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  • Lottery Ticket is much a film with two likable lead characters, but it has such a weak and predictable plot you wonder why you even care about the events in it. I admit that when I saw the trailer I was very interested in seeing it because it looked like F Gary Gray's fantastic urban Comedy called Friday and it's sequels. Hell, it even has Ice Cube that was in everyone of those film. It's a buddy film, an urban film, and a plot that's not the worst. I dig all three of those things.

    Bow Wow is a decent actor, but his music is less than impressive. After being less than impressed with his album New Jack City Part 2, I wasn't racing to see/hear anything Bow Wow for quite a while. Then this film comes along to grab me, shake me, and say "Hey! This is a film that is in the spirit of Friday! See it, Steve!" And I obeyed. Bow Wow does a fair job at acting, but I'd rather watch him than have him rap with music in the background. Lets just say, he's a tame Chris Tucker.

    The plot surfaces around High School graduate Kevin (Bow Wow) who works at a Foot Locker and desperately wants to own his own shoe design business. Living in an urban neighborhood, he doesn't have the cash to send himself to Design School and his Jesus freak of a grandmother wants him to grow up and "live in the real world".

    After a run in with the town bully and after disastrous results as, Kevin is sent to buy a lottery ticket for his grandmother where we get the best part of the movie - T-Pain. T-Pain's music is better than Bow Wow's, but not perfect. Only this time it was the opposite. I didn't like Bow Wow's music, but I still watched the film. I didn't like T-Pain's music in Freaknik: The Musical, but still saw his film. Where's the sign that "Entering Paradox"?

    You can guess the rest; he plays the numbers his grandma wants, then takes a fortune cookie message's lucky numbers and plays them. He winds up winning the jackpot of $370,000,000, and the only trouble he faces now is keeping possession of the ticket over the Fourth of July weekend without it slipping into the wrong hands. Kevin then gets a look at what money does to people, and talks to people that he may have never walked past if he didn't have a $370 million ticket to his name.

    Lottery Ticket has it's heart in the right place, but it lacks greatly in trying to unique. The plot is surely decent, but isn't utilized in a fresh, new way. Then again what movie is? It reminds me much of a film I reviewed earlier this year called The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard. You know the company isn't going to lose out on everything. Even if the chips are down, so how, some unrealistic miracle comes around to save everyone. Lottery Ticket doesn't hit the jackpot, but it deserves a "free ticket".

    Starring: Bow Wow, Brandon T. Jackson, Naturi Naughton, Loretta Devine, Terry Crews, Ice Cube, and Gbenga Akinnagbe. Directed by: Erik White.
  • Now this is far from being a good movie, but I find the score people are giving it is a bit harsh...sort of. I mean yeah if you seen the trailer to this movie, you basically seen the whole movie. But watching how it gets to those points was kinda fun to watch, although most of the obnoxious characters just really started to get annoying. And the stupidity of some of the characters got really annoying, I mean at first I decided to just go with it, but the stupidity was just too much at times. I will say the main highlight of this film was Terry Crews, love that guy in just about any movie he is in. Rental at best, if your in your teens and with a group of friends it's okay as well. Not as terrible as I thought it would be.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    Lottery Ticket is not much of a winner either as comedy or caper. It's predictable as Kevin Carson (Bow Wow) wins $370 million in the Lotto and for a three-day holiday weekend must escape trumped up traps from people who want the ticket, his sperm, or his generosity.

    Bow Wow's is a passive, reactive role, where his exuberant, rapper persona seems on hold in favor of being just neutralized by the circumstances. He appears to be a nice kid from the projects caught in a wealth vortex with nothing going for him, not even strong convictions about what he'll do with the windfall.

    As the film's hero, he doesn't have the depth to make us care. From what I've heard about his circus-like celebrity life, this film could serve as a metaphor but lack the manic madness of his reality. Director Kevin White keeps the projects feel to the location, albeit at times romantic when people have joyful conversation, clothes and colors are clean and bright, and barely any garbage can be seen. The production looks more like the sanitized Tyler Perry films than Spike Lee's neo-realism.

    Similarly, Lottery Ticket can't seem to make up its mind if it wants to be benign or brutal. The scenes with relatives and friends are full of good banter, but on the street with goons it can be bloody tough. The church service is an example of the bi-polar production: It opens with spot-on satire of a goofy, out-there pastor and ends with dark visitors upsetting the service.

