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  • this movie was in my eyes a better movie than the first two. it had a great storyline and something i could connect with: bullying. its about a girl who was bullied in school tried to kill herself but survived and through her hate the spirit mimmiko took over her self and tried to discard of her classmates that some bullied her and some didn't. her best friend emiri always tried to stop her which she did. this movie saddened me not through all the deaths but the ending. when she sees her boyfriend die saving her and than her best friend taking her too the sea finally and her being catatonic and her best friend staying with her in that state :(. this is the 3rd movie of the series and i was thinking it would be stinkorama. thats what i get for following hollywoods movies. the Japanese could probably do 10 more of these movies, which would be hard as its final, and i would probably end up loving it. The power of bullying and friendship is what makes this movie beautiful, people may diss it for lack of horror, lack of deaths, lack of evil. i went in wanting a great movie of horror. i ended up watching that and also a beautiful movie that will always have a place in my heart this is now on my top 5 lists of fave movies. seriously to hate this movie is to i cant even say :) just go watch this beautiful film
  • This whole trilogy consisted out of movies that never really reached its full potential. Still they must have done something right, or else they wouldn't had made three movies about it and even an American remake of the first movie got done.

    I have always liked the main premise of the 'Chakushin ari' movies, that can be described as a mixture of "The Ring" and the 'Final Destination' movies. Yet horror-wise they have always been lacking, due to its unnecessary complicated story-telling and approach.

    It's often hard to understand what is happening all but I must say that out of the three movies, this one is the best and easiest to follow. "Chakushin ari 2" was really the worst and the biggest mess, so my anticipations for this last and third movie were not that high. But actually I was pleasantly surprises to see how that had improved on things, such as its acting and story. This was perhaps the movie out of the entire series that I enjoyed watching the most.

    I still can't really see this movie pleasing most of the horror fans. It's definitely still lacking in that department, probably because the movie is trying to hard to be clever, while in fact it actually isn't being so at all. The movie actually gets quite ridicules at times and there are some moments in the movie, which I am not going to spoil, that almost completely ruined the movie.

    Enjoyed watching it but it wasn't anything great or impressive overall.

  • i watched all 3 of them and the action gradually builds up in the first, (very well done, outstanding even,no negative comments there regarding Chakushin Ari 1) in the second we're treated to a mix of horror-thriller fest, also very well done - i cant understand why Chakushin Ari 2 is so underrated :(- where the story stimulates the adrenalin even more, and now we come to the third one. i cant find anything negative about it, it has all the ingredients a horror-thriller flick needs in order to keep the viewer glued to the screen. nothing overly done as far as the acting goes, very well chosen sets, excellent script, excellent score and in this horror-thriller ride we're even treated to a bit of drama-romance, (keyko and that other guy i forgot his name:P) blended in perfectly with the on-going story. like i said it's the best of the trilogy and it's definitely worth at least a watch if not more. this is not your average slash-and-dash-Friday-night-video. it is a movie very well made, it is clearly visible the crew used their brains wisely when they set out on making it (as for the entire trilogy as well). and on top of all this we get a nice blend of final destination (also a great one, but just the first part for the sake of the originality of the story) touch added in. this is not a commercial film where all that counts is making money, no, this is (and of course money is also a part of the deal)a great treat to 100 % horror-thriller fest and it takes brains and devotion to a project to make it stand out from other "competitors" in the genre. (i'm talking about the entire trilogy, especially the final part) watch it people, you'll be in for the ride of your life. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have watched all the three chakushin ari series. Chakushin ari final might not be as good as the first two but was still wonderfully done. I have read many bad reviews about this excellent film, and I cant understand why people did not like this film. I thought it was done well in many aspects. I thought this film was definitely underrated and definitely deserved a higher score. The difference between this film and the first two is that this film focuses on the emotions of the characters and not the scares. This isn't a bad thing because the film is still interesting. Victims can actually forward the death messages to others to save their own lives. The teenagers in this film acted very well. This film has got 9 death scenes. 7 of them were done very well, 2 of them were funny(but silly). Every death scene is sort of unique from one another. I still found this film to be very scary especially the washing machine scene and the last death scene which the victim actually vomited blood. This film is good because you can actually sense the fear on the teenager's faces when they receive the death messages. They desperately do whatever it takes to save their own lives. People who love touching films would probably find this film to be the best one out of the series. For me I still love this film but I prefer the first and second. This film is as fast paced as the first one unlike the second film which was quite slowly paced. There were many many touching scenes at the end of the film that makes this film so successful. This is probably one of the most touching J-Horror film I have seen. This film does not really have much of the mystery elements that contribute to the scares but that doesn't matter. The film is still extremely nice to watch. I highly recommend this film. Score:9/10
  • it was definitely a good film with all the effects and like the extremely gross twisting things.

    What I don't understand is the plot of the movie. For example, i thought they stopped the whole thing from killing people, however, it's still got to kill another person?? I don't know if it's just all because of wrong subtitle or whatever, but it certainly is confusing.

    it's a really good horror film, and just come to think of it, it was just revenge what the girl was after.

