Because of the extensive parody of Katherine Harris in the media, Laura Dern expressed great apprehension over how to approach the character. Dern convinced Executive Producer and Director Jay Roach to allow her at least three takes for every scene: one underplayed, one "medium", and one way over-the-top, so Roach could help guide her performance.

Teleplay Writer Danny Strong made it his goal to interview the real-life counterpart of at least one character appearing in each scene. In most cases, he actually ended up interviewing every character. He achieved his goal in all but one case: because Katherine Harris declined any interviews, the scene where she stands alone looking out over the crowd of protesters outside her office was entirely imagined.

Though he granted extensive interviews to Teleplay Writer Danny Strong, Warren Christopher still objected to his portrayal in this movie.

According to his obituary on National Public Radio's "Morning Edition", Sydney Pollack was set to direct this, until he became too sick to continue the preparations.

Kevin Spacey, Jayne Atkinson, and Derek Cecil appeared on House of Cards (2013).

Most of the cast met with their real-life counterparts prior to filming. The real Katherine Harris refused to meet with Laura Dern or anybody else associated with the production, despite repeated pleas from Dern, Teleplay Writer Danny Strong, and Executive Producer and Director Jay Roach.

The real James Baker III liked and supported this movie upon its release.

Laura Dern wore dark contact lenses to portray Katherine Harris.

That same year this movie was released, Jack Shearer repeated his performance as Justice Antonin Scalia on Boston Legal (2004).

The teleplay for this movie was featured in the 2007 Blacklist; a list of the "most liked" unmade scripts of the year.

The cast includes one Oscar winner: Kevin Spacey; and four Oscar nominees: Laura Dern, Tom Wilkinson, Bob Balaban, and Sir John Hurt.