• WARNING: Spoilers

    Alan, a billionaire's son and anti-capitalist crusader, opens a coffee shop on his ancestral Navajo Land. His hippie wife loves him mainly for his ethnicity, and somewhat for his ideals.

    The shop is frequented by some colorful locals: The Oracle, an online version of Solomon, ex-yale professor who gives precisely ten seconds of thought to every question posed to him, then answers with sage-level wisdom. Natalie is a teenager addicted to twittering, texting and inappropriate use of webcams. Not surprisingly, her online friends almost always turn out to be middle-aged men. Chris is a pizza delivery man and aspiring novelist who is writing A Guide To American Anger. Chris seems to be researching the book with almost every comment he makes. Finally, Audrey, a hearing-impaired filmmaker that Alan and Beam hire to film an hour-long 'Life Introduction' of the coffee shop to the community. Audrey can't believe the new age bullshit that comes out of Beam's mouth. Alan thinks he has found happiness in the desert of New Mexico, until his father arrives from Manhattan with some disturbing news: Alan is white.

    Immediately Alan's wife, Beam, dumps him. He is forced to turn ownership of his coffee shop to Moon Dagger, a true Navajo- who Beam starts dating. It's not until Audrey, the beautiful, hearing-impaired, documentary filmmaker arrives that Alan comes up with a plan to get the life he really wants. Everything returns to normal, except Beam decides that their life-partnership needs some alterations. She marries the real Navajo who sold them the store, and Alan's journey of self-discovery just keeps getting worse.