    I had hoped for a more imaginative script, something beyond the street vernacular, with a plot not so linear and clichéd. As for Bow Wow—Boo Hoo.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Bow Wow has proved time and time again to be a charming performer from movies like Johnson Family Vacation to a starring role in Like Mike. In Lottery Ticket, he proves it again, playing Kevin, a foot locker employee who wins the lottery much to the surprise (and delight) of the whole town. That said, Lottery Ticket is a hit (and mostly) miss attempt at trying to make Friday for a new generation. The cast including Loretta Divine, Mike Epps, Brandon T. Jackson, Terry Crews, Keith David and Ice Cube is so charming that it's disappointing that this film doesn't perform the magic it should. There's some moments of really sharp humor in this film, and you will laugh for about 30% of this film, but 30% of a film compared to a $10 ticket just doesn't balance out. The film especially loses edge when it gets cloyingly and unnecessarily sappy and sentimental. That said, these moments of sharp humor made me not completely hate the film. It has those moments where I realized this could have been a very funny film and I respect that. See it if you were planning to see it, but if you weren't there's really no reason to see it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The film contains very few humour and many stereotypical situations but the lead characters played by Bow Wow, Brandon T. Jackson, and Naturi Naughton were likable enough to prevent this film from being a disaster. Though its very clichéd and typical. You have the lead protagonist Kevin (Bow Wow) whose the straight man and does the right thing, the joker but likable wisecracking best friend (Brandon T. Jackson), and the female friend whom happens to like the lead (Naturi Naughton). The film isn't that bad but its just predictable. It has its funny and good moments, which are mostly in the beginning and some of the chase scenes towards the end but not enough. The film starts off pretty interesting but seems to drag in its second half.

    Even though Kevin was likable the writers didn't make him very smart. In the film he wins the lottery ticket leaving in the hood yet he keeps in the ticket with him in his wallet pocket while knowing that people are after him (specifically an ex-con Lorenzo). There's one questionable scene at the end involving a public fight with Kevin and Lorenzo, its being viewed by most of the hood yet everyone is just there watching Lorenzo knock Kevin down a few times and no one breaks up the fight, until eventually. The film isn't all that bad as the rating shows (its currently at 2.5), and the end shows a good message and pretty good ending to the movie (even if it is slightly predictable).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Bow Wow and Ice Cube need to go back to rapping, because their acting is very dry. Loretta Devine plays the grandma. She plays the same types of roles in every movie that she is in. There was an important message in this movie. Don't have sex without a condom because you may get a woman pregnant and have to pay child support. Bow Wow should have dated Naturi's character from the beginning of the movie. They had to add a bully just like the bully in Friday. No one can believe that Ice Cube's character haven't been outside in 30 years until he goes outside to beat up the bully after Bow Wow's "bodyguard" gets injured by the bully. Bow Wow gets to cash in the lottery ticket, buys a helicopter, and gives some of the money to charity. There should have been twists in the plot so this movie wouldn't be so predictable.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    How can they even call this a film. The plot was weak and predictable, I can't believe Brian made me see this. The entire premise was ridiculous, steal your neighbors lottery ticket. Anyone would write their name and address on it the second they won. Ice Cube couldn't act his way out of an ice tray. Probably the worst movie I have EVER seen. Racist, obnoxious, predictable, annoying, Please, Please, Please don't see this film, Please. This movie made shawn of the dead look like The Departed. Is there a white person in the house? Could they make anymore of a racist movie. Bad actors, just because they are black doesn't make them any less BAD. BAD. BAD. If this movie rises above a 2, well, it won't.
  • Cinemade17 April 2011
    3.6 rating? Must be my white brethren. The movie, as a morality tale, clearly makes the cut. Even though nefarious characters lend a hand, the overall message is still pretty clear: You need the community to see you through. Who's going to help you through the greed and missteps of your neighborhood.. Opie?? Sure, there were some things that were unrealistic (oh, gimme a break scenes). But the film still entertained, and communicated the eternal truth: that winning the lottery doesn't change you, it changes the people around you. Ice Cube was great, as was the entire cast. Hats off to the director, actors, and writer of this film.
  • nikolaijoker3 August 2010
    Lottery Ticket: Review: The film reminded me of how stupid and boring First Sunday was and this even topped that. A man finds out his neighbor has a winning lottery ticket and tries to get it. Well obviously he tries to get it. Not Good. The film is also predictable and this just might go on limited release for two weeks and then go straight to DVD. Take my word for it, you will be disappointed. But, this film doesn't seem very popular so I wouldn't worry about it so much. By the way, I will not be writing reviews any more, only starring them, so you will not be able to see any others. Sorry. But time is money. Lottery Ticket is not good.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The lottery ticket is full of appreciable characters from the very beginning, from Kevin's grandmother to Benny, and Ice Cube's resounding appearance as Mr. Washington. It creates a strong atmosphere throughout the story's community, and is very admirable on the surface. With comical close ups, low lighting in Mr. Washington's basement, and long shots of the neighborhood from building tops, the movie as a whole does a good job of provoking emotions from every spectrum. It also creates a strong contrast between the family oriented community, seen at the large cookout towards the end of the movie, and all the socializing throughout town, and the serious criminal activity found all throughout town.

