall nudity from a bevy of fit women (including a photo-shoot featuring topless models wearing vagina masks); and the film ends with the birth of a walking penis baby!! Now don't tell me that hasn't piqued your interest...
  • At the center of Bad Biology is a girl who has not one but multiple pleasure centers. As a result she tells us she is a true nymphomaniac. She also has an accelerated metabolism which causes her to give birth minutes after getting pregnant. She just discards the little monsters. During the daytime she is a professional and edgy photographer.

    We also learn about a guy who has a problem with his genitals. He injects steroids in them and as a result his organ now is a drug addict with a mind of its own.

    These two were born to meet. And they do. But unfortunately for her, at that point, his organ has detached from his owner to look for girls, since he is too shy. But eventually the two will meet.

    Bad Biology is among all the "extreme" movies indeed quite wild and extreme. It's also a very adolescent and fun movie. But it's a bit unpleasant at first. There is no shortage of story and script here, as plenty of actors engage in long monologues delivered as fast as possible. Sometimes you do get the impression that the lines are more rapped than spoken and indeed there were a lot of rappers involved in Bad Biology- starting with the writer/producer/actor. But it does get tiring when everybody is talking so much. For a movie about these sort of themes, there should have been a lot more nudity though. It's late in the movie when we finally get some nice nudity. Our two lead characters are likable but of course some of their actions make little sense. The effects are alright, but the look of the movie overall is a bit cheap. Bad Biology does win you over eventually with its enthusiasm and uncompromising outrageousness. It is radical and different but less serious, for fans of extreme movies in the vein of Dead Girl and A Serbian Film.
  • ...and that's about all you need to know about the plot.

    Dudes & dudettes, BAD BIOLOGY is about 100% pure Henenlotter. Almost a little like TEETH on drugs & steroids. If you're a fan of his previous movies (probably BRAIN DAMAGE in particular), then you won't be disappointed. People who aren't a fan, they shouldn't even think about trying to watch this. It's totally crazy, though it doesn't have much over-the-top humor in it like FRANKENHOOKER had (but it does have a few hilarious scenes). It's gross, outrageous, offensive and funny, with a much more "indie" feel to it than you'd expect from Henenlotter. Lots of nudity too, haha! And Gabriel Bartalos provided once again deliciously nasty special effects. BAD BIOLOGY had me thinking: Screw lame PG-13 stuff - because that's what I like to call it - like ONE EYED MONSTER; BAD BIOLOGY does all the things ONE EYED MONSTER didn't have the balls to do. You'll understand that when you see it.

    There was a time, many moons ago, in particular after I had watched the first BASKET CASE (for the first time), when I thought Frank Henenlotter made bad movies. Well, I was wrong and he doesn't. He makes his *own* movies, and the only work he seems influenced by, is that of himself. And that's not to say the man repeats himself. No, it feels like with every movie he surpasses himself on at least some levels. And it's no different with BAD BIOLOGY. Also, this film has a weird way of telling its story. Especially during the first half hour, Charlee Danielson (who plays Jennifer with the seven clits) often addresses herself straight to the audience in a monologue to give background information about her character. But you'll get used to it and things do not become boring. Both Henenlotter with his warped mind and Bartalos with his crazy effects made sure of that.

    If you watch it, make sure you listen to the lyrics of the rap-song featured on the end-credits. This film was mainly produced by a rapper (R.A., The Rugged Man), and his lyrics on that final song, are about the making of the movie. A lot of trivia stuff in there. I even learned Henenlotter was diagnosed with cancer, just prior to shooting the film. Also their lead actress bailed out, two weeks before shooting would commence. All the more kudos to actual leading lady Charlee Danielson (her part was the most demanding of all).
  • I just want to thank everyone who has supported this film (Bad Biology). It was a lot of fun doing this movie with Frank and RA the Rugged Man. These two guys have got the most twisted minds of anyone I have ever met. I play the hooker in the movie and I must say I had a lot of fun working on set. I met a lot of great people while filming this movie, the actress Charlie Danielson wonderful girl and Anthony Sneed great actor. He really gets into his scene. This was a great bunch of people to work with and I hope everyone enjoys this film. I wish we had more of the behind the scene footage, talk about a good Thanks again for everyone support. Lets keep making movies.
  • I just got back from the 2008 Phillyfest! There were some great movies there- South Korea's EPITAPH was refreshingly violent and THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM was awesome....but the best part of the festival was attending the screening for Frank Henenlotter's BAD BIOLOGY.

