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  • gabryel_yo5514 January 2021
    This movie is not horror but is the next level of stupidity and bad acting, it's so bad that is entertaining, people that give high ratings are probably from the crew
  • Have you ever seen one of those movies where it's obvious that the writer ran out of ideas two thirds of the way through, then said eff it and started throwing in whatever nonsensical idea that came into his mind? That's this movie. Either that or he wrote the screenplay with a plastic bag tied around his head. Please do not waste your time on this idiotic piece of trash. This movie is so terrible, that I cancelled my Shudder subscription immediately after I finished it. It's that bad.
  • Just finished watching this and it's meh... the lead actress gave a great performance but overall the film was bit disappointing. i didn't watch the trailer and only had read the film's synopsis so i thought the protagonist "deciding to fight back with the forest as her only ally" was going to be maybe a little bit supernatural. even the fairy tale a woman tells her son in the beginning is supernatural (with wolves coming to save the innocent young girl who's almost killed in the woods....that sequence was awesome!) so i figured it's what would happen in the film but nope.

    oh and the part at the end where paintball players(?) randomly come running by the woman while she's battling the serial killer and then shoot her in the face (hence the blue paint on her face seen in the pix/trailer) AND then keep going not bothering to stop and she if she's ok.....that was idiotic.
  • The script writing is poor and does not make any sense. It would have been better if the it started with a premise that Eve is a non functioning individual.

    Waste of time. Don't bother.
  • This was a movie that I got turned on to when Marknado shared a list of horror movies getting released in January. This can be a tough month to find new horror, especially with theaters not being fully opened and being early into the year. I did confirm with him along with my buddy Tim, who both had already seen this, as to if this was horror or not. Both confirmed it was, so I decided to make this as a Featured Review for Journey with a Cinephile: A Horror Movie Podcast. The synopsis here is once upon a time, woman meets man. Woman dances with man. Man kisses woman. Man grips woman. Woman escapes man. Man chases woman - nothing new. Or is there?

    Now I'll be honest, I don't love that synopsis. I get what they're doing as it is giving that this is a story we've seen before, but framing it as a fairy tale. That really takes us to where we start. There is a woman who is credited as the huntress, Simone Milsdochter, telling a story to her son of Jeremy (Vladimir Ryelandt). It is the story of the Wolf Girl and that is what she is claiming they're hearing on the wind. They are out camping as she tells this story of a priest by the name of Nicodemus who raised an army and met his demise in this woods to a woman he branded a witch. He did so as the woods came to her aid and the wolves killed him along with his followers.

    We then meet our lead of Ève (Lucie Debay). For work she is overseeing a construction project. There seems to be issues and her boss isn't happy with her, he is Kevin Van Doorslaer. She is stressed from this and to make matters worse, her boyfriend of Alex (Alexis Vandendaelen) is not giving her much space. That night to unwind, she goes a bar for a drink. There she is hassled by a guy trying to buy her a drink and take her home. She is saved in this situation by another guy, Arieh Worthlater. The two of them hit it off, drinking and dancing. They end up outside for a cigarette where they kiss. The two of them go to his car, but this is where things take a turn. His friend, Ciaran O'Brien, gets in the front seat and drives away from the bar.

    As fear sets in, Ève demands to be let out. She is and goes to a nearby gas station for help. She is hoping that the guy and his accomplice will leave her be, but this is just the start of the nightmare. The gas station attendant is killed and she is kidnapped. Through a conversation in the car, we see that our main villain is a bit unstable. He isn't paying attention and they end up getting in a car accident in the woods. Ève is able to escape, but the two men are pursuing her. It becomes a game of cat and mouse as Ève tries to survive her attackers and the elements to find safety. She will need to find the strength to go from the hunted to the hunter if she wants to survive to tell her tale.