    The issues with the movie can be found in substance. The plot is entirely too predictable, with most of it being forced by obvious ill advised decisions being made by the main characters. With little to no plot twists, and a standard happy ending with a payout of $370 million, the viewer is left feeling rather empty.

    There is merit to the movie as a whole, and mild entertainment value, but little substance making it only slightly above average.
  • capone66620 November 2010
    Lottery Ticket

    In addition to millions of dollars, when someone wins the lottery, they also win greedy relatives, continual litigation and multiple lightening strikes.

    Fortunately, the lucky ticket-holder in this comedy only has to cope with a vindictive ex-con.

    When word gets out that Kevin (Bow Wow) won the $370 million jackpot, his neighbourhood comes a-knocking.

    Unable to collect his winnings for 3 days, Kevin must keep the winning ticket away from the perils of spontaneous prosperity, i.e. sexy sycophants, a loan shark (Keith David) and a local thug.

    Fortunately, Kevin has an impoverished ex-boxer (Ice Cube) in his corner.

    While it attempts to evoke nostalgia for old school neighbourhood-centric comedies, Lottery Ticket is a lousy torchbearer: the casting is second-rate, the characters are typecasts, and the jokes are tired.

    And besides, regardless of who claims the winning ticket, in any lottery the manufacturer of the giant novelty cheque is always the winner. (Red Light)
  • Lottery Ticket is an interesting film, which however did not live up to certain expectation for its film audience.

    The main characters are somewhat relatable; Wacky Friend in Benny, Wise Female Friend in Stacie and God fearing Grandmother in Mrs Carson. However, the main character Kevin Carson played by Bow Wow, was not the right casting in my opinion. He lacks some acting experience, and although on the surface delivers good laugh and portrays our hero effective, he lacks enough depth to play the key emotions change of the character.

    The movie does deliver many good laughs though, but does portray a horrible stereotype of the black community living in the projects - which is to the distaste of many audience members.

    Overall, the film is a mini Tyler Perry film however, falls short by quite a lot. Nonetheless, it is a good watch for a good laugh of stereotypes and at times poor acting.

    Notable acting mentions go to: Naturi Naughton, Ice Cube, Teairra Mari, Loretta Devine & Gbenga Akinnagbe
  • One thing comes to mind after watching this movie. Redbox! If you must see this movie, please don't spend $10 and 2 hours on this. Wait for the DVD release.

    While I am happy that some folks are working and got a check for making this movie, this story is not worth full price. This is a story of what would happen if a young guy won the lottery in the ghetto. Word gets out about Kevin's (Bow Wow) winning, but because it is the 4th of July weekend he can't redeem the ticket until after the long weekend. So he has to try to hold on to the ticket and dodge gold-digging girls, thugs and drug dealers.

    The storyline was predictable and the premise is weak. I guess I am supposed to care how a young man from the projects would spend his winnings, but I don't. There are some serious after school special undertones here. The writers are trying to tug the heart strings and the conscious. The heartstrings by highlighting the good girl/bad girl ideology will Kevin choose the good girl Stacie or the hot gold digger. Attempting to make the audience think, does money really solve all your problems? As was said earlier…don't care.

    There are a lot of the stereotypical 'hood characters; the bible thumping grandmother, the local gangster, the hot hood rat, the good girl, the loyal best friend and the wise old person. None of the characters were interesting. If you miss The Lottery Ticket, you won't miss much.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This poverty sit-com tries to fit everything in for an entertainment starved audience. These are some of the dumbest people ever depicted on film. Ice Cube needs to think about real motivations and limitations before he commits it to celluloid. Watching Terry Crews and Keith David in this I was hopeful but those hopes were dashed quickly. To think those two guys have worked with truly top shelf writers and directors and now its numb-skull time. Gotta pay that mortgage. Its funny. Ice Cube is this short, chunky guy who has to be the toughest guy in the movie. Not always plausible, dude. Just putting a scowl on your face doesn't make one a bad ass. Watch some Burt Lancaster films and you'll understand what I'm talking about.