    It has been sixteen years since his last movie and Frank has only gotten more demented with age. This flick is totally hilarious and just as smart as you would expect a horror story to be by Henenlotter. This time Henelotter has teamed up with rapper R.A. "The Rugged Man" who co-wrote the script and contributes to the soundtrack. Once again Frank enlists the talents of one of the masters of Make-Up Special Effects - Gabe Bartalos (Matthew Barney's CREMASTER CYCLE and Kevin Tenney's BRAIN DEAD). Bartalos' creations are so out there yet completely complimentary to Frank's warped vision. It is proof once again that when Henenlotter and Bartalos are working together...WOW.

    It's great to have you back, Frank!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Director Frank Henenlotter is best known for his horror cult movies "Brain Damage" and "Basket Case". My favorite is "Brain Damage" which I still consider a classic. But it was "Basket Case" which spawned 2 sequels. Bad Biology is a mix between horror and comedy, just like Henenlotter's "Frankenhooker". But the combination rarely really works, and on "Bad Biology" it certainly doesn't. This was truly awful. From the moment the lead actress looks in the camera and talks about the deformed baby she just walked away from, 5 minutes into the story, the movie is shot. What a waste of time. No frights, no fun, just a below average cast (some are really annoying) and a dull story. The only real special effect is a spawned penis who attacks naked girls to have intercourse (this is not a joke, it really happens...).

    I have no idea what came over Mr. Henenlotter to direct this piece of s**t. Don't bother, even if you're a fan of the titles named above.
  • Whatever happened to Frank Henenlotter !!! ... He made 2 absolutely great cult movies ... Basket Case and Brain Dead are truly unique pieces of cult movie history ... I don't see any of that twisted humor and skewed vision in this awful mess ... It plays like a totally unfunny comedy sketch on some titty channel, stretched out into a feature length film, but with nothing to fill the extra time but more bare bossoms ... I have nothing against titties but quite frankly I found this practically unwatchable ... I sat through it in disbelief, expecting it to get better ... But it never did It is terrible to think that FH has lost his spirit ... And in fact I don't believe he has ... This is really a film mainly by his rapper mates, who put up the funding for it ... A sad fact ... But Frank, just make a film by yourself, cos this is a stinker The tag line reads A God Awful Love Story ... And that about sums it up
  • I'm not familiar Frank Henenlotter's work. I haven't seen any other of his movies. I watched this one because of the positive comments I found on IMDb. But believe me - watching this movie is complete waste of time. The plot is terrible, the acting is terrible (especially by Charlee Danielson), the special effects are (guess what?) terrible, and the music is simply annoying. The music seems to be made on a cheap keyboard by a person that doesn't know how to make music. It could be a great movie, because the idea for it is good, but there are too many things in it that make it not worth watching. This movie is utterly bad and I don't understand why some people should find it so great.
  • Look at your supposed "maestros" of the genre: Tobe Hooper (has made one good horror film), Sam Raimi (has only directed 4 horror films ever), Wes Craven (hahahaha!), George Romero (has directed some of the worst films ever -- Jesus, have you seen his half of "Two Evil Eyes"?!).... now look at Henenlotter: 6 BRILLIANT, off-the-wall, gory, amazing horror movies unlike anything else out there. It's good to have you back, Frank! Even though he hasn't made a movie in nearly 20 years, everything about this production felt like 100% Henenlotter. Artsy and hallucinatory visuals at times, strange in every way a horror film can be strange but still be considered horror, not to mention that this is fast-paced, to-the-point, and entertaining beyond belief. No filler whatsoever -- this is straight-up, hardcore Henenlotter, in your face, not giving you a chance to breathe.

    Also, in a stunning development, the directing/cinematography is better than it's ever been, the acting is top notch (featuring a female lead for the first time!), and the sex scenes are strangely hot. This whole film is extremely powerful... I can safely say there are some genuinely disturbing scenes you won't be able to get out of your head for a long time to come.

