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  • It's a Christmas romance movie , being cheesy is a given , the actors are likeable , the movie is enjoyable therefore it's actually a pretty good Christmas movie.
  • My daughter and I decided to watch the movie together although we're miles apart. We synced our Netflix and began.

    Daughter: LOL, this is so dweeby.

    Mom: Like a thirteen-year-old wrote it. But the scenery is pretty.

    Daughter: She's a teacher, and she has a guest house?

    Mom: Everyone is wealthy in Christmas movies.

    Mom: Ah, the old slip, fall, and catch. Now we just need the interrupted kiss and a snowball fight to complete a Christmas movie.

    Daughter: I hit you with my car, and you're definitely crazy. Come stay with me!

    Mom: Like a person in the 1300s who depended on hunting to eat would try to hunt a skunk! Stupid.

    Mom: He's reading a menu printed in modern English! I can barely read documents from the 1700s.

    Daughter: GROAN

    Mom: DOUBLE GROAN (I have no idea what this was in reference to, but there were many such moments)

    Daughter: That's the most accurate thing I've ever seen. Give a complete stranger with no driver's license who doesn't know how to drive the keys to your car.

    Mom: Oh, the poor little girl living in a multi-million dollar housing development has no mittens.

    Mom: Aha! Finally, the interrupted kiss.

    Mom: What did the red light with the old crone mean at the end?

    Daughter: I have no idea. For a sequel? LOL LOL

    Mom: LOL Imagine a sequel to this.

    Daughter: Well, sorry Mom. You pick the next one.

    Mom: Hey, I'd rather have absurdly silly than boring, and this was very, very silly. The leads were cute. Too bad they didn't have good scripts to work with. Or any research at all.
  • iDaanie21 November 2019
    Very cliche Christmas film but it will make you feel good inside.The actors were likeable but I felt that none of it was very realistic, but then again, romance never really is. Moreover, with Christmas coming up I think it would be nice to have more romance films like this. I just wish this film was a little more thought out.
  • pirlo20044 December 2019
    It's cheesy and terrible, yet somehow charming and watchable, especially if you're into these cheap Christmas movies - like I am!

    The one thing I will say is - if you own a decent 4K oled tv, this movies shows it off surprisingly well... not really where I expected to witness really good picture quality, that's something I would expect from a hollyweird blockbuster, but it looked great which really surprised me and probably made the film more watchable than it actually was!
  • Absolutely loved this light-hearted Christmas rom-com. I don't care if the premise has been done already. It was still cute and heart warming, and I totally enjoyed it. Joshua Whitehouse was so charming as Sir Cole! How could anyone not fall in love with him? I am hoping we will get a sequel.
  • xox_jessjess_xox22 November 2019
    What a lovely, heartwarming and smile inducing film. Vanessa was made to star in Christmas romances, let's be honest. If you want to smile, love a cheesy romance, love a Christmas movie and a little bit of fantasy, this one is most definitely for you.
  • It's cute, cheesy and a feel good movie. Most likely suitable for young kids. Why not for adults too, if you are looking for something easy and light and just want to relax.

    But for me the acting was so clumsy (well, Vanessa was kind of okay) and dialogue was written so badly that I just couldn't enjoy it. The knight wasn't natural at all and and didn't have any charm even though he tried so hard to be cute and charming. And the main couple had so little chemistry that it felt forced.

    Even when there is everything you want in a Christmas movie, is still lacks that magical and fairy tale like feeling. There is magic in the plot, but the viewer doesn't feel it and the movie is overall flat and boring. It didn't make you feel anything, it just passed by.
  • t-092536 December 2019
    Yes, the movie has many flaws as far as writing, directing and acting go.

    Yes, it is cliché (a lot).

    But it perfectly depicts what a Christmas movie should be about. Seasonal movies, in my opinion, are not meant to be works of art, but instead a tool/device/vehicle to remember the public what the season should be about. Add to that the chivalry code, honor and bravery and you have this movie.
  • potipiroon22 November 2019
    If you love Christmas, you cannot hate this movie. The lead actor and actress are very charming. I watched it twice already.
  • It's so cliche and kinda silly but that's just what you need sometimes
  • Josh Whitehouse is fantastic. Extremely likable and very funny. I love that this is a time travel movie where the driving force isn't how confused and freaked out the traveler is, over and over again. Cole is clearly a renaissance man, looking for his mission as a knight. He keenly observes everything, and learns quickly from his observations. It's clear that he doesn't spend too much time questioning what he doesn't know or understand, and is open to the fact that just because something can't be logically explained, doesn't mean it isn't possible. Instead, he focuses on the moment, and what matters. Being kind, compassionate, and level headed. I also like that Brooke is accepting and accommodating. I think Vanessa did a great job.

    Is this movie perfect? No. But it's cute, funny, enjoyable, and very sweet. It's not a 10, but I've already watched it twice with my wife and enjoyed it both times. For that, it's a 10 to me. Not to mention all of the ridiculous grinches who give this great, feel good flick such a low rating. It certainly deserves better.

