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  • To be honest I mostly don't like the movies of my country. I'm always thinking why they don't make movies on a quality like the french. So I was a little bit upset as my girlfriend wanted to see this one. But this movie is really good. The story and acting is in a really good balance. It goes deep but not too deep. It is dramatic but with the right amount of releasing laughter. And without an to dramatic end. Although we had a fun time after the movie talking about real intimate stories with our friends. I really enjoyed it and I really hope other german movie maker watched and learned about what is possible even in germany.
  • bastos24 July 2020
    I've seen the original Italian, the Spanish, French, Korean and now German versions of the exact same movie. All made within three years of each other! And there's still the Greek, Turkish, Indian, Mexican, Hungarian, Chinese, Russian, Armenian, Polish and Lebanese versions! And I have to come here and read people saying stuff like "One of the best German movies in the last 20 years" or "Smart and unexpectedly brilliant German comedy"! Really?!? I must say I have a bit of a morbid fascination how these things happen. I'm guessing a good idea for a story that is universal and resonates with audiences, and that can be done with a very limited budget has something to do with this phenomenon. This version, at least, has the balls to correct the atrocious ending of the original (which none of the other versions I saw did). That's the best thing I can say about this movie.
  • I am not a fan of German comedies at all, having suffered through numerous Til Schweiger movies amongst others. That's why I was totally surprised by "Das perfekte Geheimnis". It is a very dense movie experience, similar to theater. If you have seen "Carnage" you know what I mean. Almost all of the plot takes place in the living room of one couple. The actors are brilliant, the plot is very clever (although taken from the French/Italian origignal title). And the movie has an air of quality that almost all other German comedies so hurtingly lack. As for the criticism of homophoby and misogyny, I was surprised when reading about it. Yes, there are characters using careless language about their gay friend. But those are immediately corrected by other, more sensitive friends. Also, the topic of child care by either men or women is discussed. But I couldn't see any specific trend towards misogyny. The spite is distributed evenly between men and women, and quite funniliy I might add. Overall, I find it hard, if not impossible to burden a comedy with the duty to carry a perfect picture of a perfect society. Go see it!
  • Honestly if you enjoy cheap, scripted reality tv humor than this is a movie for you. If you actually love intelligent stories that make you laugh but also deliver an important message - don't bother. Not the only one who thinks like that. Many reviews talk about the homophobic "jokes" and the terrible handling of serious topics - because you can talk about/show "heavy" problems and still make them funny. Sadly no one tried it with this movie. The italian and french versions are not perfectly innocent either but the german version simply lacks thought and ambition to actually be more than just a cheap laugh for people who do not acutally care about good comedy.
  • Perfekte Geheimnis" ist eine oft komische Komödie. Der Film basiert auf der zuerst in einem italienischen Kinodrama aus dem Jahr 2016 ausprobierten Idee, dass eine Abendessengesellschaft aus dreieinhalb befreundeten Pärchen sämtliche Handys auf den Tisch legt und jeden Anruf, jede Text- oder Bild-Nachricht im Kollektiv entgegennimmt.

    Die Smartphones seien die "Flugschreiber unseres Lebens", behauptet die von Jessica Schwarz gespielte Psychotherapeutin Eva zu Beginn des Films. Offenbar unterstellt sie nicht nur ihrem Mann Rocco, den sie neuerdings "penetrant gutgelaunt" findet, dass sich auf seinem Mobilgerät Belege für peinliche Unternehmungen finden könnten. Alle Schauspieler sind wirklich gut und Ihre Leistingen fast perfekt.
  • The movie is a very sound mix of drama and comedy. Thanks to an exceptional cast, a very well thought through script and very good directing / editing, the movie is really enjoyable and comes across as a serious melodrama with funny elements but never as a cheap comedy. The cast delivers a very good and credible performance. Also the script is very good and tells the story without unnecessary length while the funny elements are measured. Overall a highly recommended German movie.
  • Don't expect deep truth or drama, this movie is probably the best German sitcom you'll ever encounter and the closest a German script comes to the early Woody Allen. The basic idea (don't show ur mobile to your partner) is not too clever and according to another review has been screened before, but the actors play well, not all of the story's twists are predictable and I enjoyed the movie. Most of the jokes are about sex but you have to lack any sense of humor if you find them offensive or against heteros or homos. Take it for what it is, a light comedy.
  • German comedies are not only stupid, unfunny and primitive, they also spread fire-threatening ideologies: Til Schweiger is not an isolated case, his colleague Bora Dagtekin has already taught the audience to despise the poor with his " Ju Göhte" series. Only those who submit to the dictates of the majority are integrated. This motif now returns in Dagtekin's new comedy "The Perfect Secret", but this film now has new victims: women and gays. Til Schweiger's film "Klassentreffen 1.0" was already homophobic and misogynistic, Dagtekin's work follows on from it, even though he proceeds a little more subtly - and thus is actually only more perfidious.
  • It's quite clear that there is not much to expect from a film that is so successful in the mainstream, but rather than just being full of pointless "humour", this one is filled with mysoginic and especially homophobic content, far more than just a single stupid joke. It is worrying to see, that so many people like it, without questioning the (very obvious) statements in it. Please don't support this film, not even out of curiosity. Because when you do, you are harming the LGBTQ+ community as well as women.
  • German comedies are rare in Germany. Or rather, good German comedies are rare. What the author Bora Dagtekin shows us here is a wonderfully thought-out film that takes place almost exclusively in one room. Seven friends meet for dinner and put their cell phones on the table. No more secrets. The film is meticulously thought out and exciting until the end. The actors carry the story excellently and are wonderfully cast. Anyone who wants to see a good German film again, this is the right one.
  • A remake of an Italian original, excellently written, full of funny and truly unexpected surprises. Very well played by most of the cast. Didn't feel like 144 minutes at all.
  • Misogynist. Homophobic. And not funny at all! Waste of time!
  • German comedy is often a bit shallow and predictable. This one, once you accept the premise of the phones revealing everything in one evening, is delightful in its many turns and surprises. The dialogue is witty and clever. Yes, there is homophobia and other non PC things going on, but they take a turn and "fix" it again on the fly. And yes, it does carry a message: Communicate! Whatever the cost, not communicating is worse. My full recommendation.
  • One of the best german movie and every minute is worth watching and go ahead and watch it its a breath of fresh air in a controlled agenda pushing movie industries around the world