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  • lor_6 April 2019
    Prolific director for the late Bluebird Films name of Max Cool is probably the company's boss and moneybags Paul Chaplin, latter making a fool of himself as usual as a would-be porn actor in this vanity production filled with "Glambirds", namely British actresses with big boobs.

    Gemma is running a small boutique, with clothing and sex toys for sale, and it's the usual crummy set typical of low-budget Bluebird movies. The five vignettes are interminable, mainly dealing with group sex/orgy action. That would be bad enough, but Chaplin keeps roaming onto the set with his fake smile, as toothy as Rami Malek playing Mercury, and gets to have sex with the birds, his pasty pale skin and hairy arms (he has waxed his hairy legs clean for this occasion) a total turnoff.

    All of the ladies in question have done the same in dozens of other Bluebird releases, so this one is completely redundant.