    Bring on the sequel! I'd love to see Cole take Brooke back to his time and show her around. And his brother is a very sweet and interesting character as well.
  • I don't know what to say but this movie is so good it have a lot of emotional scenes and some Comedy of how a Knight will react in our world no spoilers the ending of the movie made me give it a 10 but to be honest it's between 7.5 to 10 you won't regret watching it
  • jane-patterso23 November 2019
    I Adore Romanic Christmas films and can suspend reality and accept most things, but this... was too much. Zero effort made in terms of research, clearly. It makes no sense, for example a 14th century knight gets in a car and knows how to reverse and drive, but struggles with steering straight? Mittens leave finger marks? Windows in a castle? Etc etc etc. It's just an utter joke, and more than anything I'm disappointed because I love this genre and feel a bit cheated, it could have been done so well, with a bit more care and attention to detail. This just feels slapped together.
  • Painfully obvious product placement and a bad storyline. I feel like I watched a 90 minute commercial of Alexa and netflix itself. How many netflix productions they casually show in their own movies is simply ridiculous. Then there are a lot of plot holes (Why is a guy from 14th century England sent to some 21th century small town in America? How does Brookes hair look perfect right after a load of snow hit her? How can mittens leave prints of fingers?) Well the storyline contains the usual compassion BS they always put in those movies, a romance one could not care less about and the usual stereotypical naive children (how do you even get in the middle of a frozen lake - and then stop and stand still until someone comes to your rescue?) I won't even mention the poor special effects and the bad puns. This movie really killed my Christmas mood. Can we have July again? Please.
  • What a waste of Christmas. It's so bad I had to watch Elf 2 times in a row to forget it.
  • Story of the movie is similar like other Christmas movies ...but i can say for sure acting and the role of knight has well played by Josh Whitehouse. If we talk about Vanessa, her smile just did the work and completed this loving Christmas movie... If you are a Christmas'll love it
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Knight Before Christmas is the newest 2019 Netflix movie starring Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Whitehouse and tells the tale of a 13th century knight named Sir Cole who gets transported to modern day Ohio and falls for a young woman named Brooke who is a science teacher that doesn't believe in love(Enchanted and Kate and Leopold anyone). Of course Sir Cole has till Christmas Eve to find his quest and go back to Norwich England,but will he stay with Brooke or go back to Norwich?.

    The story has been done to death,since the last fish out of water film was Enchanted which is one of my favourite movies and I also loved Kate and Leopold. Both films are better than this film but hey if you are looking for a silly romantic comedy with a hint of Christmas than check it out on Netflix. Personally I thought Vanessa Hudgens last Netflix movie(her netflix debut) The Princess Switch was better.

  • mikelaurielfc18 December 2019
    You know its not good when the horse is stealing the scenes!
  • I'm a big fan of Vanessa Hudgens and after hearing she directed this movie I was a little disappointed. There is a lack of accuracy in the history, poor plot, and the main characters lacked chemistry. Josh Whitehouse does not give off knight-like qualities and seems more like a boy than a man. The fact that they introduced a rival woman (the flirty redhead) in the middle of movie and then you never see her again makes absolutely no sense. It was cliche, cheesy, and did not run smoothly. Would not recommend.
  • Honestly,, the main draw for this film had to be the fact that I'm from Norwich in England myself, and it's a bit more than a castle and a barn now, but all in all enjoyed the film. Lighthearted and amusing like Enchanted before it.
  • This movie is cringe and uneventful throughout. The exiting is horrible and the storyline just doesn't any sense.
  • This is the worst movie that I have seen this year. I don't understand why Netflix makes this kind of movie.
  • I love a good, cheesy, feel-good holiday rom-com, and this is one of the best I've ever seen! A movie doesn't need to be Oscar-worthy to be enjoyable, sometimes they just need to be fun and well-acted. This one's going to be a must watch every Christmas season from now on!
  • LukeCustomer226 November 2019
    Very poor movie imho. I would sum it up with one word... "reasons". The story is so glaringly bad I just can't watch it unless I say "reasons" when my thinking mind wants an answer. A knight from the 1300s is sent to modern day to complete a quest... (say it with me) why? Reasons. Said knight speaks perfect modern english... I mean they don't even try to have him have trouble with it.. and ends up in the home of Vanessa Hudgens who isn't the slightest bit concerned about having a total stranger in her home, why? Reasons. Knight is in no way freaked out or scared of the modern world.. why? Reasons... oh I am sure the rest of the plot was riveting but I couldn't make it past the scene where Vanessa comes out in a slinky skin tight red dress and this man from 1300 doesn't say anything (or do anything) politically incorrect. Frankly, I hate to offend but Josh Whitehouse is not right for a leading man. He is goofy looking and thin hardly someone you would think would be a knight. His character is nothing more than an over grown man boy, as you know, you would find in a 1300's warrior.
  • kristyrenae22 November 2019
    I gave a 10/10 because it deserved it. A feel good movie and one that you can get lost in, in a good way.
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