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  • We are already forewarned by the title and the blurb on the movie that there is a dark side to this story. The film is somehow reminiscent of "the needle and the damage done" kind of flicks from the 70s. Good directing, super camera and cinematography, creative editing, very effective acting, the script and everything else is excellent by any standard. But........??? All that toil and accomplishment is near enough wasted because of the subject matter; "Bad things can happen, in foreign big cities, to a naive & young student/immigrant woman; even from a half way westernized Mediterranean country". Wow, how interesting, enlightening and entertaining at the same time. We were not necessarily expecting any excitement, maybe some drama; which the film delivers all right. Or all wrong, depends on how one looks at it. So once again the premise of "bad news sells" is played out, this time with a dose of mistaken artfulness. Find something beautiful deface and destroy it, is the name of the game for some who are short on direction in life and creativity. Just surfaced from the memory well, Don't bring me down- the Animals 1966. Having said all that, Nehir Erdogan's love scene is very touching. She deserves better, I hope one day a quality picture for her to really shine through comes to the silver screen. Turkey (and U.S. for that matter) being as it is, only one name comes to mind who can come to the rescue; Sinan Cetin can you hear me? Derya Ataker-not a film critic, thank god! USA
  • This film has been long-anticipated by those who like international, and specifically, European cinema. The producers apparently went through a lot in order to complete the film and make it available to us, the viewers. The actors are chosen, and the script is consistent with drama's from that part of the world. It should be noted that more and more Turkish-produced films are receiving awards, from the Italian-made Turkish-produced Ferzan Ozpetek's "Facing Windows", to Zeki Demirkubuz's several films that made it to the Cannes Film Festival a few years back. All this contributes to fresh perspective and take, as well as increasing cinematic experience and enjoyment for the rest of us.
  • I am absolutely in love with this movie. The story is phenomenal. It's beautifully shot. It's well directed, well told, and the acting spot-on and superb.

    It's always wonderful when a team comes together to make a movie that realizes its potential, and that is certainly the case here.

    I was blown away by the cinematography. Each shot is like a painting, beautifully lit and composed.

    The storyline is also well thought out. The concepts and issues raised by the writer are worth discussion, especially in this day and age where profiling and discrimination are so prevalent.

    I also enjoyed the acting, especially by Nehir Erdogan and Jay Karnes. They bring real life to the script, and I found them very compelling on screen.

    You must see Broken Agent!
  • I have heard a great deal about this film from friends and associates and have seen first-hand the impact of the storyline in reality. Years in federal law enforcement have exposed me to fundamental plot contained in this seemingly well-made and artistically crafted work. While apparently not a "feel good" movie, it is nonetheless indicative of the world in which we live and certainly allows for an introspective experience.

    One need only see the trailer to understand the mood, experience the cinematography and appreciate the acting represented in this film. I look forward to seeing it...
  • For those who love dramas as much as I do, this film promises to be an unforgettable treat. From what I can gather, the storyline is something that can happen to you, your loved ones, or your neighbors. How do you deal with profound disappointment? And failure? And surprises and shocks of this world? And how do you climb out from under them all? This movie may achieve the impossible: bring us closer to ourselves... face our inner most fears, anxieties, weakness, but also expectations, strengths, and hope...

    Here is a young girl (Nehir Erdogan) full of hope, excitement, expectations, and drive, coming to the United States with the "American Dream" firmly stored in memory, but perhaps not as prepared as one should be (is anyone ever?,) starts climbing the ladder that is called life. What happens after this is chillingly realistic, warmly humane, and disturbingly common. It is just that we choose to ignore such stories in the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives.

    This films, at least for me, brings home the message we all dread: "This can happen to you".

    I cannot wait to watch this movie on the big screen at a theater "near me"!