    This is just another ace in the hole for Henenlotter, who has made 6 amazing, arguably perfect horror films. So often, horror (as with any genre) is contrived, dull, made to appeal to the lowest common denominator. If you're the type who gets off to crapfests like "Saw" and a billion crappy horror movie remakes, this won't be your bag. However, if you like surreal, INTELLIGENT, and -- most importantly -- different horror, this is for you. A future classic and probably the best new film that's come out in forever.
  • kosmasp29 September 2008
    I'm just gonna write the very first spoken line of the movie: "I was born with 7 clits." Now if you feel offended or think this sounds like a really bad movie, than go ahead and try to find something else. But chances are, you are familiar with the directors work (Basket Case) and maybe even the writers work (another user here, "scarysoccermom" or something is his nick, writes that the writer is kinda famous too, and I'm believing him/her) ...

    This is pure Trash and it does well know about it. From characters talking directly to the audience (therefor breaking the so-called "Fourth Wall"), up to the ludicrous plot and other dialogue, this is more than self-aware. This can also be hard to watch for some, I guess. But I kinda got infected by the fun the cast and crew seemingly had while making this movie. Don't watch it, thinking it's a horror movie though ... ;o)
  • Very good, very good indeed. It seems that Mr. Henenlotter's 16 years away from the director's chair has not dulled him one bit. If anything, it has only made him sharper.

    This movie refuses to pull any punches, every time you think it can't possibly top what you have just seen it does just that. Tops itself that is.

    I do understand that this may not be everyone's cup of tea though. It is a Frank Henenlotter movie after all and perhaps his most gleefully depraved one at that.

    Here's hoping that it does not take another 16 years before get another Henenlotter movie.

    See this movie humans.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Bad Biology is set in New York where Jennifer (Charlee Danielson) lives & works as a fashion photographer, Jennifer is unique in that she has at least seven clits & a large sex drive. However normal men don't really satisfy her, after having sex she usually kills the man & then gives birth to a mutant bay within two hour's which she then leaves to die. Jennifer is only looking for love & happiness & when she finds Batz (Anthony Sneed) during a photo shoot Jennifer believes she has found the answer to her prayers. Batz has a huge penis, a penis created by pumping it full of hormones but the penis has developed a mind of it's own & will stop at nothing to satisfy itself & it's sexual desires...

    Co-written & directed by cult filmmaker Frank Henenlotter I personally though Bad Biology was crude, juvenile rubbish that is neither scary with it's terrible looking living killer penis nor funny with it's constant sex gags. The script is certainly different, Bad Biology could be described as some twisted romantic comedy horror that fails miserably on all fronts. You can probably tell already that I didn't like Bad Biology, the jokes are lame, next to nothing happens apart from unfunny monologues by unlikable character's & it doesn't seem to have any real purpose. At just over 80 minutes long at least it's quite short & if you can get into the story & character's & find the school-ground humour funny then you might enjoy Bad Biology but for anyone looking for a good film with a decent story & some intelligence & dignity then you will probably dislike it as much as I did. I can't say that I laughed or even smiled once during Bad Biology, I just thought it's lame bad taste humour & random plot that lacks a strong central story added up to a waste of 80 odd minutes.

    Much more restrained than Henelotter's previous films Bad Biology is far more interested in sex & nudity than blood & gore. There are lots of naked bodies on show & several (lame) sex scenes that means it's probably not wise to watch this in your room on your own as people pass outside the door & constantly hear sexual grunting & groaning! The killer penis stop motion animation at the end is poor but at least it's not CGI. One-Eyed Monster (2008) is a much better & funnier killer penis sex comedy (look at that, your wait ages for a killer penis film & then two turn up in the same year...). In a cinematic first Bad Biology is probably the only film that has a 'Victim Photos by' credit during the opening titles.

    Probably shot on a low budget most of Bad Biology was apparently filmed in the supposedly haunted Brooklyn mansion that had belonged to preacher Father Divine. Quite well made for what it is I suppose but nothing special, the acting is alright & there are some nice looking girls here I suppose. A lot of the minor roles are filled by rappers.

