The first movie to enter wide theatrical release in the USA after the closure of most theaters due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Between the March 13th, 2020 releases of Bloodshot (2020), The Hunt (2020), and I Still Believe (2020) and the August 21st expansion of this film into 1,823 North American theaters, there was a gap of over five months with no new wide theatrical releases at all.

The candy cane scissors are a nod to the similarly themed Joy Ride (2001), in which the protagonists use the call sign of Candy Cane to anger a homicidal motorist who then terrorizes them.

Caren Pistorius, who plays Rachel, is only fourteen years older than Gabriel Bateman, who plays her son, Kyle.

As of September 2021, the 776 area code on The Man's phone is not an assigned area code. Per the North American Numbering Plan Administrator, if a call were received from this area code, it would be from a spam number.

The trailer features a cover of Nirvana's ''Heart-Shaped Box'', from their 1993 album ''In Utero''.

B.J. Wheeler was Russell Crowe's dietitian for his role in this movie.

Near end of final assault when russell is looking for her car, in one scene his windshield has rain splatter on end of window and next scene it's completely dry

Dutch viewers have noted a remarkable similarity between this film's premise and the Dutch thriller Bumperkleef (2019), which is also about a mysterious driver who demands apologies for a perceived road rage insult; upon not receiving it, he starts a relentless pursuit of the perpetrator. Given that it was released less than a year later, these similarities are most likely coincidental.

Body count: 8 (The Man's ex-wife, her lover, the gas station patron, Andy, Mary, the patrol officer, woman doing make up in car and The Man).