    The helicopter at the end was cool. Never seen a heli in the 'hood before. Loretta Devine and Charlie Murphy could've have stolen the movie but are pros and kept their characters reined in.

    Would Ice Cube please do one movie without facial hair or is it some religious thing?
  • I watched the trailer on the internet...and saw Loretta Devine and Bow Wow after they won the ticket. It made me laugh to want to go see the movie.

    My sister and I went, and we laughed allll the way through. Have told several people to go and see it. Different from the TP movies and funnier. This movie is great. Family values, laughter, and teachable moments.

    All of the characters in the move are great. The friendships, the villain, the neighbors, and Ice Cube...did they make him look old.

    Take your kids especially if they live with their grandma's. Respect is not lacking in the house. Education is implied and perseverance is understood. 10 out of 10
  • georgemarras31 July 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    We need more movies like this so we can have a laugh.
  • While "Lottery Ticket" is a comedy movie, it wasn't all that funny. Don't get me wrong here, because the movie is still entertaining enough for what it turned out to be, but it just wasn't all that funny, and it lacked certain elements that would make it stand out from numerous other comedies in the genre.

    The story in "Lottery Ticket" is about young Kevin who lives with his grandmother in a project housing. When he happens to win 370 million dollars in a lottery, things are about to change. And not everything changes for the better.

    There were some good enough aspects to the movie, such as what happens to a person when winning a ridiculous amount such as 370 million dollars, and what happens to the people and everything and everyone in the nearby vicinity when finding out about such a winning. But it was just all hindered by the predictability of the movie.

    "Lottery Ticket" is a very predictable movie. You know what will happen a long time before it does happen on the screen, and that predictability was a cumbersome anchor around the movie, slowing it down.

    The acting in the movie was quite alright, and they had some good names to the cast list; which included Loretta Devine, Terry Crews, Keith David. I will also says that both Shad Moss and Brandon T. Jackson were actually doing quite alright in carrying the movie.

    If you enjoy comedies, then there are far better and more amusing choices available in the comedy genre. "Lottery Ticket" is the type of movie that you will most likely watch once, then never return to it again, as it just doesn't have contents to support multiple viewings.

    My rating of "Lottery Ticket" is a slightly less than mediocre four out of ten stars.
  • rezorek25 June 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    OK first off i seen some of the reviews and they saying bad acting this(on Bow Wow Part) but nevertheless the guy Brandon Jackson is a certified monster. The roof scene was insane to me, the look the feel, what was said, pure awesome.

    Ice cube also had a great performance. I also read that is wasn't realistic, it wasn't suppose to be, this is a lighter side a comedy.

    This was a great movie for me, i will watch it over and over again, Period.

    This is a movie to have fun with, even tho bow wow didn't impress a lot of people i think he did fine, he never was a great actor to begin with, but to have this type stage is good for him. My hat goes off again to Brandon Jackson, he was my All-Star in this particular film. If you do watch it just keep an eye on him.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is just the feel good comedy of the summer. Soulja Boy plays a kid who wins the lottery but the ticket gets stolen by some thug gangsters.

    Hilarity ensues as all these people chase each other around the neighborhood trying to get this lottery ticket! There's even some action in it too! Uh-oh! Look out! Box office smash? I think so! The acting was pretty good. I really believed that these people craved money so badly.

    I think you should check this movie out "fo' sho'!" as several of the characters in the movie would say! Great laugh out loud comedy with a lot of heart in the urban setting.
  • This was a hilarious film. There were tons of comedians but the best humor comes from the likes of comedic actor Brandon T. Jackson (who has a dramatic turn in this film). Also rapper/actor Bow Wow was great especially in his expressions. The suspense of the movie-long chase of his character Kevin was fun and creepy. People call it "Friday" light. It's a little less profane but it's actually realistically heavy for the inner city life of some young adults trying to do better. It avoids pity-me clichés and actually offers audiences another look at project life. Kevin Carson has a job and his best female friend is a positive girl who is not hyper-sexual but instead college and career focused.

    People forget that "Friday" was actually not well received by critics itself although it is heavily quoted and a favorite among many people. Although it's a cult favorite among African Americans it also went on to inspire the people behind "Pineapple Express" which was a better reviewed stoner film. "Lottery Ticket" is no stoner film. The whole family can see this and should. You will definitely laugh out loud.
  • Guys no offense - but the movie is a 'black' out because there are a few white people that appear in the movie - perhaps two or three of them. It was deliberate to only allow blacks to cast in this movie. And their acting was horrible.