    Bad Biology is a childish sex comedy that tries to crank up the bad taste & crude sexual humour but it came across as unfunny & rather pointless. If this sort of lowest common denominator humour appeals to you then Bad Biology might be worth watching but if not then give it a miss.
  • Bad Biology is a weird one. The story itself is okay. It's perverse, imaginative and just plain screwy. But when put on film, it's a unfunny, kinda boring flick that felt like it tried too hard. There are some ideas that would be better to be put on paper format, and some on celluloid. Bad Biology would have been a great novella, but a 90 minute flick with bad unlikeable characters, mediocre writing with jokes that fall flat every which way, and ridiculous but still unfunny situations, the story all but fails. There's a lot of nudity, that's the plus side.

    The story is supposed to be a "God Awful Love Story", but it's anything but. It's basically just two freaks who end up meeting one another, and there is zero love anywhere. Just that dumb chick speaking to the camera on how she's special, which I guess, is supposed to make us think she deserves love. The dude barely pays attention to her. I know it's supposed to be an awful love story, but there's zero love in it. It's a god awful sex story, that's for sure.

    I had high hopes for Hennenlotter's latest because it did sound pretty good. If the movie had any chance of succeeding it would have been in the comedy department. A recent flick that's slightly horror/comedy like this that did a much better job was Teeth. Instead of revolving around the two freaks, they should have focused more on the freak babies. Eh, whatever. Besides the plethora of nudity it was also fun seeing Rude Jude from Jenny Jones.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Story: The story follows Charlee Danielson (that's the allegedly actress' name, not the character's name, fyi) and Anthony Sneed, a guy and girl who are sexually enhanced at the biological level. The story follows their attempts to fit into society with their physical problems and their search for sexually compatible partners that don't die immediately after the experience.

    I have to give Henelotter, who wrote and directed this movie, props for coming up with an intriguing story. The statements made through this movie about how sex is treated in society are fairly valid, and the humor is extremely morbid and over the top. This movie is in a similar vein to Teeth, but goes much, much further, which is also its dividing point. I know many people who couldn't sit through Teeth, and they don't have a chance with this movie. B

    Acting: The acting isn't bad, as I've certainly seen much, much worse in the B-horror scene. It should be noted that this movie employs several porn actors and actresses, probably because of the sheer quantity of sex in this movie, and none of it is implied: We see everything. But, the two main players get the job done well. Props to both. B

    Direction: I understand that Frank Henenlotter has a very close following and that his movies are typically strange, but this is the first movie of his that I've seen. I spent of the movie laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of what I was seeing, and I hope that's what I was supposed to be doing. If so, then he accomplished his job. Additionally, the movie made me feel damn uncomfortable watching it, and I would never, ever watch this with my mother. Again, he was probably going for shock value, and I can't fault him for that, but I do think it will be too much for most mainstream movie fans and probably even most casual horror fans. C

    Visuals: I've seen pornographic movies with just about the same quantity of sex and nudity as can be found in this movie. There are nude males and nude females. And, (SPOILER ALERT) there's also a giant monster penis in this movie. It's stop animated. We get to see lots of it. Close ups, wide shots, point of view shots, all different views of of the giant penis monster. If you're not okay with that, then you shouldn't watch this movie. If you're okay with it or intrigued by it, then this movie is for you. (SPOILERS OVER, YOU MAY OPEN YOUR EYES) B

    Overall: Based on the grades I'm giving each segment of this movie, you'd probably think that I liked it, right? Well, not really. It did what it set out to do, and I commend it for that. The sheer audacity of making a movie like this has earned this writer/director my respect, and even though I like the idea of this movie, when viewed. . . it's not what I'd really call enjoyable experience. I definitely like the concept better than the viewable product. So, should you watch it? Maybe. I saw it once. I doubt I'll ever watch it again. If you're at that weird cross section of wanting to see sexual liberation in movies, deep metaphors in movies, and lots and lots of gross out disgusting things in movies, then see it. If the concept intrigues you but you're concerned about how it plays out, I'd say watch it if you can find it for less than three dollars, or if they happened to be playing it at the horror movie convention that you're at, like I was when I saw it. C
  • This 2008 sex horror from Frank Hennenlotter is billed as "A God-awful love story" and, to be fair, this is one of few things the filmmaker has got right. It resembles not so much a movie as it does a joke in which the punchline is too long coming. Way to long: 85 minutes in fact. The joke's preamble involves a woman born with too many clitorises (clitorii?) who, oversexed to the point of homicide, seeks satisfaction with a man possessing a giant, drug-addicted and self-aware penis.

