The area where the heroes fight at the start of the movie is based on the Shibuya area of Tokyo. There are signs for 107 and MMV which are based on the famous 109 shopping centre and the HMV music store. Also the toyshop that the heroes work at is in an area that looks like the Takadanobaba area of Tokyo.

Three customers who get scammed by the Doronjo gang are crew members who worked on the original Yatterman (1977) anime: director Hiroshi Sasagawa and voice actors Noriko Ohara and Kazuya Tatekabe (the voices of Doronjo and Tonzura).

Dokurobei is voiced by Junpei Takiguchi, his original voice actor from Yatterman (1977).

The characters Doronjo, Boyacky, and Tonzler first appeared in the 1975 animated series Time bokan (1975).

The character Yatterman No. 1 (Gan) uses a weapon based on the traditional toy called a ken-dama.