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  • drpakmanrains9 October 2011
    Best Depiction of Dyslexia Ever in a Fictional Film
    Warning: Spoilers
    As I just became aware of this film a few weeks ago, and ordered a DVD and watched it today (10-9-11) this review is unlikely to be seen by many because the film is 4 years old and there are nearly 250 user reviews already. So rather than rehash the plot, I will first mention that I have been an Educational Therapist for over 45 years, and have worked extensively with dyslexic and ADD and ADHD children in my practice, so this film had intrinsic interest to me going in. But despite seeing many films on learning problems through the years, some very good, I have never seen any movie that can come close to this one both in emotional power and subject accuracy. When I saw that the film is 165 minutes long, I was expecting to watch it in two sittings, but I never once felt the need to take a break, and in the second half of the film, when the director Aamir Khan enters the story, I was riveted continuously, and embarrassingly shed more than a few tears. If you have any interest in education and the problems the outsiders face, this is a must-see. And if you just want to see an intelligent drama with no car chases, explosions, sex scenes, or ultra violence, then you will be glad you saw this wonderful film, which, by the way, while it is about children, is not really for children, unless they are over about 11 or 12, or have suffered the experience of failing due to undiagnosed or treated reading or similar learning difference. Don't let the Disney Studio name fool you, this does not feel like a typical Disney movie, but the film does point out that Walt Disney himself had school learning problems as a child. Another aspect of the film is something I always try to impart to my clients: There is life after school. And it is not necessary to be the best at everything to be successful. Just become the best you are able and try to find something you like doing that makes you happy.

    The rest will take care of itself. What a great film!

    Since I first wrote this review, I have rewatched it 5 more times, and now consider it the best film I have ever seen, and that encompasses about 2500 films.
  • Sreejith P C21 December 2007
    A splendid effort..
    First point: Taare Zameen Par is not a movie for children. Its also not a movie only about 'special' children. What it stands for and depicts stunningly is how the cruel world outside is stealing away our children's precious childhood. It is about how our parents are turning into monsters and imposing their own dreams and aspirations on their children which eventually destroys our children's confidence and can only create a generation of hate. Its about how each child needs attention and care and how we so lack those qualities in this life thats bounded by time.

    Aamir Khan does a fabulous job both behind and in front of the camera. There are scenes in which just his facial expressions tugs at our hearts and moves us. That is truly the hallmark of a great actor. But then, Taare Zameen Par is not about Aamir. Its truly owned by Darsheel Safary. Right from the first scene to the very end he steals the show and our hearts with his endearing acting.

    Taare Zameen Par is a biting criticism of the times we live in. But it also makes you smile, laugh, cry, nod in agreement and seethe with anger.. everything that a movie is supposed to do. It truly is a movie which everyone can relate to. Reminds you that movies are meant to make us think.. to provoke us and act as a mirror of our times. Taare Zameen Par does all this and much more. Watch it if you like watching meaningful movies.

    • Sreejith -
  • satyanshu_singh21 December 2007
    a special film for the special child in all of us
    for a mainstream Hindi film, the following is rare: 1. a film for children2. the only star of the film getting a limited screen space 3. high quality animation4. choosing undertones over melodrama, 5. no regular masala stuff 6. strong message that can actually change lives of people 7. conviction and honesty of the makers palpable in every frame 8. and in spite of all this, the movie offering complete, healthy entertainment...

    the only problem with the audience is that although we keep shouting on the extreme want of quality cinema, meaningful cinema, when a good film actually comes, we tend to find more flaws in it than appreciating it. Are we insecure of accepting somebodies honesty and creative genius?

    Sure, Taare Zameen Par has moments that could have been better, but shouldn't we just try to overlook those and once, for all, applaud the effort the makers have put...

    and believe me it is not difficult... for there are innumerable other moments that leave you spellbound, a wet film over your eyes, a strange pain down your throat, a mild ache at your heart, but a pure smile on your lips... there are times you wish you were a kid...

    may be it takes a child to love simple tales told with honesty and warmth... may be we grown ups have lost that quality we all once had... but Taare Zameen Par should touch a chord somewhere in every one's heart... we all have been after all, at least for some beautiful part of our lives, special. the film is dedicated to that special child in all of us...

    P.S- no one can hate least i would like to think that way
  • die_Heuchler21 December 2007
    Some intelligent film-making there
    How many times has there been a movie you could really relate to? How many times has it happened that you've seen a character on the screen that reminds of something that you've been through in your life? As I saw Ishan (Darsheel Safary) today, I felt, somewhere deep within that that's me.

    Notwithstanding the slight retard nature, dyslexia and bad academic performance, the character of Ishan really made me remember my childhood today. I remember I was something like him as a child.—creative and imaginative. And my imagination always went unappreciated. I used to curate gibberish – just like he did. I painted, I dreamed and I fantasized about different things. So I feel writer Amol Gupte and director Aamir Khan (what a wonderful debut!) have picked an incredibly moving story. Frankly, I am not easily moved by movies. Not even the greatest tearjerkers have managed to "move" me, but for a moment I was stunned. Is this really happening to me? Am I trying to cry? In fact, the scene where Ram (Aamir Khan) walks into Ishan's room and discovers a score of sketches and drawings, it made me feel like somebody had in fact, opened my closet and discovered my secret childhood fantasies (Believe me, I still have them.) This movie will surely engage all those who have had similar incidents in their lives. That's for sure. I am moved. I love this film. I don't know and I don't care how this film does in the box office but let me tell you don't watch this film if you're looking for regular boy meets girl story. Don't even skip this film thinking it's children's movie – no it isn't. In fact, Taare Zameen Par is a movie potentially targeted towards parents. But if you think you too have undergone similar childhood conflicts and lived a life where the people around you refuse to appreciate your fantasies, then definitely go for it. TZP mirrors many of those people's lives that looks just plain and simple but those who compromised their dreams for the sake of the earthly existence.

