Colee talks of how T.K. and his fiancée should experiment sexually, 'by having another man with her while T.K. watches'. Later on in the film, Cheaver (accidentally) puts himself in exactly that position (having sex with a woman just as her husband enters the room).

At one point in the film, T.K. ('Michael Pena') rudely calls Colee's dead friend a gang-banger. In the film Crash (2004) Sandra Bullock's character rudely calls 'Michael Pena''s character a gang-banger.

This is Tim Robbins's third time portraying a soldier. The first times were Top Gun (1986) and Jacob's Ladder (1990). In the latter film, he starred alongside Elizabeth Peña, who shares the same surname with Robbins' The Lucky Ones (2008) co-star 'Michael Pena'

Local actor and retired Paralegal was a background actor at the airport. His name is Michael Sargent. Well known on-air personality on numerous radio stations and a International Roller Hockey League play-by-play analyst.

Colee says she's never been to Canada. Rachel McAdams is from London, Ontario, Canada.

The drinks that Cheaver's wife offers Colee and T.K. are Coca-Colas.

Tim Robbins was also in Green Lantern. A D.C. comics film. Iirc

The three main actors have Marvel movies as a common occurrence. Tim Robbins (Sgt.Cheaver) was in Howard the Duck (1986). Rachel McAdams was in Doctor Strange (2016). Michael Pená was in Ant Man (2015) and Ant Man and the Wasp (2018). McAdams and Pená movies were part of the MCU. And Robbins' movie was based on a. Marvel character