    PS: did you realize everything used in this film from plot to props, were all on electronics stuff?
  • Being the third part of a trilogy, I am not too surprised by the amount of people who don't like this movie. As concluding entries go, it is quite typical. The feeling of the movie is completely different than the first two. The story seems to have very little to do with the previous movies and the parts that do seem to be taped onto the rest of the story.

    Despite all of this, I actually found myself enjoying this movie more than the previous ones. Unlike many Japanese horror movies, this one had a quick pace and comically bad effects.

    For me, it was enjoyable seeing the students freaking out over getting the text messages and doing all they could to prevent their fellow students from forwarding the messages to themselves. The story involving the antagonist was slightly flimsy, but this is to be expected in horror movies.

    I won't say much more about it. But I was thoroughly entertained. If you watch this movie assuming it is the typical closing chapter of a horror movie trilogy, you can enjoy it for those reasons. I, for one, loved it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Is that you might actually be amused if things turned out better than you thought it would. I am a sucker for any Asian horror movie, and I have been burned more than I would rather care. This third and final installment of One Missed Call franchise have me going in with lower than average expectation on this movie. I mean, come on, we pretty much know everything already, the cursed phone calls, the creepy ring tone, and the girl from beyond hell, but this movie actually is kind of fun to watch.

    In short, a group of Japanese (what else?) high school students is taking a field trip to South Korea before graduation, but they are missing one of their own. Asuka not long before the trip decided to hang herself in the dark and empty high school where all of her so-call friends have abused her without pity. (what's with Japanese and Korean school girls killing themselves in their school in all of the Asian-horror that I have seen?) Anyway, one of them is Emily, yes a western name for once. Emily seems to be the candidate for the heroine role. She seems to catch on as each member of the group began to drop dead and figuring out who is doing the bad deed. This time something new has sprung up, when a person receives the death call, he or she could forward the call onto another person, thus avoiding death him or herself.

    The role of Emily is played by Kuroki Meisa, a breath of fresh air in the world of J-horror I must say. She was able to carry out the role of Emily very well as with her ability to scream. Kudo to the director for casting this actress that's not like all other Japanese actresses in term of looks and acting skill. The special effects are on par with the first One Missed Call, but after watching the first two films, the scare factors have diminished greatly. The saving grace of the movie is the ability to forward the death call to another person turned the group into a pseudo-Lord of the Flies'ish savages where everybody is out to save him or herself. At the end of the movie things turns a bit melodramatic between Asuka and Emily and the ending is typical of all J-horror movies. Also, I still don't get why would the film be set in South Korea since so little of the locales was used in the film, unlike the One Missed Call 2, where the locales of Taiwanese island were used effectively.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The third installment of the Japanese horror franchise was written by franchise creator Yasushi Akimoto and directed by Manabu Asou.

    A high school student named PAM has been bullied so much that she hangs herself, but is saved and survives in a mental hospital while in a coma. Asuka Matsuda, her bullied friend, takes revenge by exposing their class to the cell phone curse as they travel on a field trip to Busan, South Korea. As each of the bullies gets a death text, they forward it on to try to escape the curse of Mimiko.

    This version of the story moves past voice calls and into the world of texts and private messages, keeping the curse of Mimiko vibrant and real as technology and culture evolves.

    Bullying is not an issue just in the U.S. This movie shows how it can cause people worldwide to not try to end their lives, but those of the people around them.
  • The plot is ok and I could've enjoyed it, it had potential, but the horrendous acting killed it! Especially from the main actors, the ones we have to look at in close-ups: the dead-fish stare with the eyes bugging out, the hyperventilating laborious wheezing breathing, the screaming.....OH MY GOSH, the screaming, you can see it coming a mile away, and you just get ready for it....the same garbage that's presented in pretty much every D-rated j-horror films just like this one. This film has no substance, over 2 hrs long, that's just too much of the wheezy screaming and bugged-out eyes for me. Just another lousy attempt to make those pop idols into actors, so someone can make a paycheck. Pass on this one, or check Wikipedia to get the run down on the story, if you really must know. In my opinion, the first one is still the best, the second-a complete mess, and this one is just unbearable. I've seen ratings 10 out of 10, really??!? Well, it takes all kinds...they must the idols' fans.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This was my favourite out of the 3 , it was just like Final Destination so much, i loved it . This was so much better then others and a lot more Fun.

    The plot The third and last of the One Missed call series. As in previous films in the series, violent deaths at a school are presaged by mysterious calls to the victims' cell phones.

    Investigation leads the remaining classmates to accuse one of their number of intentionally directing the cursed messages to others' phones using her computer. In the third movie the victims can send the curse to an other person and be saved but then the one who gets it gets killed.

    This movie as some really good deaths scenes, like Final Destination movies, Some of these were Funny. i am talking about the Death in the lift, that such a Classic, as it so so bloody funny.