    Okay, enough of fantasies. Technically, writer Amol Gupte delivers an A Grade script. Aamir Khan shows his talent not just as an actor but a very versatile and intelligent. Oscar Wilde, Leonardo da Vinci and Sally Gardner were hardly ever heard of in Hindi cinema before this. The writer just does not deliver a well written script but also his knowledge of research (which other filmmakers hardly ever do!) Musically, it's two-thumbs up for Shanker Ehsaan Loy. The title song is fascinating. Maa and Jame Raho combine talents in all respects- music, words and voice. The production design is superb. Not for a moment you feel anything is fake. They even managed to squeeze in some quick visual effects and animated scenes. They're there to add another dimension to great story telling. The casting is good and well justified. Little Darsheel steals the show. Tisca Chopra grabs attention.

    Aamir Khan, however stuns the audience by appearing at almost near half of the film. That's the surprise but you don't miss Aamir in the first half because Darsheel will definitely grab your attention and Aamir gets to show some good directorial talent.

    All in all, I'd say go and watch the film. I wouldn't recommend if you're addicted to Yashraj stuffs but if you really want to see some intelligent film-making, then Taare Zameen Par is a treat.
  • mukesh kumar27 December 2007
    A great inspiring movie for all, Every child is special
    Although Bollywood releases 100s of movies every year but few of them has really left a mark on the audience for a long time. I am pretty much sure that this movie has done an excellent job for all those people who are creative but not good in academics. Many people think things differently but in India like country where competition begins at the age of 4 they are just a dumb in the society.

    Amir khan has done a very good job on both sides on the screen and off the screen besides he doesn't appear too often on the screen but Darsheel Safary steals the whole movie show.What a nice performance by a 8-9 year old child you are really gonna love this child. The movie brings our sweet childhood memories back.Its a mix of emotion, laugh and cry. We can imagine how we exploit children because they are not like us or they are not able to do what their parents want them to do.

    At the start, movie shows that how a little child(Darsheel Safary) is forced to do what he can't understand. He gets lowest marks in the class and he has failed once in class three.Sometimes he bunk the class and most of the time he has been out of the class because he don't understand how to turn a page number of the book or while reading letters dance so he can't read. After fear of being thrown him out of the school his parents put him in a boarding school.They think he is lazy and notorious.But in boarding school situation gets worse until a drawing teacher(Amir khan) gets an appointment as a temporary teacher. After that Amir teaches him in different way and ultimately he gets the success.

    In this movie director has taken two child one who always gets first and who is punctual for his work and other one is Darsheel Safary who is not good in academics because he can't understand letters and can't memorize too much things at a time. This movie is a motivation for all kind of child and their parents. Everyone should must watch this movie at least once. If you are too emotional then u may cry with Amir khan.
  • Rahul Ojha21 December 2007
    Aamir scores an Ace, TZP a natural delight.
    The ghost (director) has been resurrected in human flesh and yes, Mr Perfectionist has got it all perfect. His maiden directorial venture is a delight for one and all. Whether you are a kid, or a teenager, just married, or if you are a parent -- Yes... You'll love it! Pre-release in what appeared to be a non mainstream film, shines like a UNIVERSAL film which will keep the box office abuzz.

    The story moves along at a very natural pace at which the viewer is able to connect to the 8 year old dyslexic boy played by Darsheel Safary. That is the biggest plus point of the movie, the viewer draws parallel with the boys character connecting with him at a very high emotional level. You'll reminisce and be transported back to those wonderful years of your childhood and will have more than a tear in the eye. The scene where the boy is admitted in the boarding school and bidding goodbye to his parents and brother followed by the 'Maa' song is a real tear jerker. But tears is not all what you are going to have, the screenplay makes sure that those tear jerking moments are followed by heavy doses of laughter with some lovely and innocent humorous moments.

    If you thought that only Sanjay Leela Bhansali knew how to capture art on celluloid then watch TZP. The boy's bunked day at school, his room, classroom decor, and the painting competition in the end are a colorful visual delight expressing a million words to the viewers.

    Yes, its true. Aamir's character appears just before the end of the first half, but one is so engrossed that Aamir - The actor's absence is not felt. Thats remarkable! All the credit goes to the protagonist played by Darsheel who in my books gives the best performance till date by a child artist in Hindi Cinema. He is the heart and soul of the movie and how naturally this boy handles scenes of intense emotions with such ease in his first movie is stunning. Tisca Chopra as the boy's mother gives a top notch performance at par, if not above the likes of roles played by Nirupa Roy, Rakhi and Kirron Kher.

    Aamir the actor has a shorter but powerful role which he performs decently. But at the end of the day its Aamir - The Director who wins hands down by extracting 'A GRADE' performances from all the cast, and making a movie which connects to the heart of the viewer. The second half becomes a little slow in between and it could have been more crisp. But thats negligible because in the end the movie manages convincingly to convey a very important message to today's parents - Your kids are not race horses of a derby. Let them travel life at their pace as each has their unique mission which only they can fulfill.

    Lastly, TZP just made 2007 better and interesting. The award season is knocking and well, watch out, TZP may just pull off a surprise or two by upsetting the favorites so far...
  • danzs22 December 2007
    Oxygen to Revive the Soul
    A good film on children has always been much needed for Indian film-goers. And when in this moment of dearth one gets treated to a movie that simply touches the soul - needless to say - Taare Zameen Par - does just that.