    Terrible plot with garbage acting- this movie will bring infinite boredom and anger as well.

    Do not waste your time and money on this garbage. The actors were pathetic. Certainly this movie is targeted for the black audience and conveys racist signals. This movie in three words: piece of trash. Save your free time for something better.
  • MLDinTN17 April 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is about a recent high school graduate, Kevin, whom wins a 370 million dollar lottery. Problem is the lottery office is closed for the holiday weekend, so he can't collect till Tuesday. He lives in the projects and has a grandma that can't keep a secret and a lot of gossipy neighbors.

    What I didn't believe is that only one guy, Lorenzo, tried to steal the ticket. I'm thinking half the neighborhood would be trying to get that ticket. Also a local gangster gives Kevin 100,000 dollars as a "gift". He's expecting Kevin to give him some of the winnings. For that one day, Kevin lets the money go to his head from spending and getting girls that before wouldn't give him the time of day. Of course, he realizes the girl he should be with was his friend all along. And apologizes to his best friend for going off. Lorenzo gets the ticket and its up to Kevin to get it back. He gets some help from Ice Cube.

    FINAL VERDICT: Better than expected, not sure I would pay to see it but catch it on cable.
  • (Plot) Kevin Carson (Bow Wow) lives in the projects. He must be able to survive a three day weekend after his sneaky neighbors find out he's holding a lottery ticket that is worth a ridiculous 370 million dollars.

    The idea was actually quite amusing. It was the execution which bothered me immensely. None of these guys are likable what so ever, especially Bow Wow. I get it was supposed to be a comedy, but these guys annoyed me so much. Sadly, I'm gonna have to get used to Bow Wow being in movies, because I highly doubt he is gonna go away any time soon. I didn't laugh during this movie, not once. And I usually laugh at least a couple times during something. It was a really unfunny film that I don't wish upon anyone

    Final Thoughts: Unless you're a huge Bow Wow fan, I would stay away from this movie. I love comedy, and there was nothing remotely unfunny about this train-wreck

  • While there are some good things about "Lottery Ticket", like the likable protagonist, most of the movie is filled with ridiculous stereotypes and dumb, obvious jokes. Bow Wow plays Kevin Carson, a young lad who lives with his grandmother, works at a job that's not great and dreams of moving out of the projects to become a sneaker designer. When his grandmother wins the lottery, meaning she just got $370 million richer things are looking up. The problem is that it's a long weekend and the ticket can't be cashed until the offices reopen. Soon people hear the news and everyone's becoming his "new best friend" and the neighborhood bully (Gbenga Akinnagbe) begins plotting extra hard against him. I think the biggest problem with this movie is the premise. The idea that someone living in a rough neighborhood all of a sudden has a whole lot of money and must now figure out what to do because everyone around him Is acting differently now has some promise. My issue is that the film feels like it really has to bend over backwards to make its premise work. They win the lottery and they have to wait a few days to cash in it. Alright. But then the grandmother, who doesn't have any sense whatsoever goes about blabbing to people and then we have the fear that the ticket is going to get stolen, but Kevin and his grandmother don't go to a hotel or visiting some trusted friends or anything… it feels really contrived. I'm certain that a bright young man like him with prospects of being a businessman would be able to come up with a sensible solution to this immediate problem. I also didn't feel like the conflicts and problems that arise when the word is out that he has this ticket were particularly creative. It does have some good messages about teenagers practicing safe sex and about how to invest your money in places that will count instead of spending it frivolously on trivial things to impress your friends but there isn't enough of it to make the movie really memorable and the humor felt lazy. I do believe that there was some potential here for some big laughs, but it's completely squandered. It isn't offensive despite some of the stereotypes so at least that was a relief. "Lottery Ticket" has a few bright spots but overall it doesn't really stand out as something you should really seek out to watch unless it's playing on TV already. (On DVD, November 11, 2012)
  • In response to tensorbundle and his review "Blackout", I always find it strange when reviewers like himself point out how few whites there are in films that are targeted to primarily African American audiences.

    The reviewer mentions there are only "two or three" white actors in the film, as if this were a bad thing.

    tensorbundle, imagine if almost every film made were all black actors and only 5% or less of films featured whites? That's how it is if you're African American. Practically all American films and television shows feature white casts with just the occasional black presence.

    It's ridiculous that you think a film can't exist without white actors.

    As for the film itself, no, it isn't very good. But that's beside the point.
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