    This movie is not scary at all, not even a little bit but i found this more of a comedy. The acting was so much better in this one then second one. The Best out of 3 and i going to rate this movie 8/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Bullied girl is in a coma after hanging herself due to the cruel ridicule and physical antics (pouring water on her and locking her in the bathroom stall, holding her down and messing with her hair, and heckling) of the rotten kids in her grade in high school. Although in a coma, she appears in her own room, at her computer, with a class picture with all the students. A specific curse, through the use of a cell phone that forewarns those sent it (a tune and "death message" arrive to those intended to possibly die), will be visited upon those who tormented this girl as we watch as they try to survive, either by forwarding the message (there is a "way out" that if you forward it to someone else you are freed from the curse) or making damn sure those with the message don't get the chance to send it to somebody else.

    That good ole mainstay--through the use of the supernatural, those who were cruel to somebody get it right back at them something worse--of bullying is always ripe for use in seeing victims get what's coming to them in the horror genre. Right at the beginning, the victimized girl, Asuka, earns our sympathy. Only Emiri, her best friend at one point before she decided (much to her regret) not to help out Asuka in all the horrible bullying, and Emiri's sweet deaf boyfriend, Jin-wo, really are the least bit worthy of any emotional investment in regards to the threat of the curse. Ultimately, the curse of Mimiko, a little girl who died of asthma, ends up explaining why Asuka is (or really isn't) able to inflict harm towards her tormentors. The low budget is quite obvious in the tacky (but charmingly amusing) death sequences (the power line electrical cord strangling is my favorite; but the choking and spitting out of chicken feathers is quite a laugher). Seeing the students doing whatever they can to save their own skin (one kid is rushed into a closet by other students who guard the door because he got the message, not letting him out as the ghoul breaks his fingers and eventually destroys him), and proving that friendship is the least of their concerns when it comes to survival, tells you all you need to know about how much they deserve to be mistreated.

    Obviously vigilantism is exposed here (no matter what you are put through, if you resort to the same behavior as those who tormented you, are you any better than them?), but horror film has a way of being cathartic for those of us who have endured the horrors of bullying. The red candy ball pops out of the mouth of victims as a kind of visual gag that is like a calling card for the ghost killer. The cell phone, how significant its use is for people, is as good a plot device in the spread of the curse as anything in horror in our modern age. The "let's stop the curse by a power of positivity" message being sent to Asuka's computer by a large number of people in the South Korean city where the students are touring and in Japan is a bit hard to swallow, and seeing Asuka's computer (and Mimiko herself being hurt by the chain message) "react" to it is a bit hokey. Still if you like these movies where the ghost girl emerges, this might be a fun diversion. I admit, it was for me.
  • pjmlloyd24 August 2007
    I recently watched all three movies in the series, 1st movie was really good, 2nd movie was good,dragged the premise out,but was still very enjoyable the 3rd and "Final" movie, what the hell?, granted the version I watched had terrible subtitles but that aside this movie was just totally awful, crazy and really did make me wish I hadn't watched it.

    I do have one good thing to say about it, it's nice to know it's not just Hollywood that grab on to an idea and try an milk every penny from it even if it results in destroying the power of the better movies within the series.

    I sadly think the whole little Japanese girl who haunts others and kills people has been done to death now, what with Hollywood remaking Japanese movies(Poorly), now I find out they have remade the 1st missed call movie, I can't help but wonder just how awful that will be? So any one wanting to watch these movies, stay away from the 3rd movie, just watch the other 2.
  • nazi-13 August 2007
    this is definitely the worst of the series. Or better this is the worst horror movie ever. It really sucks a lot..

    Director Takashi Miike, as always, did a great job with the first one (one missed call): awesome plot, awesome feeling, scary moments and nice ending.

    Director Renpei Tsukamoto made a good job with the second episode(one missed call 2).. it was nothing very good, but still watchable.

    Director Manabu Asou, the one of this final episode, should be ashamed of throwing mud on this series. Really, the only one worth the "death call" is him. It's uncommentable how this movie sucks...there are so many things put with no sense..for example: mimiko (from one missed call 2) has a role, but none knows the film it's said that MIMIKO died abused...WTF it's not mimiko who died, but mimiko was abusing her sister! Let's pass on the scene in which all Korean internet population is sending messages of support to...mmm asuka or mimiko PC in order to stop it from sending death messages...that's the worst part of the film indeed. Well. The only reason you should see this movie is that THIS MOVIE REALLY SUCKS and you probably won't see sucking movie like this for years.
  • One Missed Call Final started off really strong and then three hours passed and I was thinking "damn they dragged this out" - only to look down and see that only fifteen minutes had passed and then, for some reason, it turned into The Grudge. Then the ending, one of the better parts, just sped by. I don't know what it is about this film that has the middle hour just drag out, but it's a damn shame, it really could have closed the series up better; this series probably should have been left as a duo.