    Aamir Khan proves his mettle as a director. As an actor he is fabulous. The story captures a look at a middle class family who feel the younger kid (Darsheel Safary) is not a patch on the elder one who is a topper at class. The younger one is always struggling with his ABCs and spends more time out of his class rather than inside.

    Its only when he is sent to boarding school with the hope that an iron fist will help him improve that he comes across art teacher (Aamir Khan) who correctly identities his problem of suffering from dyslexia and decides to unleash his creativity and make him an achiever.

    To know more one should watch this movie since it has elements that everyone could relate towards while at school or boarding, and brings into focus the need for underprivileged and slow learning children to be given the chance to prove themselves with patience and love that would help them merge with mainstream education and become worthwhile contributors.

    Brilliant job Aamir and your team for treating the subject with respect, honesty and flair. Darsheel Safary as the struggling kid has done total justice to his role and puts in a performance that will always be remembered.

    The movie will make you cry, make you laugh, make you rejoice and come out feeling that there are some people out there who take Indian cinema several notches higher.
  • Kaustubh Prasad23 December 2007
    Undoubtedly the best Hindi movie of 2007
    If you haven't seen Taare Zameen Par, you are missing out. The best Hindi movie of 2007 without doubt. Extremely sensitively handled, and flawlessly executed performances, especially by Darsheel Safary. This movie really hits you.

    In a way, everyone can relate to it, especially if you have grown up in India where most children are classified as dumb or unintelligent if they "can't" become engineers or doctors. I went in with huge expectations, and this movie exceeded them.

    Some reviews have complained about situations in the movie being too simple or repetitive in parts, but I have absolutely no problems with that. This is no thriller. You know what's going to happen, but you are looking forward to it too.

    The songs might not be great hits, but they gel really well with the movie. They are beautifully worded, and capture the emotions of the characters perfectly.

    When the end credits started rolling, most people started walking towards the exit, but even when they had almost stopped rolling, most of them were still standing near the exit, watching the images in the end credits.
  • camouflage_s21 December 2007
    Yet another quality movie from Bollywood...oh now this is taking me by surprise...
    Its a fine Friday morning in Kolkata...the winter vacation has just commenced...we have planned a day out...gonna watch Francis Lawrence's I Am Legend...but due to last minute change of plans under unavoidable circumstances we are reluctantly drawn into the first day first show of Taare Zameen Paar...we are a bunch of movie buffs who watch a Bollywood movie once in a blue moon...within the next 2.5 hrs our opinions had changed...

    After back to back hits(Rang De Basanti,Fanaa)Amir khan could well have gone for another Masala flick...but it needs guts to for debut directing such a script...and then pull it off even more brilliantly...with such maturity n sensitivity...the field is teeming with great actors making for great first time directors...(Kevin Costner,Mel Gibson,George Clooney n so many others)...but never before in Bollywood have i seen a better example of this.....

    the film is about a 8 year old dyslexic child Ishann who finds it difficult to read or write correctly or for that matter perform any such activities normal to children of his age...n inevitably has to bear the brunt of his parents,teachers n other people he interacts with...but his world is filled with magical creatures n thoughts that gives him company...his parents unable to realize his disorder...sends him to a boarding school where the child retreats into a self imposed exile and has to contend with the added trauma of separation from his comes Amir khan the temporary art teacher who encourages them to extend their boundaries of thought and imaginations...n shows special interest in finding out the difficulty of Ishaan...with time patience and care he helps Ishaan find himself...

    but more than the script its the way minute emotions are captured...the way the audience is made to peer into a child's mind nd its own mechanisms...scenes are a film's USP...n though you may forget the film its the scenes that u keep embedded in your heart...

    n TZP is laden with powerful scenes that will give you moist eyes...there's this scene where Ishan's parents had taken him home from the boarding school...n then comes to leave him there all alone again for the 2nd time...the first time Ishaan had kept staring at his parent's car leaving...this time he turned back n walked away...while his mother kept staring back...this is Ishan's own kind of protest against his parent's unjust nd cruel decision...

    and to complement the film's excellent theme there's the superbly crafted n maturely executed visual effects n animation to go with it...that sketches a child's world of imagination...the camera work is notch performance by all the actors...Darsheel Safary steals the limelight...quite explains why Amir wanted to rush into directing this film as he was worried the child may grow up..reminds of Satyajit ray n his Apu...though emotional n dramatic everything seems utterly realistic...

    nd Amir's directing needs special mentioning here...the way he captures a child's world...a child's obsession of noticing minute things nd finding beauty in the little fishes that inhabit the roadside pond...the water filled pothole being run over by vehicles...a mother bird feeding her children...

    nd with so many news of children succumbing to their parent's pressure these days...the film has come out at an apt will change the whole way u look at the relationship between a parent and a child i bet...its one those films which entertains nd enlightens at the same time...stop reading it any further if you haven't yet seen it..just take your child n go watch it...

    but everything has its share of bad sides...though it matters little i would still like to talk about the little cons...the editing work cud have been sleeker...the film tends to drag a little in the middle...although as hard as he may have tried Amir khan is unable to break away from the shackles of orthodox Bollywood treatment...nd sum scenes are just too Ishan sailing a boat he has himself designed...but probably it was to draw the traditional Bollywood audience into watching this unique movie...too many songs...though good music from Shankar Ehsan Loy on all the songs...but sum were unnecessary...that's would be sacrilegious to speak ill of this film any further...

    u r quite adamant aren't you??i thought i told you to stop reading n go watch the go nd..enjoy the brilliant world of alphabet crabs...velvet octopuses...absurd arts...nd inverse letters...

