Thug: So... I'm... I think I want it in missionary? I think? Well...

Belle: Are you nervous?

Thug: Yeah.

Belle: Don't be. Spit it out your desires. Be free. I'm all yours tonight. Do me what you want.

Thug: Allright. I want to fuck you with my cock until you cum. I wanna put a dynamite to your pussy and make you explode with orgasm! I wanna fuck you from behind and eat your shit! I want you to suck my coc...

Belle: OK! I got it! Well... How about we start from the fucking me from behind?

Belle: Escort, hooker, prostitute. I don't care what do you call me. Because after all, I love sex and money. And I love to suck a big fat cock, get orgasm and fill myself. This is life. And I'm living it.

Naomi: [Naomi is giving Ashok a handjob while Belle is watching them] Are we nearly there yet? I'm getting wanker's claw.

Belle: He never cums on time. He's almost there though.

Naomi: I'm wanking this fucker for 20 minutes, he should've cum twice already.

Belle: Just relax.

Naomi: I need to pee. Can you take over?

Belle: [Belle spits on her hand and starts to vigorously jerk Ashok] I got this. Ash, baby, I need you to cum for me. You did a good job, you're a very good boy. But I'm a very bad girl and my milk time is passing. On my command, I need you to cum. Ready? Cum!

Ashok: [Ashok climaxes] Oh my dear god! Fuck me, Belle!

Naomi: Did you swallowed it?

Belle: Today's schedule is a threesome with another escort. The client specifically asked to get a double rimjob, a golden shower and a face ejaculation. This is nothing new even though I'm hardly a girl's girl. But I will go gay for pay.

Belle: Wow. It looks like I'm gonna have to do some serious whoring.