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  • lor_28 March 2019
    These two downbeat segments compiled on DVD from the internet "Pure Taboo" series are the usual glib, half-baked Bree Mills stories. Would that she would take more time out from her assembly-line porn duties (as she once did so well with "Sharing the Bed") to develop a story idea into something interesting.

    Title side (which Gamma Enertainment comically calls the A side using 45rpm record terminology of old) concerns a real-life subject warped to fit the universe of porn. Steve Holmes is saddled with caring for his troublemaker daughter Elena Koshka, suspended from school for sexual misbehavior, so he creates an unauthorized version of Bring Your Daughter to Work day, planting her on the couch in his office.

    His mean boss Chad Alva (former long-haired porn actor now sporting a buzz cut worthy of a Marine) is not amused, when he comes in to bawl Holmes out and finds Koshka taking selfies of her private parts. He summarily fires Holmes, but an indecent proposal of giving his daughter sexually to Chad seems to turn the trick. The boss deposits a creampie in her after humping and then nastily fires Holmes anyway.

    True to the illogical nature of many a Bree episode, Koshka seduces her dad, or should I say step-dad in this crypto-incest universe, and his big-dicked sloppy seconds result in a second creampie. Hour-long downer ends with a forlorn Holmes leaving his office for the last time, facing a bleak future, especially saddled with this kid. Even with the recession of 2008 a decade behind us, this is a particularly dark situation, given Holmes' advanced years.

    B side is "Swapping Daughters", not exactly my cup of tea. Pervert husband and wife the Valentines (Dick Chibbles, one of "Pure Taboo"'s most hissable creeps and lesbian icon Syren De Mer) have made a cultural exchange arrangement with a like-minded and perverted couple in Canada (perhaps an in-joke tribute to the fact that all this Bree porn is funded by Montreal-based Gamma Ent.), trading their daughters like exchange students.

    The Valentines' offspring is played by Maya Kendrick in a NonSex cameo, departing by Uber (manned by crew member AJ Bucks) at the opening of the show, while attractive Alex Blake is the Canook girl arriving at the Valentine homestead.

    Suffice it to say that a lengthy three-way results after the oldies force Alex to have sex with them, and the young actress steps way out of character, handling the XXX content like a seasoned sex worker rather than an outraged teen. It's another bleak ending to this one, especially after an email from Maya indicates she is suffering a similar sex trafficking fate Up North.