    is any member of KoЯn dyslexic??...a friend of mine far as I am Legend is concerned...never mind...i'm going to watch it tomorrow...
  • lovermire21 December 2007
    A must watch for every parent.....!
    "Taare Zameen Par" is an exceptional story, but it is only and exceptional film because of its director (Aamir). Aamir does an amazing job of engaging his audience, introducing a brilliant main character (Ishan), and making the audience experience the reality of children's paradise & their inner world. The story to which very people could relate; however, the directorial & cinematography mastery exhibits throughout allows the audience to accompany Ishan on his journey and awareness of his weakness. Anyone who has been close to the frailties of the human mind will appreciate how respectfully and honestly this film approaches the subject. Aamir is able to portray all the complex reactions to mental dimension's while maintaining the humanity and essence of the subject. Superbly directed, wonderfully acted by Tanay Chheda (ishaan) and cast, this film succeeds on every level.
  • ssnadig26 December 2007
    Simply Sensational
    An excellent direction, beautiful narration and an emotional ending. This movie deserves the best of applause. The director has done an out of the world job. At no point in the movie does he overshadow the kid. The best thing I love about the movie is the facial expressions of Kid. This kid is a genius and has filled life into the role of a dyslexic. Movie is so perfect, doting mom, lovable brother and a strict dad. The manifestation of problems has been toned beautifully and the way the kid is helped to get out the problems is artistic. I hope I could vote more than 10 for this masterpiece. Missing this movie would be a blunder.
  • big_malique25 December 2007
    This has rocked the core in me !
    I sat down in my local theatre with no expectations at all, and what I was in for, for the coming couple of hours, was just mind boggling. Taare Zameen Par might not win any awards, might not get the praise it so surely deserves, but don't let that fool you. For this movie is not just a story about Ishaan, but a masterpiece ! Ishaan is a 8 year old boy who suffers from dyslexia, no matter how hard he tries he just doesn't succeed in day to day activities. But what is mostly the case in our hard society is that people don't understand him and his shortcomings. Most of the times they paint him off as a lazy-no good-brat and this drives his father so far that he will have no more of this nonsense and sends young Ishaan off to boarding school, where he gets treatened even worse. But one day arrives Mr Ramshankar Nikumbh, a temporary art-teacher and the only person in the world that understands Ishaan's problem. Taare Zameen Par moves on as Mr Nikumbh tries to understand and help out Ishaan with his problem. This starts a journey far greater and more beautiful we could ever imagine.

    I have seen a thousand movies and I must say that I haven't seen a script acted out so well for quite a while now. For non-movie buffs let me explain good acting, there are a few ways to tell brilliant acting from good acting . Just look for the quality, view every character as the character itself and not as the actor behind it acting the part out. If you don't see the actor, only the character that means you are convinced of the quality of acting. A view examples, Marlon Brando played The godfather so convincingly that for years to come people didn't see Brando but Vito Corleone same goes for Pacino when he played Scarface and so forth. Taare Zameen Par is a work of great acting by everyone, it feels so real and the characters grow on to you as the movie continues. And this is very strange for a Bollywood movie. Let's be real this is the film industry who had us believing that Hritik was a jewel thief and that Abishek was a police officer, how entertaining it might be, but it just doesn't feel real. For a character to feel real, like they do in Taare Zameen Par, there is need for a great written script and clever dialogue. The actors just do what they are supposed to and the movie plays out nicely. Then there's only the editing, the background score, the location, ... to worry about. And if everything is according to a pallet, compare it to a painting, where every element blends in with the other we get a great movie. And only once in a while we witness a masterpiece and that's exactly what TZP is, and this time it's not because of Mr Khan but because of his apprentice Darsheel Safary. The young boy who played Ishaan (Darsheel Safary) is one of the best child- artists I've seen coming out of Bollywood and what a first starrer this kid got. I surely would like to see more of him in the near future. And for Aamir Khan's first movie TZP wouldn't have been the same without Safary. Although some credit goes to Mr Khan himself as well. Known to be a perfectionist, his directional debut is a clear-cut proof of this.

    TZP is not just a movie about kids, it's a movie about life, society and yourself as a personality. The story moves you, into nostalgic days of your childhood when you were forced and pressured by your parents or teachers, into the world of a child who is ill-treated an misunderstood, into the hard truths of our society were failure is looked down on. If there ever was a movie who could make you smile, cry and enjoy the trip it's Taare Zameen Par. A great watch for everyone. This doesn't feel like a movie coming from Bollywood, but a movie for the masses. I surely hope this does well.
  • NikiYan27 December 2007
    The Most beautiful movie I have ever seen
    "Taare Zameen Par"— A hopeful drama, the most beautiful movie I have ever seen, is a MUST-see, everyone on this Planet MUST see this film, I mean everyone.......

    It's beyond language to describe this film....This film is going to change the world....& this film is going to change your life! We don't need Hollywood mindless flicks....we need a Film like this, so our life can be better, & our planet can be MORE beautiful...

    I can't think of any movie on this planet which can make a difference...It does NOT matter what kind of FILM you like, YOU MUST SEE this one....I alway saw it 10 times! & I want to see it MORE...but I am IN LA, today is the last day...I wish I could see more...

    I walked on the street the last few days just to encourage people to see this FILM...people are Unhappy, people are living in the dark, people are LOST, people are programmed, People are living inside the box, people are living in fear, so when can we have TRUE Freedom?? well, after this will be FREE, you will find YOUR purpose, You WILL NOT have fear.....

