The character of Gaara draws inspiration from Neo because the creator was a fan of The Matrix.

"Ichiraku," Naruto's favorite ramen shop, exists in real life.

In the manga Gaara had a red sash. It was changed to white in the anime.

The tattoo on Gaara's head means "love."

Naruto is shown dumb in series but he gets very strategic during his battles.

Masashi Kishimoto announced that he regretted killing Jiriaya.

During a flashback scene, Jiraiya explains that he came up with the name "Naruto" while eating ramen. It's exactly the same way as Masashi Kishimoto came up with the name "Naruto;" while eating ramen.

Naruto kills only 1 person in the series.

Naruto refers to Tsunade as "grandma" even though he is the reincarnation of her grandfather.

Naruto is the son of the 4th Hokage, Minato Namikaze.