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  • The Hungarian porn label DD Busty has been rechristened DD Busty Hardcore, likely because its content in the past often include lesbian sex scenes that were softcore, intermingled with the hard stuff.

    This one is a boy/girl set of vignettes, departing from the huge-tits format fans have come to know and love.

    The secretaries genre curiously is porn's signal that a peculiar fetish will be displayed. Two of the five segments indulge this, with the scene ending with a cum shot deposited on the lady's eyeglasses. Whenever I see this particular gimmick, I always wonder about porn, given its reliance on so many strict rules (e.g., artificially cycling through specified positions in each sex scene, or the pulling out for a money shot), possibly having adopted a policy akin to wearing safety glasses in a lab, given that so many sex scenes end with an unfortunate actress getting spunk shot directly into her eye (with apologies saved for the BTS short subject).

    The girls here are pretty but unexceptional, not a one of them a big name. Anal sex and even d.p.'s are mandatory.