    At this point it would be understandable for a potential viewer to resolve to see this oddity of a film. After all, it can't possibly live up to this described level of weirdness, can it? And if so, surely it's worth a look? Well, yes and no – yes it is that weird, yet somehow it manages to eschew originality in any way, shape or form: dialogue is hackneyed, despite the subject matter; characters offer nothing new, other than their biological oddities; camera-work and direction remain bog-standard and bare-minimum.

    This is a film completely unlike any other, but which fails to stand out whatsoever
  • Frank Henenlotter the writer/director who brought us Basket Case, Brain Damage and Frankenhooker makes a much anticipated comeback with 'Bad Biology' and doesn't disappoint one bit. The very first line of the movie is "I was born with seven clits" and it just gets more and more messed up as the movie progresses. His lowest budget movie with terrible actors and appalling special effects but none of that matters in the slightest.

    I'd imagine that most people who see Bad Biology will consider it the most messed up movie they've ever seen. It's about sex addiction and the unlikely meeting of a woman with seven clits and a man with a monstrous penis with a mind of its own. It could viewed as dealing with sex addiction issues and an allegory of sex predators but most likely you'll just find it good, very silly fun.

    A random scene of a junkie chick looking for her "ziggy jig"(?) or something has me in fits of laughter every time as do the penis attack scenes and the vagina faces photoshoot.

    It's a movie guaranteed to polarize it's audience. You'll either consider it sick, disgusting, tasteless trash that's a whole world of wrong, or, if you have a particularly perverse sense of humour, revel in the sick mind of Frank Henenlotter in this glorious return to form.

    Brain Damage was always my favourite movie of his but now I think I may actually like this one best.
  • Between the directors which are considered to be "cult",very few are as deserving of that qualifier as Frank Henenlotter.Although his career started 27 years ago,his filmography is relatively short; nevertheless,his bizarre vision and indomitable independent spirit can be found on every one of his movies,from the extraordinary Basket Case (which tells the story of a young man who tries to control the homicide tendencies from his Siamese brother) to Frankenhooker,which is about exactly what its title suggests : a monster which is constructed with the parts of various murdered hookers.His most recent film had been Basket Case 3,which was made in 1992,and since then we had not had the pleasure to see another of his twisted fables,due to the fact that Henenlotter was busy as a collaborator in the movie distribution company Something Weird Video,which resurrects and preserves forgotten horror films.Fortunately,in 2008,Henenlotter came back to directing with the absolutely fascinating movie Bad Biology,a macabre but brilliant romantic story which confirms Henenlotter has not lost his subversive attitude in 16 years of inactivity.Bad Biology is as grotesque and depraved as it seems after reading its storyline.However,it would be a very big mistake to put it next to pieces of crap like Gutterballs or Amateur Porn Star Killer,which show graphic sex scenes as the last resource to draw attention,because they completely lack of any narrative or cinematographic attributes.Bad Biology uses its perverse story to make a reflection about the modern interpretation of sexuality,and also criticizing the frivolous attitudes and generalities which are promoted about those subjects.I truly think Bad Biology is an art movie,because it promotes different messages to leave the spectator thinking and discussing.Some people may consider the characters from this movie as crude exaggerations,but I consider them as ingenious satirical and didactic tools which evoke real situations.On some aspects,I would consider Henenlotter as an hybrid between directors Lloyd Kaufman and David Cronenberg,because he uses the amateur (I do not say it as a bad element) performances from the first one and the sober analysis of the repulsive humanity from the second one.Bad Biology is the most clear example from that combination in Henenlotter's filmography.Of course,this is not a movie for everyone,but I recommend it with a lot of enthusiasm to the brave lovers of the cinema who want to see an absolutely fascinating combination of laughs,blood,perversion...and intelligent reflection.Bad Biology is an extraordinary movie which hides a lot of interesting messages under its surface.I just hope Henenlotter will not last another 16 years for making his next movie.
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