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  • Sure, there is nothing remotely believable in this story but somehow you still go along for the ride cause it is fun. I particularly felt the chemistry between the two leads. Their back and forth bantering and the camaraderie they show with the real Lee Mi Do and Detective Park gives off a good vibe. Good triumphs over evil in the end and love endures. Good escapist fun.
  • I'm loving this series. The message it leaves is good too. Coming back to life as your soul may not be what you had hoped for. The lead characters Hyo Seop Ahn and Bo Young Park have great chemistry. Love Detective Park. Can't wait to each Monday to see a new episode.
  • Park Bo-Young - She is just wonderful and never fails to nail her character. She's also so natural, likeable and just the cutest.
  • Initially the show starts off quite slow and it takes a few episodes to pick up speed but I feel the plot is really well constructed and the ideas are thoroughly executed, plus a lovely side romance that's just perfect πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
  • It had a strong start with the protagonists having lovely chemistry and a strong antagonist. However as the story dragged out it ended up using all its major moments of suspence in the first 10 episodes. By episode 10 the plots for each episode become similar to a monster of the week format intersperced with some romance. So I ended up dropping it.

    Amazing first 5 episodes though.
  • The idea behind the story is nice, and so is most of the storyline. The screenplay is bad though. People are portrayed very unrealistic and inconsistent. Some are very clear headed in stressful situation and two minutes later shake like a girl. Experienced policemen staat shrieking when they find someone who's hurt in the floor and then make gave mistakes in handling a serial killer. Women keep acting stupid all the time. It's really unnerving. I think the writer is very young and didn't have a lot of life experience.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Chemistry parkboyoung with ahn hyo seop is (awesome & amazing and great ). I basically died watching them😭😍πŸ”₯ to be sure( It will melt yourheart πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯)Everything in this drama is amazing (story , acting , casts , chemistry of actors,osts .......everything is awesome. I will watch this drama untill end . I hope all best of This drama ( Abyss) team. Anyway, the Magical Abyss is a very engaging series, excellent script, magnificent cast and all the good that can be expected from south koreans. who's watching 'Abyss'? If you're not, tune in to watch on Abyss! It's very different and so far I really enjoy the storyline and the characters are just so lovable. Sci-fi meets murder mystery and romancein this drama. Ahn Hyoseop and Park Bo Young do an amazing job!πŸ’―

    So refreshing to see a woman who doesn't need a need a man to protect her and a man who will protect his woman but won't get in her way.

    One of the reasons why I love this drama. πŸ™Œ
  • Honestly, I have not been able to finish it. I am just up to episode 6 so far. It just got really boring. I do not know if it gets interesting soon and now I am wondering whether to continue with it or not. Don't get me wrong, the story line is interesting, it just feels like it has been unnecessarily stretched. Would have been better as a movie I think.
  • I watched this because of Park Bo-Young, l and as always I'm very captivated by her cute acting. In this series is a bit far different from her previous drama personalities, but still she done her role very well. This series is more on crime so don't expect to much rom-com. Still a fun to watch series with a thrill.
  • Because I skipped a lot of the crime story. It was so exhausting!!! So nearly half the time (so about the time of 10-12 Episodes - how long a drama should be dramaturgically to my opinion) is not necessary for following the story arc and have a good time watching. I would give "my" short version 8 out of 10, also they are really good actors.
  • The series frustratingly uses hyperlink to make the story move forward far too many times
  • An interesting concept but the drama never really goes anywhere. You're waiting for the real action to unfold but it feels like make-believe because real life criminals aren't as nice, nor do they talk as much as the serial killer in this series. Serial killers are conscience-less psychopaths who take pleasure in human suffering. The killer in this drama is an impulsive old man who likes to give long winded spiels and randomly kill people. Real serial killers typically plan out their crimes in order to avoid being caught. Psychologically tense dramas require realism. This is more like a cheesy soap opera where a "serial killer" label was slapped on this character.

    I really liked Park Bo-young in Strong Girl Bong-soon. But I dislike her character here, which falls into the stereotype of the weepy, helpless woman. She makes menacing threats but squeals when the killers slaps her. Also, the hysterical behavior makes you wonder if she really is an experienced, hardened prosecutor.

    The episodes got more and more dragged down and I couldn't finish.
  • avaharhay27 June 2020
    Very suspenseful but also funny and cute, but it got extremely frustrating to watch at points
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This must be one of the best Kdramas I've seen in a while. The plot itself is interesting and keeps you at the edge of your seat, not to mention the blooming romance between Cha Min and Go Se-Yeon. The chemistry between them is to die for (literally) and they are incredibly cute together. I really loved Dong-Cheol and he was a sweetheart, glad to see him get together with Mi-Do, the happiness they deserved. The plot really kept going and plot twists that I didn't see coming. The drama kept increasing towards the last episode, which was expected. I was happy it was happy ending for all. I only wished they explained the power of Abyss more , and its background, and how Min was resurrected, but I guess I was too happy to know he got back alive with Se-Yeon that it didn't matter to me. They could have also resurrected Hee-Jin's mother which was a bummer. Other than that, fantastic series, easy to bingewatch and totally worth it!
  • I really loved this series (and I still do). Firstly, the story is really good full of crime, romance and bits of comedy. I also love how the character Go Se-Yeon is interpreted (excellent performance by Park Bo-Young). Overall is a great series, my favorite yet.
  • ashfaciper13 March 2020
    This drama has everything ! Romance ! Comedy ! Love ! Mystery ! sad ! LEAVES YOU AT THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT. Love it !
  • karokaarias4 January 2020
    I love the characters, I love the story line, I love the actor. For me this drama was perfect, it was funny, shocking, a little sad in some parts and just perfect. I love the characters development in the series
  • It's ok as far as ideas go it's about having second chances and a serial killer however you can see how it's stretched out to fit the narrative what makes it work isn't the tedious plot the constant annoying twists and turns or the theme of the show but the chemistry between the two leads to be honest I'm fast forward watching it cause it can get very annoying at times.
  • I watched the series very hard to the end. In the beginning it was promising due to the crime part, but then it became predictable in what relationships the characters were with each other and how it will go on. It was unnecessarily long until the "secrets" were uncovered.

    The fantasy part of the series was only half presented and explained, so that some questions arise. It looked similar in the love front of the main characters. A very long process that led to their love, which was hardly touched on in the beginning. The main characters had good chemistry that you wanted to watch, but far too little was revealed about the sweet scenes.

    The comedy also came in the wrong places, because scenes that could have been really sad and melancholy were drawn into the ridiculous. It just didn't fit in all aspects.
  • Abyss had so much potential with that all stars cast and the fantasy story. However, the drama got quickly boring and messy.

    The drama had a nice dynamics between the two leads. They were funny and cute together. However, the romance took forever to progress and the ending was terrible. The mystery part was good at first as well, but it got complicated and messy. Plus, the fantasy part was not properly presented or explained.

    At least, the performances were good, as expected, from everyone in the cast and the pacing interesting.

    So, five out of ten.
  • Just don't believe the rating πŸ‘Ž Trust me i watched soo many movies, tv series (all around the world but especially Korean an American) but this one was the worst. If i start to write what was wrong this comment section won't be enough. And i apologize from myself i just wasted my time and patience.
  • Good storyline, sometimes you notice they are trying to buy time before actually moving on to the next chapter of the story, that's why I don't give 10 stars. It takes too many boring episodes before you finally see get entertained again.