    ALmost Three hours long movie, but I thought it was too short...I was excited...deeply touched...tears coming out from my SOUL...I saw LIGHT, I SAW LOVE, I SAW HOPE, I saw myself......why do we have to live in the prison of Life? why do we have to do what other people told us to do? why can't we Be FREE? Well, follow your heart, You will Find the answer This MOvie is about LOVE, DREAM & HOPE. It's about being yourself. It's about being FREE, it's about living your life in the most valuable way. It's about the TRUTH that everyone MUST learn.

    It's spiritual. It's moving & touching. It's about this boy's journey from the dark to the SUN. I cried when I saw it. Not because of sadness, but being touched , & moved from the deepest of my heart. Anyone can relate. We all have a dream. We all have a way to see the world, and a way to live our life. And that is so special. Sometime we forget it because our heart is covered with dust, now you can truly find out WHO you are after you see the movie. You can truly understand what you are all about. It will enlighten your soul, and change your LIFE from inside & out.

    I watched it for 10 times, It enlightened my heart, & changed the way I see my life and the world. I feel happy, grateful & absolutely wonderful after I saw it. This is a fantastic movie, I must tell you. I recommend it to everyone, no matter you are a kid or a parent, or just an adult, it's for ALL AGES. You won't regret it. It's the MOST beautiful movie I have ever seen. long as YOU are a Human, you MUST SEE this TELLS you who YOU ARE: Yes, you are LOVE, & you are SO LOVED....You are infinite, & You ARE THE ANGEL, and You have the FULL-potential, and yes, You ARE FREE! Take a deep breath...yes, heaven is On earth, welcome Home my friends.

    Niki Yan Los Angeles, CA 12/27/2007
  • angelshalz18 July 2008
    Carries a lot of emotional weight and room for connection...
    I was impressed with this movie. Even more than with the Kite Runner. Mainly because it is one of the most sensitive and realistic Hindi movies that I have ever seen in my life. The first thing my sister said when we were out of the theater was "I want that kid's autograph." Darsheel Safary did a brilliant job as the dyslexic but cute Ishaan. I recommend that ALL parents watch this movie WITH their kids. This movie shows the effects of parental pressure, social isolation, and…inspiration, of course. Aamir Khan was very provoking as the caring art teacher, Nikumbh, that recognizes young Ishaan's mental withdrawal yet his amazing ability to paint and build. It is one thing to imagine such bizarre things, but to put it on paper or construct things in an appealing way is definitely a gift. I thought that no part of the movie was melodramatic or overly done which is a major concern in Indian movies. Instead, I thought that there was a lot of promise in this movie just like how there is a promise in every child that has the motivation and faith to achieve something. And the title translated as "Little Stars on Earth" describes all children that are looking for this promise although they may not have everything that most children have. Wow…what an effect this movie had on me…
  • Hrithan202021 December 2007
    A Solid Movie!!
    Warning: Spoilers
    Though the film is about children,it shouldn't be confused as a film for children.The film excelled with fine performances from Darsheel Safary and Aamir Khan.The first part of the film dealt mainly with the problems faced by the protagonist Ishaan.He is a bundle of creativity,but is not able to fare well academically being dyslexic.His father,tired of the numerous complaints from teachers and other parents sends him to the boarding school to get disciplined.There he gets even more lonely and dejected,being away from his family.Aamir Khan steps in as the new art teacher,Ram Shankar Nikhumb.He encourages the children to think differently and act on their true potential.He soon realizes the reason why Ishaan is so unhappy.The rest of the film is about Ishaan realizing his true potential.The film is a must see for this Christmas!!So what are u waiting for...
  • user643895621 December 2007
    Innocent, inspiring and introspective
    Warning: Spoilers
    "Every child is an artist." -- Picasso

    "The child must know that he is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn't been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like him." -- Pablo Casals

    It's a little while after intermission in the movie Taare Zameen Par. By this time we (the audience) have already seen that Ishaan Awasthi (Darsheel Safary) is a kid who's been failing his classes at day school and is mocked as an idiot by both teachers and classmates. He has now been packed and sent to a boarding school. His parents hope this will improve his grades. In the new environment, Ishaan finds it all the more harder to understand concepts that are easy for his peers. The teachers who rap on his knuckles and the rules at the school have broken into him. He has lost the zest of a kid, he's become a zombie, deaf to the world.

    It's the Arts class, being taught by the temporary Arts teacher Ram Nikumbh (Aamir Khan). In the quest to understand what's been eating Ishaan, he has examined his notebooks, talked to his parents and discovered that the silent pupil in his class might be dyslexic. In this class, he starts to tell a story to the students. "Once upon a time, there was a kid. He had trouble understanding numbers and alphabets. He couldn't read, write and study like his classmates." He pauses, then asks "Do you know whom I'm talking about?" The camera now slips down to the level of the class desks and zeroes in onto the face of Ishaan. His mouth is agape, his sad eyes are looking down, and as the silent tension in the class rises, tears form, ready to roll down his face. His name will be mentioned and the students at this school too will mock him now.

    Ram answers his own question, "that kid was the great scientist Albert Einstein." Ishaan looks up and is surprised, he looks relieved that his own name wasn't brought up. Ram smiles at him and continues to tell the class how Einstein, Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci and even Abhishek Bachchan had trouble with reading and writing in their youth. As we learn later, Ishaan and Einstein are not the only two possible answers to Ram's question. Ram himself is a third.

    That's just one of the scenes from this movie about a dyslexic kid and a teacher who discovers and helps him. It is the first directorial attempt by Aamir Khan. AK is the only Bollywood hero I admire and I saw the movie today on its release weekend. And loved it! It's a bit long, it might be AK's baby, but he should've edited it a bit. Other that that, I was positively moved by it. There were many scenes that were absolutely golden, some even brought a tear to my eye. Watch out for the one where Ishaan floats his propeller boat (made of sticks, pencils, corks and rubber-bands) in the school pond and it slowly makes its way towards Ram. That scene is both moving and metaphorical. There are many more like that.

