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  • ... while adult fans of the Tenchi series may find little to hold their interest here. What we have here is essentially a parody of Sailor Moon S, featuring the Tenchi gang in mostly supporting roles. The main character - Pretty Sammy - is a slightly modified version of Sasami, while Tenchi, Ryoko and Ayeka are relegated to minor roles. Pretty Sammy has a wand that changes her outfit into a rather embarrassing sailor costume and a mission to foil the schemes of her arch-rival Pixy Misa to spread chaos. The character designs look great and the animation is of quite high quality - much higher than Sailor Moon itself, for instance - and there is a knowing self-consciousness about the whole 'magical girl' anime genre that is played mostly for laughs, but the whole thing is executed at such a treacly sweet G-rated level that it grows tiresome, not to mention repetitive. Plus, most of the familiar Tenchi characters have little to do, which undercuts the main appeal of the series: ie., the situation comedy built out of the characters' various rivalries. Really, this is only of interest to those who thought that Sasami should get her own show. It's all about her and Pixy Misa and the formula gets old fast.
  • When I first starting watching this series on the Funimation Channel. I gotta say that I've never seen anything like this. I never knew that the creators of Tenchi Muyo created a show with the character Sasami,and some of the others from Tenchi Muyo. I had to get this show,and that is what I did.When I bought the complete series on DVD,it was like watching it again on TV. It was inspiring,and the best. Favorite characters that I liked in the show are:Sasami,Amitav,Anri,Washu,and Daimon. I also like the song that Amitav sang.But what this show really explains is Friendship is the major part of the show. And we must also never hurt them and say bad things about them. But however,this series is all out the best. So if you the Tenchi Series,then see this show. You will see what I mean.