    That will be where I end my recap of the movie. What I should point out about the synopsis on the Internet Movie Database is different from what I saw on Shudder, which was that this is a take on the tale of 'Little Red Hiding Hood'. That makes a lot of sense with the story that we get in the beginning of this. It is really setting the stage for how things will play out here. There are also some nods in the movie to this fairy tale. Ève is where a red hoodie. She gets lost in the woods. The guy that she ends up being interested in at the bar is a 'wolf in sheep's clothes', things to that effect.

    Now I've already lain out, and even the synopsis did, this isn't a story we haven't seen before. It is a fairly tired if I'm going to be honest. Heck, a movie from last year that I dug with a similar premise is Alone. Both that movie and this one end up with our lead being lost in the woods and trying to find herself in more than one way. This movie though, Ève makes some bad decisions. I don't really have an issue with her not being sure if she still wants to be with her boyfriend of Alex or not. That isn't my business. They aren't married. What I do have an issue with though is the bad decision of getting into the guy's car. If she wants to sleep with him great, as that again isn't my business. There has been drinking, so I get that her guard is down, but it just seems that it isn't smart. I hate that we have to protect ourselves and she shouldn't have to worry.

    I don't want to just harp on her though. What I do like is the growth of her character. It is interesting to see Ève getting yelled at by her boss in the beginning. That is showing us she isn't as confident as she needs to be. Her ordeal in the woods forces her to have that growth. There is a great scene that is on the poster of her just breaking and screaming. This is giving away her position, but what I think works there is that we see she's at the end of her line. She is becoming the wolf girl from the story in the beginning.

    If you know me, I tend to focus on the villains in movies and I like what we're getting here. He is never given a name. He is credited as The Guy on IMDb. I actually really like this idea. His friend goes by The Accomplice as well. As a way to annoy him, our villain calls the other Andy, but this seems to be something he hates. I actually really like not giving them names as that can humanize them when we see them as monsters. The guy is definitely charismatic, which allows him to control his weaker minded associate. It also happens to someone else later in the movie and he can sway people with things he says. He has issues though too. There seems to be a lack of real confidence and uses violence to exert his dominance over others. He also has a fetish to film the bad things he does so he can relive them. These are all interesting things that we get to see throughout the movie without over explanation.

    Not everything works for me though. I think that up until late in the second act, I'm on board with what they're doing. It gets ridiculous from there in my opinion though. I like that they encounter the huntress along with her son of Jeremy (Ryan Brodie), who is now older. The problem I have is that they run through a paint ball game and then it just goes downhill for me. I do like what they do at the end of the movie though. We get to see Ève finally descend into full rage and there is something with a dog that comes full circle as well.

    Where I will go next is the acting. I have to give a lot of credit to Debay. I think she does an excellent job with the character growth. We see that she isn't in control of her life in the beginning and this ordeal makes her into the strong woman that she has to be in the end to survive. Worthlater is great as this villain as well. He is a manipulator, but I like the subtle things where we see that some of this is an act. O'Brien is great as his counterpart who is weak minded and easily controlled. I think the rest of the cast also rounds this out for what was needed and helping to develop these character into who they need to be. This is really a two person movie though with Debay and Worthalter.

    Next would be the effects of the movie. It isn't really one where we get a lot of them, but they all seem to be done practical for the most part. The blood we get looks real. The accomplice gets wounded in the car accident and I love seeing that. It looked quite good. We also see the effects of things happening to people that worked for me. There is a kind of animation for the telling of the Wolf Girl story that was a good choice. I also think there is some really good cinematography throughout as well.

    That would take me to the last thing, which would be the soundtrack. I think what they do here works. None of the music necessarily stands out to me, but there is this great scene where Jeremy is listening to headphones. He's shocked by something he sees and we can hear dramatic music. When they're taken off, the music stops and I thought that was done brilliantly. I would say that the soundtrack works for what was needed as well.