    How do you even attempt to show the audience how the world looks to a kid, a dyslexic one? Using beautiful cinematography, attention to detail (observe how the camera is usually at the kid's height, not adult height) and sometimes story-telling animation (remember Calvin and his space adventures?) we get to see how Ishaan relishes the simple sights and sounds of the real world, while at the same time is being hounded by the terrors of his textbooks. This is the finest attempt I've ever seen in a movie (Hollywood or Bollywood) to show how a kid sees the adult world. Brilliant scripting and story-telling, AK the director rules!

    The background music is top notch, the title track and its music is superb, but the other songs are just OK. AK doesn't even enter the movie until the intermission and even after that he is just a secondary character. Darsheel Safary owns this movie!!! It's his show all the way from the start to the end. Acting that is so brilliant that you can't call it acting. Ishaan has a strict (but caring) father, a loving mother and a helpful elder brother, all of whom are characterized very realistically. I'm willing to bet that you will laugh in some scenes and cry in some of the moving scenes, especially with his mom and him.

    I found the movie to be both inspiring and introspective. Dyslexia actually occupies a very small piece of the movie and its message -- that each kid is unique and his/her creative imagination needs to be handled with care by parents, teachers and society. A highly recommended watch.
  • springsunnywinter8 February 2008
    Every child is special
    Anyone who has rated Tare Zameen Par lower than 8 out of 10 (especially those who have given it a 1 out of 10 rating) either has not seen the movie or has a heart of stone because this was an absolute beautiful and heart touching film about a relationship between a teacher and a student. I felt really sorry for the boy Eshaan and his main problem was that he has a learning disability and is always lost in his fantasy world. The film gave a terrific insight to his fantasy world by showing spinning objects around his head and by an animated sequence. The best scene was the first appearance of Aamir Khan. I have always liked Aamir Khan's films and I would put Tare Zameen Par number 2 on his top 5 best movies & number 1 would be Lagaan. The story was very uplifting, which shows that even the worst student can become the best. It was already on the IMDb top 250 when it came out and was on about 180 place but sadly not anymore and I'm disappointed. There is a huge list of crappy films that are on the top 250 but not a single Bollywood movie and this gem is original.
  • vaibhav_bhandeo26 December 2007
    Taare Zameen Par: Rated "PRG" (Parents Required Guidance)
    If all start living on their own terms, this world will be altogether a different place. Childhood is that juvenile period in life when the dreams have no boundaries and sky is the limit. It's only when the weight of someone else's dream comes on your shoulder; life turns full circle and you start as if there was no past. Resisting sticking with past raises questions to your capabilities as in this world there is only one way to get praised which is to perform the best in all the fields.

    This is not just a movie but this is a world from a child's view. Here 3*9 can be 3 and yes it's logical since Pluto (The 9th planet) has no more existence. Ishaan is an eight year old boy who is little different from others. Lost in his own world, always short of words but yet understands every single aspect of life. Problem with him is to express himself loudly, no one understands the way he behaves since he himself is puzzled the way things are going around him. Unclear in expressing himself, he presses his parents and teachers to start thinking that he is not one of the normal child but someone who requires special attention. This forces his demanding father to sent him to a boarding school, an eight year old boy who always lived his life in shadow of his mother couldn't adjust to this abrupt distance from her and goes into mental trauma which makes him a speechless kid, Berated by the teachers and friends around, this new world takes every color from his life until his new art teacher Ram comes in and helps him to get outside the nutshell to prove that Ishaan is no less than a brilliant artist in making.

    It's a lesson for all those parents who expect their child to win all the races; one has to accept that you can't have no# 1 in every house, someone has to be in lower down the order. Actual problem starts when parents start pushing their child to fulfill their own dreams which they saw but couldn't convert into realities. It's not always about being in the race and finishing first, sometimes finishing it gracefully also matters. In a way, everyone can relate to it, especially if you have grown up in India where most children are classified as dumb or unintelligent if they "can't" become engineers or doctors. Movie is a biting criticism of the times we live in. But it also makes you smile, laugh, cry, nod in agreement and seethe with anger; everything that a movie is supposed to do. It truly is a movie which everyone can relate to. Reminds you that movies are meant to make us think; to provoke us and act as a mirror of our times. Taare Zameen Par does all this and much more. This is outstanding heart-warming stuff, hats off to Aamir for once again taking on an off- beat topic and bringing it to life in his directorial debut. This movie surely belongs to children and their childhood.

    I myself have worked with kids who require help like Ishaan and I know it very well how do they feel when the world is too demanding and there is less power in you to fulfill them. I am happy that I saw this movie well in advance, now surely I am going to do justice to the new age coming. I rated this movie as PRG and surely it's a must watch for each parent and future parents.
  • amirslim20 December 2007
    A must watch! Most daring and appealing movie from India
    Now this one has to be The best Hindi movie of the year , most authentic and daring child movie u can think of. It relates with parents and to be parents and everyone else at the same time. Please don't miss it, Aamir as director has arrived! Its his sensitivity which takes u right into the mind of the child and suddenly when the film unfolds, u r thinking as a child. Aamir come later just before the interval but has a very major part to play. The child actor darsheel had arguably given performance of the year even beating best of the best performances.Whole team of this movie deserves special standing ovation 1st to choose such topic and then to put it on screen in such sensitive way that u bound to melt!
  • Zeucked25 December 2007
    If Mike Hussey is Mr. Cricket, Aamir is Mr. Bollywood...
    Warning: Spoilers
    Well no words can describe this awesome movie, had a chance to watch it a couple of days back but the feeling is yet to sink in. Aamir scores and how, when his colleagues in the industry are dishing out nothing but junk. This man has dared to be different, how else could one describe the first half of the film where a kid is the only spotlight. A kid who was an unknown identity until the promos lashed on the TV screens. Yes the kid has delivered big time and holds the viewers attention through the first half with aplomb.

