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  • butterboy2414 January 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    I saw in the message board the site on where to buy this DVD (thank you) so I decided to take a chance and pay more for 20 minutes then I do for ANY DVD...EVER!! The main reason, of course, is of Ken Foree. Just his voice ALONE makes it clear how great of an actor he is. Well on to the movie.

    I popped this sucker in to my DVD player and sat through one of the greatest 20 minutes of story I have ever seen. Short story even shorter. Black Santa is a broke bum who has flashbacks that don't have any detail (and I thought were pointless until later on when he admits to being Santa for quite a long time but not buying his passage to heaven). After sitting through an onslaught of Christmas wishes and possibly a sore leg he checks out the toys the center received. He gets knocked out by the bad guys, the toys get stolen and of course the police are no help. Salvation Army's toys get stolen and still no action is taken. Well Santa sees the perp who stole the toys and follows him. Ass kicking presumes and Christmas is saved. Thank you Ken Foree for being, well, you.
  • Despite it's short running time, BLACK SANTA'S REVENGE is fun, although just a standard revenge tale ALA DEATH WISH. There's a couple of classic lines, some neat-o gore, and a topless bar scene thrown in for good measure. This is based on an underground comic book, which should have been added to the DVD case as a make-up for the short running time. It's cool to see Ken Foree in a genre flick like this, and I'm assuming there'll be a lot of DAWN OF THE DEAD fans checking this out. I miss him in the SWAT uniform, but it's kind-of cool watching him walk around in a Santa Outfit with a shotgun, blowing away 'hood scum ALA SHAFT.