    In conclusion, I thought that this was an interesting take on the 'Little Red Riding Hood' story. It isn't traditional in that sense, but it is an empowering take on feminism as we see Ève trying to survive this ordeal. The growth of the character and performance of Debay works. The rest of the acting was good as well. I thought the effects, cinematography and the soundtrack were all as well. It does lose me later in the movie as it almost goes whimsical which is a shame as I thought it was pretty strong until that point. Overall though, I still found this to be an above average movie overall. Some changes and I think this could have been good, but it just had those missteps for me.
  • Spends too much time with our antagonist and fails to make them likeable or interesting. Would have given it an 8/10 but the sound mixing is atrocious. There was a point where I farted and it overtook the soundtrack and I had to rewind to make out what they said.
  • Maybe if she didn't wear a red jacket during the whole forest scene she might of got away. Just stupid !
  • redtiago8 September 2020
    It's not the typical "chase and revenge" movie. It's influenced in a children tale (any guess, anyone?). Visualy stuning and at the same time raw and realistically violent. It's a terrorising adult horror fable. With a refined black humor. I strongly recommend it.
  • bilfil-6847918 January 2021
    Warning: Spoilers
    Had the potential to be a pretty good film, if it wasn't so weird so as that you can't take it seriously. budget was good, acting was good, storyline became unnecessarily weird. the attacker comes across a young man and his mother camping in the woods, kills the mother with an arrow through the ear, into her head. later on , when he goes to use his stun gun on the woman he hits the body of the dead mother and it gets up and walks around like a zombie, removes the arrow from inside its ear, and hands it to the young man. he later shot the attacker in the shoulder using a bow and arrow and you never see the young man again. what?? what was that? a security guard unleashes his big mean dog to go after them, the dog finds the house they are in ( its a long story ) and runs up the stairs to the room she is being attacked in and attacks the man. i mean, come on guys, what is this nonsense?? a lot of money and decent acting and effort went into a movie that was made not to be taken seriously. too many parts that are random nonsense are thrown in that do nothing more than make it a stupid story.
  • deafo7 February 2021
    A dumb blonde with dumb moves in a dumb movie......
  • captainpass23 February 2021
    Was "I Spit On Your Grave" and "The House on the Left" too cheerful for you? Maybe this is the movie for you.

    I usually don't bother to write negative reviews. I will make an exception here because (a) I am angry (b) there was obviously some budget involved that was squandered, obviously,

    In sum, this is basically a 20 minute chase-and-revenge short that managed to bloat to 1:25. And each step along the way, the director seems to have said to the writers: "Make it worse. Make the main male character more vile. And make the action sequences more unbelievable, drawn out and ridiculous than they already are." They succeeded. Some scenes here belong in a "Monty Python" sketch where at least the viewer would have the benefit of humor.

    I feel bad for the lead actors. They definitely were not paid well enough for the loss of whatever dignity they had going into this project.
  • I wouldn't say this was laughably bad, but you really do need to turn your brain completely off to find anything of worth here. Uninspired, over-the-top pervy, characters that I couldn't care less about, and even with an 86 minute runtime; it felt like it dragged on.
  • The plot is stupid, the acting is stupid, the ending ia stupid, even the beginning is stupid, the woman is stupid, but i guess the dog is a bit clever better than the director hinself
  • So I did watch it all and "Long Ride" was an understatement. It went on for far too long. A failed attempt of a nightmarish little red riding hood story. I had to see what happened in the end but was it worth watching all the way through, no. Not to mention I had to back track to the beginning to hear the story the mother told her son and then it made sense. I mean who really pays attention to the beginning story when the rest of the movie has nothing to do with it until the very end!
  • Stanlee10730 January 2021
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is one silly film. The protagonist goes out without her phone (so she is not harassed by her boss) & meets an attractive man after he fends off an unwanted attention from another man. They seem to hit it off and heading towards them having an one night stand but it goes off into a tangent.

    The beginning starts off interesting but the last 30 minutes go beyond stupidity from her being victim to being the mad woman Predator person... Ps it is unintentionally funny.
  • richardwworkman22 January 2021
    The whole reworking of fairy tales has been done so often that you'd have to come up with something quite special to create anything original and different. Unfortunately Hunted is neither.