    There are many scenes which stay through, the first scene where Ishaan is fishing in the gutter, the scene where Ishaan is punished by the teacher and he makes some animal noises and licks the frame in the corridor, then the scene where he finds out that his dad was just joking about leaving the home, then the diwali scene ... just too good these are the few scenes, others have seem to missed.

    Stop reading reviews, Go watch it man. Such films only come once in a blue moon.
  • colour-me-kubrick22 December 2007
    Every child is special!!! (Our answer to 400 Blows)
    (I notice that there are many spoilers here already,therefore I wont go much into the plot detail)

    There seems to be an implied understanding that Aamir Khan represents the last word on intellectual mainstream cinema.It was many years back when he decided to curtail the number of projects he takes up in an year which was considered suicidal then but now is the norm for most of the top stars.For last 14 years this man has pushed the envelope for mainstream by taking some unprecedented risks with young directors and pulling it off time and time again.For some of us who have followed his career choices,there was a feeling that he would make a great director.His choices of films are a testimony to his understanding of the medium and the audience within the mainstream perspective.

    "Taare Zameen Par" is his first directorial venture,less by design and more by circumstances.Based on the brilliant script by Amol Gupte who is one of the innovative painters and theater personalities,the story dwells into the life of boy struggling to find himself in this ruthless world.Briefly,the boy "Ishan" who suffers from dyslexia comes from a middle class Indian family who is unable to read/learn or identify letters.Constantly bombarded with unrelenting taunts for his poor academics and being labeled as a "duffer",he is isolated into his world of colors which is the only place he can seek solace in.But Ishan reaches a new low when he is packed off to boarding school by his father.The hard regimen and discipline of the school frustrates the boy out of his wits and he is finding drastic ways to put an end to his misery.He no longer feels th need to communicate .Just when things seem irrevocable,comes the art teacher,Aamir Khan,who being a dyslexic himself and working with the "less privileged" children identifies Ishan's troubles and can read through his silence,is sanitized by the apathy towards him.Then starts the process of resurrecting the boy's dying self belief and charting out a way for him to read and learn.The boy starts to slowly but surely come out of his shell and become a "child" again.

    One of the many aspects of a perfect film is that nothing seems to stand out,every aspect whether it be the performances,the camera work,the sound mixing,the lighting,the editing etc everything seems in sync.Same can be said about this movie.But the thing that I found overwhelming as a viewer is the music by "Shankar"-Ehsaan-Loy" and the lyrics by "Prasoon Joshi".Watch out for "taare zameen par","Meri Maa",these will definitely break you down.The cinematography by Setu is flawless and Aamir does not fall into the trap of being slick or showing off in his debut effort.(Watch how the camera is usually at Ishan's height to show his perspective,watch how slowly the camera pans into Ishan's space and how still and focused it is on his face when he is about to bare his emotions)

    The performances are top draw.Darsheel who plays Ishan is the crux of the film.Being the main protagonist his performance was critical to the film.I dare say,we have found a new star.The boy is brilliant in his joy,in his enthusiasm,in his loneliness as he allows us to enter his world.I feel he represents children all over the world and more critically the "child" within all of us.Of the support cast Tisca Chopra and Aamir Khan are brilliant as his mother and teacher respectively.Because the movie revolves around a middle class family in suburban Mumbai,I guess these characters and their emotions are something I can relate to.

    Finally(on the movie),kudos to Amol Gupte and Aamir Khan.Let us not forget this was Amol's baby and he had worked with children and done research for 7 years.What he came with was a near perfect script and it is only fair that he was credited as a creative director.What can I say about Aamir Khan that hasn't been said before?I think with every movie he is setting new yardsticks for Indian cinema.His movies clearly have elaborated that our movies can have all the commercial trappings yet need not be "dumbed down".They can be as intellectually stimulating.All I can say is that it is privilege to be in an era where this champion actor is at the absolute peak of his powers.With this movie he goes into the elite list of actors who happen to be great story tellers.

    But is this movie about dyslexia?Is this movie about the failure of our education system in not nurturing the individual talent but creating assembly line products?Are we as a society so obsessed with the "idea" of security through academics that creativity is of no accord to us?Are we preparing our children for a rat race or we preparing them for life?Are parents right in imposing their ambitions on the life they bring to this earth ?Some question that I have asked of myself before and some that I ask now.I guess the main motive of the film is as the tag line says "every child is special" for the talent he has.Our job is to nurture it,not mold it.

    p.s. I have been a frequent movie goer for last 7-8 years.But haven't seen a response like I did for this one.Everyone in the theater was in tears and simultaneous applause and is not because it was a sad film but it was "overwhelming".I guess there some part of Ishan in all of our lives.The second aspect that I have never witnessed in theaters before was that nobody moved till the credits were over.There is documentary on children at the end(do not miss it for anything,it is as moving as the film).
  • danishdonjuan6 August 2012
    Beautiful Movie
    This movie was a great surprise. It was creative, beautiful, and intelligent. It is difficult to find flaws with a movie which promotes good and shows the way forward.

    Being from a western culture, there was things in the movie I struggled to accept such as the dialogue, music and length of the movie but as I watched it, the message or spirit of the movie caused me to see it in a different light and to see the struggle as my own limitation.

