NightZone (2007)

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6 February 2018 | lor_
Another pretentious clunker from Max & Louis
Moire Candy is apparently the combined pseudonym for Yank producer Max Candy and Euro porn director/cameraman Louis Moire. Dozens of lousy Private Media releases come from this team (plus this effort for Dorcel) and some schmos or bots give them absurdly high user ratings on IMDb (get your policing act together, oh my favorite database!).

This obnoxious feature deserves a minus rating for wasting the talent and beauty of so many Continental actresses. Claudia Rossi stars as Aimee, though she spends most of the show searching for Aimee -get it - trying to find herself!

That's typical of the duo's pretentious approach to erotica, though in their hands it emerges as just incompetent sex scenes. Title refers to Rossi's character sleeping through the film, inducing a similar instinct in myself. Far from Lewis Carroll, she wanders around and keeps going through doors planted in the middle of nowhere that Louis fails to enhance with any fantasy special effects. No, we see a wooden door standing up -Claudia approaches it, and Moire cuts to some scene supposedly on the other side.

Besides Claudia, Stacey Silver, Nikki Sun, Jessica Fiorentino and Kathy Anderson strut their stuff to no avail. Brit Porn regular Demetri XXX has a big role while Denis Marti is dangled as Claudia's husband, but none of it amounts to anything, just an excuse for many a repetitive montage and fake attempts at surrealism.

Low point is scriptwriter "Kole Kerr" showing up as a sort of turbaned swami who makes dumb jokes that he laughs at - perhaps Moire Candy's answer to our own Kevin Spacey, before his career went down in flames. Credits are confusing, as J.C. Sonogod, who stunk up the team's "Kill Thrill" for Private, gets big billing but I didn't spot him.

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