    For a such a simple plot line it manages to get incredibly tied up in itself. The basic premise isn't new, a psychotic criminal, a vulnerable woman, an idiot sidekick.

    At one point this movie starts to move in an interesting direction as Eve escapes and gradually becomes absorbed into the woods. Nature begins to become part of her and some form of symbiotic relationship.

    But this interesting direction quickly falls apart and for some weird reason a bunch of paint ballers appear out of nowhere and all of a sudden we find ourselves in some crappy version of survival horror.

    There's too much going on in this, it's pulling in all sorts of different directions and ultimately failed to deliver.
  • Highly unlikable "victim" and everyone else. Interesting ideas though.
  • wolftxusa27 February 2021
    Warning: Spoilers
    Yes, there's a lot of stupid in the movie. But the heartbeat-like music and the weirdness of the psychopath kept it suspenseful. The chase through the woods is interesting, although many decisions by all involved seemed subpar. Then it jumps the shark (cornfield, house).

    Too many things don't make sense. The most glaring four:
    • She wears a red jacket. Wouldn't she soil it with dirt to blend in? She's sticking out like a sore thumb. The jacket never seems to get dirty on its own (despite lots of ground contact) and she doesn't seem to want to hide it. Same goes for her bright hair.
    • When she has a noose around her neck, wouldn't she just widen it like a tie and pull it off?
    • Paintballers are crossing their path and she gets hit. Yet nobody cares to check on an outsider with no gear who doesn't look like she's playing?
    • A survivalist turns her back on a stranger? Her son doesn't scream to warn her?
  • nogodnomasters24 February 2021
    Warning: Spoilers
    The film opens with a legend on how the wolves of the forest saved an innocent girl from a small group of hungry crusaders. We then see Eve (Lucie Debay ) on a night out before the start of a new job in a new location. She is abducted by two men who make porn and snuff films. Circumstances lead to a chase scene in the same woods.

    The film fell short on character and the plot action wasn't bad but needed polish. The long continued berserk mode didn't seem credible. Nice work back to the critters.

    Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
  • Wow, the movie had actions from beginning to end. Great acting, great storyline, great lightening and more. I highly recommend this thriller/action movie. Enjoy!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film start with a mother telling a story to her son, and a video footage with a man with mask scene! As turnout, this film is about a woman "Eve" need to survive from being hunted by a psychopath! Entire film full of boring conversation, and super annoying overuse scene! Such as, overuse of the blackout scene, overuse of the running scene, overuse of the chasing scene, overuse of the slow motion scene, overuse of the staring scene, and overuse of the yelling scene! Make the film unwatchable! At the end, Eve choking the psychopath to death! That's it! Wasting time to watch!
  • The first half although being nothing new wasn't bad unfortunately the second half was just bad
  • zombie84-115 January 2021
    Random movie. With random last 30mins. Good for one watch.
  • We've all watched this movie before. Girl being chased in the woods by a psychopath. This movie wasn't bad but wasn't very good either. I guess if you can't find anything else to watch, give it a shot. 5 stars
  • 'Hunted' may not be a perfect movie, but I really enjoyed it. The premise was right up my alley to be fair. I'm a big fan of non-supernatural stalker films (even if the things characters are able to survive sometimes feel a little supernatural). The kind of stuff that can actually happen to someone will always be scarier to me than the things that can never happen in the real world.

    There are some quite strange accents and voices in this movie. It almost felt like some of the characters had been dubbed over (however everything seemed to match their mouth movements perfectly so I don't think that was the case). It's possibly just the oddness of European characters all speaking English. Some of the sound-mixing was a little off in a few scenes as well.

    This felt like a film where anything could happen next (and some truly bizarre and unexpected things did crop up along the way). I like that in the film. I like when nothing feels predictable. Some people don't seem to be connecting with the film based on the small sampling of reviews I've seen. I can understand this film not being for everyone. It certainly isn't made in a conventional way. It worked for me though and I got a lot of enjoyment out of it from start to finish.
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