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  • timegomoe25 September 2008
    I usually loiter on IMDb and I hardly ever post a comment, but I thought I needed to come to the defense of one of the best short films I have seen in some time. I am not sure what kind of plankton planktonrules is smoking, but I think this film is very original and a refreshing break from the usual "I just got out of film school now let me show you what I learned" dribble I keep seeing over and over. This film is very memorable, chaotic, shocking, intense and full of energy. It is very well written with several twist to the plot all within 10 minutes. I totally get what the filmmakers were going for. You feel like you are right in the middle of an episode of COPS where everything went bad. The sh*t hit the fan and it just got all over you the viewer. The acting is very good by all cast members, and they made me feel as if I was in the room with them wondering who was who. They did a lot better than the actors in the remake. I got a chance to view the Amsterdam remake while visiting Holland last year and they didn't do the original justice. It looked like they shot it all on a tripod and it lost all it's energy and intensity. Stick with the original, all American, "Bad People"!
  • MartinHafer17 September 2008
    While I love short films, I was shocked by the lousy acting and writing in this short film that was just just posted on IMDb. In fact, I would go so far as to say that Ashley Fowler (as "Sissy") has possibly the worst performance I have seen in months--and I have seen some really bad films recently. Not only was her delivery terrible, but the dialog she vomited forth was horrid. Cussing and saying "m-f" CONSTANTLY is not dialog--it just shows a lack of imagination by the writers and she couldn't even convincingly curse. Apart from Fowler, the rest aren't especially good but she so overshadows them all that you might not notice.

    Overall, the film comes off as very amateurish and I am amazed that the film made it on IMDb, as it just looks like a home movie. Bloody, crude and not especially watchable--this film is just not worth your time.