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  • I have always loved Winnie the Pooh, I love the characters and the childhood innocence.

    Wonderful Word Adventure I like very much. The animation is colourful with the character designs looking natural, the colours are plentiful and beautiful and the backgrounds have finesse to them. The music is not among the most memorable I've heard, but it is still sweet and makes me want to sing along.

    The writing is witty with the humour droll and having some moments of poignancy as well, and the story is very engaging. It still has the childhood innocence I know and love about Winnie the Pooh and it is very educational for children, it helps to expand vocabulary with word games that can be played again and again and not get bored doing it.

    Also great are the characters, I love their personalities and how cute they all are. Tigger is always a joy and he still is here. The voice acting is stellar, especially with Jim Cummings, Ken Sansom and Peter Cullen.

    Overall, educational and great fun for kids and I think adults will appreciate it as well for how engaging it is and how much it tries to educate without it feeling hard-hitting. 9/10 Bethany Cox