    A very touching movie about two of the most important things in life, learning and love. It may not be a movie for everyone, but I hope it will be for I believe whats taught in this movie would do wonders in improving the quality of life.

    Judged by western eyes "flaws" can be found in the movie as it is very different, but it promotes me to wonder if the true "flaws" are not in only accepting what is "normal" or what we are familiar with, a judging it in a similar way as the boy in movie was judged.

    This may be the best movie I have seen all year.
  • Sharit Sinha25 December 2007
    Awesome..... Sensible......Heart-warming..!!!
    Congrats Aamir Khan!!!! Kudos!! A very very touching movie..!! Not a typical commercial movie, not an Aamir-Khan movie either... you will not even remember to note how smart Aamir is looking; the story will take you away.

    Strangely, the story line is not very unpredictable. I mean, we all know what is going to happen to the kid. But, somehow so much reality and feeling has been poured into the story line, you will not even blink.

    Ishaan is a 8 year old kid, who is a complete day-dreamer and study-phobic, literally. His attitude towards reality and conventional study becomes torture to his parents as regular complaints are received from teachers, neighbors. Ishaan's strict father sends him to hostel overnight.

    Ishaan is suddenly burdened with all the discipline and conventional ways. When he cannot cope up with that, he is continuously discouraged by everybody, which breaks his confidence. In addition, he isolates himself from his family, as they left him in this insensitive world of disciplined humans, who do not care about his problem and only want proper standard textbook behavior, by cane or pain.

    At this point a sensitive and understanding temporary teacher joins the school, which changes peoples lives and way of thinking. Sorry, don't want to give away any more than this.

    Aamir Khan did a splendid job, both in acting and directing. Tisca Chopra looked and acted exactly like a vulnerable mother of a young confused child. Other actors in the movie were properly chosen and none of them did leave a chance to criticize. However, the best Part is Darsheel Safary. This little kid is so realistic and so convincing, that you CANNOT control your tears. God....!!! Where did he learn that much acting!! He is the hero of the movie and the backbone too.

    Anybody having even a nut-sized heart will love this movie. After all, we were kids too!!!
  • Thomas Drufke27 June 2017
    Every Child is Special
    I'm not always a fan of the Bollywood style of filmmaking: overrun with musical montages and exaggerated dialogue and acting. But 'Like Stars on Earth' is a magical film about the magnificent abilities that children have, even when all the odds are against them. With a story as powerful as this one, it doesn't matter where or how the story is told.

    Luckily, most of the Bollywood clichés actually enhance the film experience. Being such an integral part of the story, the soundtrack and score complement the film wonderfully. Each song aligning nicely with the film's dramatic but hopeful tone. Admittedly, having a rap song play over Ishaan's family getting dressed and ready for the day is a bit jarring, but the songs that play after Aamir Khan appear are nothing short of enchanting.

    This film is about a dyslexic child who has basically given up on school as no one seems to think he's worth anything. His father beats him for goofing off and all of his teachers scold him for not being able to do the simplest of tasks. So, Ishaan finds his way to a boarding school where he meets Ram Shankar Nikumbh (Aamir Khan) who may change his life forever. Everybody had that teacher who changed the way you approached school and perhaps even life itself, which is why I thought this movie was so effective. There's nothing more gratifying than watching someone struggling to find their way, only to have one uniquely suited person put them back on track.

    It seems so simple but coming from a teaching background, I'll be the first person to say that it can be nearly impossible to connect with someone who doesn't want any help. However, when and if that connection is made, it's possibly the most fulfilling thing a person can do. Aamir Khan captures these emotions perfectly near the end of Like Stars on Earth. I don't think I'll ever get the image of Ishaan's father breaking down into tears out of my head. There's some really powerful stuff here.

  • silvermoonbleed26 December 2007
    Childhood, innocence, and the joy of little things...
    Taare Zameen Par is a film about childhood, about dreams, about love, about innocence, about the joy of little things. It is about the simple things in life, things that are most beautiful, yet most often missed by the eye. This is a film that will make you cry, make you laugh, entertain you, and make you love every moment of it.

    Amol Gupte has written a brilliant story, and the director, Aamir Khan, has only matched up to it. I am sure the film will appeal to the mass audience, yet ever individual who watches it will identify with it very personally. That is the magic of cinema, and because in this film the entire process, beginning from the concept, to the post-production, has been so honest, it has happened flawlessly. It is about an 8 year old dyslexic boy, Ishaan Awasthi, enacted by Darsheel Safary, who lives in a world of his own. He is not good with academics, but excellent at painting. His family cannot understand or accept his problem, and they try to set things right with the use of force. The boy is sent to a boarding school, which only distances him further from his family, and he grows more and more into himself. He withdraws himself from people, from painting, even from his little pleasures and simple things that once brought him joy. And then, a new temporary art teacher, Ram Shankar Nikumbh is inducted, and everything starts to change.

    We all live in our shells. We live in denial, till the time a problem hits us directly. We need to open our eyes. It is not just about dyslexia, but a lot more. I think the film shows people what they refuse to see, and while it entertains, it subconsciously makes them accept. I honestly feel, India really needed a film like this.

    The narrative, the way the story unfolds, is excellent. The pace is just right, it moves along with the boy, and takes you with it. It is a visual treat, with the attention to detail and slick editing in Jame Raho to Tarkovsky's Stalker like shots of the drain. Darsheel has given an excellent performance, and Aamir Khan has definitely done a great job of his directorial debut. Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy's music and Prasoon Joshi's lyrics fit the film, and the world of childhood, just perfectly. The film is sure to touch the lives of anybody and everybody who watches it. And I definitely recommend it to everyone, it is a must watch!
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