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  • I find this show a refreshing change from other humor-based cartoons. The good guys aren't portrayed as the ultimate nice guys, with personalities so sweet you'll get a toothache. Nor are they prone to a lot of deception and trickery. They fall somewhere in the middle, giving them a more dynamic feeling. They also take embarrassing moments in stride, which I think is a good message for both kids and adults. The villains in this series are fairly typical, evil without being scary, and fall to the side of silly, which fits for this cartoon. Since the series is based on a single plot-point the plots can get a little thin in some places, and as far as dialog goes the writing needs work, especially for the supporting characters. Still, the show mixes sci-fi and fantasy elements together rather well, giving it an added entertainment factor and making it more fun to watch.
  • I really hated watching this show. None of the characters are decent except for Quest. I'm glad he's annoyed by everyone as I am. The rest of the characters are forgettable. Nestor, I cant believe how dumb he is, and he's basically the stimpy to Quest's Ren. Someone should arrest him for disturbing the piece. The one shot villagers really troubles me. I am willing to sanitized to keep people safe and to put a spit joke in the show really bothered me. Plus, they also go overboard with lots of gross-out. (As if we needed more than one kids cartoon to make people vomit) I don't know why this show has an 8. It really needs a score of at least 0.1.